Survive Your Dry Spell: 1000 Freelance Secrets

Lori Fournier, Biz teacher & freelancer

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6 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Why Watch?

    • 2. How to Manage Finances

    • 3. How to Find More Work

    • 4. How to Stay Visible

    • 5. How to Make the Most of it

    • 6. Final Thoughts


Project Description

To really make the most of your dry spell, you need focus – and to get focus, you need structure. That's why your project for this class is scheduling your ideal dry-spell day, a day that allows you to be both productive and free.

Remember the importance of balance. Try to include work, play, chores and exercise. Then, add a few notes and tell us why you've made those particular choices so your fellow freelancers can benefit from your wisdom. 

Not sure how to get going? Open the document "SCHEDULE Lori's Dry Spell Day" for an example:

Student Projects