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Super Star Freelancer: 2- Winning at Freelancing

teacher avatar Mamdouh Kaldas, Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Winning at Freelancing Intro

    • 2. Your First Profile

    • 3. Great Profiles

    • 4. Winning First Project

    • 5. Working from Home

    • 6. Your Health Matters

    • 7. Test Project

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About This Class

In this class, part 2 of the Super Star Freelancer Series we cover new topics that will help you move forward in the freelancing world.


We Cover:

  • How to Create your Profile on the Freelancing Sites
  • Great Profiles to look at and learn from
  • How to Win Your First Project?
  • Working from Home Do's and Don'ts.
  • How to Care for your Health?
  • A Test Project for you.

If you haven't already taken the first part, The Basics and Getting Started, I encourage you to take it first so you can understand this class much better,

Part 1Super Star Freelancer: The Basics and Getting Started

Part 3: Super Star Freelancer: Grow Your Business

Part 4: Super Star Freelancer: Freelancing on the Go

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask.

Happy Freelancing!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mamdouh Kaldas

Adobe Education Trainer and Freelancing Instructor


I am a certified Adobe Education Trainer and have worked as a trainer for a couple of years and recently moved into becoming an Online Instructor.

Graduated as a pharmacist, I found my passion in technology and from learning to teaching, I spend most of my time in front of my computer learning new skills, freelancing and creating online courses to help you learn those same skills with ease.

I am also a freelancer with 9+ years of experience working with WordPress and Graphic Design.

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1. Winning at Freelancing Intro: I don't welcome to the second port off the superstar freelancer Siris in this sport, winning at three. Lansing. We're going to discuss how can you create your first profile on the freelancing sites? We will also have a look at great profiles that you can take as examples and learn from to create a great profile that will we new clients trust. We will also discuss the obstacle off winning your first project and how can you overcome that successfully? We will see what are the challenges that you will face when working from home, on how to properly face them and succeed on the long term. We will also discuss a couple of points that you need to take care off regarding your health and how to care for your health while working as a freelancer from home. And finally, there is a test project that you can use and test your skills and see how far have you learned from this course using the test project. Look forward to seeing you inside of the class and please make sure to watch the part one basics and getting started first so you can take things in the right order and enjoy them Well, thank you 2. Your First Profile: Okay, So now, after we've taken a very good idea about ah, lot of the basics off freelancing, let's try to answer this very important question. How are you going to get started? What should be your first steps, and how should you take them in orderto start getting into freelancing and taking your first steps toward success. First of all, you need to start creating your account on one of the freelancing sites. We've talked about a lot of them. Try to pick one or two off the best freelancing sites that we've discussed and start creating your first free account. Start with a free account. Even if the site offers a premium membership. Let's start with the free account. First, create your accounts. You will need to enter your personal information and please make sure you entered them correctly. Don't try to use any fake names or nicknames, or so this has to be your really information because at some stage they will ask you to verify your personality and you need to provide documents like an idea or a passport. So make sure you do this right from the beginning to create your accounts. You'll need to focus on a few very important points. First of all, your profile, your profile is your home or your place that the client will visit first thing when he seize your bid and wants to know more about. So your profile has to describe you has to tell the best about you and be very professionally created so that it helps you when your projects first thing that the client will notice on your profile is your profile photo. So please try toe, pick your best for two and stay away from photos like this one, which are trying to be funny. OK, but that's not the right place for that. Pick a professional photo pick a photo that clearly shows your face. It's better to be alone in the photo off course. You You can't put the photo with some of your friends like some people do, because that's very wrong. Try toe. Get a photo that's comfortable so that the client would feel comfortable looking at your photo end. Starting toe. Get in touch with you or communicate with you. So creating your profile your photo and then try to enter your skills for the skills. Try toe stick toe like five skills, the very best that you can do. Try to focus on them. Look for projects under these skills, and then you can expand them later. But first, start with the best five that you can work on so that you're not really out of focus. But stay focused on the best skills that you can work with. Next, you need to put some examples off your portfolio, and this is very important thing because the client will need to see some examples of your work before giving you his project. So look for projects that you've done before, either for clients we've done for yourself for your for your friends, your family, whatever. Try toe, pick your best way that you've done before and show it under your portfolio. The more the examples you have, as long as there they are. High quality, the better. If you didn't have any prayer work or you don't have any portfolio, try to do any kind of work, like helping a friend helping an NGO or a non for profit organization and showcase that work under your portfolio because this will have a great effect on the client and will help convince him offering you his job. So your profile should be complete. Try toe, aim for 100% complete profile because this will have a great effect on the client and will help you overcome the trust barrier that sometimes available for new freelancers like you when they're just starting out. Clients usually prefer more experienced freelancers. So try to overcome this by having a great profile. And we will look at some great examples that you can learn from to see how can you make a great profile. Thank you. 3. Great Profiles: in this lecture, we're going to examine some great examples off freelancers profiles. You will see how these successful freelancers created their profiles so you can learn from them on. Try to model your profile after them. This is the first example. Okay, this freelancer is from Bulgaria. Okay, Mottau. And as you can see here, he has a very professional photo. Nice and clean and professional photo. Okay. You would certainly feel comfortable working with him and knowing that you are working with a professional person. He has his name, simple form of his name so that it's easy for people from other countries. Toe get toe. Ah, remember the name then And the subtitle. He has simple, clean, modern and effective. The most important skills that he wants clients to know about him. And this is very smart of him. You can see here his ah, his working great. And then we can see about his reputation that comes from the projects that he has finished . He has 206 reviews, and that's an amazing number. 206 5/5 reviews that has a very high success rate. And for sure when your client Looking at the freelancers profile like this one would feel very confidence giving him your work, no matter how expensive it would be. But you would feel very comfortable working with him. Okay, This shows Ah, the skills, the best skills that he works on. Okay. And there is a graph here or a pie chart. And as you can see, he has a very good completion rate. 97%. And he does his work own budget 100% on time. 100%. And he has an amazing repeat. High rate, 33%. All of these that come from his past projects make you as a client, Very comfortable working with him. Okay, so getting a profile like this, something that's not really easy. It takes a lot of hard work, but things get a lot better when you are able to reach this stage. Okay, let's see another example. This is another freelancer. She's from Andorra on a canalys. She also has Ah, very nice photo. Simple, clean, elegant photo and with ah, a soft smile. Okay. It leaves aerial good impression. And then for the subtitles using a professional digital retouch her with five years experience. So she focuses on the best skills or on the thing that she wants her work to be known for. Okay, and then very short description here. As you can see, each has got just two reviews. Five out of five. But overall, health profile looks very professional, very simple. And you can easily trust giving your work toe here just looking at her profile. And here you can see the reviews from previous clients, and they've all given here five out of five and written very nice reviews about it. So aim for a clean, simple professional profile. And, of course, try to get the best reviews when you're just starting, because that really counts. This is another example. And here it's called Design Store. Touch your thoughts. Okay, this is from Egypt, and as you see, they have 768 reviews. This is most probably not not a person, but like a small company or ah group of people because they're ableto get this huge number off work done. This is not really easy for ah person working alone. So and and here, as you can see, they're not having ah, personal photo but rather a logo. So this goes more with companies or ah, groups. Okay. And they have everything describing here. What what kind of work they do. And you can see they have great rankings, great ratings either from the reviews or from the activity. They also have a very nice portfolio section showing their best work. Just by looking at this, you'd feel comfortable as a client giving them you're, ah, work and cheating. Very a confident that they will achieve what you're looking for. So having a very good portfolio you with your best works really counts and leaves a very good first impression for the clients. This is another profile for Marium Alphonse, and she was one of my students. She attended Ah, this course freelancing, Uh, course. And she's doing really great. She's, ah, professional video editors And she, as you can see, she's used a very smart photo to show that what kind of work she does. She has four reviews for 40.7 out of five, and this is really great for somebody who's just starting out. So here, as you can see, she describes everything that she can do. This one is detailed and it's very well written. It's really convincing for the client. When you read this as a client, you would be convinced to start giving here your work, even if she has, like, just four reviews. But it's a really professional profile page and a smart choice of the photo, so overall you would feel comfortable giving her the work as a client, and this is the main aim of your profile page. 4. Winning First Project: and now, after you've created your profile, you are ready to start winning projects. But then comes the important question that most new freelancers ask. When do I get to win my first projects? How do I get to win it? Let me be honest with you. Winning your first project is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes it can take long. So I will give you some very important tips to help you overcome this obstacle and get over that milestone off winning your first project first thing, as we've discussed before your profile, really camps. Starting to bid on projects without having an amazing and complete profile will make your task very difficult. So first thing create a very good profile that you would be proud off and clients would feel very comfortable reading. Second thing, Try to take exams in the in the most important skills that you are working on exams. Tell the clients that you are qualified and they they just don't take your word. But when you pass the exam, you prove that you are qualified toe work on that skill. Most of the sites offer free introductory exams on then for some of them, you will have to pay for extra exams, so this is something worth paying for. If you need toe, prove yourself to the clients by taking exams and your most important skills. Number three communication is very important. So when you bid on a project on the client contacts, you asking for something or clarifying a point, be sure to respond to him promptly, professionally and in the best way you can. And as fast as you can, plants prefer to get responded to quickly. Nobody likes to wait forever for for the first response, because if you're not responding quickly now, before getting the project, how will it be after you get a word it? So try to be very careful with communication and try to respond as fast as you can. Try to place a lot of bids when you're starting out to increase your chances of getting awarded. OK, but first you have to read projects very well. Don't just bead randomly, but place your bets on the projects that you know you can complete in a very good and professional manner. Because if you get awarded a projects and you're not able to finish it, you would get a bad review, and this would really affect you and harm your reputation on the site. So, yes, place a lot of bits, but read the projects carefully. Make sure you understand what the clients looking for and that you are capable of delivering before you place your bids. Another thing and a very important one, and we will cover this in details later on. Speak your clients. Picking the right clients makes it easy for the project to go smoothly. Makes it easy for you to get paid on time. So focusing on reading the clients profiles and knowing more about your clients really helps you getting the right projects with right clients and thus increasing the chance off doing great work. A one very important thing is always be honest when you can do something. Say I can when you can say I can't Don't try toe be over promising because sooner or later the client will discover that, and it will not be good at all when he discovers that you were not telling the truth, so being honest really will save you at the end. Another point that we discussed before is no, the time. With the time difference between your location on the client's location, nowhere went to contact him when to expect his response, because this really makes a difference for clients when you write to him and respond to him at the right time. Following these steps with perseverance and hard work and never giving up will ensure that you get your first project in the shortest time possible. Of course, nobody can guarantee when that happens, but you'll have a great likelihood of getting your first projects as fast as you can on then working, doing on delivering the work and getting your five star review will make the second under third a lot easier than the first. There's a very important thing that you need to be careful not to do at all. Always make sure you don't ever, ever, ever try to overcome or bypassed their the freelancing site by exchanging contact information with the client directly. So if you ask for the clients email or if he asks for yours and you give it to him, you are doing something wrong by terms off the freelancing sites, and you could very easily get banned from them and suspended for doing this. So always make sure never to exchange direct contact information with the client. When you're discussing projects before you get awarded after your awarded the projects, you are free to do this, and it's completely fine. But in the first stage, when the client is still picking the best freelancer, never do this or never agree to do this. Even if the client asks for your contact information, try to apologize for him politely saying that this is against the rules off the site. And I'm sorry I can't do this because it will result in me getting suspended from the site . So please don't forget this because a lot of time we get carried away and forget about this , and then all of a sudden you find yourself having a penalty or getting suspended for doing this important mistake 5. Working from Home: Well, it certainly is nice to be working from your own home, not having to get dressed every morning, driving to work or taking a bus or a taxi toe work having to go with a lot of traffic. All of this is something that you don't suffer from when you're working from home. However, working from home has its own challenges. Well, one of them could be having lots of food, vegetables and fruits around you all the time, and you keep eating while working and this can get very distracting. Another thing is the family. If you're a father or a mother, you have kids. You could very easily get distracted by kids playing or crying next to you while you're working were even trying to play with you and take you away from your work while you are trying toe, stick to an important deadline or finish an important task. So it's very important when you're starting out as a freelancer. Working from home is to set your right rules. Try toe, make everybody at home understand that you are working that you need to have time on your own. Nobody can interrupt you or just walk into your room while you're working, You maybe have closed the door or or set your boundaries where nobody can cross until you're finished. Tell them for how long you're going to be, Ah, away so that they would know and respect that and know when to expect you to, like, chat with them or do anything that you would like to do with them at home. It's very important also, that you safeguard your work or in other terms, clients work so that kids wouldn't be allowed to play with that. Or maybe damage or ruin something that doesn't belong to you but your clients. This is very important and try to include a number of resource is where you can read more for really great tips on how to organize yourself and organize your workspace at home so that you can achieve your best and at the same time succeed by being a freelancer working from home 6. Your Health Matters: in this lecture, we're going to talk about a number of points that you need to put in consideration when starting out as a freelance. And that is how freelancing can negatively affect your health and how to protect yourself from this right from the beginning. A number of problems can happen when you are a freelancer and mostly due to a lot of times sitting at your desk, very low physical activity so you can suffer from a number off points. We will try to explain these points and tell you some tips and points that you can use toe prevent this from happening and keep your your health sound and safe. First thing is our SRE or repetitive strain injury, and this is something that can happen to your hands. Your wrists. Okay, you, too, using your mouse and keyboard for long periods off times, and you would start feeling pain inflammation in them. And maybe you will find your hand trembling. This is really a very serious condition that you shouldn't take lightly. If you feels if you start feeling pain or numbness in your your arm or you rest, you should see your doctor right away. it should stop. They're working on the keyboard and mouse, especially for long, continuous hours, because this is really something that you need to take care off, and you will find some things in the resources that explain this condition on how you can minimize it by taking, Ah, some precautions. White working second thing is dry eyes, and this happens a lot when you're staring at your monitor or computer monitor. For long hours, you would find your eyes feeling dry and itchy and and this something that you can prevent by trying to take short breaks every like 30 minutes. Try to take a five or 10 break and try toe. Move your head a lot so that your eyes don't keep focused on the monitor. Try toe. Place your monitor in the right position so that it's not very high or very low. This will prevent your eyes from feeling this problem, and you will also prevent your neck from suffering from problems. Another very important point is back pain. If you stay sitting down at your desk for long hours working on your projects, you would start feeling back problems or back pain, so it's very important to get up every while and take a short walk or try to move. Do some exercising some, some stretching to prevent that and make sure you have a very good chair that you use for working. Don't just sit on any chair that you have at home, but try to get something that's comfortable and that supports your back very well in order to avoid having back problems. These three points. They can be very easily prevented if you take the right measures from the start. However, if you fail to do this, you will suffer from a lot of health problems, and this would even affect your freelancing work. Influencing income letter The last thing is your social life, and it's very obvious that if you do a lot of work and you're sitting at your desk most of the time, you lose a lot of time being with your family or your friends. So try toe plan your work plan your time so that you have enough time to meet your friends . Go out of your family this way. Your social life won't be affected in any bad way by your freelancing work. I know you might not think a lot of this when you're just starting out. But later on, you will definitely see how important these points are. So try to keep them in mind from the beginning so that you plan your work and life on. Try to get the right balance between work and life so that you would be happy, freelancer. 7. Test Project: And now, after we've covered most of the basics that you need to start freelancing, you should be ready to fly. Now you are ready to take your first steps towards becoming a true freelance. I encourage you toe go to freelancing sites get started. Give it a try. See how things are going. And if you face any problems, please come back and ask and let me try to help you as much as I can. First, I've prepared a test project for you so that you can see how things are going on with you. Okay. Please check the taste project. Try to answer it. Send me the answer and I will tell you what you got right and what might need to improve. And then you are free to go into freelancing sites. Start looking for projects and creating your bids and doing your best to win your first project. And what comes after just wanted to stress the importance of your feedback. Please try to send me your feedback about the lectures. This one, the previous ones. The course as a whole is very important for me to know what you think so that I can help you as much as I can and at the same time improve the course better and better every time and adding new content and new stuff that you might need and others might need. So please don't forget to leave your feet back on the course and good luck.