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Super Easy Ways to Make Your Etsy Shop Popular

Ashlee Geheb, Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives

Super Easy Ways to Make Your Etsy Shop Popular

Ashlee Geheb, Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Keywords

    • 3. Photography & Graphics

    • 4. Reaching Out & Marketing

    • 5. Branding

    • 6. Project!

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About This Class

Etsy is SUCH a great business (and buying!) platform for creators and artists! However, it's also so popular that there are tons of shops also competing for customers! In this class I'm teaching some really simple techniques for making your Etsy Shop and your listings stand out from the crowd so you can have more sales & grow your shop following!

This is for both current Etsy shop owners, and those interested in learning more about how they may use Etsy as an income stream for their business, or even a way to fund your creative hobbies! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Ashlee Geheb

Entrepreneurship Educator for Creatives


I want to live in a world where entrepreneurship is simplified and possible for anyone! Because even if you love your job, a side hustle with extra income is just smart in this day and age!


That's why my classes are short, sweet and perfect for both full-time entrepreneurs and freelancers and side-hustlers too! 


I teach classes on Simplifying Entrepreneurship, creating an awesome Etsy Shop, Becoming a Virtual Assistant and more! 

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1. Welcome!: Hi, guys. Welcome to the skill share class. Super easy ways to make your Etsy shop popular In this class. I'm going to be teaching of just a few ways to make your Etsy shop stand out among the millions of shops. And I know many of you are creatives. You love to paint or draw or design things, or perhaps even let the self photographs etc. But it's a super busy popular platform, and it's hard to get your listing seen. It's hard to make sales, so I'll be sharing a few quick things you can dio that will help you make your listing stand out, make your store more popular and get more sales. I hope you'll join us. 2. Keywords: to start off in this s e class. One of the biggest things you can do to make your shop stand out to get your listing seen more is to focus on the words you're using on CEO or keywords, tags, titles, all that type of stuff. Because at sea, in and of itself is mostly a search engine some people might buy directly. You might see something on Pinterest or whatever, but a huge amount of your sales hopefully will come from having really good copy writing. It's called, um, so we're gonna look at some creative ways to have really been titles to just stand out. In this way, it's super important. So one of the number one things to Dio, which literally, you should do with every single listing. So every listing on Etsy lasts for four months unless it's sold, Um, and then you have to renew it. So when I go to make a listing and I do this also on other platforms as well, if you have a cafe, press store or society six Zazzle something like that, this also counts. I even use this system for blonde posts as well, but to kind of step back and think, OK, if it's October 1st and you're about to list a pair of earrings you made in your shop, this listing will last for four months. CUF. Little cell sooner, but what are some holidays? What are some seasonal things, Um, that I can put in the title in the tags and the description and things like that so I can get those people searching? So maybe it is Christmas gifts. Obviously, that's an easy 1 October, November, December, January, December's Christmas or Hanukkah. Um, you could even potentially put in as a keyword in the title or description or in the tag section, um, Valentine's Day, because someone might be shopping ahead. Maybe your earrings don't sell or you're listening multiple of the same one. So maybe someone will actually be looking for Valentine's Day gifts around Middle January. That will work, um, stuff like that. If you have. There are some things that aren't really seasonal, like wedding stuff. It's semi seasonal, like spring and summer, But there's plenty of people that get engaged at Christmas or Valentine's Day as we know. So, um, doing something like engagement gift. Maybe your earrings are a great gift for someone's engagement party. I don't know who knows, but stuff like that you can think about. And I also in my in the shop resource is in the class resources. There's a mind map that I've given you. So you just write in your you know, your product, your earrings. You're ceramic mug your WordPress theme that you're selling your invitations coloring book , whatever it might be. And then you could branch off things that are related. You could do Christmas and Hanukkah will come branch off of that. Um, yeah, stuff like that. So you could just use this to brainstorm and really think is the more unique, um, keywords you can think of, the better you'll find stuff so we can do an example of gift. So for Mom, that's a great one. So this could be in your title of your item. Um, and that would be really awesome to get you to stand out. So you see Mama, stab 2016. That's cute. That's also see there in this. They're using gifts. Her mom baby shower, New mom gift. Mother's Day could go in there as well, although that's a ways from now. But that is what we're talking about. We want to see those things in your title, and then the tags and description are also there's three places you can put keywords. So before you have any listing, when you really know what you're gonna be selling, you should really be sitting down and brainstorming all the holidays. All the related things. Maybe you're selling a mug like this. That could be a good housewarming gift. And that's, um, a very little used key word. I've found a lot of the listing that I used to have. If I put housewarming gift, it wasn't super popular. Obviously, now it's getting a little more popular, has etc. Is huge, but if you have anything that can, it can be considered a housewarming gift. This is a great key word to use, so I hope that makes sense. And when you create your listing, I'll show you photos are important. Your title has 140 characters. Use those to include as much stuff as you can. Category is important, but again, Ah, lot of people don't search at sea through the categories. They search it, you know, using the search bar in your description. Your description also gives you another layer of keywords, so don't make it spammy, and you want your description to have a story attached. I like to tell people lined teach, etc. Classes that the first sentence or two should evoke some sort of emotion and should be. You know, this is a vintage Pyrex I'm selling. You know, imagine this in your kitchen feeling like you're back in your grandmother's kitchen baking cookies with her something like that to evoke some sort of emotion. Um, you know, this is a wedding invitation that will stay on people's fridges for years to come. Something that you'll frame and have is a moment, um, three years to come because it's so special and unique and custom made just for you and your husband, etcetera. You want to revoke a little emotion, and then you can get more into bullet points. Um, you know, good for housewarming gift. So I like to call this the third level of, um, four baby shower gift. You could do that kind of stuff so you can use bullet points where you're getting the third level of key words that you've brainstormed, but definitely put in some time to this. I even sometimes, um, do a like Google spreadsheet or Excel spreadsheet on terms. And then there's the other thing is tags. Tags were also pretty important, too. Look into you get 13 words. So, you know, housewarming gift, baby shower gift. Um, you know, bridesmaid gifts, stuff like that. So it's very good that you get 13 key words here, and you get 140 characters in the title and then tons of room in the description. The description is good if it short and sweet, but you can still include some keywords in the description to help people make sure it's right for them. Help people find it super, super important. So don't forget to go to the class. Resource is download your mind map and some of the other worksheets I have there for you and some of the resource is, um, linked and really spend some time all in your keywords. It's super important, and it's one of the best ways to get your listing seen by way more people and then get more sales 3. Photography & Graphics: so with etc. Photos. One of the biggest things is I mean, they're they're huge, they're central. An important way to make your shop stand out is good photos. So you get five photos in your listing and, you know, highest quality as possible. M You could even be using your iPhone or iPad or something like that. But high quality is important, and they do have a size requirement of at least 570 pixels. So if you're putting into light room or photo shop or something, you can't crop it to Smalls. Super important to look at. Um, one of the biggest things that I like to tell people about photos is we all know the old adage. A picture is worth 1000 words, so you can spend 10 2030 plus minutes coming up with your 20 plus keywords that are really awesome and really important. But if your photos suck, then you're not gonna get as many clicks when people come to your site. When people come to your shop, when people search things, your food, als really, really matter. So my best advice is to make your photo look personable. Make it tell a little bit of a story. Make it show off your product. So a picture that I love this I just found this on my home page for my friend shop. They're kind of showing off what it would look like on your Christmas tree. It's an ornament. So they're showcasing it, Um, in a great way. Something that makes sense. People are going to see how it would fit into their life if that makes sense to you on gonna show some other angles of it, which is really important. Show multiple angles, especially if you're doing something that you've made. Um, you know, like jewelry or whatever, show some other angles. Show it, um, you know, kind of up, down and all around that really, really matters. Let's do bracelets. Showing it from multiple angles is pretty important so that people don't have as many questions. Um, you know, someone might ask, This is not a good example. Sorry, guys. Someone might ask, you know, how big is it or whatever? Um, I might wonder how big that stone actually is. So showing it sort of in a relative way next to 1/4 or something like that it might work your first photo. You really want it to be, um, you want your first photo in your listing to stand out, then the extra photos like this one might be my top photo. But then I might show it either on my wrist in the next photo or, you know, next to some sort of household object, like a pencil or 1/4 or something. So people understand more of a size reference. But your first photo needs to stand out. It needs to be impressive in some way. It needs Teoh catch people's eye, so that's the most important part. Photos tell 1000 words, so you get 5000 words extra in your photos, so use all five photos if you really can. And it's not a huge deal to not have a camera or anything, but just really try to think, How can I showcase my product, at least in the first photo that people will be like, Oh, yeah, that totally fits into my life Or, you know, that totally fits into my girlfriend's life. She'll love that is a gift or that totally fits into the vibe for my wedding. That I'm going for stuff like that. You want them to, um, imagine that they own it based on the photo that you're using in the first photo? Um, you know, this is a great example. I can imagine myself holding the champagne flute. I can imagine it's sitting on the table of my bridesmaids brunch or whatever. Um, so you wanna you want to show it off and showcase it in that way? That's the first thing that you want to do for your products. 4. Reaching Out & Marketing: All right, let's get to some advanced outreach for your Etsy shop again. Pinterest love. It's It's very, very good, especially if you're kind of target market. Ideal client is female, but it's good for a lot of things. But I want to touch on Pinterest abs because it's something that I've played around with a little bit and it can work very well. You just click create an ad when you're on Pinterest dump inches count, of course, and then get traffic to your website. Then you copy your, um, you just you have to pin your link first, so go over your listing. You know, put it on Pinterest like normal, and then this will show you just pick a pin. You put in your budget your name, but it could be a simple US $5. I've gotten probably a dozen clicks or so and then you pick up in and you're pretty much done. All you have to dio is add in like some interests. Some keywords, stuff like that. It's very self explanatory, but it can be super cheap to run, so I highly recommend you spend a good 5 $10 to at least test it out. It's a huge, um, boost to traffic and sales. At least I've seen in my shops. Um, but it is kind of an advantage strategy, so you have to be willing to spend some dollars. Another thing that I haven't personally tried. But I've had some students in the past who tried. They've used this website. I think it's Wayne alot Wayne Low something like that. But it's very similar to Pinterest, and from what I've what I've seen in my students and my clients is it's super similar Pinterest. But it's almost less popular than Pinterest, which means each photo you put up get seen by more people. Um, three. Bird Nest is a huge Etsy shop. It makes like thousands and thousands of dollars a month. Um, but it is very similar and it's a really great way to get your product seen by people. And it's you know, it's free to join another one that I've had success with, not personally, but I've seen my students use is Polyvore Um, and again, Polyvore stuff tends to get put on Pinterest a lot like the photos that you make so it might be worth it If you have, you know, handbags that you're selling or something. Fashion related bags, dresses, stuff like that. Even like makeup and essential oils, stuff can really help also places like this, like Wayne Lope interests Polyvore. They can help you find some trendy keywords to use, so it's out. It's a good place to kind of do some some keyword research as well, or some market research. My last favorite tip for you for outreach is I f T T T stands for if this, then that And they no longer have an Etsy apple least at the time that I'm recording this. But you can come to your shop, and it's just like basically etc dot com slash shop name. I'll just put it in here and then feed. You want to do that? That will typically work so you'll have the double check it. But copying, pacing this into this into I f t t t, um, will allow you to. Then, um, whenever there's a new item added to your shop or you can you can come and you can narrow it down even more with keywords but a new item. So you add this then that, then there's actions that happen, and the actions you can set up can be pretty much anything, so you can have it do. If the etc feed has a new item, you can have it put into a Google spreadsheet, so you keep really good track. Um, you can have it. That's really good for bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is super important. So you can do that. So goes to a spreadsheet. You can have it go to a Pinterest board for automatic marketing and outreach. Um, you can have it go to tumblr automatically. You can have it tweeted automatically, um, even sent to medium automatically. If you use that, it's super super good Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or ones that I would definitely set up and tumbler as well. If you like to use Tumbler, it can just automate your marketing at least a little bit. So you're your outreach is happening a lot, and it's happening without you having to spend a lot more time and energy on it so that you can spend more time making your stuff and creating, which is why we love, etc. Right to be creative. So I hope this really helps. I really strongly recommend you do not skip the marketing or outreach portion of this class or of having an Etsy shop. It's super important to get it seen by lots of people and to gain more traction. It's kind of a snowball effect. Starting out on etc. Could be hard because there's a lot of shops, but the more you focus on good keywords, good photography, some decent branding, telling your story sharing stuff on social media, All of those things work together to help you create a really solid foundation to make your shop stand out from the crowd to make it popular to make people keep coming back for more. 5. Branding : so the next step is branding your shop. This is really important to stand out. Um, one of my favorite favorite favorite business resource is is Canada dot com. Again, it will be linked in your class resources, but they have freeways to make, etc. Cover photos and Etsy shop icons, and I'll show you some great examples. This is a great example of a shop header. She just, you know, did a simple mock up of some of her popular products. Um, this is another great one where she's using sort of a template which you can get on Canada . Teoh give a code with a discount code, which could be really great. And she's got this cool little icon that she made, which is really fun and makes you kind of show off if you will. Um, it's a little like it evokes some emotion, which is really important and branding. So, um, it's not just a simple logo, but I do know a lot of people who will put the photo up here in your header instead of making a kind of a mock up or graphic that can also work. We also, and you wanna have your photo, if you can, as a shop owner to really make this stand out. When people come to your actual shop like home page, you want it to pop. So it is a really great idea to have Ah, you know, coupon code up here because that will really, um, entice people to buy up front. And then you can keep, um, getting more repeat sales, which is really important. But these air great and there's really awesome free options, and you can spend about a dollar to get some more intricate designs. You can see these air free, Um, but they're often some that are paid. This one would cost you a dollar because it has that, um, background. And there's a lot you can do with Canada. You can use a photo. You can get some different elements in here with illustrations to kind of showcase stuff. You can make seasonal graphics, which is really fun. These are great illustrations for summer, and a lot of them are free again. Some might be a dollar. Um, there's different grades. You could put multiple photos together and make a really fun template that's a little bit easier than using something like photo shop. But this is a great way to make your shop stand out is to make an icon that simple but evokes of emotion, maybe a little silly or whatever. Um, and then another cover photo that makes you stand out You can use consistent colors throughout. I would recommend, maybe tie them in together with the same illustration. If you're going to use an illustration or like your logo, Um, the same font would be really great, but definitely the same colors, if you can. 6. Project!: Hi, guys. Welcome to your project video. Where I love to do and my skills her classes is have my students share their work as they work through the class and apply the tips and techniques. I've taught clocks, and I do this because it can be such a game changer. You may be sure you're working class below and post some of the key words you've come up with for some of your listings. Or maybe you're gonna share some of the outreach things that you come up with some of your marketing. Maybe you're gonna start on instagram for your shop or, you know, try some Pinterest boards, stuff like that, sharing those in some of the costs I've taken. And some of the costs I taught have been absolute game changers to help us old brainstorm together to support one another. Maybe share some resource is that we didn't know about that can really help with marketing or finding some keywords that really help your listings gets old stuff like that. So please feel free to share whatever work you've done already in the project below. It could be your keywords. Um, your mind map. It can be even just a link to your Etsy shop or your listings asking for feedback. Believe me, it can really, really help to have a lot more eyes and ears on your listings on your photos. I am graphics, whatever it might be and have more brains to help you brainstorm or give you feedback because it can really, really be a game changer and leave two more sales and more followers for your shop and a lot of good stuff. So thank you for being in this class, please again. Share your product below and let's brainstorm together.