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Swahili You Must Know for Beginners

Swahili Learning School, A Home for Swahili Learners

Swahili You Must Know for Beginners

Swahili Learning School, A Home for Swahili Learners

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13 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Swahili Alphabet

    • 3. Vowels (Irabu)

    • 4. Other Swahili Consonants

    • 5. Pronounciation of Swahili Words

    • 6. Stressing of Words in Swahili

    • 7. Subject Marker in a Swahili Sentence

    • 8. Naming Days of the Week

    • 9. Naming Months

    • 10. Naming Colors in Swahili

    • 11. Naming Careers in Swahili

    • 12. Naming House & Household Items in Swahili

    • 13. Naming Body Parts in Swahili

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About This Class

This class is designed mainly for Swahili learners who are beginners. It aims on creating a strong Swahili learning foundation for any student aiming to become a confident Swahili speaker. Topics are well picked, organized, and presented to make sure a student’s desired learning outcome is easily achieved. All the videos used are animated and HD videos to enhance engagement for our students.

Swahili alphabet are discussed in detail, including Swahili vowels, consonants, and consonants resulting from the combination of more than one basic consonants so as to empower our students with reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Pronunciation and Stressing of Swahili words topics aim to impact our students with Swahili speaking and listening skills. From a subject marker in a Swahili sentence topic, a student is expected to acquire knowledge on how to construct perfect sentences in Swahili. And from naming parts of the body, colors, days of the week, careers, and house and household items students are expected to acquire good number of vocabularies which are useful in everyday Swahili use and hence, become professional and confident Swahili speakers.

At the end of this class a student is expected to become able to carry out simple Swahili conversations. As people normally say “Practice makes perfect”, our students are advised to keep practicing what they learn from our classes.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Swahili Learning School

A Home for Swahili Learners


Our Teacher is a Swahili native and a professional Swahili tutor. He has a master’s degree in Special Needs Education from Oslo University, but also Linguistics (Swahili and English) was his major at his bachelor degree level. He has a good number of teaching experiences at an international level, as he is a former Swahili tutor at New York University, New York-USA, and a former Swahili tutor at Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Language Center, Oslo- Norway.

This is a home for all Swahili learners, at any level you are, whether a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced Swahili learner. We will teach you what we call “pure and authentic Swahili”.

Among things which make us feel good, is when we see our students improving. This is because our teachin... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to our course, our course, Swahili. You must know it is well-designed and presented. And it comprises topics which I won't to help you to build a strong foundation in Swahili. So for everyone interested in London Swahili, this course is a must to tick. It comprises various topics such as alphabets in detail. But muscle, we see it comprises topics such as porosity of Swahili words, outside words are pronounced. But possibly you will see how frameworks stress what the problem behind. But also, we'll talk about what does subjects marker a misbehaves. And this is a holistic look on how to name days of the week, naming Mondays, naming layers in Swahili, naming house in the household items initial Haiti, but also an epic part of the body is for heavy and men more. So this course is a very, very important cause. And anyone interested in lattice Ramy, you are highly recommended to take this course because it's going to compute two buret, a very strong foundation in Swahili, and then add them up time. You'll become a competent strive to speak. A warm welcome to this course. 2. Swahili Alphabet : Welcome to our class. And our class is about Swahili alphabets of a wavy of ability to trade. In his way, he would have put default basic alphabets, 24 basic of a bit as follows. As for momma, which means the mother, R, R, R, R bar as Father, bar, bar, bar, char, char as from Chihuahua, which means choose char, char, char. We have as full data, which means a system that we have a MBA, which means Malmo, a, a, a, a, a. We have far, far as from Phoenicia. Phoenicia, which means you teach law firm. Well, as from mousa, Musa, which means touch, girl, girl, girl. We have ha ha, ha, ha has from her server has sada, which means the laws are solder. Ha, ha, ha level ie E as in gear in year, which means into, which means into e. E. E. We have jazz. Jazz from Gen Lu Bu, which means it Try January woo. Music. Try Jia. Jia. We have car. Car. From a car ribosome, which means welcome. Humans will come. La, la, la, la as flown Leap, which means pay. Law. As for liber, which means pay. Ma, ma, mas Mombasa, Mombasa communes called a ma, ma for mamba, ma, na, na, na, na as a phone number, which means in number. Na, na, na. Now as Froude number. Or, or, or, or us from or RNA. Or RNA, which means C. Or, or, or as a form of moi, which means we breathe. We wrap, wrap as it from Ramani and our money, which is means map. We have some SAR as from soma. As from soma, which means read, host, ready, sir. So we have to as whom to media, which means use to. Which means to me. As we use, we have one. Which mean ammonia, which means a unit. Or module u0, v0 over from Mammalia, which means total edge. Boomy, real. But, but, but, you know, what were other from one non-working which means women were when I'm working. Well, what we're via year. As from your LEA you peta peta is often be passed over the last year, year, year, year. We have x1, x2 as from Zoho, soil humans get use to xR, x0, x1, x2, x3. 3. Vowels (Irabu): Welcome to our class. In the class, please. There was swayed by waves. Would you go to ELA, ELA Buddha? So he always loved music. And from, for example, Kafka, which means brother from macaca, are from Kafka. We have a, a, a from a limb, a Lee movie, music education, education. So a is a, a, a, a floating about to vote on what is e, e, e, e, e, e modem in sync. Inverse, inverse. We have all or from or NACA, which means leave or local, or local or onlooker, which means leave. All on glucose level. That I suppose our misa, which means heart. So all from whom? Visa, hopeful Louisa, which means hot. So any Swahili we have 55 was your own files always? A E a D a E coli, five flowers. 4. Other Swahili Consonants: Hello, welcome to our press and our class is about Swahili coast is a resetting flow. The population of more than one consonants in Swahili apart from the cosmos. But also this chain is forming at the postdocs by combining more than one Kuznets. Mainly, mostly, I want to combine two consonants and 3D CourseMatch. So we have the consonants apart from the basic concepts which are resulting from the combination of two postdocs or NPD can cost us. So those are those kind of concerns, the other ones. And our US as L1 seed number of moisture is now proxy data forms as it flowed normal, which means a relative manner. That as a full moon data that we have now formed as a war job, which means wait. Now what? We have br plus c, Yeah, Which is the Biao as a full view, which means it for ox folks via, via, via number name. We have ma plus 1, which performs one as one number k, which means a woman, 1111 as 41. Now Mickey, number tunnel now plus the forms. Now, I'll cut which means a snake. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sita, we have k plus 1 as a phone. We policy law as if from Queen down, which means you can go to is go, wow, wow, wow, wow. Now bursae forms that the ice from the hub, which means gold. The how to's down. That number. The HA, for me. As a full mind me the money which is vital you who by the way, number T-cell gun for his gladly. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good. Good clarity. She was expensive. And what Cooley. Now like not putting FOMC. As for mom a long way, which means a curl. And welcoming avoid yeah. Sat plus you have foams Shao, Shao as a full surely, which means base Qu Shang Xia. Shang us from surely number omega B got plus 1 from supernovae that we're going to work. That's where the big, which means a panic. One, where the d 1, 1, 1 number hominin touching mt plus UEBA forms Bao Bao as if we boost C, which means a coach. Bao, Bao, Bao, Bao, Mozi. Number cool renin made by plus one. Ohms bore us. Wow, pumps it more as to wow, wow, wow, wow. Now becoming a time. Now plus its forms. As if from z1, z1 because humans get a whole, a whole. This is a number communists ITA plus one forms poor as poor quality or which means being taken 20 20 it from being ticket number holding us up. Now. Yeah, but she forms new law as the cool new law, which means a dream. Dream, neon, neon, neon, neon, neon number, putting our money. Now, Plessy, Plessy were imposing pay more, pay more, which means being loved. Law will go up. And one milliwatt number community. So now Prezi Zhao plus you were posing joie, dwell more into well as from one John Q is seek, which you will enjoy, enjoy a wound to his soup. She really now plus the gap plus one. Which other for more than one. This one is more Nakba scale from wow. Whoa, whoa, whoa, more materials being h, being huge. World War one, that's called me more, more, more, more. Which means so now let's go. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. As flu, boom, boom, wow. 5. Pronounciation of Swahili Words: Hello, welcome to our class and class-based about condensation of solubles, how we pronounce Swahili words, there's a formula behind an oxygen also ED waits. A formula behind is Swahili words are pronounced the same way they had been written. So it's very delicate. So this Derek to spitting and electron oxygen. So spearing and the pronunciation is the same in Swahili, so it's very simple. Best way. So here's one of the easiest language to learn. As examples given me Farnell, mama, mama, mama, and is velocity as you Mama. Cookie means mother in English. Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama. Mama. Number 2 on OMB. You see baba, baba, baba, baba. So she find the spelling and the promotion is the same. So it's very easy to learn. Then comes the data so that answer that ourselves. So which means across the US a music class. So asda velocities Dasa, speeding the process and the same. We have some exam we're Taiwan ala, which means administer to administer is tau. So tau Walla, Walla supine is directly from spelling to prolongation. And also we have the trauma. Trauma, which means barn and you burn something, you my trauma. Trauma. Trauma. So you see pulsations and spitting is the same. So in Swahili will have this form, this formula behind wind velocity glossing, which is a bit different from English. English you're going to find in English, the spelling of most certainly couldn't be a bit different. But in Israeli, read direct, their weight is written it the way you want to pronounce it. 6. Stressing of Words in Swahili: Welcome to our class and our crust. Reasonable stressing of Swahili widths, how trade winds are stressed. So Israel hitting Hamlet is very special formula which help us to know how to stretch this slide here, the width. And the formula is this transpose on the last but one syllable initial weight. So the best way would, so we keep stressing the last one. Last one only syllable means is the second syllable from the last. So you just count from the last, the first, the second from the last part of the width. This is where stress follows. So it keeps stress on the last, but one syllable in the second syllable from the last. There's some examples here. We've got neat accordion, which means outcome. So from doc with your family, GI, the last syllable and cool in the second from the last. So stressful, the only cool. So nice job. Then number 2, one of foods, which means students. The last syllable for the second from the last year. So clearly the city stress becomes one of whom Z, one of whom, one of whom. They say him to Amina. Amina, which is a name. So now as the last one, me the second from the last, so threads form x2 for me. Then number four, do Martin, which is Wednesday. So NO is set for the last one. Time is 700 US. So turkeys the syllable. So as Dumas tunnel, tunnel, tunnel, Duma tunnel. So if I'm Tom is being spoken with the high pH, you see that TOC is the high pH. So in other words, you can see in Swahili widths the second from the last one, which case the high pH, the highs, the high pH, the pH goes up. Ph goes up. When speaking to my timer. You might pili, you might talk to our mean. So that's the formula behind pronouncing, stressing of Swahili words? Or it's just in Swahili width. You just keep the formula, which is lust, but in a syllable, the second sea level from the last is what Kelly's the stress. So there's a very simple basically because it was a place where it is being placed. So it's really just keep it like they want, which is the highest package, the syllable which is spoken with the highest high pH is the second to the last. Second from the last. 7. Subject Marker in a Swahili Sentence: Subject marker, industrial centers. How do we mark the subject? So it's interesting, and it's releasing a prefix. There is a prefix which marks the subject and which is a tragedy to evolve. So it is really centers. Prefixes. They are morphemes which are attached to evolve and morphemes. The fathers tend instead of a noun or a pronoun. And you can see from this, number one is number one is neat. Me Max, I could use Mimi. So me in a verb stems instead of Mimi with humans. This is from the examples given here. We have number one and the DKA. Dka means I am writing. So nice, dense on C of I. So in Swahili, this vow can kill Achilles. The meaning of a sentence like when you say Monica is the competition, this is almost the same as I am writing. Because is almost, say me, me, me, me, me, me lambda is equal to simply emulating. But two, because it meaning because it mimics cause sometimes intimate to omit the subject. So the way to understand that talking this sentence, because the subject is omitted, inserting into the subject Minecraft cases. So we look on the prefix, which marks above the subject verb, Beckett from Nina and DKA, me, monks, a subject which is mean. The central number two minute tibia, which means eigenvalue, need extensive series of mini marks it takes us, refers to the subject. So 10 is that knee would be subject to descenders. Is min the symptom to start filling in the same group, which was a travel. And number four, which is it merely one B0, which was, I told them. So N0, M0 PFAS tend with teams of a noun or a pronoun, centers and less than symbols. Or number 2, lesson number two. Number two, help tune with Marxism says, for example, 29 bought, which means we are seen tone row and now we saw them to teach this to stand in CBO of which is CC in the Israeli send its own and it misses the attach it to evolve. For my MBA. Two, Cs, which is week 2, you own up to the somatosensory or the CC, which means we, the Phoenicia who teach the same. So two standards, DDO, we cc, which means we this how it works for two to metastasis in history. He sent us then becomes number three, which is on MCS, you in singular, we help you improve your museum and the EU in some ways when we constructed so almost infants with away with, for example, what is one M. So since you feel you Mux you because it takes us back to you. We absorb all once you will not take a walk. Almost CPU in this episode. Which means we're, we're in this reheating synthase and this is a tragedy to evolve. This is attaching to a baby, is what k-means own. So all the sub mode, it takes about two subjects. Wave would number 4. On missing on Macs. You improve it. Which is meaningful. Name box you in the pool, which is mean in Israel. For example, Tiny synesthesia. You we as cooking, so on. Thus the moral monks, u equal 4. You would tell them. So max pool, which is a mean. What's the mean? We can be we tend again, doesn't move once you, which means mean. So now when we attach it to as a prefix to work with him, V02 max, you meaning mean in Shaheen. So monks, you then number 5, which is number times for he, who are maxi he, she, it, which means yea, yea, innovative, for example, are not cheesy music. Amateurism music. He or she's dancing and music. She's dancing music. So he or she, in that sentence, amateurism, pillar number one. Number two, he, he or she is playing football. So R is attached to evolve as a prefix bi, what is the mass? It takes a steady studio. He or she. Number three, the untamed he or she visited us. So our Stay, the city of who he or she is about to, he or she. So when you see me about, you know exactly that, that Marx, he or she, or it comes, Wow, one MUX, the integral. For example, one of ulama tune that they are eating foods. So since the subjects, when I was up, my, I want things to be the, which is wild. One of weaker note what still needs to be, which is for seawall wins rate. So 1 of week 10, so do well, one of whom are kinda has been a party to worry about what Ulla as a prefix. So because of the dependency prefix that want stint only present subject to which is the, which means well, watts, It's tendency of wow, which means they were, and I was on my scene. You see two of the day which is well, one of week on the watch Was it will be the subject. So you see in Swahili, we have these prefixes which are targeted to a vow to evolve. In this prefix which attached to above, organize a prefix that means, I mean, those morphemes which are touching the floor, which appears before the vowel. I mean the root. Then we'll talk about those morphemes which had appeared before. The root of the problem is work, which we call prefix and suffix, suffix abysmal themes, which appear after, after the loop. So here we're talking about prefixes, are talking about those who just has the ice before. They're able to figure out what they thought. So in Swahili, when you see these, Are, we see these. We see, we see two. We see me. This, the heart, meaning, the meaning, and the standard materials. What they tell us who is the subject of that sentence. In this one, they've been important because they help you when to help people when introducing themselves, when you introduce oneself, obviously we are constructing a sentence in which we're headed is very, very important to be aware of. We've been subject to adopt them. You will not be able to construct a quote sense because we don't want you to construct a good collective cities. Because the tail, it readable for you to tell me, for people to understand who is talking in that senders, who is the subject of the sentence. 8. Naming Days of the Week: Welcome to our class, intercostal days, days of the week, which is SQL is a weakness or Haiti SQL is a weak base of the wiki Swahili. This is all about our topic. Number 1, you Matatu, which is Monday. Monday drew my top two. New matatu. You Matatu, you might touching. And then comes number 2, you money, which means Tuesday. So choosing Swahili, human nature, human nature. Then number 2, number 3 is due. Wednesday Wisdom quoted you my timer. Tunnels USD, tunnel, tunnel. You might tunnel. Then comes the homies used for audiometry, which is Thursday. I'll leave Hermes, Hermes, Hermes. Then number tunnel, which is the Yuma. Yuma is a flooding flooded in Yuma. Yuma. Yuma. Then it Saturday. Saturday is umami. Umami. Umami ACI. You mom or see the income Sunday. Sunday is you appeal. You may appeal. Appeal. So Monday is you Matatu, the incomes of new money? New money. Then you might tunnel at how Miss Thompson then after the I'm sorry. Did you mark it up? The more you move, see more Mozi and then you want PV, which is Sunday. 9. Naming Months: Welcome to our class and our cost is above Mach is, which is me as mount is, which smears out or table names of month is in Swahili. We have number 1, cosine of ammonia to genuinely or what Kwanza, which is generally so generally in Israeli quality. John molly always were Kwanza. Welcome names once didn't say genuinely always your Kwanza. Then number below February or Boise. What P? Which is February. So for broad swath of equality, for bloody or YZ or PV quality. And once you are pili open, we have a number that much. Margin is where you record it much, much, much or that much or water. Then you will have April April up leading up to me always one name are always one knee up really almost one. Number tunnel. May miss Wade is May as an English, may always what time it may own. Autonomy. May always you. Atomic number Sita. We have June, June in English. So how easy Judas him. Junior, always want Sita June omegas are going to see you doing the same with your feet. The new hobby, July, the same. So we have a July or Mozilla Saba. So we're going to say is julep, which is June, July, July, July, or Missouri Southern. Number nine is almost always went on Augustine needing to ABC August a boost, boost. Almost 19 most OEM with you and I'll boost T-cell. We have September. September the same what comes from English pronunciation? September. September. Oh, what T-cell save timber or my swatches. Number whom you have October. Open what Zoom comes mostly from oxygen of Toba. So October, October, almost York when we have a Movember, well-being, but the symptom opium comes from tokenization. So as November always open in ammonia, November 0 modulo the new hobby. From the symbol, the symbol you see, they say NBA, BCBA or pulmonary be. It's easy to say about this. Nba always be the same but the assembler or the, how much a PD, May, June, July, August, September, October, November. Not be the same bug. 10. Naming Colors in Swahili: Kara's, which is reporting to run, run number mageia, Neo C, which means black nail. See Nios, VOC number b, mu, which means whites, neo-pagan. A new number that new Khumbu, which means I already knew Khumbu Mu Qu, new Khumbu. Nonbonding. John 0, 0, 0, 0. Journal jama, the gums number of tunnel to Jan, which was green. The Jan. Jan. She Johnny number Sita Zumba route, which means the purple somehow. Zumba Rao number Sabah, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. Blue. Number 9, pinky, pinky, pinky. Pinky, pinky. Number 27, TGV music, gray, TGV, PDV, PDV. Number Who me to walk, which is orange. And orange. 21. 21, number down, young Xa, which is maroon. Dumb Yum. Yum is a number who will be around the elbow, which is brown around the world. But the world around the world. 11. Naming Careers in Swahili: Naming carriers in Swahili, carriers in Swahili. Number modulo one limb. One limb, which is a teacher. Teacher, or a limb or limb. Number. Believe that Qatari Bacchae 30, which is Dr. Becky, totally dark tarry that Qatari number back Eataly were Meno which the belt is that retiree were made no. Back entirely. Or Meno number N0, Rabbani, which is the pilots Ruben Ruben. Ruben number tunnel now holder, which is kept in Nevada. Now hada. Now holder number Sita, the liver, which is a driver. The river, the river. The river. Someone who drives a car is the river. Number Sabah Poli sci the police, police. Police see. Number 9. One I guess she exposure. So j is one idea. One idea she won, I guess she won, I do She number t. So manager, manager, which is in manager, manager comes four minutes upon the manager. The manager, manager, manager number could be called woozy, which is the auditor or didn't MOOC on Uzi, Uzzi, Oozie number coming ammonia on to me, which is economists. On to me too, me too, me too, me. Number come in and be 10 science scientists. One, our science science. Science. Number whom data to? 10 by 10 biology biologists. 10 by 10 by yeoja. Number communist name, 1D she or her body journalists. Journalists. One by one. By one day she was Hawaiian. Number could mean a tunnel, Hakeem, which is judge. How q. R. Q how Kim how QM. Number communist Sita, why mycelia a lawyer. A lawyer is why mycelia, one shari'a, one shari'a on finite be a shallow, a businessman or a business woman. Finally a Shahla, and finally Shahla, number communist Renee and Lima, which is a pharma. Pharma, cool Lima, Peru, Lima, Lima. 12. Naming House & Household Items in Swahili: Hello, Welcome to class and across these miming house in the house with the I2C. So he naming house into housekeeping items. We have the number mod, which is num. Num, but in inches, the house, so the house in his own, according to num, num, num, num on BV, which humans can move, move in the Swahili according to pow. We have a number touchable. We're talking about hometown or so warm in English, industry inequality, Saqqara for which it may misuse the floor. So throw in Swahili sarcophagi, socket. Socket. We have ramble, which is a number c tau, d shell. We know in window initially hidden quality duty shell, militia, militia, Lutetia, number Saba. Now but gioco, which is a teacher. So I teach in, in Swahili quality G, G number NAMI, which means a living room. So a living room, immune Swahili, we call it say Morley. See Morley. Similarly. We have number T cell tumor, which means bedroom. So commit room. In Swahili is trauma. Trauma. Trauma number which is 11, which is dining room. A dining room in Swahili, we call it chamber. Then number coining ammonia. We have toolbar w, So mail, which means tongue. So it's 1000 in Swahili is toolbar. Japanese woman trauma challenges with me. Join, but just for me, number hominem media we have chosen, which means a slow initial he chose. Number means a bit soft bed in Swahili, is it made its key time that keep time that a local minimum. Which music to division. So it's called a terminal. We have Finn, which means in Swahili fin. Fin, fin number. We have QOZ, which he means fail mission now. So an air conditioner, initial heating, we could each key. Key you use. I'm a communist cell, but sulfa, which means quote, sofa, sofa, eating Swahili, equality sofa, sofa, Sofa. We have number common enemy, number KT, which means a chair. So in Swahili, quality, kitty, kitty, good. Number community. So meso, which music table? A table, initial heavy quality meso. Meso. Meso means a number issued in how much? Which means a cup. A cup boot image, the helium core to combat, combat, combat 0, which means cotton. So a cotton into heating Uzziah, Uzziah, Z, Z number, you should even be Khufu or fridge, which means we get if we did it out. So it if we did a town initial healing, call it joke tofu or fridge, gioco Fu or fridge. So it of the two essay and your openness, free. 13. Naming Body Parts in Swahili: Hello, welcome to our class. And our class is about naming parts of the body, which is say M Zoom waiting Israelis him is I'm waiting. This was in Swahili. We keep 20, which means head. So headings were Haley's Teach One, Teach One, Teach One, Teach One. We have newly new entity, which means hair. Hair is rarely quoted know as a new, a new way. We have. Mutual would use the chore, which means the eye. The eye is more than one is my chair. So one is dtau, more than one is right child. So a good job with our CTO and sold if his ears is my skill, skill 10k or they want music must keel. We have no more, which is Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau, Mau can go home. Go home. We have poor, we see nose. So it knows the name. Initial here is a pom, pom. Pom, pom. We have key variable which is chin. Chin use weight is a key. Dave. We have single shingle. We see net. So the neck is shingle. Shingle, single shingle. We have canola which is a female. So each visit fingers is if we do it so one finger is more than one is to be doing so. Key building, which is a field on big, big the opposite shoulder. So it was the shortest would be big. But one shorter is bigger, bigger, bigger, more than one easy. Mao big. Chest is in Q4, Q4. So chest x-ray is in T4. T4 and piecing corner. And the corner to corner. And the corner. An edible is key, we call an AD will is key, we call Kiwi. Kiwi called stoma is total mole per mole. Per mole to mole to mole. Waste is keep well-known ways to keep ammonia, sorry. T T a lens is to leg is moving train. It is. Easy, my part, yes. Or one tile is PyCharm project pilot more than one. So one is Barger. Me is go. So what is n0? N0 is NOT IN Israeli goods sold for always ready for more. Ankara, an LCA is a key fungal P450 jumble P450 chunk. To forego Chelmno. A tool is a key donated tell it to use it kinda early childhood. Early childhood. So that is all about naming parts of the body. Do Swahili say maybe.