Surface Pattern Design: Quickly Create a Collection for print on demand and Spoonflower in Photoshop

Laurie aka Cetriya Thomas

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7 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Intro: What you'll learn in this class

    • 2. Cleaning Tips for Scanned Art from your sketch book

    • 3. Quickly Make an All over Repeat Pattern

    • 4. Colorways: Make your art available in different colors.

    • 5. Center Piece Graphic: Do more with your sketches

    • 6. Create a funky Stripe: Do even more with your sketches

    • 7. Closing Notes: Upload your work to various sites.


About This Class


Do you have little time to make multiple artworks and upload to several print-on-demand sites?

Want to take some of your drawings, or single illustration and make various layouts and color options quickly?

What you'll learn; From a single illustration or collection of doodles:

  • How to scan, clean and edit artwork for the best print quality
  • How and why you should separate your image from the background for quick edits
  • How to make a quick repeat for large items such as leggings, bags, ect. 
  • How to make a stripe using the same drawings
  • Set up your work for quick color changes
  • Saving your pattern file for use later. 

By the end, you should have a collection made from your drawings as motifs and can easily upload to multiple sites such as Merch by Amazon, Redbbule, Society 6, Spoonflower and more.