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25 Lessons (22m)
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About This Class

Be able to do the following check-marks in Swahili and more :

  • greet and leave people in a polite way.

  • say hello and goodbye to someone your age or younger.

  • say hello and goodbye to your teacher, professor or supervisor.

  • say hello and goodbye to an adult.

  • hello and goodbye to a person you do not know.

  • introduce yourself and provide basic personal information

  • introduce someone else.

  • respond to an introduction 

  • answer a variety of simple questions

  • answer questions about what you like and dislike.

  • answer questions about what you are doing and what you did.

  • answer questions about where you are going or where you went

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hamid Athman

Professional Swahili teacher


I am a very enthusiastic and hardworking teacher full of humor. I like to make my students feel special and value to their lessons. I have been teaching Swahili to students around the World for a decade now. I understand the best practices that students have used to be successful in mastering Swahili and i will share them with you. I have designed techniques and materials that have proven to be very helpful to master Swahili. I will take you through the journey from beginner to fluency level in Swahili. Karibuni sana wanafunzi!

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1. Intro 1: But is there no one of fuzzy carry? Mooney can't take so Healy Interpersonal can do check months. So at this level, I would like to teach you so Healy in a very strategic way in accordance with the American Council on the Teaching Off Foreign Language. Boring Short. It's called S E T f L. So we'll be using check marks so we may achieve specific language. Golds Way will be focusing on three main modes of communication. Foster. One will be interpersonal possible to person communication. How you can meet What? How interrupt when you meet different people strangers. When you travel to East Africa, the 2nd 1 will be presentational speaking and how you will present yourself in Swahili. Let's say you have to deliver a speech. You have to give some information directions right, and the 3rd 1 will be interpretive listening and reading. So we'll cover this as we go through edge and every check. So this coast will focus on interpersonal communication at the movies made level, so we will move step by spit a step on each level on each check mark to the end to make sure you achieve these attributes. So caribou Nissan a one of frenzy one 2. 2: Okay, So the first chick mark is Can you say hello and goodbye to someone you age or younger? So in Swahili to say goodbye to say hello? You can say about Yoko. Who? Jumbo mumbo vp. If it's your friends and peers, she combo to the elderly. All right. And then how do you say goodbye, Harry? Harry told like a show. Two tone on a sequin angina. All right, so all these are forms off saying hello and goodbye to someone your age or younger. 3. 3: The second part is Can you see Hello on? Goodbye. Just a professional. Let's see a teacher, a professor or a supervisor? Yes, you can. How about he has to move him? Willing Jumbo Molly. More about Leo. A body or a body gunning. Molly. All right, so this is to professionals or someone that you don't know, All right. 4. 4: I guess so. The third checkpoint is to say hello and goodbye to an Hillary or adult Soto on adult. If it's an elderly, someone, let's say 50 years and above. So not to offend anyone. You can say she come on and the apostle will politely tell you about Marhaba. Marhaba! She camo Marhaba. Okay. And also you can use about Jarkko. They see Jumbo. Nobody said Boo. He or Babu. You know, the old people, we call them zero Babu. All right, So? And to say goodbye. You could see Harry. Harry, Bob. 5. 5: So how do you say goodbye to someone that you don't know? Nobody. Arc Okaka. How about Yoko died out. Who? Jumble. So when you meet a complete stranger, the first thing you should do is some honey. Nobody. Jarkko some honey. Excuse me to be more polite. 6. 6: So the next point is how to introduce yourself and provide basic information. For example, you can say me me name Ali Mohammadi in Atocha. Mombasa. I'm from Mombasa in Ishi Colony and I leave in Carroll Any all right? And maybe any busy information about yourself? I mean enough from the shocking Swahili. I teach Swahili. Me, Me on in a pen, maybe. Who? Timber. When the Surely I work going to school. Me. Me. Then I should take a tango and I live alone or me. Me, Nina Familia. I have family in any basic information about yourself. 7. 7: introduce someone else. Let's see your introducing your teacher, for example. You can say this. Who you name a limb? Well, this is my teacher. All right. Ho you America Communal Billy Billy, 32 years. Okay. Onishi Colony, You know took G one Mombasa. He's from the city off Mombasa. Ah, whole union do Bianco. Okay. Tonight she Pomona, we'll leave together. Yeah. Lascaux mature Kiku Chan Nairobi. So some basic information introduced someone with some basic information. 8. 8: respond to an introduction. So someone tells you about himself, introduces himself. And how do you respond? Would you just stay calm and quiet? No. You also have to respond. Let me me nation Nairobi Mimi need Tahri in a funny a cosy Katica Hospital e cool. We are Nairobi That kid Mi mi familia Total really about one of Soma Katica. Surely seeing, uh, something like that Eso you respond to an introduction? You don't just stay calm. You also introduce yourself now How would you say it's good to meet you visually, Sana Hotel honorary. Okay, enough for a honorary. I'm happy to meet you. I mean in a took on Nairobi Enough on a cosy Katica hospital. 9. 9: Can you answer a question about what you like and what you don't like? Maybe you could say me meaning upend Akula party polities the king and favorite me Miss Upend the coon ur poem Pain I don't like to drink beer me Meaning upend our coaches to play Cananea in a panda which is to play football Me, Me a sip in the Kalala I don't like to sleep, you know I am a cool Alesana. I don't like to sleep too much Meaning a pen. Dakota Osama cinema. I like to watch movies and cinemas. Municipality also my Sana I don't like to study much meaning in appendix is severely Mimi's depend the whore Julia. I don't like to stream. 10. 10: Can you answer a question on what you are doing and what you did? So simply here, this chick Mark is testing your knowledge off the present ends and the past tense. Can you tell the prison tents and also the persistence? Mimi Sassa, Nina Felisha. Kiswahili. Jonah Nearly Picca Samaki. Yesterday I picked I cooked Fisher. So the league is indicating Boston's in the sentence and the now is representing presentence in this sentence. So Sassa Nina Lalla. Right now I'm sleeping. Jenna, which is yesterday nearly two Osama a body wash news. So the league is representing Busted. 11. 11: Can you answer a question where you're going and where I went? Where you went so simply is trying to check your knowledge on the bob window to go? Can you construct a sentence in the present tense? And also in the past tense. So, like sustenance. Linda Kazini. Right now I'm going to work, Jonah. Nearly and actually so, Jonah, nearly Endara. Surely, yesterday I went to school Sasana and the Cassini. And if it is in the future, Kesha, Nita and Kazini represented future tens. Secure show Nita and Kazini. 12. 12: Can you answer a question about something you have learned? For example, the question will be like humans. Soma, Nini. Leo. Surely what have you studied in school? You can say name is Soma Commedia Mai Soma Biology. A name is Soma Kiswahili. And now, to be specific on what you exactly done. Miss Oman. Gailey, Allah, Miss Oman. Gilly me mso Mongolia. And and I guess to be more specific name is Soma his Abu Nimah Soma Biology. Yah Kimia mso Makenga Raisa in English. So the Verbier is name is Soma. I have read. 13. 13: Can you tell someone what you are doing? For example, Sassa, Nina, Felicia, Kiswahili. Right now I'm teaching. So he Sassa Nina Kazama Television Watching television says Nina Indica. Right now I'm writing later. So this question is simply testing your knowledge in the present as Sosa, Nina Lalla Sosa, Topeka Kuku Cooking chicken, Esa Nina. Sufficient number. I'm cleaning the house. 14. 14: can you tell where you went? So this is simply testing your knowledge on the Bob Gwenda. So like Jonah Nearly and Kazini yesterday I went work generally and surely journal 1,000,000 Dutch warning so you can use the Quinta us went. 15. 15: Can you say something that you're going? Someone whom I'm going you're going to see? So Carmona is developed to see someone from Warner. So, for example, and going to is in the future, right? So you can see Kisho. Nita, Mona, Traffic Young. Tomorrow I'm going to meet my friend or to see my friend Keisha. Anita Owona wasn't so owner is to see Will see occasion in Talamona only more tomorrow I will see my teachers occasionally. Tom. Owner, Would anyone Okay? What if it is in the past? Jonah? Nearly wona again. You uncle. Yesterday I saw my visitors, the owner nearly morna Afriqiyah. Yesterday I saw my friend so co owner is to see to meet someone. 16. 16: the new X Express A positive reaction like great in English now in Swahili How do we say that? We will say he only poor asana Poor Sana or surface on a great and amazing Safi Sana, Sana, SAfrica Bisa These are the expressions we use Pull asana visually Sana surface Allah This is what we use when we want to express Great. But of course, Don't confuse with congratulations Which means Hungaria. If you mean if you win a $1,000,000 someone will tell you on getting you know but but also selfie SAfrica Beason 17. 17: Can you ask a question with, uh, what, when and where. So let's start with who who is really is none. E All right. So Nanny Amico Julia, who has called today's money there, represents who? Janani. Mukula Samaki One who? It ho. It's my fish, right? What? Nini? Nini is what? Mukula? Nini! Leo! What did you eat today? Mukula Nini Layer Where? When leaning leaning is when. So Lini, Leander. Mombasa! Julianna Gasoline! So it can either appear in the beginning of the sentence or at the end of the sentence. It's fine. Lini will Akula so much. When did it fish? Lini, Will you know who are guarding? When did you buy a car? Where? What? All right, So maybe I can ask you will. Easily. What? Where were you born? Will you know, number whopping. Where did you buy a house? Well, it's a theory. Wapping, Where did you travel 18. 18: Can you say your name and acts someone's name? Okay, so Gina is naming So here. So how do you ask out the Italian name? First of full. You can say some honey, or you can greet someone about Jarkko. See Jumbo. So, Gina Lango knee Hamid. Okay, Gina, longer any harm? Me? How do you ask someone a name? You know 12 Honey, How are you called? A marginal Laconi. Nanny, What is your name? NATO Nanny Orginal Akane Otani. And likewise you can se Jin along goony Hamid Amani Nitro Hamid. 19. 19: There's something about your friends, your class mints or your co workers, and assume no friends is Afeaki. And then your coworkers, you could say Find a cosy when Zongo For classmates Who would say one of Fouzi When Sangu, my fellow classmates. Right for fellow co workers, we would say What fun? Because humans Uncle. Now can you say something about them? So me meaning on Afeaki were really terrific young Go! And I told Joan Joan Onishi Nairobi. I think me meaning that Rafiki Wang g. I have many friends. Traffic is ongoing. Atocha, Mombasa! In traffic you want goony? Where for? How? You can just give a small description of your friend traffic. Zongo need need nearly your toe theory and they reach people. Co workers. You know me, me and you know from your cosy. When Sung Mimi who find a cousin from your cousin when Sam Kila Siku 20. 20: can tell the time, the date and with the information. So as you know very well that the time is, sir. All right. And how do you ask for the time? Sassa Nissan Happy? What time is it? Saxony? Sockem. Umoja. Joni Sunny 5 p.m. We could Jaha pass on Guppy. You came here. What time? Okay, Lalla Sang. Upping What time did you sleep? Really knew A Gary Sang happy. Maybe it's still within the same day and dates. Dates History. Now how will you ask about data? Will easily or leaning? Okay. When were you born? Leaning? Went so we could Jaha! Pollini! When did you come here? To attend a Mombasa leaning? And the way we will respond is near Visalia. Blah, blah, blah. Let's say shooting in Asaba was he was a really you know, so nearly could happen. Moda really dizzy one machi I'm ways you are really? So that is indicating that it's a date. And with the information with the information is Asa Coon. Anisha. Right now it's raining, sister kuna Julia, you know, right now the sun is shining. Sassa Carly Rico! Another way to say is Aaliyah! Hey! Watch Sasa me Marie de Holly, Hera. Weather condition in Holly is conditioned and Hera is the weather. So Holly a waas are sunny Brady Holiday wasa sunny Kyoto Hollier Here one Zuri. The weather is good value here on Mbaya. It's raining a lot. Indonesia Sana. 21. 21: talk about something that you eat something that you learn and do something that made me open Nakoula cuckoo I like to eat Kula is the verb to eat So maybe hope and Akula coo coo Or maybe hope end Akula Some monkey maybe opened a cool party about something that you learn. Mimi Soma is too long. So me, me soma Kiswahili meaning in a so my sabu meaning in the soma Kamina and something that you can do Mimi quiza you know, to be able to find your is to do. But when we answer the question No When we are asking the question on always a coup Funny What can you do? But we're new Answer you say Mimi In Eliza it's a compound on Lima to climb a mountain Women Loayza Quinn But I can sink women always putting in his body I can make a ship Me meaning always a gala meaning Kubica Kuku 22. 22: and talk about places that you know places that I know is like Mombasa Could you are could you guys to know So me meaning a Jew? Uh g Menina ojuara g woman Mombasa. I know the cysts. The city off Mombasa What can you say about Mama's Mombasa? Guanajuato? Winky is a lot of people. Mamba Sakura Hotel ing in g K Mahmassani in gym Selfie Mombasa is a clean city. Mamba San MG Wynia McGary Minke It has a lot of cars coming. It'll be just like Nairobi. Mombasa G, what are they see? So Mombasa is a very enjoyable silly Jawara Um another city that you know Maybe Nairobi Nairobi Kanawa toe. 23. 23: you can ask and understand how much something costs. Now, how do you ask about the price off? Something Usually we would say he any began in. And how much is this shortening began? E Um a coffee. A and e began ing knows a J. Sophia. How much do you sell that camp? Who knows idea Shati being in the beginning, He And if I tell you initially, Gitano my hand, Schilling, he call me if you can understand the mother current since our healing. And also, if you can ask for a discount The fatherly nipple Rosina, please really use for me. Yeah, he only rally that is too expensive. You know the federally Shoubaki logo. Please go down another way to us about the last price you can say we showing a pee wee showing up. What's the last price? The federally punk executive. Please release the price a little bit 24. 24: till the time and location off a community event. Let's say it's awaiting Saroussi and someone ask you, Haru C Watson B. What time will be the wedding? And you can simply ask Haru. See it A Coolio. Joni cannot to be most Pacific. You can tell the time. How do you see it? A Coolio Joni Secu minimum. Really? The person will ask you It's a whopping So the war P is asking about the location Where? So you can see it. Akula couldn't be well KUBIs the whole So they're all off and the name of the whole Come beware Almeida kun be wah blah, blah, blah So come be Warming is the whole off my If it will be in a field worker ticket one Jaguar Something like that And you can also understand these information If you can tell someone about the location often event sissy to wanna share a K show Succumbing Ahmadiyah Katica noon Biohazards. They were to our parents house in the first challenge. Oh, please come. And the person can ask you Can I come with a friend you know is a coup John on Afeaki. It can Sadio. When I was a coup. Janata 50 Simple Is that so? If you're able to tell all these check marks that we have covered in this coast, I see that you can now communicate. Your interpersonal skills will now have reached a to mid level intermediate level. So a Centanni Kolkata's Irma Caribou. 25. Conclusion: a Santini Sana, when a full Zico caught Osama because he thank you for watching this cause I hope you have gained a lot. I have put this coast inform off check marks so that I can pass specific information to you if you are able to understand and also practice the search, See the same things that I have said it means that you're so Healy level has now reached the intermediates level. So Angara, congratulations. You're doing well. Watch out for the next course that I'll be releasing following these check marks following the same check marks that can guide you to say specific things with a specific target in the Swahili language Caribou, Nitzana a Santana.