Surface Pattern Design Fundamentals II - Design a Jungle Animal Inspired Pattern Collection | Mel Armstrong | Skillshare

Surface Pattern Design Fundamentals II - Design a Jungle Animal Inspired Pattern Collection

Mel Armstrong, Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher

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9 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Inspiration

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. Colouring Icons/Motifs

    • 5. Hero pattern

    • 6. Coordinates

    • 7. Puppet Warp & Global Edit Tools

    • 8. Presenting your collection

    • 9. Project

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About This Class

This is a follow-on class to my previous Fundamentals class.  In this class I'll take you through creating a 'Jungle Animal' themed pattern collection for your portfolio.  I'll be showing you some more advanced Adobe Illustrator skills along the way. 

Jungle themed patterns are not going anywhere soon.  I've just designed 10 illustrations/patterns for french company Auzou to go on an exciting new kids creative product, all themed around jungle animals.  I think it's vital, as a surface pattern designer, to have some Jungle inspired themes in your portfolio.  

Some of the topics I'll cover:

  • Gathering inspiration
  • Sketching ideas using an iPad with Procreate (you can use a sketchbook)
  • Creating icons using blob tool and shape builder
  • Design Layout
  • Repeat options (manually and using the pattern tool)
  • Coordinates
  • Puppet Warp & Global Edit Tools
  • Presentation of your collection

What you'll need:

  • Adobe Illustrator (preferably Adobe CC)
  • Sketch pad & pencil (or iPad Pro with Procreate)
  • Scanner and/or smart phone
  • Tablet (optional - but makes drawing in Illustrator easier and more intuitive)


Happy pattern making!

x Mel





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Mel Armstrong

Illustrator, Pattern Addict & Teacher

Hello and welcome!

I’m a full-time illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand.  I’m obsessed with creating beautiful things, from craft to illustration to sewing to IKEA flat packs (no kidding).  

I’m also obsessed with learning, which is what drew me to Skillshare.  Years ago I stumbled across this little (well actually big) gem, did some classes, then voila, I became a teacher!  I teach what I love - illustration and surface pattern ...

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