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Super Snappy Writing Methods - How To Write Content For Any Audience Super Fast

teacher avatar Mike DeVincent, IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Why I’m Teaching This Course And Why You Should Watch Every Single Slide

    • 2. Discover Your Own Voice And Use It For Every Piece of Content That You Ever Write

    • 3. A Simple Daily Activity For Infinite Content Ideas

    • 4. Cherish Reference And Maintain Your Content Swipe File Every Day

    • 5. Only Write On The Topics That You Know Like The Back Of Your Hand And Love

    • 6. The First Thing You Should Always Write Down

    • 7. Schedule Your Writing For Optimal Efficiency

    • 8. Easily Edit And Proof Read For Maximum Impact

    • 9. How To Go Forward With Confidence And Freedom

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to write content super fast, and best of all these methods work for absolutely any audience!

So if you're a writer, or if you want to be, definitely enroll now! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Mike DeVincent

IT Nerd And Experienced Marketer


Thanks so much for reading my teacher profile!

I'm an IT nerd who is passionate about the world of teaching!

My main goal as a Skillshare instructor is to share some of the best skills that I've learned after spending countless hours interacting with all kinds of technology over the years.

I can't wait to see you in class!

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1. Why I’m Teaching This Course And Why You Should Watch Every Single Slide: Welcome to lecture number one. Why I'm teaching this course and why you should watch every single slide. Have you ever been frustrated because you can't right content fast enough? Have you ever sat down to write an e book, a block post or an article? But nothing ever comes. Is writer's block getting the best of you? So you just can't put pen to paper? If that's the case, you're going to love this course. In this course, you will discover the secrets I've learned regarding how to write content superfast. You will also right content that your end users actually love to read, and you will attract people who were just like you. By using the simple writing methods while staying true to yourself, you might be wondering why I'm qualified to teach this content. The truth is that I'm nobody special. However, my blawg posts are shared by many dozens of readers every time I write. I'm also a level to go straighter on Fiverr dot com with a near perfect five star rating, I have sent over one million promotional emails to my permission based newsletter. I have published dozens upon dozens of e books on click bank dot com. JV zoo dot com, Amazon Kindle and my own website, mr Computer science dot com. I mention this because not on Lee Can I teach you how to write fast, but the way you write will be easy and fun for others to read. So check out my writing style on this page. If you like my style of writing, then I believe you will enjoy this course. If you're frustrated because you always suffer from writer's block, then you will definitely enjoy this course. And if you are an aspiring blogger author or anyone who be lies on timely content creation , then this course could be the best time you spend all year. There is no hype, and everything is very easy. In fact, you will crack a big smile when you discover how easy it is to write like I do. So how do you write faster? Well, the answer is right under your nose. I'm very confident that if you have any intention of writing mawr and more content faster and faster, you're going to love this course. So your next step is to enroll in this course if you have not done so already. I look forward to seeing you on the inside and I'll see you in the next lecture 2. Discover Your Own Voice And Use It For Every Piece of Content That You Ever Write: Welcome to lecture number two. Discover your own voice and use it for every piece of content that you ever right. The only way to write fast is when you find your own voice, and the reality is that you need to find your own voice or eventually you'll run out of things to say. And then writing anything will be a chore. You never, ever run out of things to say when you write in your own voice, which is why it's imperative to figure out exactly who you are. The question then becomes, How do you accomplish that? How do you figure out who you are so you can write better and faster than everyone else? The best way to figure this out is by focusing and writing. Open up your favorite word processor at three in the morning and try to write as much as possible. Right so it comes naturally to you, right? Whatever comes naturally. That is when you know you're in your comfort zone. When you write while within this zone, you are going to attract readers and fans and subscribers who love your stuff. As a result, they will visit your websites. They will be more likely to buy your stuff, opt into your lists and harass you when you stop rating to them because they will become addicted to you and how you right. The best part of writing in your own voice is that you will never have to worry about what to write or what will my readers think. Or how should I word this next sentence? Because you'll be writing in your own voice. You'll never have to be unethical. You'll never have to lie. You'll never have to impress anybody or fake it until you make it. You'll never struggle trying to impress anybody with big, complex words or even big, complex thoughts. As a result, you'll write 10 times as much. You'll attract 10 times as many people who are just like you. You develop a ravenous, cult like following who constantly stock you on social media. As a result, you will develop significantly warm fuzzies. Here is a good rule of thumb, right? Like you talk as long as you write coherently, and in a way that makes sense. And as long as you do not ramble, the best advice I can give you is to write like you talk. Never listen to the stuck up copyrighting gurus who say that this is a bad idea. Instead, study the best sellers on Kindle and preview the first few chapters. What's you will find is that the content is super easy to read, right? Like you talk as long as you don't mumble or ramble. The best authors on the planet have mastered this. They write like they talk. Look at the most popular blog's in your niche and the most popular social media followers and the most popular books. I'm confidence that you will find that all of their content is dead. Simple to read. You're not going to find any seven syllable words that are being used frequently. Strive to make your content so easy that 1/3 grader could easily consume it. The reason people suffer from writer's block is because they try to write in a clever fashion. They try too hard, and they put undue pressure on themselves. As a result, whenever you feel under pressure, your writing suffers you second guess yourself. Your creativity and confidence goes out the window, so never put yourself on the pressure right with a free will and give yourself permission to write naturally, just like how you talk. It's so easy to pick up a phone and talk to a loved one or talk to one of your friends because there is no pressure. The same philosophy should be carried with every piece of content that you ever right. It might be a sales letter, an e book, a blawg post, an article, a presentation, a speech or anything that you ever right. Eliminate the pressure by writing naturally, just like you think. And just like you talk. That is how you can crush writer's block every single time with absolutely zero stress and zero effort. If you are totally stuck, pick up a note pad and pen and start writing down your thoughts. So that way it's just you and your text, you and your words just the way it was meant to be. This is your secret to creating vast amounts of content fast because you can write just like you talk. So that is how you can take your content writing two speeds that you never thought possible , because when you write this way, you're writing directly from your brain and heart to your paper, which is always the fastest way possible. There's no delay, there's no bottleneck, and there's no lag. That is how you can write a 500 word article or block post in 10 minutes. Another benefits of writing, like how you talk and finding your own voice, is that your content will be super easy to read. As a result, complicated content almost never takes off. If your content reads like an S a T examination, you're going to frighten your end users instead of enlightening and entertaining your end. Users make your content so easy that anybody could read it. If you follow these steps, not Onley will your content creation ignite like a stick of dynamite? But your end users will love to read it. They're going to share it, and you will attract readers who are just like you. In this way, you can develop a ravenous tribe that lasts a lifetime. That's my take, and I will see you in the next lecture 3. A Simple Daily Activity For Infinite Content Ideas: Welcome to lecture number three, a simple daily activity for infinite content ideas. From here on out, I humbly request that you take 10 minutes of your time to gander over a few viral sites that you should begin reading every single day. The reason this is going to help you write fast is because it gives you a brainstorming session. This is something that you should strive to do every single day. So what I do is I have a directory in my cloud drive called brainstorming, and in that directory are 10 links pointing to 10 websites I use just to look over the most popular headlines that day. This is a quick method to see what's happening, to see what's popular, what type of crazy news and wild headlines are actively being shared today so you can get ideas percolating because remember that there's a whole universe of content available to you. If you stop learning and stop exploring new and current ideas and the writing of other bloggers and other content creators, you're eventually going to exhaust yourself off ideas and creativity. So visit five or 10 viral websites as an exercise for your creativity every single day because your creativity is one of your most important assets. As a fast writer, a few websites I always check our buzzfeed dot com, which is one of the biggest viral sites on the Internet. I also visit check i day dot com, which is a site that has a list of the daily holidays that occur every single day. Forbes dot com is also very good. Forbes is one of the leading business Web sites on the planet, and there is always fresh and up to date news on not Onley business, but also technological topics that are great to keep you current and to help you brainstorm . Drudge report dot com is also awesome. It's one of the most popular independent news blog's on the Internet, and Drudge Report's dot com is cool because the headlines air so short that it only takes a moment of your time to quickly absorb the gist of the content. There's also reddit dot com, which is great toe. Look over, and you can quickly see the top headlines of the day in about five seconds, which is very effective because you can then acknowledge what type of content is popular that day in real time, which in my opinion will definitely impact and have a positive influence on your creative writing and so you can write interesting content fast. I also made a list of the best brainstorming sites that I use every single day, and they are inserted into the resource is area that is attached in the last section of this course, so make sure you download that file. Also, remember that when I say viral sites, they don't necessarily have to be quote unquote viral sites. The reason I like viral sites is because there is frequently updated content. The content is very popular, and it covers a wide variety of topics. But there are other sites you can use to brainstorm and to generate creativity as well. Maybe it's a popular news website with a ton of updated headlines. The main idea is that the website should have frequently updated content, so you always have fresh ideas to help percolate your creativity. So here's how to go forward, have a folder on your desktop or in your cloud drive and name that directory brainstorming make Internet shortcuts to the 10 websites that I refer to in the resource is section or you can pick any 10 that you like. But I would suggest that you make sure that those 10 websites have frequently updated content, so you're never looking over the same content over and over again, which would not really serve you any benefits. As a writer, the main benefit to this is helping your brain learn new information, learn new topics, and by watching new headlines that are currently trending and popular, you're going to tap into an infinite ocean of content. This will help you write fast, because it not only energizes your mind, but it definitely exercises your creativity and feed your brain. This helps keep you in the loop as to what people love to read, It gives you a quick percolation session that will help you write faster and will help you . B'more Agile. You will also help to demolish writer's block because you will be tapping into an ever expanding ocean of content that's shared by thousands or millions of people from different writers with very different styles. Your job is to write good content fast, so invest your time reading stuff that is popular. Study the vernacular and the lexicon of other people, and you will never run out of ideas. So I request that you make this a habit to make a list of sites that you visit daily so you can siphon the creativity and energy from that content. I will see you in the next lecture. 4. Cherish Reference And Maintain Your Content Swipe File Every Day: Welcome to lecture number four. Cherish reference and maintain your content Swipe file every single day. Here's a little trick on how to capture your inspiration whenever you feel a surge of creativity. One thing you should definitely have as a writer is some type of headline or content swipe file, which is a text document where you write down your cool ideas. So write down your headline ideas, topic ideas and blawg subject ideas. So if you ever feel especially creative and encouraged, then use that time toe work on your content. Swipe file. If, for example, you have ideas for a blawg post or a chapter in an E book or a topic for an E book or any headline or subject or content ideas, period, right those ideas down in your content swipe file or you risk losing those ideas forever. So write down your ideas for content that you could write at a future time. I personally have a content swipe file with hundreds of content ideas. Maybe you have content ideas that you could turn into block posts or e mails or information products or chapters in a book. The point is to capture this creativity by jotting down notes in your content swipe file because sometimes you may suffer from a draught of creativity, and that will kill your ability to write fast more than anything else. So you can refer to your content to swipe file later and siphon your previous brainstorming sessions. Often times the best ideas for the best content will come out of nowhere. Contraire Aly. Often you will try your hardest to write good content, and nothing comes. So take advantage of these instances of creativity. By adding to your swipe file, you can simply have a text file on your desktop and add to it and refer to it on a daily basis. So whenever you have an awesome boat of motivation or creativity or passion, now is the time to start writing down ideas and adding them to this file. So you can then reference the file for a quick brainstorming session whenever you are about to write, or if you ever want to continue a previous brainstorm session. So maybe you wake up and have an idea for 10 cool articles or an awesome idea for any piece of content. Well, when you're creative now is the best time to capture that energy that may never come again . So write down your thoughts in your swipe file that should be on your desktop or maybe in your cloud drive, and I do include a swipe file for you to start up with. In the resource is section that includes a bunch of fill in the blank topic ideas that you are free to use. So be sure to download that file, and I ask that you put it to use and I will see you in the next lecture. 5. Only Write On The Topics That You Know Like The Back Of Your Hand And Love: welcome to lecture number five Onley, right on topics that you know, like the back of your hand and love. It's always easier and faster to write content, blawg posts and articles, especially if you have a good idea of your subject. That's a big lesson. If you have any intention of being a fast writer, you have to know your topic well. For example, there are some topics that I know so well that I can create content at the speed of light. I could write a 500 word blawg post in five minutes on some topics. Topics such as content creation, email, marketing, blogging, I t Security and politics. And if you're a professional content writer, a blogger or a freelance ghost writer, or if you just write articles on Fiverr dot com, you should aim to specialize in specific niches so you can easily pump out content easily and effortlessly. That is one of the biggest keys to writing content fast. Some people think that it's okay to write content that you have no idea about. The problem with that is you will never be able to create content quickly if you have to constantly research every paragraph or even worse, make stuff up. And if you have to dig really deep to right a simple paragraph, you're probably writing on a topic that you do not care about. Because if you care about a topic, it's very natural and easy and fast to create lots of content in that area. And, yes, you can do it quickly. If you can talk for an hour about your topic, then it's a really good indication that you can write a lot of contents quickly for that topic. And if you enjoy writing on a topic, then this is an even better indication. So asked herself, What topics do you know very well, What's topics? Are you passionate a boat? Also ask yourself what topics you are willing toe learn Maura about. I've created dozens of blog's over the years, but ultimately I got tired of creating content for stuff that I didn't really like. So many of my blog's have ultimately failed. So do not be like me. Don't start rating on topics that you don't like. The only block I've ever had that's been a long term success is on the topic of small business and marketing. These are two topics that I could spend the rest of my life talking about every day. So my advice is to Onley. Create content on topics that you care about and love for content and topics that you would write for free Onley. Then will you have the consistency and reliability required to write content quickly and effortlessly. If you can achieve that, then you have a much higher likelihood of not Onley writing faster but sticking around as a writer long term. Also remember that if you are passionate about a topic, you'll probably learn more and more as the years go on, so your foundation of knowledge will continually expand. This makes it easier and easier for you to create tons of contents quickly. So at the end of the day, you should want to educate yourself mawr and more. Never stop learning when you combine this idea with the idea that you should write in your own voice. When you combine these two strategies, you're going to be on your way to creating a raging river of content that you never thought possible. It's truly the fastest way to create high quality content quickly and in summary, I will state again that the main key to writing with blazing speed is to know your topic like the back of your hand and to be very passionate about that topic. With that said, I wish you luck going forward and I shall see you in the next lecture. 6. The First Thing You Should Always Write Down: Welcome to lecture number six. The first thing you should always right down. If you want to write content blazingly fast, always start out with the subject or the topic of whatever content your writing. That's the first thing you write down. That's why the contents swipe file at the end of this course is so important, because you should use that as a collection of starting points. So let us pretend that you are writing a blawg post. What I suggest is to have one main idea for your content and anywhere from 1 to 4 supporting ideas. This is, of course, assuming that your content is about 500 to 1000 words in length. Obviously, if your content is longer than that, you're going to need more supporting ideas. But for now, let's assume that you are writing a 500 or 1000 word blawg post. So let me give you a really example. Pretend you're writing a block post on how to write fast. That is your topic. Your main idea could be that you need to write when you are at your best supporting idea. Number one could be that you need to have a good piece of writing software. Supporting idea number two could be that you should spend two minutes brainstorming before you start writing and supporting Idea Number three. Could be that you must know your topic well, So let's put this together. Maybe your first paragraph talks about the main idea. Then the second paragraph talks about the supporting idea Number one. Then the next paragraph talks about supporting idea number two and so on. Do you see what I've done here? I have defined the outline for the content in five seconds. So now that this is complete, everything else is simple. Kind of like building a log cabin. You start by building the frame of your content, and then the meat easily falls onto the bones, especially if you know your topic, and especially if you're waiting in your own voice. It's also kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The fastest and easiest way to start a jigsaw puzzle is always to build the outer layer first, so if you can build the outer layer of your content or the outer border, you have something to follow one something to build upon. So that is how you write a piece of Web content or any content super fast by using an outline and writing down that outline First for a blawg or an article, your outline includes one mean idea and perhaps one toe. Five Supporting ideas. If it's a bigger piece of content, like a book, then your outline should be your table of contents and outlined the chapters first. And then you can dig deeper to outline each chapter individually or say, for example, you are writing a tiny 200 word email on the other hand, Then maybe you can get by with just having one main idea and no supporting ideas. And then, as always, once you have the outline, you simply add the meat on the bones using your own voice, and everything will fall into place rather quickly. So you do have to use discretion when using this method. If it's a very long piece of content, you will need more supporting ideas. If it's a very short piece of content, maybe you can get by with one main idea and maybe one or two supporting ideas, and then you simply add meat on the bones. I hope this makes sense because this is how I tree gates, all of my content. And it does make content creation and absolute breeze A. And if you combine this information with the previous and future lectures, I am so confidence that you can automatically right, content superfast, and you will know exactly what to write and why you are writing it with that said I think this gives you enough to go on, so I will see you in the next lecture. 7. Schedule Your Writing For Optimal Efficiency: Welcome to Election number seven. Schedule your writing for optimal efficiency. You need to schedule a time to write. Be absolutely fierce with your schedule. If you don't schedule a time to write. And if you do not devote yourself to writing during that time, you're never going to focus. You're never going to take yourself seriously so you will never be able to write good content fast so you can't play video games or be responsible for cooking breakfast or dinner during these intervals of your scheduled writing. Also remember that your creativity has a time limit. You are only going to be at your best for an hour or maybe two hours. Therefore, I recommend scheduling your writing in to our blocks and then sticking to that schedule with the passion. So if you wake up at 9 a.m. and you find that you write the best in the mornings, you should ensure that you have scheduled your life so that you can get privacy and focus relentlessly from 9 a.m. In the morning until noon Time. This way, you have an hour to get ready, and then those two hours are yours and yours alone two hours is all you need. I recommend writing in to our blocks for a multitude of reasons. It's much better to use that block of time to focus relentlessly on your writing rather than to waste time being ineffective all day. You're going to get much more content done in two hours, and your content will be awesome if you focus and you're going to feel good about your content because you're focused on your writing and you are committed to your writing. And then you can use the rest of the day to either proof, read your content or read other content, which is always a genius idea. So use your inspiration and passion when you are at your best. Maybe you writes better at night before you go to bed, or maybe at one in the morning. Whenever you are at your best, figure that out. It's map your life so your skill set and your biological clock works in your favor. So to summarize, it doesn't matter where you live or where you're from. The time zone does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you schedule time to write, so you can focus on writing quickly, right in your own voice and right on topics that you're knowledgeable about and passionate about and guard your goals fiercely because others might not respect your goals. So make a schedule. Stick to it, and those two hour blocks to write with the passion are your two hours. If you do that. And if you follow the other lectures in this course, there's no reason why you can't write good quality content quickly. Thanks for checking this out, and I cannot wait to see you in the next lecture. 8. Easily Edit And Proof Read For Maximum Impact: Welcome to lecture number eight. Edit your content so that reading is a pleasure. The best way to proof read your content is to read it out loud. This way you can hear how it sounds, which will give you a better indication off what your end users here when they read it to themselves. You could also print the documents out so you can read it on a physical piece of paper. I find that having a document in a physical medium instead of on a laptop or a monitor screen can give you a totally different perspective. Also, remember that it's good to take a break between the time you write and between the time you edit. So maybe you write your content at night and then proof. Read the content first thing in the morning or if the content is very important, I recommend putting the contents away for a few days, so revisit your content 72 hours after you write the content review. It's for any grammatical evers and review it for readability. And if you wait a while, it's like having a fresh pair of eyes proofing your document. The main question to ask when you're reviewing ants proofing your content is how does your content flow? Is it fluid when you recite your content? Does it sound natural and easy to read? Remember to revisit your content later if you can, because if you proof immediately after writing, that content is still freshly programmed in your mind. So you are not really proofing through a second pair of eyes, for example, sometimes I will write a blawg post. Then, a few days later, I find so many grammatical evers that I didn't find the first time reading it. So, in my opinion, the longer you can let that content sit the better, because when you revisit that content later, you're going to have a fresh perspective. Perspective is everything when you're proofing and editing. Of course, this isn't always possible if you're working under a deadline. So even if you can rest for an hour or two or three hours, you will be much better off than proof reading the content immediately after it's been written. So make sure to take a break after you right. Make sure to read the content out loud and print the content out if you want to take things a step further. If possible, Read the contents to a friend, see if they like it. Ask them if it sounds natural. Do this frequently enough and you will really find your own voice. And then you're writing will be 1000 times faster and it will be much easier to read. And that should always be your goal. With that said, that's all for this lecture. I will see you in the next. 9. How To Go Forward With Confidence And Freedom: Welcome to election number nine. How to Go Forward. The single most important part of writing high quality contents quickly is writing in your own voice, right? Like you talk when you do this, you're going to write faster than you ever thought possible, and you will attract and users who like you your content and they'll be more likely to buy and share your stuff. It's so important to have a raging river of content that you can tap into and help percolate your ideas. So simply create a folder on your desktop or in your cloud drive and add as many Internet links, toe viral sites and other news related sites as you like. Use these to brainstorm for fresh content ideas at least once per day. And remember to check The resource is section because I'm giving you a list of my favorite brainstorming sights. Your content subject Swipe file is the life blood of your creativity and serves as your treasure truth for ideas. Whenever you have an awesome idea, be sure to join it down in your select file for future use Ideas for blawg topics. Article subjects, e book ideas, chapter ideas, email ideas or any writing topic should be written down here at once. Before you forget and before your beautiful ideas are lost forever, strive to write on Lee about topics that you know like the back of your hand. If you're passionate, knowledgeable and love a topic, it's a good indication that you're going to be able to create vast amounts of high quality content quickly while never getting tired of creating mawr and MAWR content. It doesn't matter if you're writing a 500 word article or a 200 page E book. Always outline your contents before you write the actual content. This will enable you to quickly brainstorm the mapping and framework of your content so you can easily put meat on the bones after your foundation is set. If you don't take yourself seriously, you're never going to be able to write high quality contents quickly and easily. For this reason, it's imperative that you focus relentlessly during your two hour scheduled blocks. Be fierce. Holding yourself to this commitment, remember that it's best to wait several hours, if not days, to proof. Read your content proof. Reading works best if you read your content out loud. and remember to print it out on a piece of paper. So you double your chances of finding a lack of readability and, of course, any spelling mistakes and grammatical evers. I remember in high school, I asked my English teacher to sign my yearbook. I must have had a few dozen friends signed my yearbook that year, and I have no idea what they wrote. I don't remember, but I remember what my English teacher wrote, she wrote. Never stop reading. It's the key to your success. I think that if you want to go forward and create awesome content quickly, you have to commit yourself to writing for topics that you are passionate about. And you have to promise yourself that you will never stop reading, writing and learning. That's the only way you can write fast if you're passionate and no, your topic and right in your own voice, and strive to continually learn and evolve. If you do that, I'm confident that your content will be a raging river and your end users will devour your content like a 10 day feast. Thank you so much for studying with me, and I hope that you had fun. This has been Mike D. Vincent, and I'm signing off