Super Easy Watercolors: #1 Green Crystals [FREE Line Art Template] | Watercolour Witch Eliza | Skillshare

Super Easy Watercolors: #1 Green Crystals [FREE Line Art Template]

Watercolour Witch Eliza

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7 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools

    • 3. Drawing the Crystal

    • 4. Painting the Crystal

    • 5. Final Details

    • 6. Bonus Lesson Let's Paint Purple Crystals

    • 7. Outro


About This Class

This class is for you if you would love to paint crystals, but no matter how hard you tried, your watercolor crystals looked awkward. The class is aimed for beginners, it doesn't require any watercolor skills.

Hi there, I'm Eliza, the Watercolour Witch. This class was born out of sheer frustration. A year ago I decided to paint some crystals, so I went on Youtube to find some easy tutorial videos on painting crystals.

After watching some of those tutorials I realized, that many teachers tend to overcomplicate their painting process for crystals.

So I decided to create an easy method for painting watercolor crystals, so that even beginners will be able to paint pretty crystals by the end of the class.

You will get a downloadable line art of the crystals so all you need to do is to grab a brush and some watercolor paints, and paint some beautiful crystals. 

In this class you will not learn how to paint hyperrealistic crystals.

But after watching the lessons you will be able to paint vibrant, pretty watercolor crystals quickly and easily.

Put the worry aside, you will get the downloadable line art for this painting, so you don't have to stress over drawing.

BUT, if you are interested in drawing your own crystals, I'll tell you my tips&tricks on how to draw crystals in the second lesson.

So let's summarize why you should take this class: 

  1. Quick: you can paint your own crystals from scratch to finish within an hour
  2. Easy method: you can forget the stress of drawing
  3. No need to draw: line art, color guide is included in the class ( you will find them at "resources")
  4. ( but if you are interested) you can learn how to draw your own crystals



1. Introduction: would you like to paint voter color crystals? But you never dare to try it out or you've already tried. But the result was rather disappointing. Now I have a good news for you. In this class. You will get to learn how to paint watercolor crystals. It isn't fun. The class is suitable for beginners. I included a downloadable liner so you don't need to struggle. Be throwing. But as a bonus, if you want to learn how to draw crystals. Lizzie Lee, I dedicated a whole lessons to explain the technical parts off throwing pretty crystals. I'm Eliza, owner off watercolor. Which shop? I created this class for those who would like to see quick developments in their Krista painting scares Happy painting and see you in the class. 2. Tools: tours. To create this painting, you would need the following to US watercolor paper brushes. I use a simple around brush for painting watercolor pains green, blue and yellow for the Krista's that pencil or pen for the inclines. Gordon invite jelly pan for creating the highlights. They are not obligatory, but they look very pretty. Leinart. If you do not wish to draw the Krista's for yourself, I included a downloadable Leinart file in the rest sources. Manning, Or you can download it by following this link. Once you've downloaded the line, are you need to transfer it on the voter colored paper? If you are not familiar with the matter on how to transfer the lines, I would suggest you watch my other lesson. I will explain the transferring mattered in the stairs. So that's it all. Let's start creating 3. Drawing the Crystal: drawing the Krista's. First of all, if you don't want to draw the crystals by yourself, you can download the line out from this link or from the class resources menu. But actually, I hope you will give it a try. If you wish to draw the crystals on your own, Here are some tips on how to start first use reference photos. Reference photos can help you a lot in drawing more lifelike Krista's. You may want to use your own Kristers as a reference, but if you don't have any, you can find turns off Amazing Krista photos on the Internet. Pinterest and Instagram are good places to start your research. Second, always make an under growing weak, your pansa and all the after you feel satisfied with the results. Move on toe outlining. Get with Japan. Furred shapes simplified the shapes off the Christa Krista's bid up off shapes like triangles, rectangles and oblongs. Nothing is round, the lines are straight and Kurds are pretty rare to find. So let's see. Some common shapes drew two parallel lines. One is higher than the other and throw the roof on the top. Drove some straight lines inside, interconnected with each other. Something like that. Now a variation off this shape, but it's a bit chunkier divider and more flat. Feel free to experiment there. Arent any street crews. Here is an extra spike Yuan toe all narrow and has a dynamic field. You can think off these shapes as houses mountains, and here's Remember where you draw a group off Krista's, try to varieties free forms and finally, do important things overlapping and different growing direction where you throw more Krista , speaker for Not toe drove them growing in the same direction. Look or growing different angers to make your drawing more Freedy. Throw some crystals overlapping each other, and in the end, you're drawing should look something similar like this. 4. Painting the Crystal: coloring the Christa. So first I start with the yellow color on the top off the Christer. Then I can t new beat a light green paint in the middle area off the Krista. I blend it well with the yellow. Then I continue little light blue color at the bottom. I pushed the paint upwards following the address off the Krista's Let's do it again, yellow on the top, green in the middle and light blue at the bottom. Push the paint upwards and at Sam Blue on the bottom. When it's right at their blue, on the bottom and with some board strokes, push this blue paint upwards. Blend it a bit. You may want to add a bit off fly blue here and there, or some greens and yellows. All right, let's move on to the other Krista's first put yellow on the top greens in the middle area, then add the light blues and finally, dark blue on the bottom blended well and, if needed, newspaper covers. To remove excess voter from the painting, follow the Krista's edges. When you push the colors upwards, you can add more dark on the bottom. You can create interesting textures by gently tapping the painting with the paper issue and finally, Sam Blue on the edges where you finished, let it dry. 5. Final Details: extras here I painted a simple background for the Krista's. It's not necessary, but I think it looks good to have a background. I painted pink on the bottom, and then I painted Violet on the top off the pink. I painted the player by layer, but there is no need for over complicated. I outlined the Krista's with a black pencil, but you can use a black man if you wish. The reason why I outlined the crystals is quite simple. These black lines have the Krista spoke out off the painting. It hurts more character, toe the forms. Then I added some scratch marks by drawing 45 DEA gonna lines on the crystal. It helps creating rookie looking texture. I turned the new, creating scratch marks with a Gordon jelly pan. I also outlined the edges. Feet gored. Then I move on to a vie jelly pan. I drove the outlines and advise scratches he ran there. Don't think too much about where to place the scratch marks. It doesn't really matter at all. You're only aim is to create fun, irregular and lively shapes. Try to enjoy the process and don't stress about it. And value Ting divide is enough. You're painting is basically finished 6. Bonus Lesson Let's Paint Purple Crystals: born was less son paint purple crystals with leaves. In this extra lesson, I'm going to show you how I painted this Perper Krista's with the leaves, So first I start with a bright yellow at the bottom off the background. I don't use too much water, but rather much pigments on the background, as I don't want to use wet on wet technique. Here I paint green and blue on the top. My goal is that my brush strokes remain visible, edgy and rough on the background. I carefully paint around the leaves. When I blend the greens with the yellow, I paint with Ralf and fast brushstrokes in mostly vertical direction. Up and down, up endow. You may use whatever type of brash you feel comfortable here. I can t new with that blue. I spread the colors. The words vita fam brush a bit more yellow to make it more vibrant. - I paint that blue dots. He ran there on the top, and I blend them with the fem brush. I formed pain drops with my brush. Here, the paper saw the gravitational force can happier, forming the pain drops. - Oops . I realized that I made the drops two interns, so I mop up the excess colors with the paper tower. All right, let's start painting the crease stars. First, I dampened the crystal with clean water. Then I paint Violet on the bottom. I continue with adding Perper pains. I paint a tiny hint off orange on the top. Finally, a bit off dark violet at the bottom. - I move on to the next Greece style. Here I use a pink, orange based color and the Bordeaux color on the Krista's Veggies. You can paint blue purple orange combos as well. With violet on the allergies, I basically follow the same process as I did in the previous lessons with the green. Chri stars darker colors at the bottom of the Krista's by lighter colors on the top off the crystals. That's it'll Where you are finished, let it completely dry. After it dried, I outlined the crystals and the plans with a Gordon Japan. Moreover, I added some scratch lines on the crystals with a blue pan. I also added parallel blue lines on the half off the leaves by leaving the other half empty in order to make the leaves more interesting visually. So that's it. I hope you enjoyed this extra lesson 7. Outro: Congress. Now you are finished. But don't forget you have a homework to do. Please upload your art for toe the classes Project gallery and write the review off the quest. If you get stuck in the painting process, feel free to ask me in the community section I'm happy to have. Thank you so much for taking my class. And if you enjoyed it, don't forget to follow me on scarce share so you won't miss my future classes. Thanks for watching.