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Super Easy Way To Draw Jerry in Adobe Illustrator CC

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction to Drawing Jerry in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

    • 2. Beginners in Adobe Illustrator: Watch This First

    • 3. Drawing Jerry's Face on Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

    • 4. Drawing Ears and Completing Jerry's Head on Illustrator CC

    • 5. Drawing Jerry's Body Outline on Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

    • 6. Drawing Jerry's Tail and Completing the drawing in Adobe Illustrator CC

    • 7. I'm eager to see your Project in our Skillshare project Gallery

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About This Class

Welcome to my new class on Super Easy Way To Draw Jerry in Adobe Illustrator CC

In this class I’ll teach you to draw Jerry as in Tom & Jerry in a step by step manner.

I designed this class for intermediate level users in Adobe Illustrator, because it’s not that easy to draw this Jerry at the first time itself.

But if you’re a beginner then you need to watch, the video titled “Beginners watch this first”. Once you have watched that then you’ll be able to draw this Jerry much easily and quickly.

Open Adobe Illustrator and simultaneously watch these videos so that you can practice the class while you’re watching it. By the time you complete this class, you would have also completed drawing the Jerry.

Then watch the last video on how to export your drawing as an image file and post it to our project gallery. Follow the instructions and proudly post your work, I’m eager to see it.

All the best folks!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Drawing Jerry in Adobe Illustrator CC 2015: Welcome to my new class on how to draw from a jury in Autumn Illustrated CC. In this class, I will teach you to draw jury as in Domine jury in a step by step. Now, I designed this class for intermediate level users in the Arab Illustrator, but it's not that easy to draw this jury on the first time self. But if you're a big you know, then you need to watch the video title. Big knows a lot of illustrator Watch this first. Once you have watched that, then you will be able to draw this jury much easily. Unq. Weekly Open, Adobe Illustrator and simultaneously watch these videos so that you can practice the class while you're watching it. By the time you complete this class, you'd have also completed drawing the jury. Then watch the lost video on how to export your drawing as an image file on posted toe over Project gallery, follow the instructions and proudly posed your work. I'm eager to see it on the best folks 2. Beginners in Adobe Illustrator: Watch This First: in this video. I'm going to tell you how you can draw this Jerry so easily. If you're a beginner in Adobe Illustrator for your easy convenience A how attached this out of illustrator file your class so open it. Goto this players filed then logged this down Double click this layer then you can choose template on them the images So 50% select. Okay, Now create on more layer on You can start drawing in this layer, for example You can zoom in here on then take the curvature tool then exactly draw like this. I just use this layer as a template or background on. You can continue drawing Asper the previous videos so that you can easily draw the years The eyes, the mouth, everything at the spots where they are in this template. 3. Drawing Jerry's Face on Adobe Illustrator CC 2015: in this video. First, we're going to create an outboard to draw this jury goto file and then select new, then give a name to the document, choose the profile Last Web or live it to custom, then choose the past 1080 on Hightower's 1009 20 so the orientation becomes poor. Tried now select. Okay, First Control and then plus button or command plus zooming into our art boat. Alternatively, you can hold all button or option button on. Then scroll the mouse to zoom in or zoom out. In this video, we are going toe. Draw the face off the jury step by strip on, we will under in this spot. So first, take the overall tool, which you can take from here or press L on the keyboard. Grow over like this, then go to the fact distort and transform. Then free transform. Pull this dot slightly left on top region. Bring this dot here. That said, we have got the left eye. No, let's draw the right eye Goto effect distort and transform and then freed to start just increased the in the top region. That's it. No. Take the selection tool. Greece a sit a bit. Andi plays it somewhat closer. Now Select both eyes on. You can see the outline on the actual diagram or something different. So go toe object on choose expand appearance. That's it. Now we need to draw the eyeball. So take the oval tool on. Draw a wall like this. Let's place it some war to the left. Now hold all key or option key on the keyboard and take on more copy. Now select this one. Take the rotate tool or press or on the keyboard on rotated anti clockwise. I'll rotate this one tow anti clockwise. Before that, we need to select this. Take the rotate tool under and rotate it anti clockwise. Now let's arrange it a bit. Now select both off these on. Then take the say builder tool or press sift plus M on the keyboard. Now hold old key on, then click on this region toe cut down it similarly. So, like these two and then take sable, the tool old old key on keyboard, and then cut it down. We have drawn the eyes on the pupil. I think this one is a little bit bulky. So before resizing select both off them on broke them together Now raises it like this. That's it. We have drawn the eyes. Now let's color it with a black fill color we need to ungroomed on. Then choose this one color. It looked black. Now we are going to draw There's mouth region Take all safe Hold old key on then draw over like this. Now fill it with there's a local er on. Then double click it. Take prove you. Now let's light on the color much Lighten. This is fine. Now go toe effect Distort and transform on Parker and bloat. Select Prevue. Andi, make the CPE like this. Select. Okay, now come toe object. Expand appearance now Take the core richer tool on Make a double click on this dot Pull it outwards. Similarly double click. Really? Don't look now Go toe object and select. Expand? Make sure that how? Check the food. No press. OK, now, right. Click on juice on group Now we can separate this out. No, select this one. This is what we want. So let's delete this safe. Place it somewhere exactly like this. Don't take the coach or tool on adjusted a bit. Similarly, they sent to. Let's bring it down much more Now we need to draw the nose. So take water is safe. Hold old key on, then andro over like this. Then color it with black No. Two Selection tool hold. Hold key on. Make a copy on. Place it somewhere like this choleric Dwight on then resists it like this. Now let Zuman further on. Take the coach or tool. Bring this dog somewhere here on double click. That said, we have got the nose. Let's make somewhat bulge ear here to be frank, I'm just not satisfied with this right, people. So I'm going to go ahead and delete it on Draw one more x, place it here on, then rotated. Now select boot off these take, say builder tool, Hold all key and then subtract. Arrange on, then send to bat. Arrange on. Then you need to bring it forward just before this I so either you can manually select this Bring forward or control. Plus right square bracket. That's it. Now let's make an outline for this. So give a black color. So now we need to draw this line. Let me zoom in. We need to draw this line which denotes the cheek off the jury. So take a narc after taking the Artal click here. Do here now Take a with your tool. Andi, relate here. Make a dot. Here on was there. That's all we have created the cheek. Can you even find unit a bit? Nixon? Now let's come back, Dolar Overall picture Now we need to draw the mouth. It's not that tough to draw the mouth, but a little bit. So we are going to draw the entire mouth with the courage of tool. So make sure that you start inside this ark not on the r mega click here. One more here on then one more Here We're not here. One more Here, Don't make a click on the line else he will start toe ended it, Make a double click Then let's join it here We have drawn the outline off the mouth. Now we need to draw the tongue. See the pink color tongue? This is pretty easy. Just draw to oil Rotated. It means Uman. Now hold all key on. Take on more cops Now Take rotate Tool on, then rotated a bit like this. No place it to the left, That's all. Now select both off them. Goto part finder on select Unite Select the color to this door. Think OK, now select both off these Go to sable the tool Old all key on mega click Here we have got the tongue So let me zoom out You need to color this one with black so that you can see the tongue clearly Also we need to send it back. So goto range Andi sent back word control plus left square bracket. Do it one more time so you can pass it behind the north regions. It's all let me zoom out. We have got the Mount Region Now we are going to draw the outer job part that is this one. So again we're going to use just the courage to before that Let's select all off them. Andi, move it slightly A ports They now take the coach Atone before that, choose the color. Tow this region. Take a Richard to land store toe klik From here. Make a click in this region. One more Here, One daughter Make a day out here, Make a door here. Don't worry about how it fills the space. We can change it later. Make a dot here on, then join it here. Now come back to the starting sport. No Jews selection tool goto arrange on and in it ascended backward. So we need to press control Left bracket several times until we can see the most. Now we are going to draw the outline off the face itself. Disease Pretty complex. So follow me tightly before drawing the face. We need to select all off them, right? Click on group because they need to resize it. Hold safety and Rees ice. Now we are going to draw the outline off the face before drawing the outline. Let's fine tune this cheek part of birth. So like this Cool it's son group it so like this too takes a build a tone. Hold Archy on, then deliver this part. Similarly select these box takes a builder tool. Hold old key and then delete these sports. Now we already to draw the outline A juice, the color whole Safety on and paste This color code C dub late 21 c for the center. We have got this body color now Takeaways your tool on, then start from this region. Make a click here on then double click. Make a click here. Double click on one more. Click here. One more. One more. Well, it's more books. Make it look here. Let's pull it slightly thinner. One more on one more Here Now make it like here in this sport on Come near the I region. One more here, click. Thank you. Click here he how made two dots here to make this sort go one more Here, Let's scroll down Andi, it's Brits lightly now. One more here on, then join. Now take selection tool in you to send this backwards. So go to orange and select. Send a tow back. After drawing this outline, you can adjust a bit using this correlation tool. You can make the most dinner are bulkier using this dogs. That's it. We have drawn the outline off the face off the most Jerry Select All Press control G. Andi, Let's zoom out or make it small. In the next video, we are going to draw the eels, but the site on, we are going to draw these small hearts on its face 4. Drawing Ears and Completing Jerry's Head on Illustrator CC: in this video. We are going to draw the eyebrows the nose house on. We're going to complete the year. See, This is how the final image will look like when we complete the diagram in this video. So now let's drink this here a bit. Let's pull it up now. Take the kosher tool again. Andi, make a dot Inside this your region. Now make one more play here on scroll down. One more. Here, hon. Then finally here. Now let's complete it for double click here and then complete to the starting point. Now we need to give the color. Oh, this select Arrange on, then sent to back. Now we are going to find tuned this a bit. You how computer drawing the year. Now let's drawl the second here, which can be seen behind the face. Now select the color toe this body brown color. Take a richer tool on. Start from here. Thank you. Click in this region on slightly to the left. Make one more here on more in this region. That's it, Erica, You can come on inch about the face, make a click. It's all know joined back. No, Pull this a bit lower. Next more it. Here, right click arrange sent to back. Let's find unit a bit, that soul it zoom out. So now we are going to draw these Harr's. But it's not going to look this funny. We're going to draw a thinner so the final outcome could be something like this. See? So just take the art tool Zuman draw from here, tow this region on, then increased the stroke with the three point and choose a profile has one now draw. One more are from this region, so here echo is a tool. Now increase the stroke with the three and choose with profile one. Similarly, you need to draw two more Harr's in this region. Select both off them. Increase the stroke with three points and shoes with profiled one. Now we need to draw the Aib rose for this juice line. Sigmund Tool on draw A line like this Later, we can adjust the IBO using covert your tool the child prefer most than drawing with our I'm using direct tool that X selection tool. So if you want to move this line, you need the first double click this dot to move just this daughter alone. You just click once on more this line, then you may move the and their line itself so you can double click on, then move to move this single dot Now take a little again on Let's find June H one off them . Press escape. Now choose this and for a little bit like this, press escape on. Then select another, exploring it somewhat. Here. I'll press escape on Moto next one. Escape on the next. Make a clip I had a daughter on. Then you can easily make this go now go to gentle selection tool Whole safety on Select All four off this. Now increase the stroke with the three points on Choose of it. Profile to four. That's it. We have got the eye Broz the hearts everything. No, We are going to draw the house on the head like this for this. Let's zoom in. Take the courage of total again on a so like this. No make on dot one more and one more Help with this Never flick. Make one more dot Here, double click it. It's more decide one more 10.1 more Double click this one so that when we sift this out? This one stays in the same region. Make a double click here to make this and look short. Now we need toe ad. A line like this Can you see? So for that, take this line Tool. Zoom in further. I had a line like this. No, go to the profile and choose with profile four. That's it. We have got the post has everything. In the next video, we are going to transform the head into the body outline. 5. Drawing Jerry's Body Outline on Adobe Illustrator CC 2015: as off. Now we have completed drawing the face off Jerry. Now you're going to proceed with this step on one toe this then finally, we are going to complete the body outline in this video. So let's select all of these press control g to group them together whole safety and resize it because we need more space to draw the hands on body. Let's choose the zone tool. Andi, it's just this region. Okay, now let's take the curvature tool again and choose the color toe the body color. Now we are going to draw this hand on solder. So let's start from this region. Make a click here one more. Here, this forms a soldier now approximately in this region makes us click on every click like a double click. Make one more click here. One more Now on click here. One more, one more Here on. Then we have completed the some part. Now just draw roughly. We can find in it later. Anyhow, Even after drawing perfectly, there will be some sports which needs some perfection. So don't worry about the perfection. Now Just look for the areas where I am drawing this to maintain the perfect proportion. Think you don't hear? Never click. This is another thumb. This is the fore finger. Never click. This also includes the second finger. He could never click here. That's it. Now arrange on. Sent to back Now we are going to find you in this first let's zoom in tow this hand Watch carefully. Where I'm going to double click on where I'm making it as a CO. These are very important. So now we need this to come here. Let's bring it down here. That's it. We have got two fingers ready, Ex mo, this of it Here on now We need to separate this finger. The 3rd 1 For that, I'm going to draw a line us useful on changed a stroke. So this Trang see the hands? The three fingers already. Now we are going to change the damn pot. Just click on this outline. Then you will start to edited. Don't worry how this one changes. We can change it later. Just look on car for this dumb and not the other regions. Let Zuma now we need to find your own. This hand takeover is a tool like on this outline on double click this sport. That's it. We have got the thumb ready. No, you're going to fine tune the four finger if you draw a line here in the forefinger in the second finger already. Now we just need toe are just the third finger. It should be in that sport, but somewhat thinner because what these fingers put together form this with then, So it comes slightly thinner in sloth sharp, and let's make it slightly blunt in itself. Now take a line. Andi drove from here in this sport and change the width profile toe triangle. If you want to take it further, you can make a click here on slightly bend it to look like a finger. Now we are going to fine tune Solder port. It's almost okay, but still I want to find unit. Make sure both off these hands or off same thickness. The head seems too small, right? So let's select it. Andi. Make it a bit bigger. Instead of producing the size off the soldiers or hands, it's easier toe resides the head that is the previous port, which we have completed the drawing because you can easily group them together and resizing . Now we are going to continue our drawing toe. These part that is the legs acreage of tool. Once again start drawing from this region. Make it out here on one more. Here. Exactly. Near this dump on one more Here in double click. Now just draw over in this region for the food. Later we can unjust it on this one. You need to draw exactly the center. Make a double flick number click See? Look for a strike Ling from this region. Double click on, then joined back with the double click. Sorry. Have almost God the legs. They just need to find your in the food, that's all. Now take a line on Do let me zoom and so that you can see it clearly. Dry line takeovers your tool make adult and then pull it like this Just this one. Make the code naturally to Slaten. Now let's move on to the next foot. Chris escape on zooming into here like Hondas Foot Andi, bring this dot Here, this one to this region. Now make one more dot here on political debate outward. Never click this one slightly. Pull it in words. That's it. We have almost completed this foot. Take the line. Let me Zuman draw a line like this takeover. Is your tool unbalanced? Likely build it. It's already how Completed. Drawing the foot it's And now let's proceed. Good. The total body outline it is We're going to join the food region. Let the hands. This is actually very simple. You just need to select. You just need to choose the courage of tool. Zoom in a bit, Make a double click Make a double click here so that you'd stood appears more This is a stomach apart so it should appear little bit bulgy. Now select both these structures Photo What finder On select night Now, right Click this on Goto arrange and sent to back. That said, we have got everything ready now select everything on rightly conflict group. So in the next video we're going to do some touch up walks That is the tail, this abdomen part and also some clothes here and there 6. Drawing Jerry's Tail and Completing the drawing in Adobe Illustrator CC: in this video. We're going to draw the tail on the abdomen, part that you can see here. And also we are going to do some touch up works here and there. But before that, I was to tell you one thing. If it all you find the head or hand, or the legs which ovaries on proportionate, select them on, then you can go to affect, distort and transform on. Then Frieda start like this. You can go on, and you can easily make them small or thinner or whatever way you want. For example, there's assume that I want this way, That's it. And how got it. So let me do that correctly. I thought that the legs are somewhat lengthier compared to the hands or head. So that's why I'm just making them proportionate. That's it. Now it works. Better see, compared to the previous, so plain now, go toe object on select expand appearance. That's it. But after doing it, if you haven't group correctly, then you may miss all the parts like this need to place them correctly after that similarly taken place. This part we have toe place this are in the left foot the same manner This line R Ark for this finger, that's all. If you have group correctly, then this would have worked since I Mr Days. Let me select on press control G right click Arrange center back. That's it. We have corrected our jury. Now let's start drawing the pale You can see here, let me zoom in and truly and let me place it some more like this to create space here as use will take the courage or tool. But before that, you need to choose this body color on. Then take the courage or tool and start drawing the tail in this region approximately half a inch below the thump. Drawing the tail is pretty easy, but you need to know what to make. The dots have started making the first not here now, one more one more and the last one double click here. Now you should not place the bottom dot in this region. Make somewhere 1/3 off the distance between these two dots. That's it. Similarly, the one 1/3 or half between these two dogs on maintain the proportion. After this, you can find unit easily. That's all. Now choose the outline or stroke of black I was selected Goto, arrange on Send to back Now let's make this head a bit smaller. Always re while resizing You need to hold the safety. Oh, control a select all off them on dry click Select Group Now we can raises whole off this jury. Okay? Now what we are going to do is we're going to draw this abdomen pot again. For this. We are going to use the overture tool. So me, Zuman, I'll take the call. Richard Tool, start from this region. Make it out here. One more in this region. But we need to find in it better before that. Let's color it to this mode color. I'll take the courage it will again on make a dot Here on bring it like this. It's almost trade. Now let me Zuman fund. You're going to find you in this region. This is the most important part. Is sued aligned this to the outline almost near the outline, but not exactly near it. So that's the tough part. Let's deal with this region. So press control G to group them together on grease Ice the mouse. Now we are going to do some fine tuning For this, I recommend creating a new layer. Since we don't need toe, add a line for each off this. So create one more layer on love This now, before locking this layer, let me find tune this hand regions take the curvature tool on No, it's slightly in works. If you don't want certain dots, then you can click and hold this mental. Then take the date Ankle tool anchor point tool on Delete the dots like this. That's it. Now take the courage a tool on find unit a bit. Now go to layers on lock down this layer in this layer We are going to draw the touch up walks first zoom in. Take the current your tool on Jews this triangle or with profile food and to slayer to now we are going to draw from this hunger point. So here change to profile four. Now press escape hand start drawing from this region. Now let me Zuman and start drawing from this region. Who here? I had a daughter and make it slightly Coe, Jews of it. Profile four. That's all. Now let's move into this region where we need to draw two more calls. Eight. The courage of tools Zoom in, make a door. When come up with this region slightly covie. Make sure that it alliance with this girl. No. Choose with profile. Four on press escape. Change the filter. An awful else. It's restarting this one. So let's Xoma. That's all we have completed. Drawing the jury. Now Unlock this layer. Select on press control, G. Now the diagram from Layer one will be sifted to layer to all of this will become a single layer. 7. I'm eager to see your Project in our Skillshare project Gallery: Hi, my dear students, by now you should have started drawing this jury or you could have even completed it If you have completed or even if your work is in progress, create a project in our project gallery on some of your work in progress are feel proud to summit your completed project. I'm looking forward for your diagrams. Thank you.