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Surface Pattern Design Fundamentals

Mel Armstrong, Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher

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9 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Hello!

    • 2. 1 - Inspiration

    • 3. 2 - Moodboard

    • 4. 3 - Sketching

    • 5. 4 - Brushes part 1

    • 6. 5 - Brushes part 2

    • 7. 6 - Icons

    • 8. 7 - Simple Pattern

    • 9. Thank you!

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About This Class

In this class I’m going to take you through the fundamentals of surface pattern design, the way I do it.  There are many Surface Design classes on Skillshare, but in this class you'll discover my secrets of how I go about creating patterns that go on to be licensed for use on fabric, gift wrap and a whole range of products.  My goal is to help you achieve your dreams of becoming a surface pattern designer. 

You’ll learn the basics of how to create a pattern in Adobe Illustrator using hand drawn sketches.

You will learn: 

  • Moodboarding & colour selection
  • Sketching ideas
  • Transforming those sketches in Adobe Illustrator
  • Basic repeating pattern


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop (optional)
  • Sketchpad
  • Drawing Pen
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Scanner (or camera)


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1. Hello!: Hello and welcome to my class service pending design fundamentals. My name is Matt, and I mean illustrated in sex pageant designer based Out of Australia and now New Zealand. I have a license to my illustrations and patents to a variety of companies all over the world. I've been asked by machines many times how I've created my likens, that going to my passions. So I thought I'd been answered that question in this class. I'm going to take you step by step to re just one of my methods for creating patterns in a Diaby illustrator. Some of the things we will cover include how to find inspirations, sketching out ideas, creating in the Strait of brushes, transforming the sketches in tow, causes an illustrator and creating simple badges. The project for this class is to create a simple passion. Using the skills that I have told you. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Let's get started 2. 1 - Inspiration: inspirations and everywhere my partner tells me I'm addicted, typified because I've always got it on me, and I've always got it ready to take. I have a pretty busy life with work into kids, and so I need to take advantage of every moment and every source of inspiration. I'm warning in the front yard with the kids I might find, you know, new flowers, new textures and patterns. And when I did my phone there and my sketchbook ready to capture that inspiration, inspiration is everywhere, so always be prepared to sketch it, photograph it so you can use it later for a project for this class is Project, I want you to get outside and take photos of flows and if you can birds, we were then use these photos to create a mood board for your design. You can also look at my Pinterest boards toe to your collection, if you like. In the next lesson, I'll show you how to create a mood board from all these images 3. 2 - Moodboard: The Mood Board, also known as an expiration board, is a collection of assets that eventually evolved until a style guide. Its purpose is to help formulated mood for your design project. A movable would will help you establish a baseline that will eventually guide your design development. It will help you establish colors, mood icons and layout. It will also save you a lot of time. You can create a mood board on your computer using programs such as illustrated photo show . You can use an online tool, just Google. Create mood Board and you'll discover heaps of online tools. Well, you can create a paper vision on your roller on your disk. I generally create mining illustrator, then printed out. So it's always a friend to major in the whole design. Prusis in the results and section I've actually uploaded and illustrated template that you can use, and I'm gonna show you how I use that to create my main board. Okay, so here a my photos and images that I would like to go into my mood board for my design to create memory. But I already have a template what she can use yourself or you could just create whatever you like. It doesn't really matter. My, um, template is, um, cooled report square. It's just a square template, and it's available for you to download. You descend to save it into your templates. Photo, which is generally onder applications. This is if it if you're on a Mac, of course. Adobe illustrator, Uh, cool extras E n onto school, us and then templates. You can actually just put it in you in. Um, and then when you come into file, you've been template. You can never get to wherever it is to create it. So I just click on that one and click you. I have a template here that scotch a layout that I like to use. Um, so I'm gonna create another. Yeah, drag that to the bottom, keep my guides on top. Well, I'm gonna go back every hair on and select all of these her make sure that everybody can get Senegalese and drank them. I wanted my name, Bush. The amount of it and open. Maybe here I was going to play around with positioning, thinking that problem with perfect size for that, And it is pretty much, um Abed might go nicely in the Webster's Realized A with these Oh, my Gods laugh. Get him off! Gonna slick thermal command X to cut in a select my my other laying paste the way Name this 12 images. Why? I know where I am. All right, let's try it again. Here I am going Teoh put, please. Which is what I got these guides. Something just gonna drag it. I don't get it in the passport. Just gonna turn off. Um, my snap to Was it snapping? Just what? I don't want it. I want to be able to put it wherever I like. That was not there. It's very nicely. I think that one look good there. That bitch, huh? I think that one. Great. Yeah, basically, you just move the Miranda until you can find a spoke for them. This spot over here is where I'm gonna put my colors. So I'm leaving that blanket the moment Um, I think I think I'm missing one back. Yes, my home duck and extraordinaire go down here and I'm gonna put here is going to be in that little circle. He's gonna make a little bit smaller to do that Internet select it hit E on the keyboard, hold down my shift key and just drag it to make it. If it's more love too small, thats don't want it to fit in there. Okay? No, it's looking a bit well over the place at the moment, but I'm gonna clip the so they fit my honestly. So this one, I'm going to select the square guys in the photo right quick and then making clipping mask , saying with my circle and the passion that I want to go in there. It's good. I didn't need to clip that one that's already in there, Steve this land. So they get rid of that square. Any other one said I don't work, okay? And also, you're gonna put another circle behind that to give it and outline. So if I used the eclipse tool, hold down the shift key and drag, then fill that with one. I'm gonna send it back one layer the way I did what that was. Command left square bracket, or you can right click, arrange and send back Witten's. Now you can eyeball this that you think it's lined, probably. But to make sure that these two relying for playing in a slight than vice Bob to align, make sure aligned to selection is selected and then center risen horizontally and vertically and that to me, like Oh, no, like, might be because of that. Could be masking right. It looks all right like that. That square there was gonna be a the the title I was Goodbye may board a a title and here is gonna be my colors So this image here of the shirt I'm loving the colors. So welcome that Pick some of those colors on my keyboard To do that money used the, um, rectangle tool. I'm going to create a square over rectangle hand and I'm gonna use the eyedropper told to select a color from that shit. Do not put grain there. Now, if I select that mature on the selection tool, which should be on the keyboard and then hold on the auction, Kate and the shift key, you can drag it and kulti it. Now I want to quite a few squared. So if I do command t, it will copy my last action. Putting pace to females quiz. All right, now we want to get some more colors. And in a split 2nd 1 go back to my eyedropper tool and select a color and then to select the next one without losing the eyedropper. If you just select command, click and then let go. It goes back to your hydro. Puts a quick way of grabbing colors. I was gonna grab a few days. Okay, Now I was gonna line at these between us about selectable hit you on the keyboard and then I'm gonna hold down the shift dragon. So it's just in line with that and that will resize all of them nicely. You know, this way. Hand into, um she first we might actually how to add the's colors to us. Watch for so select them all. Go over to your swatches panel You can't see it go upto wouldn't know swatches and click on the new color group and then give this in. Name can Conical was bringing it. We're in. You can always change and I Nitya on, but we'll let that to your swatches panel not to, So that for later you need to go to that. Are gonna at the bottom left hand corner. Call this watch is likely many and consulate say switches. And then you can say that in your which is Penhall Library. Okay, now we're gonna get this attacks. Well, then make it black and remove the strike. Okay, that's right. A whole spring. Figge. Change the front on, and that's put my name on it. And there we go. There is a very bored one other thing before, because we've got a phone time here. I always right quick and create that lines. So you don't have any shoes if you're gonna upload it onto the Wavell anyway. No, I think what actually still have a black outline. He do. You get scared that there we go. And she was still another one. He Well, I just Now I'm gonna save it for wave, because for your project, you'll be creating a mood board and to upload it to the projects area, you need to say for web. So it's not too big. So I to do that, go to file export safe or with, you know, So I do say screens. This is an illustrated CC and that this will automatically save it. It's a 72. Deeply I So it's perfect for the web, not too big. And there it is that she will may board 4. 3 - Sketching: the next step in my process, it's just get shot by ideas. I do this a couple of ways using my married Bold as inspiration, I use my sketchbook to draw rough sketches of my ideas. I also sometimes get should directly onto my computer using a drawing tablet. I do this in photo shop, using what I call Webster's pencil rushes and, as you can see, must get shoes a very rough. They have really only ideas that I bring to life in Illustrator. The next step is to scan them into your computer. You can maybe use a scanner or a phone that such a scan, a price thanks. 5. 4 - Brushes part 1: in this lesson, I'm going to talk about illustrated brushes. A lot of these icons that you see ah were created using custom brushes creating custom brushes, and it all started or allows you to create smooth lines that really mimic real lot brushes . They will really enhance the look and feel of your work, and they have a lot of fun to create. I'll be sharing you how I created these icons later. But first I want to talk about the different types of brushes and how to create them. There are five types of brushes that you can create. The telegraphic brush allows you to create a stroke with very in strict with similar to a calligraphy pen. It's great for brushing lettering, but I also use these. Birth is a lot for during flowers and leaves. The brush is the most fun to work with it, contended Plane victor, drawing into something that looks more hand made there. So many options. I often use customer rushes to draw branches and leaves the's get a brush allows you to use Quetta selected at work across the path over shape. You can adjust the weight randomize is and the spacing between each of the icons on the path they had great for creating texture and backgrounds. Viewable passion design you can creates get abortions from any type of that work. I like to create leaves, grass, dots for flowers as well. Aziz checks Joe using scanned in photos o R. Media such as this pencil texture, the bristle brush. Some unites the natural bristles off a physical rush. It basically minutes the look and feel of a paintbrush. I don't actually use this one illustrated, because I prefer the brushes in front, every shop getting this kind of effect. So I'm not going to talk about this one too much. The pattern brush can be quite complicated, but Ken returns and really cool results. It allows you to use five defined patterns to one brush and then distribute them along the path. Such a circles or squares or just a line you can create really complicated mentalists with just a few icons, or you can create frames anything. Really. I don't use this pattern brush when I create pending designs and illustrated, but I do use it for other work in the next Listen, I'm gonna share. You have to create at brushes and telegraphic brushes, as those are the ones that I use a lot in my in my pattern creations, so I'll see you there. 6. 5 - Brushes part 2: way. Let's start with a brush and we're going to create a brush that allows you to create this kind of artwork like tree branches. Um, that kind of thing. So the best thing you need to do is create a very tool slim triangle on the way. I would do that. As I use the pen tool. You can select a on your keyboard just like pencils. And then we're gonna create Avery Tool Triangle Metro. You connected up. Okay, Now we need to do ISS. Let's drag that onto the brushes board and then select at brush in the up brush options books. We will give it a name. I'm gonna call the branch. I'm going to change the wits to pressure because I'm using a tablet if you don't have a tablet. And if you use in your mouth and you should know about me, leave it on fixed. I am gonna change this scale to proportionately Teoh. And then the last thing you need to do is change the colorization two huge shift so that you can then change the color to whatever you like, and then press OK, so we can remain that one. That And if I said that bay on my keyboard also like the brush tool, I can now use this brush to create branch like, um, images. So what I might do, you will create a treaty. No show you have works. I Let's just create the trump. And no, I'm gonna make this a bit small. Esa can just adjust the strike much like that one on that. Put five. Change it 12 point to fund food very quick and easy. Should create a trade with this brush because I'm using a tablet. It's some determining the size of with from the pressure. So when I'm do it really lightly doesn't do it as big, and you can adjust your pressure settings and you'll tablet set up what often I will change them while I'm designing this well, to see whatever I'm doing. No, it's just like that clock. It's ah, tree blowing in the wind really, doesn't it? Um, then to finalize that I would actually select. It'll go to object, expend appearance, and then go to Pathfinder and use the merge tool to make it one object, you know. Then re 10. Change it different way like a little quick tip. I just want to show you if you notice when I'm using, um, the brush tool. When I draw the illustration, you can say that it's still selected after a drawn it. You can turn this on and off. I found it quite handy to have it on just so that I think then quickly. But unlike it delays it, um, look, I need to adjust it. I can quickly adjust it. But then there are instances where it can be quite annoying, so to turn it on and off, if you double click on the paint brush tool on, you'll get your paint brush tool options. You can see here, I've got keep selected. So if I turned that off and then I use my brush, you can see it's now not selected. Um, the other ructions in there that I handed tonight, but that back on, um, the fidelity. So if I was to put it right here, up here on smooth, um, it will dismay that my lines quite substantially supposed to do some wiggly. It's very, very smooth. Um, scared of a few of these, but if I would Teoh changes the Fidelity toe accurate. You will do exactly what your masses and you can see that there are many, many anchor points on there, and it's not as smooth. Let me just throw one next to it. That's stays and I'll show you the difference. Um, supposed to like both of my eyes Look at the difference in the number of anchor points. Um, so its opinion on what look you're after, um, that setting can be quiet. Helpful. I generally keep mine somewhere in the middle. Um, I have a very shaky hand, so I quite often I will make it up. Protests me if I want something to be very accurate. Um, I find it quite helpful. That's and I'm always changing it. Um, so there, that's a couple of little tips for you. Like I'm not going to show you how to create a text texture brush. Um, cool. This cry own brush. So it's just pop open to photo show have scanned in these, um, these crayon marks that I made with my kids crowns, and I'm gonna make a brush from the from one of these lines, so I'm gonna use the rectangular marquee tool you can also use the lessee just to isolate that section. Um, copy its command. See, control, See? And then over in, Illustrator, um, I'm just gonna come on, they to paste it in. Then you need to victory as that social unit using Miss Trace have been up. Image trace. Select the ignore. Want, um, a select prey V and you can see there Inspect. Arised it. We can increase the threshold if you want to see, but more can increase it or less much. Um, you'll have it very much around there and then expand it. So at the moment, it's actually not very straight. We need this to be straight for it to be a brush, so I'm going to guidance. So if you've got your ruler visible, if you dont goto window. Sorry to view. Um, Well, is and then she doesn't give you the option to show you a turn it off when they go back. You boys, Shola. And then if you click on the roller and hold it and drag, you can create a guide. So I'm gonna put a guard there, um, horizontal guide striking up this line. So it's moving up here I'm going to rotate it by selecting a and then just rotated sorts across the line nicely. And it's pretty goods at one level, but at the end, where it's looking up a bit So the way we can fix that is to selected that might just hired that guy. I don't do that in my layers panel. Go up to objects, envelope distort, and then make with mesh. Um, you can change this normally for this little line, I would put it onto rose by two roads. Or you can increase that. If you want to show you what that is. By putting the preview on, I think we're okay, Zuman. Now you can adjust. Just wanna get this last little bit he and maybe this bit here, aligned with the middle. So using my direct selection is tall. I can select points on this miche and, um adjust my artwork. My line, that one that no, you can see. I'm just dragging it down. It can get a bit. Ah, the other thing. You need to dio years go to your attributes panel. So if you can't, it's no are already opened up to window attributes. Um, and indeed hand as an option called use non zero rewinding feel. Well, um, we wanna make sure that it's like dudes. Um, the reason for that is when you draw with these brushes that you create, um, that will start with things happening where it overlaps each other. Um, it's hard to explain, but just make sure that selected, um Now we could make up brush so we can drag that whips. We need to turn that off. Drag that into the brushes panel on select, not brush. I'm gonna call this gray on. I'm changed with pressure. If you've got a tablets, I'm going to change the breath. Brush scale, options, toe scale proportionately. I also need to change that you two she other than color as I should. Tissue shift. Um, also, you can change the direction he wanted to be going up or down, left to right. Right to left. Generally kind of draw left, right. So that's the direction I want. And I want the thinning and at the end. So not one labored ads is we could was come back in here and fix it. We'll change it. So I click cocaine. Let's give this a test from we have quite in us. Um, text you nine and see how they end. The title is Sina. If we changed the direction, um and then my able swap it around You change that, But to in the way, um, when this pops up, when you do make a change, you can leave your come current ones as they were, or you can apply to stroke so it will update the strikes that you have made. There you go. You've got a pretty cool crayon brush. I can never show you, um, some kind of graphic brushes that I would like to have and use a lot when I am, uh, coloring in my icons for, um, my passions, Um so cartographic brush is a very sore foot during, um, flowers or these pretty much anything. Really, um, so the best way to do it? One of the standard brushes that I would always have in my brush panel, um uh is a color graphic brush that's on an angle. Um, so it's credit you wanna when I click on new brush and then select telegraphic brush, just gonna create an angled brush. So, um, going Teoh change the angle. Um, to 45. And as you can say you could You can use this little tool hand, but I want to keep accurate. So it's gonna be angled to the rights. And we might call this Well, you're, um angle. Not I want to change the roundness of it. I don't want it to be around and wanted to be flat. So change actual around so still around 55 and then the size Oh, Senator five. And I will change it to pressure with a very issue. Notify Onda my Don't you put in the title five point as well. Look so you can see it. Um, gives a nice, um variation Teoh creating, um, let's say a petrol on a on a flower. So if I did that with just the basic brush, you can see it pretty much keeps the same size or the way around. It does have the same wits, um, away around. So with the angle, you can see that it changes, um, the wits and makes it look a little bit more stylish. So if I was created quick wow, moms. And then if I change that to the basic brush. It's, you know, it's just gives it a bit. Appear to look more natural. Smooth. Look, I I think so. I generally have quite a few of these. I was have, um, one to the right and went to the minute and and the quickest way to do that it's to just drag that down into the duplicate, um, icon and double click the, um, copy and change it to angle left. Five point. And then, um, you basically just need to change it to the outside 100 that he thought degrees and the risk and stayed the same. And that's basically the same brush, but it angles the other way. So with opinion, Roche side gonna get a different looking feel. Um, I would generally have quite a few different sizes. Maybe a seven point in the 10 point. The other brush I like to have is just around brush. So what, you re new brush telegraphic brush? Let's create, um, around five point brush. Um, we can keep that. That's five points and keep the moi's, um, fixed, except for the, um, the size. And I like to change it to pressure. I was saying five point variation. So that's just a That means it will still, um, allow you to usual, um, tablets, pressure pin pressure to determine the actual sides that output. So if I don't really lightly, that's what I get. But the lower pressure, that's what I get. So we have a play. Um, go ahead and create some brushes. Um, you can follow the print out that I've provided in the resource is section um, or you can create your own brushes. Just have fun and experiment because they can be a lot of fun to create, and you can really come up with similarly cool fix. Once you've created all your brushes, you need to save them. So to do that, click on the icon Russian Libraries menu in the bottom left hand corner of your brushes panel, and so that's a brushes. You can give it a name and just call it, um, my school share fresh is having click save, and then, if you were to, um, open up a new document, you could then load those brushes in to your panel by going back down to that man you go to use a defined and there that I must go. She knows Russians. Um, another bit. I also like to change this to this to you, but then the other way way just makes it easy, because I gave them all names. Then if you select the top one, hold down your shift key. So, like the bottom one go up to the right hand menu and say, Had two brushes. You can add them to your pedal, and they're they're ready for you to use in your, um you got work. 7. 6 - Icons: okay. It's time to bring out get choose to life. So what I've done I've opened up or scanned in my sketches here, and I'm going Teoh show you how I transformed these. An illustrator. I used to, um, used the image trace tool. I do a lot of my sketches, but I actually prefer just really drawing them myself. I've got a a tablet, um, which allows me to draw much better than watch the image trace Will do you find the image trace. I still need to do a lot of fiddling around to get it. How I like it. So my tablet is my friend, and I'm gonna use that, um, to show you how I transformed Mazen. Too. Beautiful, colorful object. So let's start with the bird. It's a bren food. I'm gonna drag that over there in twos. A document here have just created a document. Um, I have pulled in my brushes. So to do that, I went Teoh open my brush pellet, go to use a defined and then click on your saved brushes. Um, I also want to pull in my color palette that I saved when I did my very bored so I'm going to go user defined. And I know it's down the bottom here and cook on that for there, and it will put the colors in there for me. So gonna keep that on a layer called sketches. And I'm going to create a new life and play set at the bottom. The sketches there I'm going to chance I change the transparency to multiple anges Take it down a bit So it's a bit fainter And then I'm gonna look that layer you can zoom in a bit on. Let's get started. I'm gonna start with the base color that I want for this I'm going toe select babe for brush on. I'm gonna choose. Ah, let me see. I want an angled brush. It doesn't really matter how could also use a round brush for this? I was only doing It's the outline. How much you gonna use the blood tour as well? So that's shift Bay on. The reason for that is, um, we'll show you in a minute, so I'm just gonna draw the outline just doing the body I'm not gonna do that. Took a bit the wings or the tail just doing this bit here. And then if I put it on the direct selection tool A on the keyboard and then select the middle and delete it, that will fill it in for me. Um, that that's what makes the bloke tool really handy to use. Um, so next I'm gonna do the wings, I'm actually going to bring down the tents off. That's if I select that and going with color guy and just clear and there's limit. It's like, uh, Liza, Take away the Skitch. Yeah, just leave it there for the moment. And now I'm going t go back to my blob troll. This time I might use my five point left angle. Just draw the outline. Yeah, I just realized I didn't change my color. The reason why this needs to be changed is otherwise it will emerge in with my first car. So by ways to go at that with that every General Kellan, put it back, man. The emperor of Blood, it will actually end up being that fast. One is. You can say so. We needed to be a different color. My God, Doc, Try that again. We would have to be to carriage um, it's my sketches were really just an idea and guide, and I cry often. Well, um, do a completely different to my skin itch as it's just a God and see how I want to change that a little bit. Okay. Okay. Just going to take off motive. Um, that took a bit. Went a little bit too far. So I'm using the Raisa to all men, um, to just bring that back a bit that he raised a total of 80 on the keep old. Sorry, Shifty. Just using my direct selection tool to adjust that. Another little helpful tip is when you have your, um, your blood boil brush selected. If you hold down the option key, it will change to the smooth tall. So if you need to smooth out a few things on this really handy, he can switch between the paintbrush and the look. Then they smells talk quite quickly. No, I use that quite a bit. Somebody? No, it is not. Was a little bit there that I want to feel in. Okay, now I want to make this hit part in this part. Hair different color. No, I'm gonna select that body and I'm going to paint inside. So gettinto during boats and intellectual inside, Let's go with a thinks. Use the blood again. Okay, so seven point around here. But you just want to fill in this area here and see how it stays inside. The body has got to do the same down here. You just double click outside of that too. Get back to where you were. Might change the color of that to slightly lighter pink. I think this one needs to be a bit last year as well. Do you see? As you can see, I kind of like Teoh. It's what changes guy. That was a different doctor. No, that's okay. You're Let's draw the I think I'm gonna use eclipse tools. No, we're gonna hold down the shift. That way I could get a perfect I You might want no one A perfect died. But in this instance, I do. I didn't feel that with white when they once again I'm going Teoh draw inside. Just took that sketch on staying in the way. I'm gonna draw inside Teoh the part, The black. It's still have black. I'm looking up. What actually changed the color of the I has to be the different. Okay, but his legs on going to use the lob again and nobody use five point around right angle. I realized I had a non Russian sort of look. Turn it again. All right, let's some to his bait. - No , we just need to some decoration feathers. I'm going to iese my five point right angle. Um, let's change that to watch. And I'm just gonna do bake for me. No, When I like. When I do these, Like to group them all together and expand them. So if I goto object, select Sorry, uh, saying parents that will select the room. I'm then gonna goto object expended parents. And then I'm gonna do come on a j to greet them. So, you know, when I select them, they all get selected. Jason, Lord dies down. Hey. Okay. That's like no object expanded to parents and groups coming to life now, isn't it? It's amazing how just adding a few little lots can really transform looking to feel of this . So I'm gonna do the same for the wings and the tail. I'm gonna go the other left angle, cause I'm gonna do it from the back to the front. Well, it might needs loans. Bega. Maybe a little bit better. No. I kind of feel like they're a little bit too big. Sigh. Just bring them down that touch. Yes. Huh? That can probably squeeze it a bit more. Okay, let's select place and explained them Well, Great. Ah, it was a little bit too much. What? So I might change some of these to a doctor color, so I won't go into that group. It's just select some random ones on. Let's change them a talking car. Yeah, that looks better. Many guys, this am, Ah, village that really has been transformed from the original sketch. And I'm going to do next for something. I just group that altogether is also just select. It'll then come on, Jamie, to group it. We just made it. I've and bring in the next one. Do this one. I just drag that are about to implode. Monette can zoom in and let's give it another go. As you can see, I mostly use the globe and the paint tool. Come. It's pretty much all I use, and I have so many brushes here that they You know that all line eight occasionally are used pencil tool and the pen toll. But generally it's mostly the globe. The blob is my favorite. And the brush tool the brush tool. And generally use that for the final details. The blood four field in parts of it. Um, yeah. So I might speed this up. So it's not so boring and just follow along all right there. Oh, my icons that I sketched. Now have some color, and I'm gonna add a couple more. Um, What? I cool. Phyllis, Um, you may realize my own might may have noticed that my patents of always quiet, um busy. Lots of lots of detail, although they are simplistic in a way that there was a lot of a lot of stuff going on in them. So I like to create if you have a little things that I use to fill gaps in between, Um, so first, I'm just gonna draw some little flowers. And I'm just during the stretch on using my my tablets these I'm just a five point around lift. Try that one again. It's two crates and little still. The that was all over Okay. No eyes is gonna great h of days and you call down the option key and just drag and just creates and duplicates different sizes, rotating a bit. Um, I'm gonna do some teardrop kind of leaf patton and thinking I need one more kind of branches of Berries. Kind of look, say, going to use my foot around Mm. To do this. Sure. Kind of a brunch, but lots of Berries on this look, like, marries about not using. Great. All right. I think we, uh I don't next video show you how to put it all together and create a pattern. 8. 7 - Simple Pattern: you create a simple passion using the icons that do you have creation? Eso gonna open up a new documents filed new, and I'm just gonna dio a 1000 by 1000 pixels square. You can choose RGB or seem like a depending on what you're creating that full fits for online. You would choose RGB if it was put them for a printer for printing. You would. Using him like a just depends on the project that you're working on. Um, I would also change the, um, resolution to 300 d p. I. Okay, um so out. First thing I do is remove this swatch. So if you select all by clicking the 1st 1 after, like, I was like to keep the white and black there and then slip holding down the shift key, select the last one, and then just cook on the dilate I call. And then I'm going to bring in my color palette that creation to previously open it and click on the folder to put it over my swatch panel. Second thing I like to do is bring in my Russians. So in the Russians panel, it's not open. Just goto window brushes. No gonna get rid of the ones that are currently there. So if I select them all and then hit the Leitch if you get this message, um, that means you just need to go into normally the graphics, um, Penarol And just delete what you've got there because the brushes that you've currently got there much be being used by something in this graphics panels. Get rid of the eyes, go back to brushes and try dilating again. You always have one or two that stick around, just like to clean it up there. That will do. And then I will bring in my brushes that I saved. So I select them a lot probably don't need or than but we don't really need any of them. But I'll put them in the anyway because we've already created icons. But it's nice to have them just in case so But Russia, if I click on the top right hand corner there and say, had two brushes that add them to my panel and I got my corns, every hand is gonna grab the moon and then drag them across Teoh The most are gonna resize . Um um hit Select the more than hit A on the keyboard I can resize And then big up in the benefit of Jonas and Illustrator is that you can resize them, take whatever you like and it won't affect the middle. I'm gonna make Samaritan Saanich will going to race eyes that the opposite. I wanted that big. All right, let's get started. The first thing I do generally is some place the icons of Tom along the top and the left hand side of the border. So if I just go ahead and grab it's an icon this and arranged Okay , so I have pretty much failed in the top and the left hand side. Now I like Teoh. Everything on the top has to be repeated on the bottom and everything on the left. It has to be repeated on to the rides. So the way I do that says I just grab no of the top section and then go to object Transformer movie and then use the preview passion. Are you going to go? Go go to please that we're gonna change her is on Children zero. And then we know that orders 1000 by 1000 pixels. So if I leave it 1000 down, you could say that it perfectly aligns down the bottom There. Now we will see when I, um, click copy to co p int and then you've got it all repeated at the bottom and indistinct Think the left. So I'm going to select everything on the lift object transform the this time I'm gonna go across the horizontal 1000 vertical zero on and tonight. Copy. Okay, so now we just need to fill in the middle. There are a couple of gaps I can see you get done here. I want to fix a swell. So you just have to make sure if you do put another icon on that left or top that you repeated again down the bottom or on the right, So I will start building in the center of it sky Just grab. And what I'm doing there is holding down the option key clicking and dragging, and that creates a duplicate. Um, I was elected, flipped them. So put this in a minute, reflect it, transform reflect, and I'm going to vertically reflect it the other way. So it's the opposite just to change things up a bit and I'm going to put that one. Yeah, I'm gonna do the same with that. All right? So I'm gonna go ahead and do this. I will speed it up for you. Okay? So pretty much filled up the whole board. Um, now I wanna had a background and also another kind of layer to which just to get a bit more depth. So first, let's added background. I'm going to use a rectangle tool. Um, just click anywhere. And then it's a 1000 by 1000 I ports of rooms talking 1000 1000 and I'm going Teoh, align it. So selectively aligned tall, make sure aligned to outboard is selected and then just a line or is on to lift and their school align tall and should align perfectly this Onda We want to send that to the back. So if I right click, it's range bring us in to back and I want to make it a dark color. Say, I'm going to make it that it's an almost black. It's not quite black. Um, then I'm gonna lock that laugh for the moment. So if I go into my layers panel. It's right down the bottom. There is gonna look it so that it doesn't be from, you know, things around. I want to, um and just a little bit of debt to this, So I'm going to get my block tool. Um, yeah, the cheese this blue. And I'm gonna use my brush, the 20 point pressure. When will Jay? Um and it's gonna create some random areas here. Clubs and I will send these to the back. So if I select it, um, and you can hold on ship command and left square bracket and sent it to the back and then I need to go one, um, lay above to get it above that background. Also going to change that to the black. You know this. Keep it on the blue and change the transparency. Chrissy wanted to be a very subtle. That's probably to social stray. Just try. Think it's just trying taking that test city down. It's probably more autos. Laughter. It's just click. And during another one to another spot, it's called here. Remember, if you do go over the edge, you need to be patient at the bottom and see how this is just giving it slightly. Um, more layers, more deaths, kind of effects. No need to repaint that one. A move that live, uh, 1000. You're too close to this one now. Yeah, your patient and I think anyone more. It was one of its smaller No, we have It kind of gives it a little bit more depth. Doesn't. Well, I think that's pretty finished. So we can test this to make sure that it repeats properly. Um, so let's unlock that back rectangle on came out. Just get rid of that one. So we need to create another blank right square at the background. So that's do another square. That's 1000 by 1000 uh, has no feel and no strike. And then align it once again to the i r. Board left and talk and then send it to back. Okay, Now we need to select everything and dragon into s functions panel. Now, we move over and create a rectangle, my lodge space, and then feel it without passion and whips. I Ngozi I feel that, um, the stroke instead of the field that it switched that over may have it now that this is wacko Way to test that and make sure that everything has repeated nicely. And it also gives you a chance to have a look and see if you need to move anything at the moment. I'm happy with that. But if I wanted to, I could go back and re arrange a few things and then create that again. Wound If you want. Teoh, save us. Watch Europe. Eight Passions. I would only just go file export export as on its just put it in here. That's save. Um, it is a PNG, or you can save it as J pig. Um And then make sure you said that to use upwards in that way, it will cut out all the bits around the edge and just give you that repeating square. I'm not gonna do that right now, but, um, that's how you extract it from demonstrating. You can use that to upload to, um, print on demand sites like experiential or, um, other ones. That red bubble. What have you like? I don't often use an actual repeat, um, pattern. When IM said unit to clients on, don't put that rip eight on a website or instagram social media. Because if you want to you put something on social media you should just take on a small portion of it or a lash a large part of it, because you don't want people stealing your pattern and then put it on their own stuff. Which does happen. Unfortunately, um, so that you guy, you have a passion. 9. Thank you!: thank you so much for taking my class. I've had so much fun sharing you the way I create simple fun patterns from simple sketches . I hope you've managed to take away a few tips, and you can use them in your own work. I look forward to seeing your patterns that please share them in the project area, along with the mood boards and sketches of posting on social media. Don't forget to tag me and use the hashtag Mel Armstrong Scotia so I can see your beautiful work if you have any questions place by some in the community section. And I replied to you as soon as I can once again thank you so much, and I look forward to bringing new another classing.