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Swahili Conversational Practice

teacher avatar Hamid Athman, Professional Swahili teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Aisha simu

    • 3. Simu 1

    • 4. Sokoni

    • 5. Sokoni 1

    • 6. Msafiri

    • 7. Msafiri 1

    • 8. Hotelini

    • 9. Hoteli 1

    • 10. Basini

    • 11. Basini 2

    • 12. Basi 1

    • 13. Hospitalini

    • 14. Shule

    • 15. Shuleni

    • 16. Maswali

    • 17. Shule 1

    • 18. Conclusion

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About This Class

Listen to conversations in different scenarios and pick up most commonly used phrases, vocabulary and expressions. Practice with a native, professional Swahili teacher. Included scenarios are at : a restaurant, a hotel, the Airport, talking over the phone, taking the bus / matatu, shopping, travelling, even dating and many more! 

Learn the most common Swahili phrases used in everyday life  in the a fun and exciting way using animations! Learn how to ask for your bill after eating in a restaurant, learn how to look for a flight in a busy Airport, learn how to ask for a Discount when you shop in East Africa and save money! Speak like a local and practice what you have learned so far in Swahili.

Karibuni katika Swahili conversational practice! Enroll now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hamid Athman

Professional Swahili teacher


I am a very enthusiastic and hardworking teacher full of humor. I like to make my students feel special and value to their lessons. I have been teaching Swahili to students around the World for a decade now. I understand the best practices that students have used to be successful in mastering Swahili and i will share them with you. I have designed techniques and materials that have proven to be very helpful to master Swahili. I will take you through the journey from beginner to fluency level in Swahili. Karibuni sana wanafunzi!

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1. Intro: Gary Boonie. When a full z Katica So Healy compositional practice. I decided to create this cause a PSA pre request from some of my students so they can learn different phrases used in everyday life in different scenarios. Like when you travel you Oxford direction. When you're in a bus, you're asking for your change. When you're in the hospital, you ask for doctors and many more scenarios. And guess what have created exactly what you have asked for have made the wish come true. So this is the cause you have been waiting for a long time. This cause is a masterpiece. Why? Because I have grilled it with the right recipe to enable students to understand each and every material included on suitable for students from all levels have made learning very fun and enjoyable by using animations to demonstrates how different scenarios are used in different. Since, you know you can find a load off Swahili videos today, an emission videos on YouTube. But this is not like watching any other YouTube video. These videos are educational videos with the gold off educating you. How, because at there at the beginning of every scene, have included Mannino Magoon difficult words to help you understand the recovery before you watch the video so you can follow through the story. And after watching the video, I've included a question on a video to help you comprehend the story on the shoot quiz to a test you understanding. Also in its section, I've created a short explanatory video to help you understand the phrases in a much better , better perspective. After seeing how flash cards have been very helpful and the previous causes have created for you out of your flashcards with my own voice recordings to carry with you in your mobile devices wherever you go to help you master the words alright have provide you a detailed explanation on how you can download on can droid to your mobile devices and how you can make use off these free audio flashcards. So when a full Z one the bullet is now in your court, I have empowered with the right materials and Armel toe help you in this journey toe master . So here we wish you all the best in learning Swahili now. Tequila, Harry. I took him a someone you know, if you have any questions or concerns about the material, please let me know. Santana Sana Not very bony son 2. Aisha simu: difficulty Once, Melissa money, - I shall be humble. See Gamble. No. Where would you Cinnamon. You know a San Teikoku Liza Cooper put you on the sensor tender. Kazini bad I Hotel Melissa Derosa sang Happy Nitta Melissa Shula's Sukhumi Joni with the ruling Ambani's son Guppy Meet the ruling him bunny. But I a currency Tom Eliza Cosy Sang happy No tamales Occurs is a commune ability Joni La Lonely Little core Gary Newton, Rudy Calgary So really no foot Katusha Dear Village as a thank you Mahfoud earlier A Subaru he so media Buchanan Curiosity. So, uh, you know it's occurred to me a Kadeer Korea Behnke do you maybe. But like any chaos to judge Akula Chung So to me I could young were Banky something to could turn in some Oddo knee Kaka So go ahead. What have you understood? Swath people Zambia Aisha on one meaning from the Taliban Be Isha more now some Isha Osama Caribbean Bonnie Succumbing A Billy Jones, Isha Osama Nyumbani, Kwa Nini! Isha! Isha! Alyssum! Anime Caruso! Mahfoud! Isha! Alice! Emma A Lydia's a Tinky Lama! Fota Hunde! Aisha Capitana Sang Isha! Some more job! Santoni! Osama 3. Simu 1: eso. I hope you enjoyed the animation. So just a few things. Our life to point out All right now, Molly Mohammadi said. CNN and CNN Anna is a common expression. People used to mean I have no issues just like when someone ask you about your cool and you can see I have no issues and it is also polite to use a San Teikoku Liza when someone greets you. Abadi, Arco Zuhri a san takeoff bullies Thank you for asking. So it's polite. Sounds more polite and also money. Mohammadi used the word meteor Connie, you know, passed through plus to the story in a while You come home, Bateer. Connie. Yeah, sure. Learning passed through school where you come from. All right now. Hey! Also said Hakuna Nano, which also means means there's no problem for means No worry. You know, something like that. It's also similar to the one that everyone knows. All right, 4. Sokoni: learning human Yoni difficult works Choosy for fun. This is a human, you know. So how about yes to bully a woman? Both janjuah will not was idea My mom Boga young A full shilling! Him seeming Natale, come a full room. Unhappy? Ah, when I was a full shilling. So guru Danny only beginning. Donia turn Toko Schilling issued any like any cualquiera talk funny A shilling! A commune Autonoma, Non sour. So my mom Boga Ndungane cooler ticket to Monte Mama para Cici my boga one united ako pickaninny Lomonaco A typical Choose your cocoa Cocoa on a lick of Missouri not kitty Muddy . Kill on Zima. Marshalling Phil Athenee. Saleh! So I'm a mom, Boga on and easy. So Karina Mopida hop on a need And this is acumen number chains on a panda They depend on my chins Epic a ticket. Hi! Eso Managua tacos iam a chancer kilo shelling Jameah where Boehner leave. Oh, Mama Boga Much ends I am upon who are selling So coney. Higher cocoa Schilling. It's a money, Busey. So I'm gonna for higher. Corny for her. Young a Santa Maman Boga! Kourou! Sana! Hi, I am I know I sent the son of beer. Why? Harry? Mama Logan! Oh, honey! Monaco. Linda Salama, - Choose choosy. Sana sama 5. Sokoni 1: Thank you for watching the animation. Now a few things I would like to point out Now Johnny's wife use severely so beery eyes a term used in Tanzania to me and to wait so severe. So you will never hear this in Kenya, especially Nairobi. People will never use that. But fuck that will use Gaja momento weight Also honeycomb Boucha was used meaning to remind me. All right, But if you want to tell someone I remember you can say BUCA. Sambuca is this time which is to remember Mr How have forgotten something Boucha may somehow have forgotten. So keep Oci was used in this video to me a while it a wallet that used to carry money Now cool manga Li fu is an expression used in Tanzania. They use it to say Be careful, be mindful But in Kenya we would rather use the Haddadi. Be careful. Be mindful Food was used in this video to mean a pile or a stock. Now if you have If you have had a chance to travel in Africa and see the mama bogus The ladies who sit down on the street on this side of the road selling fruits and vegetables, tomatoes, onions. They will sell them in a pile. A pile of five pile of six reason is because they don't have money to buy weighing machines . So way would call these piles full form Ojha BD means of a pile of 10 pile off five and Mama Boga also used Nieto. Funnier. I will make for you, meaning I will make the price for you. You know this much, but if you're the one requesting, you will say any funny make for me. Mom. Boga also used Malika. When Aleka means it goes well, it's like a food combination, they say choosing cuckoo on Aleka, Missouri, not tickety much so chicken soup goes well with Remember, on a Leica resume, you can use this expression like a resort and another one, Johnny said bona. Why expensive Now? You can also use if something is too cheap, right and you're suspicious. Maybe you can see bona easy. Why? It's very cheap, which really people use in real life. Another one is busted. Mursi was using this contest to mean so so the bus in George Mercy. You know, Massey is mainly used in the coastal areas off Kenya, Tanzania, Likoni, Salam, Malindi. But you'll never hear these in Nairobi or in Tanzanian. I actually means like so, so that must enjoy. So come back, see cooler. So sleeping Busey cooler or something like that. Now Mama Boga used one on my mango literally means my son. But he doesn't mean that Johnny is the sun off Malambo. Managua is an expression used by the elderly to show love to the youth, right so they can call in Managua. But it doesn't mean that you have any family relationship now. Also, if you are a youth to be very advisable, not to use this to call another you come along because you'll be offending yourself, showing that you are old, you have given birth to someone or equal to your edge. Santana cooked Osama. 6. Msafiri: combo Yuko Katica One big food and big man You know Difficult words One job, one day game Big official Maggie's many to Manisha tofu here, my lizard. When I hear one one opinion because in him but area not a mambo VP Boss Anna Nicole's idea baby The food leg Iaquinta Nic A sack Wyndham Mombasa Now Mombasa Cavanda no! Only become a big gun. Wow! You be silent for Moda Sina pisses me a non epic. Very a la quinta Mombasa! Whoa, baby! Was she linking up? You it a cooler, full safari. Who? Cool muscleman guppy Safari wacka Wa wa Sam Ojha Rabbani was commissioned a gay criticality Angina Havana They went the Mota Mota, the Mombasa angina, Sadia VP, Danny and Nina West This idea The only Safi and Onion digging Fania Yakubu fund. You can dig one opinion of your cooler. You got sick And if you wanna piano via Colavita Moose on a camera video Safari echo, do you, Asante Sana! Sana from 19 0 Safari! Salama! Kaka something. Go ahead, Food! And when the happy I don't care when the Mombasa wanna piss and Gambia Now deal! Done! You dig your official? No one Danny and a wannabe Annabi Akula Deal! Danyon Digi. Remember combo at a Mombasa combine a basin guppy. Come on, Immune on the window. Mahmassani, based on guppy Big is a Quinta Mombasa. 7. Msafiri 1: I hope you enjoy the videos now A few things I would like to point out it. Now you can use See where Zika Pata. If the response is you can't get something but you cannot use it at the beginning. Off your statement like Susica Paata Boga Physical. But I cannot get this cannot get at the beginning. It sounds rude, so don't use it at the beginning. Use it If something is not available another expression was used His una harakah you in a hurry? Likewise. If you would like to use it toe Want to mean I'm in a hurry? You can say Nina Harakah. Another expression was used his knee comma. It's like that. You know, comma is like so it's like so you can use this expression like normally become a beginning with fear is like How much? Only Khama beginning pick heirarchy was used in this video to me only. But if you want to say alone I am alone Nico pecan you can pick your ankle began means just me or alone. The character means only him hard begin to move on, Lee. Nice. Now Papa was used to mean right here a proper right here, As you know, happen means here. But when using together, Bahama means right here, just like the way police fully alone means slowly. But when you use it together, it means pullup all means slowly. Now it's a cool enough. Food has been used, meaning to it can be affordable or cheap enough food. It's cheap or affordable. Now. If you have trouble in its Africa, you can see the banners on the stores and being written being a fool. Cheap price. All right, so right. And Leslie Hodja, Cuba and diGenova has been used to mean, like, you understand how Cuba is means poop. Hodgins logo means to people, but we really use it in real life in the public. Now, if you're looking for a toilet, you can just simply say, Jodie Coop, where is it Toilet? And nobody will ask you if you want to go No go for. So just for you to understand that I just want to put 100 no going to be right in a polite way, something 8. Hotelini: unis of communal Billy Maria Huma When I end a Katica Hotel e Kula Kula Joni Mondello Magoon Difficult words do more Wandy When zarco nosa you see really boozy Machungwa cakey, glassy May 4 Here cooler Vittel is a Muslim The moon is ona No, no Mom who know joined the federally curry Bentayga, Cassady and anime the fatherly military menu, you know. So, uh juku ahi helper Choose your Kuku knows a j Nosa shelling g m o jeonnam Seaney Suhani more can you want again? In Ghana, you see Machungwa my MBA Ninja Penda. You see, Amelia, someone zarco on depend a Louisianan e when Sango and depend a magnesium choosy one boozy sala de greasy amateur. So, uh, you know Linda name depend a lot easier knows Ahmadiyah la madia Kunio Nomura Kpender glass in Billy. Do you have family kicky to know Zach will be PC Penda. Ah baby Gilani Shelling gm Seaney So the fatherly to partier. So kick India he help us to bury for here. Kula, Asante Sana. Really Takur beginning Really cool Miyata to hm scene So I'm machina to know it's a Clipper Procardia bank La logic were to pass a test. So, uh how cool. A nano gecko. A hazy a Santini Sana vehicle Avinu video asana a Santini Caribou, Nitzana Ortega mainly on any level. Maria Alien and a nanny. Yeah, I do. Maria Maria Huma Patika Hotel Maria . Choosy. Maggie Ghani Mandy. Really? Really. 9. Hoteli 1: Okay, so I hope you enjoyed the animation. All right. So a few things I would like to point out. No, he happen has been used in the video to me. And this one here he happened, right? And also not Bianna. You know, uh, you're giving out youth you're giving out to me, but comparing a means to give each other. All right, Now, if you are giving someone something, you could see Nina coupon, all right? And the person would usually say in a coop, Appear right now, Corgi Zia is to order, order something. So, like, uh, if you're in a restaurant and you would like to order, you can simply say, depend a lot easier over, like order. But usually the waiter will be very proactive to rescue, bust and ask you, like, end up what easy and any Which would you like to order? All right. On over it. Maybe he can ask. You get Penda Colon. Any would you like to be? That's another way of us. What's would you like to order? Depend a cool on any. I'm gonna get banged up for you on any. All right. OK, now, another expression was used here is for a year cooler. Enjoy eating meanings like bone appetite. Enjoy eating a meal for a here. You can use it whenever you're trump. 10. Basini: somehow Do you really busted in And a bamboo made me Shan's on in Bali Sana dio Mimi who found a cosy bar lean on your own I should Kazini deal key one. I'm some common or McGary No Really Shelling the city knee Hadi Shan's Come on Lily Pond Baroda P initialing Sittinin come a shilling! Feeney Hadi's no only initialing I'm seeing I'm seeing No, no, no! Samani Noli Initialing Alatini I'm seen the Shia change Young change when the Shia chain Jackie So of course Iranian Asante Kaka, Fatherly conductor So to my FICA bamboo attend a victory shows Patoka Harper book about Obata, Kanta, Shorto telephone and ammonia. Ammonia had the onus Terje now only Biyani now Liko Qaeda initialing issuing in a tunnel You seen a lonelier Etosha Initially, you know is a funny Sadie in a tunnel. How cool! You know it's Sadiyah, a son discerning caribou Narco among early for San Akaka. So go ahead. Oh, Henry! Kaka 11. Basini 2: Come on, issue happy. Come out on a cable. Carney, You are happy now. Really Cool Baroda! Hadi Shan's N'dinga Now we could talk a Baroda. Hadi Shan's initialing Alatini Kikkan Copy Took a barada Auditions Come out eloquent happy Ali Abbasi like wind A bomb body conductor! - Come on! Come on! Nash! Awali shook a bamboo. Very come out Happy by the traffic A bamboo Come out and Dr Momineen Last conductor Hakoah ! Mom! Any fool come out swinging a Pio Seferian! 12. Basi 1: So I hope you injury the videos. A few things I would like to point out now, Babe Abeba has been used in the video. You know, this is an expression to mean Carrie. Carrie literally means Carrie Carrie, but it means, like carry me. So this is an expression. We use it if you want to stop public vehicles like buses or tattoos. Kenya, Right now you can also use seem a matter finale. Please stop. Onda are. And if you want to a light from the very cool You have already reached your destination. You can simply say should be Shut the for that. Please drop. Please drop me. Shook Isha Finale on issue, Keisha, for the please drop me now some tomato McGary has been used in this video to mean trafficking. But in everyday life, people using so called moderate that will use jump that will see jump, wanna jump? There's traffic Jimmy's streets along with a shame but grammatically correct should be some Camano slowly has been used to be fair. But if you're in a bus, people were used to keep it from its ticket. All right and also changing has been used to mean my change. All right, so I need you to initiate change. Young, give me my change. This has been borrowed from English but to be polite, you can also say me but ti a changed young Give me Really She is like returned to me Sounds a little bit, uh, harsh. But the party is more polite. Conductor has also been used in the video meeting conductor taken from English. All right now in Nairobi there will usually use my conga conga. It's a street language toe conduct now steady has been used in this video. To me, they don't understand or station or Tom, you know now in Tanzania that will use standing standing your belladonna They will say that in a dolla dolla is equal to Matar in Kenya. Neeson they called them dolla dolla Kenya who called them mitad so in Tanzania, they will say standing belladonna. Alright. Sentence cooked Osama quieting 13. Hospitalini: ho McCarley 16 for Sana Sour toe Fatima Ambulance CJ Wahba Nike wa p two Nice imaging. Go happily number Johnny Sour. Need a Puma ambulance. See any federally Asante Sana? Difficult words. See Hospital Carrie Bonnie, Housemate Allan E mean of a circus idea 50 Asan Tempo Casey Tuna home Akali Kiko Hosea four Not gonna see Chiaki Cincy Polina Sana Nowata Careful India rocker Ted Olynyk Arena Jeannie Moos will be read Dr Asante Sana Dunaway Sacramone A doctorate Kikkan guppy in the media so you know, is merely Jessamy former Medina and someone or something. Fatuma Hamisi Fatoumata Hamisi area tower Honor Sassa too much. So a suntan book is Well, no warning. Any time you see Looked like a cozy home a Carly woman earns a cool Illini McCune Ow! Deal means upon a totally homer Madonna before So they took a puma Pressure says, but she ongoing UPI I could you Sana campana brush Iko iko stony So I looked up. It took want Dickie Adala Don't know Katica do color down now you COMESA they make one day care down the killer now that was a coon. You're mean you're istan Copy Can you kill a unique will weaken Billy so under 30 or something 14. Shule: manana. Difficult words were stunning. Early on party gambo Malima Ali Go on immune and become one Cycle a minute, sama. Formally Mongo Ala ni boku bigger when Sacco full Any Roubini, Malesani, Karaca, Malima. Everybody says we want a fluency ability while you know. Let's go to the Soma his Abu Well Kamina Sabah Yukiko on 1,000,000,000 in Guppy the Thomas you know West Sacco. Debo need cleaning that that? No Be sorry. Sana Thomas seat Ok, do me Sana. Nannan guppy. Visually una west Kodori will call me now. The only city is really aluminum Bill Yukiko A tattoo mean copy your Fatuma, you know West Psycho Debo Maiku, Me Albanna your society He was a He need Isa. But the window who find surely 15. Shuleni: my son, Johnny Professor, were history Katica to work in Washington Windows. My nano difficult words, Dean Day Hunger was eerie. Racy, No fool. One on G hired Cool Akula I'm Jumbo in a frenzy at the jumble. Professor Who? Mahogany? Do you, Yuning? Ubu Kenya Whom Marco Ammonia dio visually style but a tool. Cassandra Familia. America. No non compos. A baby food. Cheney resorted to be younger, so it could be so tongue again. I was serial offender to Penghu's being. 16. Maswali: for mainly on any layoffs from London on E Atika Surely ticket Nani Olympia Fatuma Early Olympia for two months Malima Ramla Windows Shalini Support but one of food. Easy fun! Djaniny cruzi which is Bustani? Mollema Ramla Funny Musonye My son Johnny Professor Sanja Window Shalini Donnini Sanja Window Shalini Molly Marambra Wenda Surely volume Arambula went the Shuli Abbas. Bye bye Tour Masson Gia Who in the what but the tool Masson Gia Who in the Ramona Money? Fiqi, Juanma, Sanja I see America near Afeaki, My Sanja America. My son John. See America. Rosenblum's our co host Must Walla Young Chief, I wanna see Masson Jehu. Funny, But come on. I see massage went on your money. Who learned Familia? Nani? Malala some Adia Siku massage Malala Somalia Queenie Musonda Malala Sam Oye! Chico really came up in my seat. No, honey Water pizza! My Sanja water pistol 17. Shule 1: you love the video, The animation So nice. Now a few things I would like to point out No, I for Goto ticket chair in the money Anoma Google, which means nursery or kindergarten. So as you all know that surely I'm singing its primary school surely off Billy or secondary high school and also walking cool his university right? So upon day means so she can write. But if you're the one writing a bust, you will say in a bond a pussy in a panda Gary know Kambanda can be used. Different forms can use Opondo When you're right in the car, ponder when you're right on a plane like in English. You will say I'm flying on a plane and also, uh, Fonda on animal right on an animal, for example. In a pond a guard I'm writing on a car I can also see in a pond on digi I'm flying but in English flying. But so he you know. And also when you write it on animal like a donkey, you will see in a panda pulled up. I'm writing on a dog. All right. Another one is his sub Subbu has been used in this context. To me, mathematics has been used US amount no eso but can be used both us alone and a silver. Now his sub was alone. These mathematics and his Subbu, a suburb is to come, so it's up to counter. So, for example, Nina, his service pistol, I am counting money. It's been used over a salon in a soma. I am starting right now in the massage a video. Nasrallah has been used in that video to mean issues regarding or questions regarding now not to confuse with swallowing or swallowing. Swallowing means questions, and most Roddy means questions. Right now. Swell e can also mean in Swahili to break or swelling. Also break now, if you want to say regarding so healing can also say Nina Soma is for even studying regarding now what you me has been used in this video to me, although some people will use economia, which has been forward from English to mean the same thing. Economy. But it's better in Swahili. Two years Charlie would show me one. The economy off the country, Humira is a title. We give toe high politicians like presidents minutes to mean honorable or respect for? All right. So Haitian. Me what? We can use it for ministers to mean honorable a party you know he can get a chance to. And then Ramona has been used in this video in a passive for like to see him. Whoa. Nice to see mourner to see him. So the MBN is reflecting to him Passive. Wait if you want, If you want to say, uh you see someone someone is seeing you say cooney on. So the knee there is reflecting to you who needed for me. If it is someone you say owner to see them go to honor to see us. So later on in the Swahili advanced level I will talk about the passive forms and so healing and I will talk about them in details so you can understand better. All right. So a Centanni Sana for watching this video and taking and rolling to this cause I hope you love the animations. And also you gained a load. You learned a lot. So something Nissan a go ahead 18. Conclusion: so as something it's on. I wanna fool is the one goal for enrolling to this cause you know, I hope you love the animations and you lands for really in a very fun and exciting weight. Learning with animations and flush can audio Flash card has never been so relaxing to your neurons. So I hope you love them. If you have any feedback, please let me know and also stay tuned for the next cause That is coming up, which will be the Swahili advanced level. And there I will explain more complex so really phrases and grammar so that you can muster so healing more. I will use animations, flashcards, presentations. So you're just gonna love it. So thank you for coming a bird way had to give in this journey. We will work together until we reach the fluency level. All right, So I thank you very much. If you have any feedback, you have any questions or concerns about the materials? Please let you know. I will be very happy to help you reach your goals. So what? Kinda what kind of forever? You know what kind of hunde Forever, Molly Mohammadi forever. So anyone of funds