Super Snowflakes! Make Your Own For Fun or Crafts | Allison Sattgast | Skillshare

Super Snowflakes! Make Your Own For Fun or Crafts

Allison Sattgast, DIY Whiz

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6 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Your First Snowflake

    • Find Your Flake

    • Fancy Flakes

    • Traditional Snowflakes

    • Your Project


About This Class

Create amazing unique snowflakes with the click of a mouse! I'll walk you though how to use the simple and free snowflake generator on to make winter masterpieces. You'll learn how to create beautiful snowflakes and then save them to enjoy or use in craft projects.

I'll also cover some design principles for getting the cool effects you love!

P.S. This is also perfect for making your own homemade Christmas gifts and ornaments, but if you don't feel like being crafty, you can get your snowflake printed on zazzle clothing and other items directly from the site with the push of a button.





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Allison Sattgast

DIY Whiz

I'm a DIY girl who loves to try new things. I create and cook and design -- it's more fun that way!

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