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Surface Pattern Design Tossed Repeat from Paintings

teacher avatar Lidija Miklavcic, Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Surface Pattern Design Class Welcome

    • 2. Intro in repeat

    • 3. Painting positioning

    • 4. Motif Masking

    • 5. Filling the gaps

    • 6. Tile finishing & Colour variations

    • 7. Mock-up play

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About This Class


This is Photoshop class for making tossed repeats. We will use paintings or finished journal pages that are already made and maybe not even planed to be used as surface pattern design. But we like motifs or composition or color combination, and we definitely love the hand-painted feel in them.


You could use mixed media paintings, acrylics, watercolors, or whatever is your favorite tools to play, even collage. The best part is, we will try to get the same esthetic from original in final repeat tile, and we will use background too.


You know in Photoshop you could do the same thing with different steps, and even different techniques, but hey this is my version how I do it. So I would like to share it with you, if you did never do it that way and if you are wondering how could you use your sketchbook pages....then welcome in to my classroom, and please leave me a review, share your creations in our gallery so that other peoples will be able to join us.

PS just in case if you want to learn more about my mock-up process I did make a class about that, just the theme is different, because we did sketch an interior mock-up sketch. But how it is made you could see that in that particular class.
If there will be a lot of interest I could make new fashion flats mock-up design later.

Now let`s dive in and make something beautiful today.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design


I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags … anything I need that I can’t find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer some day and the last few years I’m the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I’ve never grown up and I still live like DIY person.

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1. Surface Pattern Design Class Welcome: surface, but they're in design tossed. Rip it from paintings. Okay, I'm leaving large and my day You make a past beat out off paintings like this saw the compositions are there. But we need to figure out how to make a cost dripping from spending. So Indra below and do that by Yes. Don't forget to share this with your friend. 2. Intro in repeat: those repeat surface patera and made from paintings. Bad example of perfectly repeated time. This is my sketch from painted journal, and I want to make a toast design from it. When you are in a painted month, you make easy flow composition that this may be not perfect, but it have your feel off a state taking it, and this flow is not easy to get when you work on a computer screen. It could be easily lost in the process when you make a repeat for me, and the final design won't be so Goto suited plan. If you work with cutting shapes and using them in repeated the problem issue below some background that is just perfect for the Patera. We want to make the terror with motive that it's not floating on the clean computer. BAGRAM. I want to show you how to make toast repeat from a sketch like that. I already did make Finnish tyre, but I will show you why it's not so good here if it's probably repeat in order actions. This is not the repeat that is the best for this kind of painting or sketching my perfect but there and don't look good. And this is the reason why. You see, that isn't right. You could see the square here and another here. And another not good for this. Multi. For Thor, we don't like this, right? So I didn't show you want don't work even if repeated itself is perfect. And now I would like to show you how to make perfectly repeated Torstar from sketches like that. This will work for every painting with painted background between main motive. And it is careful if the motive have some kind off relationship between them. Now let's start playing. 3. Painting positioning: painting, positioning, make a photo or scan off your image and open it in a photo shop. We need to make bigger Converse eyes for our work. Go to image, Connor size or use shortcut. I'll controversy. I will make mine in 100 by 100 centimeters in 300 db I. Then I make a new layer under it. I go to rectangle Mark or it'll M and I picked fix size 64 by 64 centimeters. Now click on document and painted with paint bucket tour. So this is my tire size and I like to lock the layer on this painting. I like this composition here, and this place here is too big. So I will move the smaller flower a little bit. You could skip this step, but I will show you anyway. I will make a selection with lasso tool air carpet and paste it controversy and control and now move it mortal, contrary tea for free transform and rotate. I want to have different direction off this smaller flower. Then I will take the razor tal and the rise. The treats, often bigger razor so they had just will be melted into the background space bar for moving here. I need to use tamping tool s because the bottom floor is visible with art. I will peak those tamping area. I don't want heart ages here and there's this live here. I think I recorded this one off and save it for later. The same as before. With Flower. I will do this. But last little I will more this live here in this jail. So these two layers I could match together Control e And now I will just time this live into the background because I have here so big, empty space I could raise it a little, but I shorter days their size. So this is now my main motive for the stars Eyes. I need to have a little bit smaller. Multi for good repeat control T and scared the motive more tool we and art for copying. I don't want to copy it like that. It will be boring. I need to turn it around and reflected. I will do this with Khan 30. I realized that the empty spaces here are similar sizes. Wassana main motive. This part will take a while, but it really just copy in the new layer and turn it in the best position. You could change the opacity for better you Oh, to get flipped dialog box, click with right button on the mouse or on your smaller button on a pen. I use welcome bamboo tablet when you will copy the motive Be careful that your motives are not aligned. Remember, we want a tossed repeat here, right? Oh, my bottom match needs to be exactly the same as my topic. So I repeat the top motive and copy the layer and now I remove it Contrary t I will move. It'd here, click contra angle icons or you gets zero and zero. And then you could type the new position Mice 46 centimeter Because this is my tire size and thank click enter then. Now I really based here one more, but it didnt both. Right now, all this edge I want tohave also on the opposite edge. So withholding shift button I repeat called the layers. Then I need to copy all the layers and movement in tow. The icon create new layer going 30 and moved them for 46 centimeter in exposition. Now I need to to do one more edge on top and copy that at the bottom. The edges I already have. But I need to copy this layer here. I remove it for 46 centimeter in right direction. I should also copy this one Now the edges are done and I need to just fear this empty space here. This position here is okay, But here have you need to fear the whore Now we have perfectly tied Patera. We have a whole here and here. But we will fix that later. Make a break and see We know next widow 4. Motif Masking: motive masking. I pick the edge that I will fixed first, because we will copy thick stench on the opposite side of our time. Let's start here now. Let me show you how to fix motive badges. I did pick this one and I will make a mosque here. I need to click on salt Brush and I brush it. But it's important that I have click on this icon here or it won't work here. I did brushed it to March, so I need to just change brush collar into a black, and I will repair my mistake. And here I will need to stamp it. But I will do that later. V. I pick the next layer and I continue. Make a mask and brush it like before, So the hidden flower on bottom left be visible and then make the same with the next one. So the steps are pick a layer, make a mask and pick a brash and a mask the necessary edges so that the bottom out of will pop out movie treats page bar. For better view, you zoom ands amount. Now you will see why the masking is better than a raging with the race told you, quit the race to march and can't get back. And with masking, you could afford to make a mistake because nothing gets thrown away. Sorry, I did forget the shortcut for changing background color into the front ground. I know there is a shortcut, but I can't remember it. The important note here with my asking you need toe have 100% fight or 100% black on the edges. I like to do it with smaller brush. And so the search is done. And now I want to copy it to the opposite Tired edge. First, I will delete all the layers that I don't need and waas there because we didn't want to feel the center. I repeat, come out, stole the and read holding shift. I could be called the necessary layers and the Leedom. Now pick all our repaired motives or layer sexually and duplicate layers Control t and move them for 46 centimeters. If you will need to move them from right to left, you need to use negative 46 centimeter. Sometimes I place these new copies under the rest of the layers, and sometimes you don't need that. Oh, so these two edges are finished and perfectly tired. Now we need to repeat for bottom and top edge. If I click on tile size layer with controlled the I will getting marching bands. This is Arthur size, and both vertical edges are marched even between mixed brush edges between two motives layers. And this is important for Peter. Now, all we need to do is to repeat the steps for top and bottom match, and then we need to fix the center layer store. So let's go and play some more controlled the for this select. And we could start. I will show you these fast on dive slowdown on important steps. - You stem tool s for fixing, Missing where ground with art. Pick the stamping area and change the brush steep or size. If you need to know, I do pick the layers that are close and stamp on this multi flares. So now I could delete all the bottom layers and copied the nuance. Contra 30 and mood, um invite direction for 46 centimeter 10. 34. Finishing now our palace repeating. But before we finish it, we need to fix the center motives. Nothing new. So let's do it fast forward now. Our motives are placed in their birth spots and their background is nicely blended in our next leader of your fixed missing course and finish the time. 5. Filling the gaps: feeling the gaps. So this is our finish style and it's not for your kids. But you get there so that I have flowers on top of the others and some But I have became two gaps between them. Now we need to for those and this place is most important is the Dallas P selector Tyler with Contra De. So you will get marching cans. You could see this part here and here. It's the same. So the Dallas work So now we could make a copy Matched shift controversy for our tired make or lives Invisible and paste are much Target Corp PV So this is our march time. If I make a copy and place it here, you could see the dial. How it is Continue. So you see the sample a surfeit, my side We could also look Howarth Ecologist is dependent So this is good but it's not finished that we don't mean this now I will copy one motive and I replace all other liars in on four. I would call this group working and if I would need it later, I'll stick her everything about this file in layers. So this is my tire the main motive and I have a lever summer with the leave. Our will raise some backup and Michael Ir mask so I'll be able to place it. Been doing a bit on empty spaces and feel all the gaps in my repeated. I can't make live in smart object because I will need toe mosque every leaf a little to be able to match it with flowers. It's the big Saucon 30 and make it smaller. I need to put it on top now. I will just copied fleet or irritated on basket. For all the places that I feel, there should be some more lives. Move Tool and I'll for coping. Three Transform Control T I really little bit the step for the whole time. I will also cut the flower motive on this copy contra am for picking the flower that I like the most in verse sheaf contra I and the leading the rest of the motive. Then I make a mask on this layer and I clean it a little bit more. I'm using bigger brush form asking bigger areas and then I pick smaller brush and change the color, and I redraw back some off the lost edges off the motive. One more think, if you want to change a motive a little bit, go on control T and then select rap and play with it a little, but not transformed me to too much. Just litter that the motive is not exactly the same. Copy this new flower will be my second filler for this Patera. I will play with size and position the same, uh, spit lives. Except this one. I won't need to make a mask here on the edge. I need to copy this one and move the gold before, uh, minus 46 centimeters so that the tire will have repeated motive on top edge toe. I could link both players and then I could move them up and down a little in its perfect position. Now, I did show you all my tricks. And now I need to just place Ammon motives and fill the empty spots. The next video, we will finish the tile and I will show you some more tricks. See you there 6. Tile finishing & Colour variations: Carl finishing and color variations. So I did feel all bigger holes. And now it's time to make a finish Time. I will make a group with all feeler layers. Select the tire size and my copy marriage shift controls and copy Pasted Co P V. This is our new finish style. I like to rename it with style 46 by 46 centimeter and 300 deprive. So even if I will open file after a few years, I will know this is a finished version. In this file. I will still have all the working Claire's, so changing something will be easy. I will arise this one that I don't need any more. We could jacket out if the repeat is okay Now we need to define Patera here. We select the layer with control and clicking on the icon here and then go toe aided the farm. Patera. You could name it or not. Then go on. I can create new fuel and pick better for getting real feeling about last repeat Change the percentage It's pretty good, but maybe we could have here one more. Leave motive and then it will be better. Let's say this is it. And because we don't need to have all this empty space here, we could cut it out, but white a little bit. Select this with control so you will get marching ants pick crap. You'll see this icon here. But don't mark the lid crop pictures, because then all edge layers will be cut out. If you will now make a crop this way. If for some reason you will need later or the layers you just need to do image converse eyes and make bigger Connor size and all your work will be there. So the fire control s Now I will show you how you could play with Finnish Patera and get more color combinations. Or sometimes you will get even different. But they're not off. It indepent off the motives you have here. I start with placing the same patera in on top of my style with 100% size because I read the form it and I still need tohave tired that is repeated. Then I don't this icon off so I could move it leader or a lot. It'll depend on off motive. And you look that these two layers are giving me when I changed the blending mode. When you get the blue square around the icon, you could change it with up and down arrows on your keyboard. Change of position or potato layer if you need. I like this effect and I could change a pass. Ity or not, this one is crazy. Good. Then I make a new group and name it Color Tatars with control battle. I click on my tile layer to select. Or then I want to make Opie Match Control chief. See with copy based Control V. I placed the image on my layers and put it under new group. Then I play some more. So let's play if I like new effect made with blending players, I could still move patera Layer if I want to try different position off course new Patera and will be changed even more when I find a new interest that the design. I make a copy of that book and place it into a color tile group. When you like something, try to play with the adjustment layers like invert filter, and if you get a nice look, so that try different filters and play with them a little. You see, I try everything. Second option used to play with solid color player. First pick a color and then blend the layers at this point blank with Patera, and he's just experimentation and looking for interested surprises. Sometimes I cope Atoll and blend it with other layers. It's also nice to try to flip it. It depends off your motive, but you could get amazing results out of it. You have options to play with the blending filters told. There's no, it's like being king, a candy store. And whenever you see something nice, say that look and you will make a selection off the best options later. You could even important other designs if the tire size is the same, and then blend the layers together. So I really just play a little bit more with Contra lockup fritters. You could also find it here. Actually, you could play with all these filters here. Just remember, if you like something so that look possibilities off, mixing all filters are almost endless. I will admit my voiced watercolor are the best designs that I did make them must repeats when I play with filters here. Yeah, third option with copying men girl and turning around or free fitting horizontal or vertical position. Try it out for your design. Sometimes work and sometimes you want You see how they interact This but there. And it's too busy for thes. But I did want to show you another option. I like this one. All these combinations with all these filters are easy options to try to get more out off your single design. Okay? And all you need to do is just turning the buttons on and off. How good is this off course? One more. And then I think I have some useful deserts. The next we there. Are you sure you how this design looking sketched mockups CEO. 7. Mock-up play: more Cup play. All this options are made from original tile. And in this colored tired directory, we have more options to look at. Now look at the damn again. And if you don't like something, just delete the layer. I like this one. Then I click here and I really define a patera. Now pick of you off the layers and define a potato with them. If I want to see how this Patera anus repeated, um, I opened a new document 100 by 100 centimeters. Then I go on Great. You feel I can't and I pick Patera. I like this one and this one is from before I could deleted that it is interested. But we did make with the same motive after we did make bigger Kyle and use multiple star strip it fun right way could scary down to really get a good look at it Now, one more trick, Click on F on your keyboard for a few times, so you ever get just the potato on the whole screen. If you need, zoom it up and then go away from your computer for a few minutes. Then when you will come back, look at the screen from long distance and you will get new and fresh. Look on your design. What do you think? You love it? Credit or you need to work on it a little bit more. If you can decide. Leave this potential for a few days and look at it like that later. There's the escape battle or, uh, f from my library are we pick up a few more caps and we were barely tell with them to see how this new patera and good work. Now let's see how this new patera we look on a jacket. More cops sketch. I won't explain here how this more copies made. I did make a class for that before, and there is a lot of deters to see. The only difference is that for that class I did use in terror design sketch north fresh off leads. But, hey, if there will be a lot off interest, forget infection, flat more cops. I could make a class for that in the future, So just grab a cup of tea and enjoy it for a while. Let's play a little My site. This is car jacket. Look like what The both threat, You see? How is it? This is what do you really need? Toe dough together. Successful repeat made from painting, Painting with the background. Big tire size for the start. I did make a lot of potentates onto a small tile with two big motives. So the tiling is too easy to see. That way you need to be got for with all motives on a tire edge, make mask instead off Eraser. I think that's all. So if now we look on old Patera and the new one, what do you think? Did we make a pretty good job here? I think we did. Thanks for watching. And now go and share the locations, even with just starting the class project and pick Juan off your photo or painting or watercolor sketch. Whatever is your favorite medium. I would really like to see your work. And if you did, like the class Lumia review or bomb shop and see you in the next time? Yes. If you will sell your work. Scream that back though. So we will celebrate with you by