Super Easy Way To Draw Jerry in Adobe Illustrator CC

Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction to Drawing Jerry in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

    • 2. Beginners in Adobe Illustrator: Watch This First

    • 3. Drawing Jerry's Face on Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

    • 4. Drawing Ears and Completing Jerry's Head on Illustrator CC

    • 5. Drawing Jerry's Body Outline on Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

    • 6. Drawing Jerry's Tail and Completing the drawing in Adobe Illustrator CC

    • 7. I'm eager to see your Project in our Skillshare project Gallery


About This Class

Welcome to my new class on Super Easy Way To Draw Jerry in Adobe Illustrator CC

In this class I’ll teach you to draw Jerry as in Tom & Jerry in a step by step manner.

I designed this class for intermediate level users in Adobe Illustrator, because it’s not that easy to draw this Jerry at the first time itself.

But if you’re a beginner then you need to watch, the video titled “Beginners watch this first”. Once you have watched that then you’ll be able to draw this Jerry much easily and quickly.

Open Adobe Illustrator and simultaneously watch these videos so that you can practice the class while you’re watching it. By the time you complete this class, you would have also completed drawing the Jerry.

Then watch the last video on how to export your drawing as an image file and post it to our project gallery. Follow the instructions and proudly post your work, I’m eager to see it.

All the best folks!