Surface Pattern Design: Sketching for a Collection | Corri Sheff | Skillshare

Surface Pattern Design: Sketching for a Collection

Corri Sheff, Artist and Surface Pattern Designer

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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Surface Pattern Design

    • 3. Brainstorming

    • 4. Sketching

    • 5. What to do if You're Stuck

    • 6. Class Project

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About This Class



In this class I am going to show you how I go about starting a collection for surface pattern design.  We'll go over brainstorming our ideas, sourcing references, sketching (the most fun part!) and what you can do if your stuck.  I had this class in mind for students who have a grasp of surface pattern design and know how to make a pattern, but are maybe stuck in the habit of making 'one off' repeat and would like to make a cohesive collection.  This can be great for building your portfolio or to upload to a POD site such a Spoonflower.  By the end of the process hopefully you will have a nice group of sketches to start building your collection with!

Don't forget to follow me here on Skillshare and on Instagram to keep up with my newest projects!!

Stuck on how to draw:

This book and this book are my all time favorite instructional drawing books :)

Music provided by Jake Sheff.






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Corri Sheff

Artist and Surface Pattern Designer

Hello and Welcome!!


I'm Corri Sheff an artist and designer.  I have a B.S. in Fine Art (painting), Commercial Art and Illustration, and Graphic Design. I draw inspiration from nature, vintage botanical illustrations and my own garden.  I find inspiration in the strange and unconventional - from the creepiest of crawlies to a knotty tree.  My designs are elegant and sophisticated with just a touch of whimsy.  I am an avid sewist maki...

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