Super Easy Watercolors #5 - Rainbow Dragonfly with Lotus Flower [FREE Line Art Template] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

Super Easy Watercolors #5 - Rainbow Dragonfly with Lotus Flower [FREE Line Art Template]

Watercolour Witch Eliza

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14 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro + Giveaway Info

    • 2. List of Materials

    • 3. Your Class Project

    • 4. Tracing the Lines

    • 5. Inking the Lines

    • 6. Painting the Blue Triangle

    • 7. Painting the Leaves

    • 8. Painting the Three Little Moons

    • 9. Painting the Flowers

    • 10. Painting the Moon

    • 11. Painting the Golden Triangle

    • 12. Painting the Color Drops

    • 13. Final Touches

    • 14. The Next Steps to Improve Your Skills


About This Class

Metallic watercolor giveaway:

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Do you want to learn how to paint this colorful dragonfly , but you don’t have much experience with watercolors?


Hi, I’m Eliza, the Watercolour Witch.

I'm an illustrator and a watercolor art teacher.

I've taught more than 20 000 students around the globe on how to watercolor with ease.

I make art tutorial videos so that you can forget stressing out when it comes to creating your own paintings.

My goal for you is to upgrade your painting skills while having fun. So, in this class not only you will be learning how to paint thisdragonfly with the colorful watercolor splashes, but I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks resources that are designed to support, encourage, and enhance your experience with watercolor.



I created this class for all levels of experience. So if you are a newbie watercolorist, don’t worry, if you take this class  you will have tons of fun with it, moreover I’m here to help if you have any questions.


In the class I’m going to talk about:

- How to paint the dragonfly  from a-z in an understandable way ( even if you don’t have any background in animal painting)

- How to create colorful watercolor paint drops and splashes easily

-How to paint the lotus flower and leaves

-Moreover you can practice basic drawing and inking techniques with me



While in other classes you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class I included a downloadable line art template, which takes away the stress of having to produce a sketch before the painting.

Though for those who love challenges I created a bonus lesson where I show you how to draw the line art of this painting.


There is nothing to risk, here all you need to do is enjoy the painting process!

So it’s time to take action!

Grab your brushes and start painting now!

See you in the class!

MUsic I used in the Tracing the lines lesson is Coi Koi by Anonimus downloaded from