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Survival Conversational Chinese

Liam McManus

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6 Videos (27m)
    • Self-introduction

    • Polite Pairs

    • Numbers 1-100

    • Question ma?

    • bù bù! not not!

    • I want yào!

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About This Class

Actually learn how to speak and understand the most essential Chinese basics. 

Taste the wonderful, logical and no-nonsense Chinese culture. 

wtfmandarin builds the bridge between English and Chinese - the Chinglish bridge. 

wtf = watch-try-flaunt. Watch the videos. Try the audio try files. Flaunt to your Chinese communities and friends.

Our approach:

  • Structured approach, each class building on the last (easy to do as Chinese is super logical)
  • Each lesson ends with street videos of Liam and wtfmandarin students putting the taught language into real-life action here in China
  • Every lesson has downloadable essential audio try files where you will practise your new mandarin

We do not:

  • Teach through rote learning and memory tests
  • Rush through unconnected language in an unstructured way 

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Introduce yourself and use polite manners
  • Negotiate on prices
  • Form simple questions 
  • Engage is mega basic Chinese conversations
  • Understand key insights into Chinese culturef1a227e3

wtfmandarin founder, Liam:

  • Three years ago could not speak a word of Chinese.
  • Discovered Chinglish and his Chinese journey started.
  • Developed the courses he wishes he had 3 years ago. 

All this and more. 加油!jiā yóu! Go for it!





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