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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Part I. Sketching

    • 3. Part I. Inking

    • 4. Part I. Watercolour

    • 5. Part II. Computer Editing - Mockup

    • 6. Bye

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About This Class


Did you wonder how to present your surface patterns in the best possible way with cohesive look, even if you use them for wallpaper, fabric, shoes, camera, shoes or even cloths?
Did you wonder where to get the perfect photo for your mock-ups or how to pick the right photos for all this different topics?

Was your budget too low to get really good photos that don't everybody use them? I mean did you wonder how to stand up with your design, if everybody use the same free image that you do? And even if you do want the free photo, well everybody want them...right? One big problem is how to get the same feel of the sofa bed, and kids t-shirt that when you will use them in your portfolio, that it will get a feel that all designs are from the same designer, YOU.

I mean you did want to present your design not how much did you spend for photo mock-ups right? Or even worse, to see somebody else use the same mock-up, like 10 people that you did see, and you even don't know how much are there others, who use the same mock-up over and over.

If you are wondering about the topic, I could present you my solution to it.

You wonder what is the difference?

It's huge, because for your mock-ups you will use your drawing. Yes, your, and I promise you have unique drawing style already, and even if you think you can't draw, I will show you how you could.

In my last class Watercolors and Inking Secrets of Interior Sketching I did show how you could use reference photo for sketching interior design, and I did explain my big secret for use not drawing persons. (Yes, I'm there too.). Let me tell you one secret right away, for me it was a big deal how to draw interior design, because it's so practical from surface pattern design point of view. I mean you could present the whole collection from cushions to sofa, wallpapers, or even rugs and paintings all in on picture.

So I wish you will be curious enough and click that Enroll button and join me in this fun class.

Meet Your Teacher

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Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design


I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags … anything I need that I can’t find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer some day and the last few years I’m the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I’ve never grown up and I still live like DIY person.

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1. Intro: surface, but they're and more cup design introduction way. The smoke ups are drawing Markham's so they will be unique in your portfolio. No matter how goto bad to think or drawing kiss. You could make his so look at your portfolio and I will show you how so What? We were doing this class. I will show you how to place a potato on wallpaper, how to placed on the floor for carpet mock up and how to wrap it around the object like conclusion. Oh, hi. Um, did that McLeod, judge. And this, uh, is my new class in case sketches with the more cops. So the enrolled battle on two in the class by if you didn't use raft function before for your more cops, I think you should look at this class and see if you would like to start using it. It's amazing how funny it is when you could align the geometric patera or strive design in the right position on your more cops catch. I just love it on. I didn't want to show this to you. I promise. I did place. If you're really interested and useful steps in this class, you're still here. No, no, no. General, by 2. Part I. Sketching: surface but there and mock up design sketching. Hi, I moved them. Clagett and I would like to say I'm a surface, but they're on dessert day. I would like to share my pinky sketchy more process. Before I even started showing my way of doing it, I would like to show you some of my sample us to get you off. I don't need to pick a photo for reference, and I pick the ones that I like. I'm looking on photos, how they present objects for my more cops. Do they have a big, empty war for my more paper? Or do they have enough cushions for my fabrics? Stuff like that? I placed the picture on my skin monitor and I blow it up. It's not about fixers, it's about sketching, so the solution is not important. Then I place my sketchbook in front of the computer screen, and I started wrong in the Big square to see how much basic have on paper. I use a pen and I hold it in front, off the main lines off bigger objects to get similar angle on my picture. Then all the smaller details are more like did less sketching toe the paper. It's hard to explain that you see it on the video. I look for proportions between empty spaces and object on photo. And if I get a feel, I need toe resort. I just read, - uh , beginning on my mark up store. I don't have the money for using for good photography from the red and the one that for for everybody used them. Second problem was that I did wish to present my surface potentates on your paper shows Dexter or clothing and even dishes. And I did that those prison patients food. So I start drawing super important. Don't panic. You could do it because I didn't run for a really long time. I never really learned to be. And if you look at my mock ups, there are far from my perspective is off. Lines are not trade, and there are a few mistakes on every picture that I didn't make that they start. Maybe not the starting time, but they have. I mean, I would like to be able todo I want to present the feelings when I show my surface, but then designed even you So the sketch is done and the next me there. Are you sure 3. Part I. Inking: for inking part. I still like to have my picture close to see the data's if I need them, but the rest just blank. With water coloring on a sloping basic surface, I usually started making a big square, and then I go small details that are in the front of the picture. The only thing that you need to be careful that you don't smear direct. I used new pence. And what the base England. I think in part, is really just a lot of fun and into Lex's way. After thinking, Gee, I I arise the pencil lines. It's after rest way off in your sketch and the next video, we show my water and water kind of part of the hottest. 4. Part I. Watercolour: my thinking process started smearing square in quick time way just meaning water on dry lines. - The rest of other colors are usually used black in different shades and not so much other colors. So the diviner sketches just white. It's possible that right the surface pretending that they want to present could pop up and someday get that self glory. When I used other cars for my thinking, I like to look on Inspiration Hotel to see where the shadows are. It also helps give you say, at the beginning, where is the direction off? - On some places, I wait that one letter off cars, and then I go on top with another one, the next video showing out there sketching Photoshopped and using it for so you'll be able to music many times for presenting gold surfers. 5. Part II. Computer Editing - Mockup: surface but there and mock up design part of computer anything. Welcome to the second part of this class. First, we need to scan the picture or make 1/4 off it like I don't because I don't have a scanner for getting good colors. I pick a gray area on a photo, but in this case, it's not so important because the images almost white and black I use Olympus camera rose after where I adjust the picture before I imported into a photo shop. So important the picture and serve it into the computer is the first time my next step is to line ages off the picture because my paper is not straight. If you scan the picture, you could jump to the next step. But the just in case if it's interested for you, I reassure it. Anyway, I use function rap for this step. I need to select the image control A. And then I said, like free tennis, phone control T and I click with the right button on the mouse and pick up. Then I play with the image. Britain, dragging the corners and points on it, renamed the locked bare ground layer I could see I'll still need just a little bit. So repeat the process and play a little more. Where Abdul is really nicely didn't function. The drunk is careful toe. If I want, I could select show rulers or contra air for ease of you. Sometimes I need to judge us a corner or two, and sometimes I adjust the edges and the center of the image to my next step is to delight the square outside chunk. Because I like the look of Polaroid effect with white edge. Then I will pick mental short cut P. I resume in with Contra and Space Bar. Then I could make a selection with Click. And while I click, if I need to move the hander direction, I will click out and then I move it if I need. If I want to move the point that I make, then I click Contra baton. It really make a mistake. I could click Contra set for the little step and go from there for moving picture on a screen. I click on Space Bar. Then this is actually everything I need to do. Just go all around, click and drag and click and wrecking click for faster work. I usually have one hand on my keyboard and another on the mouse. Or likely I did start using Markham Template. And I really like workflow is Firestarter, and it's easy to have a pen in hand than a mouse for a long when you want to close the selection your mercy zero mark next to a pinto icon. So when you click your selection closed, then I go toe parts and I need to save apart. And then I click here. I heard marching ants and I go to this layer. I grabbed Chief Control I and delete this in short cut here, Um, this elect with control D Then I make a new background player and I placed it under my first layer I painted with rights Always color I didn t I still need to adjust the picture and I did just that. So the work with control is nice Zoom in controller show the levels on judge them If you didn't do that before No, I regard part I don't need this one anymore so I could just delete this. I will start rolling all paper so I need a new pop, Grab the mental and start clicking. You remember the shortcut I'll contra and Space bar for moving. I'm trying to draw my selection on an edge off my wallpaper selection. And I like Small Inc imperfections closed the selection, my wallpapers not selected on all picture. So I need to be on the same path, and then I just make new selections. Now I have the whole pole paper selection. Let me show you how you could change it into a color and still have some other color effects on it. Click on Control and Pat so you will get marching ants. Then click on layer spanner. Click. Oh, great. And you feel icon at the bottom and pick solid car. Then go to the lab shelter and big multiply with this filter. You ever see that the modern sketch lettuce risible on your picture? So all the other color effects are visible just colored differently. I know you want to see how you could apply these three open there, right? Just with me a little and I will make a few more selections and then we will do just that. Every time you want to start a new selection. Pick a new path and make a name for it. I will make a selection for a carpet crucial sofa and all of them I need to make on different parts. Read more cops, sketch like this. You don't need to feel all the dems later when you were use it for your service. But they're in presentation. You could use it for presenting just one item. Except if you wish to show your client of collection and then maybe get a chance to sell more than just one design in the selection party saluted the closed. And later I did see I need to fix it. I need to go under mental toolbox and pick a convert point tool. And then I could fix this election Simple. I off changing color usedto go on part on then your beaker selection. You want to change when I because selection actually control button at the same time? Then you go back to layers, go to bottom. I can create new field and you pick up a tire. You receive the last patera and you pick the one to want on. Then you could play with the size Go layer spirit and multiply. So this is our because you can multiply layer, you could change a color under it and that we're changing feel of the design. Then you could click here and you could play different layers. Filter and God different effect. A new click on layers. You see the blue edge bottom. Then you could go up and down on Main Street. Arrows on your people. This one is hilarious. It's size you could change capacity and get another look. Click here and you could change a motive or just the size of it. If you like something. Just remember, though, do the same effect on your design just in case. If you will need that look later, apply this filter with this color on your original design and serve it with a different name. This is the simple way. Let me show your second option how you could do this. Let's down this layer soft. Let's pick this, but there because it's dealing layers. I need to select all control A and then I go toe the magical pre match shift controversy. Go back the sketch and place it from a clip art copy based Control. I could Don't the image around or I could sleep it if I like it because I can't see how the print is position. I real change a pass ity. I could more it in the best position that I like something like this. I go on pat in clicks election in control and bad. So I get marching ants go back the layers and click on icon at the bottom at layer mask Don't base it. So now I don't like this detail here and I want to move talented. Click on this article so they won't building. Then click on the image icon And now you could repetition your image. Maybe Like this. This is the second choice. We could turn this on or off, but there then choose. Multiply. If we turned the color on, we could start playing with different effects. It's crazy. Good, right? I could still change this color. Pull on maybe blue green control de for desolate I like And then you go Maybe on a cushion on you make a new patera like we did before, but more long, super small. Not this one. Too small. I couldn't say anything. Eight main. I'm okay, and then go on, multiply. But if I zoom in, it's a little bit off, so I will show you another one. It's often to play every different effects. And sometimes you just found the amazing new color combination that unique on not really 100% plan. I love this one. Let me show you how to place a texture on a project like fusion. Go here and select the image like winning before it. Copy match function. Go back and place Image control V. This is very big corn. It's too big. Topic control T and make smaller image something like that. Thank you. So the size is good on now. I need to change the opacity because I can see the sketch. There's a liquid control day. I will make a mass can. I don't like it. It's flat on flower design. It's not so obvious, but here it is. So let's do it again. Something different. You were like this. We need to see this catch. We go to the free transform contract E. The sort is good. Then I go to wrap and now I could really play. Look, some think like that. Enter train capacity. You see how nicely the fabric go back here? Go to bat on with control, click on cushion and make a mosque And don't forget on multiply How good is this? You know, it's almost believable. Let me show you how to place Patera non some thinking this perspective. I will use the same patera. Um but the result will be different because off the object we want to present go to free transform am pickup perspective entered the function When you like the look go to free transform and play some more So that design we look like it's lying on the floor It's the big saw change that's toe position it as you like in the most Change the opacity back to 100% Make a mask like we did before Don't forget on multiply fritter because I'm to lazy on This is just a proposal And I don't like these two color to be the same way Change the color with who situation under our favorite icon create new fear Then I could play with colors But look, I'm changing everything. Don't worry. Wow, this one is crazy. Okay, I like this one. Then I will go here and click with Earth on it now. I didn't change Northeast one and not everything. Cars. I really love it. You see, Semisi, if I pick another filter, I just want toe change This one more reply I already have. Then I could click on and off on some off the layers. Give the carpet is the main object to present. Then this is it. There's so many options for play. Just with little changed off a pass ity on a few layers. Can you put Adam for our couch? Okay. The scale is good, I think, uh, but contrary t I can transform it. Go here and rest. Arise the layer. Now I have the ordinary layer and I could play with it. I really just used this part of it. He was shortcut. Select universe shift control I on the later free transform contract T and pick Screwed. It's already better, I think. Uh, then go to wrap and try to rob the couch in tow. Design. - Enter and change the opacity. I smoke shit, you see? Then go. In part, I am pic couch back to layer and make a mask. Make multiply toe It's quite good. If you want to get really, really good result, then you need to make parts for every question on the couch and place pretending on everyone. I reply a little bit more. I have a lot of grain. This Koch I think I did show you a lot. And now it's your time to go and play. - All right, leave me self. It back shows some of your work, so we will all benefit from it. Thanks for watching this. And I really meet. If you deter by my English, then you're my hero. But I didn't really want to share this video. And I know there is so many deters that could be improved. I mean, in photo shop, every step could be done in more than just one way. And all these were just my way of doing it. Have a nice and creative there. And thanks again. If you want to find more of my stuff, go on my instagram or you could find me on my block toe by 6. Bye: surface but there and mock up design. - Good . Hi. It's me again. I hope you didn't like the class on. If you did leave me a positive review. If not, then why? And I will improve my in my next last on So by one more thing. If you did like this class and you will play along, then go here in tow A class on, uh, you have here your project on and, uh, show us. You know, it will be publishing this gallery and maybe or see you see about you to do. And maybe you will get some feedback on bombs. Ups. Okay, bye.