Sweatshirt without a pattern. Quick and easy. Intuitive sewing. | Miloslava Krasnopolskaya | Skillshare

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Sweatshirt without a pattern. Quick and easy. Intuitive sewing.

teacher avatar Miloslava Krasnopolskaya, No conversations, only practice ...)))

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Step by step sweatshirt

    • 2. Variants of sweatshirts

    • 3. Inspire to be yourself

    • 4. Basic sweatshirt

    • 5. Sweatshirt on an ordinary sewing machine

    • 6. Calculation of fabric for other sizes

    • 7. We make the neck

    • 8. We make cuffs

    • 9. Sew on the bottom of a sweatshirt

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About This Class

В этом видеокурсе вы будете демонстрировать творческие подходы, вы можете создавать удивительные вещи своими руками.

  • Этот видеокурс предназначен для тех, кто хочет носить красивую одежду для себя. Вы можете буквально через полчаса сможете сшить платье или тунику.
  • Этот видеокурс о том, что должен быть шаблон и правила !!!
  • Этот видеокурс полезен всем, кто хочет начать показывать красивые и современные вещи.
  • Этот же видеокурс подойдет тем, кто имеет опыт шитья.
  • Внимание! Там нет теории! Только тренируйся!)))
  • Вы видите платья, созданные по этой технологии.ee2a48747c7a57c093dd54026bf59ec8

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Miloslava Krasnopolskaya

No conversations, only practice ...)))


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1. Step by step sweatshirt: did you know you could make a sweatshirt without faltering? It's quick and simple, and any beginner is able to serve at such Spencer to work perfectly fit into your words were openly like you look stylish and modern. Do you still not believe it's possible? Let's get started, then Step one first. Got the fabric into rectangular pieces for the future body. Some slaves step to the form shoulder lines. Step three. Meg slaves step for. Determine the size of the arm hole and the final step five. Stitch the parts and cut the neck hole. The basic sweatshirt is already now. You can be imaginative at very details elements and let your clothes be the result of your creativity and the way to success. Join us who inspired you to be yourself. 2. Variants of sweatshirts: dear friends. We have made the space expect heard without the password, quickly and easily. Not only is this special, beautiful itself, but it's also basic model for future creative experiments. This time, a decorated this pressure within that line in cuffs made a free being fabric off a contrast color. The bottom is also decorated with a combine detail later, Freedom, even French Terry. And finally, this bottom painted with a critic pain has made this match for a truly unique. Now I'm going to show you Other clothes that are created using the same technique are different Onley in fabric and decorated element. So this is the first stature. Are you small rectangular pieces of fabric for the bodies and slaves? This is how this interested slash three watts created. The bottom is decorated with Robin Needham silk details. The answer curved and finished off on another law with their old town thes slash heard with loose sleeves. And unless magical, multilayered bottom is decorated with diet, sweatshirt is very easy to make, even for a beginner, for all the details are might over dangler pieces of fabric. This is a similar casual style statured. The sleeves are decorated with details. Some ties that imitate a shirt on the the bottom is made in the same way as the previous one year. A suitor pleated skirt. Two sweatshirts on. This is how I made this beautiful dress for my daughter. This factory is made of thick native fabric and decorated with unusual color, which I also made of rectangular piece of fabric. I'd like to point out that this model looks great on any figure, and it can be also used as a base for months. Children's models. I also made a light coat. I won't card again on the came on opportunities in the same technology this worm killed. It totals. It turned out to be easing. Making. You can easily learn how to do it as well. If you try to do something with this method without patterns, rules and borders, the sweatshirt with no additional decorated Salomon's, will be an essential part of your everyday casual look. I'm often asked where you get this. 80 is from Well, I know to see interesting elements and design everywhere in the store on the regular pressers by. I also use Pinterest, where you confined wonderful pictures from all over the world, you can easily find the website and up on the Internet as well. I've collected some pictures of sweatshirts with a lowered sleep and interest in designer decorated elements. Now you are able to make a variety of items for yourself without spending a lot of time and efforts and most importantly, such clothes book. But the result of self expression that's little brainy to success joy on prospective. 3. Inspire to be yourself: 4. Basic sweatshirt: tear fast in these fair will learn how Tsunami sized side 40 to 48 without a partner, this time a choice for in stereo for neutral. Great color. French story is unaided Cottam fabric comfortable wearing about one meter, 80 centimeters wide. First, measure the length of your futures fractured minus 60 centimeters. No, we need to cut off a piece of fabric of the same size that the length of the sweatshirt, which is 60 centimeters. First measure the length along the finish than in the middle enemy. Other hamline now cut the fabric alone. The marks take notice that the fabric has been folded double of the stage. Its overall size is 180 by 60. Step one. Now we need to cut the fabric into rectangles for the bodies and slaves for doing so well. The fabric is a shown on the screen. This is the width of this late, minus 18 centimeters. But of course, this number can vary. Got it off the sleeves. Rectangles are ready. Rectangle for the bodies is also ready. It's 56 centimeters wide. Step two. Now we need to for the shoulder alliance fall. Double the bodies and mark the needle? No, major. 11 centimeters away from the center. This is 1/2 measurement on the neck hole, then mark for its and the meters along the edge. They achieved a organo is the shoulder line got kicks ass fabric off, folded double and do the same on the other side. This is the result we are aiming for. Step three now we need to make the slaves hold this lead to the side. Same. I've noticed that managed to the sleep as it is on this trade. But I'm of a late also is to make one line with his shoulder. There. You, for this leap looks much better. Got the excess fabric. All do not cut it right to the corner house is going to be much more convenient to suit a staves for even more convenience in this leave along the same line. Now we're going to make the other slave step. For now, we need to determine the size of the arm hole being the ready mades leave to the side seam being the size of the arm hole. The same below the beam is the side seam which you need to sue up As you remember, the fabric is folded on the outer side. This is how you pattern looks. Step five. Now we need to stitch the slaves. I'm using a novel off, but you can also use a regular suing machine. You can find more information about these in another reader in additional materials. Step six. Now we need to stay to the shoulder lines. The last thing we need to stage is the side Saimon basis. Step seven, Step ache. Now we need to sue. This leaves aim. The details of the bodies and slaves are ready. Now we need to cut the arm hole. So that would be more convenient to stitch the sleep to the bodies. Got the fabric called five millimeters away from the ed and curve the cut. Do the same thing on the other side. I have I until the details. I'm turning the sleeping set out, taking the bottom of the arm hole in place inside the bodies. First, I've been the bottom of the arm hole. Then the opposite side. Now alone the arm line. You can notice small square corners on the sleeves. Cut them off. Now it's time stage. I've been the fabric to make it easier to stage do the same on the second slave. The last thing we need to do is to cover the neckline, and that will be the last step. Number nine double fall this sweatshirt as a child on the screen being the fabric disinter meters away from the edge. This is the next step. Cut off the excess fabric as a turn on the screen. The front neckline is going to be deeper, so no winning to being the fabric for its and two meters away from the edge. Fold only the front detail and cut off the excess fabric. The basic structure is ready, This lifter now to be too long so you can just roll up the sleep for now. 5. Sweatshirt on an ordinary sewing machine: dear friends, the special temporary not only on over law but also the regular assuming machine. By the way, I've made one sweatshirt with status on the right side and that really like the results so as to make dispatcher it on the suing machine. Repeat the same actions as for an over law. Got the fabric UN's rectangles for the bodies and slave for him. Shoulder lines, mates leaves determined the size of their on hold. And finally, super sleaze I bought Attack the state before it's suing This way the stitch turns out to be more even number. Take the stage again when I finish. All this leaves are ready now to the shoulder lines. I'm going to do this thing on the right side. No. Well, copy fabric. A little sold at that Same looks need I'm going to the side seam on the role side. The next step is to stage the scene for thes purpose. Got the arm hole in Little Seymour in details in the maybe a tutorial. Both the sleep inside of bodies dumping it excess fabric called See the armholes. The same is also going to be on the right side now we need to God the neckline. Now we're going to finish up the neckline with another methods. Instead of a rainy fabric, take a strip of the same fabric. You might scratch her call minus three centimeters wide, being it to the right side of the neck line, stretching it a little. Cut the excess fabric off Sudan's speech, the next phone and I am it. You can leave everything as it is, but I want to cut the edge all alone in that line. Stretch it out a little, stretch it out a little. It turned out to be very stylish. I also found out that it's not necessary to stretch out the neck for this model sweatshirt is ready. 6. Calculation of fabric for other sizes: dear friends in these videos show you how to make a sweat, Torrio fantasize, and how to determine how much fabric you'll need. The basic model shown in the main leader tutorial is suitable for size is 42 48. In case of the fabric is one meter 80 centimeters wide. You'll need a cutting fully size to the length of this Fasher you managed to fit both the bodies in the slaves into this piece of fabric was almost no extra fabric last. So when you go to a store, you just take a piece of French stammered fabric equal in size to the length of this Richard. This way, you also save money if you're sizes smaller than ported to take any top of the suitable size, I took a Children's better measure the week between your arm paints and the length from the shoulder top to the bottom. The width of this. Leave a measure its widest section. Also measure the length of this leave from the army, so we'll need to squares sized 32 right footed three centimeters for the bodies. As for the slaves, we also need to squares. One side is appalling in size to the double with office Lee. The other side is the length off the slave. This is how they wrecked Inglis look like if the fabric is one meter 80 centimeters wide. We also need the cut equal in size to the length of structured things. Cut will feed the bodies on the sleeves together. It's only 33 centimeters, so French Terry reviewed stripes on the sweatshirt is ready for a bigger side. The best option again is to take a piece of clothing that fits you well and take the same measurements as it has been shown before. Make the squares for the bodies and sleeves. This'll lips will not fit in one week, so you need to take one length of the future stretchered plus one length over slave. In our case, it's 80 centimeters plus 50 Theo. Overall size of the fabric we need is one meter, 30 centimeters. You can also take your own measurements to determine the desert. With this, Richard decided how loose you wanted to be. Where you all be inspired. I wish you freedom enjoy in your work 7. We make the neck: you already know how to make a stylish statured without the bathroom, and now we'll show we held to finish in that line in the rarest, simple and quick way we're going to need Arabian or any other thick Strachey needed. Fabric was simply need to sue the neck bound to the right side of the neck line, then turn it and iron. I'm also going to got a few centimeters off the neckline so the neck won't be too tight. You need to cut off and leaving strap of fabric for doing so. Fold the fabric due to the desired weeks and kat follow the fabric as a showman. This green does. You'll be able to make the week even start to be in the double. Faulted dining from the shoulder scene. Pin the band, stretching it along the right side of the neck. Cut the exas fabric off. Speech the ants together. - Thank if Nasseri got the edges off the sames stitched the findings, stretching it a little. We have done that. We need to know I am the neck carefully. Excellent result in such a great in quick method 8. We make cuffs: dear friends. Now we'll show you how to make needed cuffs in the simplest and quickest way. First cut of the excess link, then take a room in or any other needed fabric and grab it around your waist. Work the desired with with the pain. Fold the fabric to get two leaders at once. Cut it off now cut it in half the cuffs. Parts are ready. State it alone. Double falled it, Theo. The length of the cops is up to you. Cough to this lead as a shown on the screen measure 1.542 centimeters and market measurement, with a pain facing the length rare. Going to narrow this leave alone. Make a day organo 45 centimeters away from the arm hole. Don't be afraid to call old excess fabric off Theo. Same on the second sleeve Wage slaves Thing is how the narrowed sleeps look like Take the coffin. Place it on the news. The sleeve. I noticed that the slave is turned set out being it seemed to seem from the opposite side stages stretching a little when I said the same, so I always use it being toe help. The process. That's a It did the same with a second slave. Excellent Frizzell quickly and easily 9. Sew on the bottom of a sweatshirt: dear friends. I want to show you how you can finish the bottom with such video made of freedom. French Terry I prepared a piece of French terry fabric equal to the weights off the scratcher. Its length is 30 centimeters on its double, layered the width of the second. Previous street is 15 centimeters. Its life is 7 10 centimeters less than the width of this fractured. It's also double layers being them together, the falling way. Now it's time to state do the same thing on the other side. Place the detail inside this fractured, which is stirring things set out being the French story detail to wait, be in the room. Any details to its tragedy It a little now. Steve Stretching the rip Need fabric. A radio. It's important to know I am the finished item. May all beings playing and happy