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Survey-based Quantitative data collection (theoretical)

Soerin Bipat, Teacher, PhD candidate & IT consultant

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2 Videos (12m)
    • Survey-based quantitative data collection

    • Introduction to the ultimate thesis guidelines


About This Class

Once a survey is created you'll have to test it. Also when you have collected survey data you'll need to check the usefulness of the data. This class aims to do just that. By the end of this course you'll know the basics of executing quantitative collection based on survey data. In concrete terms this means:

  1. A three-step procedure to pre-test surveys. This step is essential, because it ensures that you actually measure what you intended to measure.
  2. Cleaning survey data in five steps. By applying this step you will show your supervisor that you understand the necessary steps to prepare the data before analysis can take place.

Both steps will increase the rigor of your study, which is a cornerstone of your academic paper. 
This course is a part of an overall course called: The Ultimate Thesis Guidelines, I've added an introductory video that explains the how this survey-based data collection fits into the overal course. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Good luck!






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Soerin Bipat

Teacher, PhD candidate & IT consultant

Teacher, PhD candidate, IT consultant and Entrepreneur

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