Surface Pattern - Sketchy Mock-up Design | Lidija Miklavcic | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Part I. Sketching

    • 3. Part I. Inking

    • 4. Part I. Watercolour

    • 5. Part II. Computer Editing - Mockup

    • 6. Bye


About This Class


Did you wonder how to present your surface patterns in the best possible way with cohesive look, even if you use them for wallpaper, fabric, shoes, camera, shoes or even cloths?
Did you wonder where to get the perfect photo for your mock-ups or how to pick the right photos for all this different topics?

Was your budget too low to get really good photos that don't everybody use them? I mean did you wonder how to stand up with your design, if everybody use the same free image that you do? And even if you do want the free photo, well everybody want them...right? One big problem is how to get the same feel of the sofa bed, and kids t-shirt that when you will use them in your portfolio, that it will get a feel that all designs are from the same designer, YOU.

I mean you did want to present your design not how much did you spend for photo mock-ups right? Or even worse, to see somebody else use the same mock-up, like 10 people that you did see, and you even don't know how much are there others, who use the same mock-up over and over.

If you are wondering about the topic, I could present you my solution to it.

You wonder what is the difference?

It's huge, because for your mock-ups you will use your drawing. Yes, your, and I promise you have unique drawing style already, and even if you think you can't draw, I will show you how you could.

In my last class Watercolors and Inking Secrets of Interior Sketching I did show how you could use reference photo for sketching interior design, and I did explain my big secret for use not drawing persons. (Yes, I'm there too.). Let me tell you one secret right away, for me it was a big deal how to draw interior design, because it's so practical from surface pattern design point of view. I mean you could present the whole collection from cushions to sofa, wallpapers, or even rugs and paintings all in on picture.

So I wish you will be curious enough and click that Enroll button and join me in this fun class.