Super Easy SEO Ninja Hacks That ANYBODY Can Do For More Visibility Online | Tim Vasquez | Skillshare

Super Easy SEO Ninja Hacks That ANYBODY Can Do For More Visibility Online

Tim Vasquez, Video SEO Expert. Love My Work!

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7 Videos (1h 2m)
    • Intro and Hi!

    • Easiest keyword research ever

    • Backlinking Like A Boss!

    • Why Blog Post Ideas Beat Peanut Butter on Pancaskes

    • Why You Should Not Eat And Screen Record In Bed

    • How This Website Builder Is Bringing Sexy Back!

    • How To Fight Lex Luthor Using This Secret Google Trick!


About This Class

Hi! So this class will be about how to do your own SEO, make your own website with a few tidbits thrown in including an underused SEO technique that Google loves . I am going to make this so easy to help skyrocket your website rankings to help you gain the visibility you deserve for your business.

  • The EASIEST keyword research ever! My 5 minute method works and anybody can do this!
  • Backlinking like a BOSS. This is a SUPER important element in rankings online. Google loves it and if Google loves it, so should you, my ninja warrior.
  • How web sites are bringing sexy back! I am going to share with you a FREE website maker that is so darned easy to use, you will be able to sneak up on your competition with this.
  • Why blog post ideas beat peanut butter on pancakes! You need ideas for your blogs? Titles? I'm going to show you how to generate amazing titles and get ideas. No more writers block!
  • Why you should not eat and screen record in bed. ( And NOT what you are thinking, you naughty ninja ) No more complicated software to screen record. I'm going to give you the easiest software to use to screen record. ( I'm using it for this! )
  • How to fight Lex Luthor using only this secret Google trick. Superman's secret weapon and Lex doesn't like it. ( VERY NINJA TACTIC for ranking ) 





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Tim Vasquez

Video SEO Expert. Love My Work!

Hello, I'm Tim. I'm a digital marketing expert located in Dallas Tx. ( this is beginning to sound like an ad for a singles )

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help out with charities, give tips for business, inspire and motivate people to help with their business. I host a weekly podcast called The Launch with Tim Vasquez ( found on Itunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, Stitcher, ) and can be heard live every Friday at 10am Central on the Real News Communication Network http://re...

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