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Super Easy SEO Ninja Hacks That ANYBODY Can Do For More Visibility Online

teacher avatar Tim Vasquez, Video SEO Expert. Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Intro and Hi!

    • 2. Easiest keyword research ever

    • 3. Backlinking Like A Boss!

    • 4. Why Blog Post Ideas Beat Peanut Butter on Pancaskes

    • 5. Why You Should Not Eat And Screen Record In Bed

    • 6. How This Website Builder Is Bringing Sexy Back!

    • 7. How To Fight Lex Luthor Using This Secret Google Trick!

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About This Class

Hi! So this class will be about how to do your own SEO, make your own website with a few tidbits thrown in including an underused SEO technique that Google loves . I am going to make this so easy to help skyrocket your website rankings to help you gain the visibility you deserve for your business.

  • The EASIEST keyword research ever! My 5 minute method works and anybody can do this!
  • Backlinking like a BOSS. This is a SUPER important element in rankings online. Google loves it and if Google loves it, so should you, my ninja warrior.
  • How web sites are bringing sexy back! I am going to share with you a FREE website maker that is so darned easy to use, you will be able to sneak up on your competition with this.
  • Why blog post ideas beat peanut butter on pancakes! You need ideas for your blogs? Titles? I'm going to show you how to generate amazing titles and get ideas. No more writers block!
  • Why you should not eat and screen record in bed. ( And NOT what you are thinking, you naughty ninja ) No more complicated software to screen record. I'm going to give you the easiest software to use to screen record. ( I'm using it for this! )
  • How to fight Lex Luthor using only this secret Google trick. Superman's secret weapon and Lex doesn't like it. ( VERY NINJA TACTIC for ranking ) 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tim Vasquez

Video SEO Expert. Digital Marketer


Hello, I'm Tim. I'm a digital marketing expert located in Dallas Tx. ( this is beginning to sound like an ad for a singles ) 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help out with charities, give tips for business, inspire and motivate people to help with their business. I host a weekly podcast called The Launch with Tim Vasquez ( found on Itunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, Stitcher, ) and can be heard live every Friday at 10am Central on  the Real News Communication Network 

If you Google best business podcast in Texas, I am number one along with best business podcast in Dallas. Millions of search results.

My show is about having guests, giving tips, rant, rave, latest news, secret hacks all directed at helping you out wi... See full profile

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1. Intro and Hi!: Hey, everybody. I'm Tim Vasquez, and I'm here to give you some tips and tricks that Ah, luxury conventional. I don't like doing the same old thing that everybody else does for SC or social media, because, frankly, some of those methods don't work there. Hackneyed. They're tired. Ah, and frankly, are not very fun. And everything I've done has been met with some success. And in a very proud of that Ah, the things I teaching this course very easy. Vory actionable, vory ninja. Vory take out. Anybody can do these things. Ah, I have shared these tips with other s CEO groups here in the Dallas area. And they were like, Oh, my gosh, we didn't know we could do that. Well, guess what you can So these giving the Super Easy Ninja hacks for S c o ah! The first thing I'm gonna teach the easiest keyword research ever. This will take five minutes of your time to do. You could back link like a boss. I'll explain what back linking is and you really need that for your website. You've got to have back linking to your website because Google that is a ranking factor for Google. It's probably the most important ranking factors of all. Why block post ideas be peanut butter on pancakes? I'm gonna give you some resource is so you can find some amazing titles and block post ideas case you're stuck. And in fact, it will go beyond just block. Post ideas may be used. These subjects lines for emails. Ah, why should not eat and screen recording bed? It's not what you're thinking. You're not a ninja. I know what you're thinking and this is a super cool trick or hack if you want to. But how to fight Lex Luther using this secret Google trick, it's one that if you should be experienced enough to know how to do this and if you're not doing it, you're not helping your clients out. If you are doing these things for yourself, this secret Google trick will really help you get found online that much quicker. Get on Tim Vasquez. Welcome to the course. I think you're gonna have fun. And, ah, I said, let's get after it 2. Easiest keyword research ever: Hey, everybody, Tim here. Hope you having a great day to day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for purchasing this class. I'm going to go through a lot of really cool things with you and I. These are all actionable. Anybody can do these things. And let's not wasting more time. I'm going to show you right now. Hands down the easiest keyword research ever. Ah, lot of you guys probably like, well, keywords. I need it for my business. But I really don't know what to find. I don't know what keywords to use you might think you do sometimes when your business person. But sometimes those ideas may not be the right ones for your business. So I'm gonna go through a couple of examples here and show you the best keywords they use for your business. And I'm gonna really make it super easy. Anybody can do this. All right. So I live in the Dallas area, and so we're gonna use Dallas is as, ah, the kickoff point, and I'm gonna top of plumbers. So I'm going to use plumbers, and I'm just going to stop right there. So I'm seeing right now that Google's already starting to give me some keywords or plumbers . Tape Plumbers. Dear me plumbers There you plumber's putty plumbers around me. I'll be honest with you, the three that I look at right now. Plumbers near me, near you and around me. I want those keywords on my website. I want them on my Blaga. Want them to be active somehow some way in the way of marketing my business. So plumbers in now I've got plumbers in Fort Worth in Arlington and Dallas and Plano in doubt in Denton, Texas. These air active keywords going on right now that Googled saying people are looking for they used to be using for your business space plumbers in I'm gonna top in Dallas and we could see a couple of different parts of the country Pennsylvania, Oregon, Georgia and then G a plumber's in Dallas, Texas. Still relevant. Another space and whips. Learn how spell Texas. There we go. So here we're here, the keywords right now. Plumbers in Dallas, Texas cheap plumbers and Dallas, Texas. Love that one. Plumber. Best plumbers and Dallas, Texas also love that one. License plumbers in Dallas, Texas, and then plumbers in Lake Dallas, Texas, a little area outside of Dallas area. But I've been given another set of key words here that Google said, Hey, people are looking for these things right now. My main keyword plumbers in Dallas, Texas, here. The other words that people looking for that relate to plumbers in Dallas, Texas. But let's let's go here was Click Inner now gives me plumbers in Dallas, Texas, and we're seeing It's very, you know, a lot of results for that. That means a lot of people looking for plumbers in Dallas, Texas. I'm gonna give you secret Ninja trick number two for the easiest keyword research ever notice. I scrolled all the way down to the screen for searches related to plumbers in Dallas, Texas. Let us take this against searches related. Two plumbers in Dallas, Texas, related being the operative word. So now Google's Give me another set of keywords. Best plumbers in Dallas. 24 hour Plumber Dallas. Ah, that's a business commercial. Plumbing Dallas Plumbing Contractors, Dallas, Texas, Dallas Plumbers Free estimates. Angie's list Plumbers Dallas and I mean now been given about 10 keywords just based on this very basic keyword search that I have now got more material. I can use my website keywords that could put it on website of my blawg to make sure that Google indexes what I'm doing now. Here's Nen did traffic tip number three for Google keywords. I look at the ads, so I see three ads here, and this is ultra competitive because there's a bunch of ads. Here's so I'm going to use what Google's tell me to do. Most of the time when people are putting ads out, it's not the business themselves, a string. They've actually hired people from Google to do it because it's a Google's best interest. Put the best ads out there, but but they're giving me the key words I'll give you. For instance, prompt professional plumber in Dallas. Sounds like something I could use. Drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, leak detection, water heater sales Again. Those are words I can use in my business by attaching Dallas, a drained cleaning in Dallas, Texas plumbing repairs and Dallas sexes. Get what I'm saying. Here's another one. Affordable license. Plumbers serving the DFW area. Affordable license Plumbers. That's my keyword phrase. Right there. Plumbers ready to help you? Another keyword phrase. So these ads are written by Google people, for the most part who put the ads in here and there, using the best phrases so that their clients get found online. They do not have a monopoly on the phraseology here. They absolutely do. Not. The same thing is plumbers in Dallas, Texas. It's just out there. Nobody has the copyright to that. So you couldn't use this material to help you get found online. So three Ninja tactics one use of the drop downs on your keyword search number two searches related to plumbers in Dallas, Texas, or whatever industry. The number three used the ads. See what they're saying in here and related to you. Let's use another industry real quick. Um, how about insurance? And we could see insurance companies near me in Dallas, Texas Insurance brokers. Dallas Insurance for Palmer's. What a coincidence. They need. Always talk about plumbers insurance. I'm gonna use brokers. Okay, so I could see insurance brokers. Dallas insurance broker Sally Insurance broker near me. I'm no use brokers. I like that I love near me, by the way, is a keyword phrase because a lot of people they want people in the general vicinity to take care of them. They're not going to drive 30 minutes to find a service or a service provider. They want somebody journal within a five mile radius. 10 miles stops. But you want something. The area so insurance brokers near me in Dallas, Texas, All right. We saw this drop downs going on me. Click search. Not as many ads, and that's okay, but I'm gonna look down to the bottom individual. HELSER Insurance Brokers in Dallas Health insurance broker. Dallas, Texas South Insurance brokers, car insurance brokers. Health insurance For this is again another set of keywords that people are looking for that you can use. Here's a couple of ads. Ah, let's see insurance coverage. Ah, that's kind of an automatic that, isn't it? Ah, maybe instant approval, instant approval for your insurance broker or save with auto insurance. So a couple of key word phrases right there they can use taking out the ads that Google set up themselves. So again, don't be scared by using what's about there for you, because again, it's your business that we're talking about. All right, so anyway, Ninja tactics you can use for the easiest keyword research ever. You don't have to go deep into a lot of tools to do this. You could do it. All right. Here, Right online. 3. Backlinking Like A Boss!: Hey, everybody, Tim here hope you having a good one. And thank you again So much for ah, checking out this course. All right, So this ninja tactics really, really, really cool. Very important for you. In fact, this may be one The more important elements of your website of your blog's, Whatever you're doing, this is gonna be just hands down with most important things you'll do. It's called back Linking and back Linking means is that your website, your blawg, your video that you make the u R l is attached to another website that has some authority built into it and it doesn't have to. But I'm looking for sites that have authority built into it that I could attach my website to and or my blawg that Google looks at at that point saying like OK, here's a major website that's got some authority built into it and that my website is being allowed to be in that website some sort of attachment. Well, when Google sees that they're going like OK, well, that means that my site has got some authority because this authority side decided to pick me up. Okay, It's got some juice there. So I'm going to show you this really cool ninja tactic. I'm in S e o guy in the Dallas area, and I showed other issue people this and they didn't even knew about this. And so they're just going nuts. They love this tool, and it's free. So this something you could do yourself and it's so easy. But you do have to do one little bit of a set up before I disclose what this tool is you have to do is set up. I'm gonna show you where we have to go to so we have to go to Mars and just mas dot com for those and you want to get the MAS bar, you're all one Sutil bar for research on the go I used the chrome Web browser So you download the MAS bar for free and you put it in your browser and in chrome it's gonna look like this. It's going to be right there, and it's got that little em till you see mas bar from Oz. So I've already got any count with Moss, which, by the way, this is free, so you don't even have to pay for it. So I'm just gonna go ahead and log in, Amaury preloaded log in. And now my ma's bar should be on it will be on in a second, so we're good right now. I'm gonna show you how cool this is. The site you're gonna go to is called Drop my link and just go to drop my link dot com It's the ultimate league building helper. Use our collection of SDO footprints to build links fast as hell Footprints means that whenever again, your u R L your website, your video, your blog's is attached to another one. That's a footprint. So Google confined it and again build up your authority. Let me go ahead and log in, by the way, registrations free. So let me go in law again. More pre done here. Now here's where the funds go Begin my young star Lee Friends, How do we get started? So there's an instruction how to do this and what this tool does is that it has a bunch of websites that are out there that will allow you to put your u R L into based on your business. And it's just so cool and it goes back some years, you can. I'll do the drive for any time past week, past months, path here. I wanted it. Any time. Just gonna leave that There's a default. 30 results I want. That's the defaults. 30 results. I want to keep it there and TL D's. That's like the dot com start nash dot org's. And then we also see diabetes and die. Govs. To be honest with you, if he could get a back link from a dot edu or dot gov, you are in heaven because Google really looks upon those sites is the biggest authority of all. And you really kind of want that. You see category comment back links, but we'll see from block platforms comin back. Links form back links guest post link roundups. I keep it in the default comment back links, and I'll show you one in just a minute. But again, you could go to block platforms, even Goto forms. You go to guest post toe like your black lead to go to bathe. Comment. Back links are probably the easiest way to do this. The footprint again. Keep it of the default is a comment love premium. You'll see what I'm talking about. A minute. You'll see. Also do follow comments, Intense debate. You were loved. Live. Er, I'll be honest. I'm not gonna mess with those. I'm just gonna keep it here. Consider your key order niche and my earlier example about the easiest keyword research ever. I use plumbers and insurance. I'm gonna tease plumber again and again. I'm just kind of do this blind. I'm not even I'm just doing a general search right now. So I see this phrase here. Where's my ma's? There we go. That make sure it's turned on its blue when it's on. This is how you gonna find the authority for the websites. It's like you don't want Just put your Lincoln any old website that doesn't have an authority. You want a website that's got authority. Me. Refresh this. So we see the MAS bar work here and we see these little black bars talking about what the sites about. Now you're going to see something there called P A S and D A's. I really am not I don't really care for P a p a stands for page authority. I am looking for the domain authority I want the overall website strength to build up for mine. So I talked up. They didn't. We saw Plumber the blog's premium content love, and that's we want because we can add comments there. Boy, when I show this see, it's really cool. So all of these sites that drama link found are related in some form or fashion a plumber and we're looking here p I'm looking again for the domain authority. Here's a 22. Here's a 20. Here's a 31 that's juicy. Anything over a 10 is really good, but I tend not to always go for the biggest and best. I want to mix mine up a bit. I'll explain why in a minute here's one with a 69 where 60 rather huge. Here's 53 years 14 and that's not bad. 23 19 24 15 31 and ah, and I could keep going. But let's just let's go back up here so I see how to increase the value of your home, okay, And let's talk about plumbing and you should develop relationship with plumbers. Carpenters is this. Blood uses premium content, love, but we see the word carpenter this with a domain authority of 22. Not bad. I'll let's start with that one. Click there. So now we see this blawg post, and in this block post, we get a little more detail about it, and we could see a little bit better. So domain authority a 22. How to increase the value of your home. So whoever wrote this blog's talking about the value of the home, and they talk about some plumbing. You know, they talk about wallpaper and home renovations and good kitchen and finished in modern kitchen values and blah blah, blah, blah, blah. So I'm looking at all this and I see a common here, but I want to leave a comment, and this is where the magic begins. So leave a comment. So I'll put my name in here, Tim, and I'm not actually gonna post anything, but thats required your name and your email, so I'll put, you know, email in here at whatever blah, blah, blah Gmail. All right, so those were required because we see the last tricks. Here's what the juice is. You get to put your website in here. Your website. Now when I say put your website in here. Let's just I'll use Google. Is it? For instance? Click on Google. I am copying and pasting. Don't top up your website. Copy and paste from from the browser. Okay, to put it in to the comments are about this, but a wood. So now I could put the website in here. It has to have the age T t p s or the http and ordered for Google to recognize this. So we see https here. It's a secure site because it's coming from Google. Then I'll put my commenting here. My comment will be something that's related to inside this post. So it's like, I can't just say I really enjoyed your post. Or I think it's a great article that you've written. I'll see that it's spam and and delete it and will not get approved. But if I'm looking at something like this and this is a popular way to increase about, your home has improved efficiency throughout the property. I'll kind of replay that. Say, Look, I really, really and I'm gonna miss below a few things here. I really agree with you on energy, e fish and sea and I'm not doing a spelling thing for you guys. I'm just getting this in here. I agree with you on energy efficiency and especially the part about how the kitchen could use a touch up. OK, so it shows that I've kind of red, that I've read the article and and by repeating some of the things that air in the article inside my comments section here they say, Oh, well, the guy really read my article. That's really cool. It's great. And then I confirmed that I am not a spammer. And then I Then I click this old. So the comment Love I hit, submit and then guess what? The author will look at it. You'll see what you said. You gotta go. He approves it and you'll have the link. A back lane coming from a site that's got a domain authority of 22. Pretty nifty. Pretty nifty. Let's do another example. Get out of that. And here we go. Let's go back to try my link. So let's get out of plumber. Let's see something. Ah, his When there's a goofball one. Tupperware, All right, who's looking for Tupperware stuff? Well, let's find out you got a Tupperware business. Well, you need tougher where toe these things and look at the main authorities on this. Here's a 42. Here's a 42. Here's a 42 all a sudden, suddenly Tupperware, like might be a business to be in. Here is a 15. Here's a 15 years of 15 years of 24. Now, remember I talked to just a few minutes ago about the domain authority. You don't always want the highest ones. And the reason is if you attach your website to all the highest authority ones, Google's going to go like, ah, something snaky going on here. Everything is too perfect, and we all know that not everything is perfect. So again, you don't want to do too much of the highest ones you know, very immobile. Here's the domain of of 15 so 13 tests organizing a refrigerator. I'm gonna go in. Use that one for my Tupperware. Here's Amber's organizing. She's got this great looking Blawg related posts. 3rd 2 responses to and look at this. Here's a link right here, and a lot of people great types of refreshing organization. Many thanks. The idea of a shelf for leftovers a sensational. So they're commenting about things they saw on the site. So leave a reply. You know, e t c t c e T c. Put your name, your email again. Your website, the website. If you got a Twitter account, go and do that confirm and then comment love and then hit the comment. And then bingo, Another back link authority. The coolest thing toe have is having the mas bar, because again, if you don't have this free mas bar, you're not gonna know what sites to go to. I mean, you'll see some of the ones up here, but you know, like, what? What's the authority? And you could be really wasting your time on a site that has, like, here's one Here's the one that's two in perfect. It's got no juice whatsoever. And frankly, I would never use a 1 10 and above if you could do it. But, I mean, you might go like, Oh, I really like the way the state looks Got no authority. That's reasoning the mas bar. So nothing complicated. Download the MAS bar for free, Does it just sign up? Doesn't cost you anything. And then, when you're going to use Drop my link. So are put that at. So when you go to drop my link, you already have it up. And we could see that drove my links. Got a 41. That's funny. Keep it up. Keep it at Thea The default category. Comment back links, footprint. Comment Love premium. Don't get fancy with this. If you do, you're gonna screw things up for yourself. You don't want to do that. So again, ninja cool Ninja Tactic s yo, people are using this. And if S e o. People using this, you want to use it and this doesn't cost a thing. All right, I'll see you guys in the next video. 4. Why Blog Post Ideas Beat Peanut Butter on Pancaskes: everybody Tim here. Probably about a good one, right? By now, you know it's Tim. So I guess I really don't see that anymore. But anyway, thank you so much again. I really appreciate you being on this on this course. So we give you another ninja tactic that you can take with you. And this is probably the most fun for me. I love this ninja tactic because it's fun. And you could have you could come up with a bunch of great ideas. So you have writer's block and for the life of you just cannot think of what to right now. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna write the post for you, but what I'm going to do is get to give you some resource is so then that we could come up with some ideas for blawg post. Some of them are irreverent. Some of them are a little bit more. If you want to see professional, that's fine, too. But these blood post ideas be peanut butter on pancakes three ways to Sunday. So here we go. I'm gonna show you what this would I mean by this writer spot. Can't find anything to write about wanna put it on your block post. Want to put something in your website? Maybe it's a subject line for an email, but you just can't think of anything. And you kind of know what you want to say, but you can't think of it. What you really need to do is make sure the people's attention are captured. So here the resource is I'm gonna give you to capture people's attention with a subject line. Or maybe a post idea that could get people do be gravitating toward your block post. So the first side I'm going to go to his hub spot. I love Hub Spot. There's tons of great free information that they give. I was certainly suggest using them, but you could go to hub spot dot com or top of pub spot in and generator. Ah, block Post generator. And so this gonna come up to this. Have spots block topic generator? Don't know. It's a blogged about. Let them think of the ideas for you. Pretty self explanatory feeling that field with terms, probably now preferably downs they would like to write about it will come up with a week's worth of relevant content post titles in a matter of seconds. Now again, they do have a disclaimer. The algorithm isn't perfect. After you have your tunnels to me. Want to tweak them just a little bit to be more relevant to your terms and grammatically correct. And I would say that you're going to do that for all the the sources. I'm gonna show this to you. So let's start with down one and ah, let's just a block post, Okay? And now I'm now to let's say ah X's really personal. Could be a noun. Ah, and so by post So now we're gonna say money you want make money with your blog's posts. And here's number three get rich because whatever you right, it's gonna make you rich. Give me the block topics. So again, three. Now give me block topics. Click there. Here we go. A week's worth of block topics just for you. 10 quick tips about block post. So I was a block posting seven things about money. Your boss wants to know about 10 things your competitors can teach about getting rich while we love block posts. And you should, too how to solve the biggest problems with money. The really cool thing is you can share this still with a friend in need, so you can send email Facebook, Google plus Linked and Twitter. But maybe you don't like these ideas, so let's try it again. Let's see what happens if I just get the same things here. Let's go the blood posts without changing a word in there. Well, let's go here. The history of Blawg Post 10 things your competitors can teach about money. Seven things about getting richer. Boss wants to know Course your boss wants it up. But if you're your own boss, you want to know the strips? The 50 best block post op Follow about block posting and 10 sons. You should have vested money. And again, that's not really correct. But you get the idea. So this is hub spot. Let me go back to it. How? Spots block topic generator. Don't know what the block about. Let us think of the ideas for you. This is to me the more professional one to use. Now, here's number two. This is really simple. This is the post uncomplicated ah block posting idea site that you can use inbound now inbound now dot com and then Kill Writer's Block is a tale interview So blogged. Title Idea Generator. Who else wants in the Put your keyword in there click to generate a title idea number. Reasons that making money is better than peanut butter on pancakes. Beware of Peter Butter on pancakes and how to spot them. Here's a quick way to solve a problem, and that's peanut butter on pancakes. I don't like peanut butter pancakes, do you? Some people do not me. Give me the bata, give you the butter in the syrup and then are you a peanut butter user on pink pigs? So you get the idea. This is just the simplest of all, and it just gives you really basic things here. But again, the cool thing is that you says number five warning sons, your common industry problem keyword that you put beat about on cat pancakes too many times , so you can just kind of get the idea what to put in the areas. Now This one is really cool in, and it's it's kind of exciting. This where the fun part to me is because this really coming. It's a leek bake title generator. We've seen those link Bates. You know, uh, little baby, you know, running at the zoo and you won't believe what happened next. It's that that's the sort of thing that's a link. Big generator. But we're gonna put in inter subject yet league baked title ideas. So Well, just look with cats. The examples. Cats, What would just stay with cats and then get link pay the rise of cats and how to make it stop. 10 ways cats can help you live to 100. My Kant's Why cats are destroying America. You know, blank reasons you could blame the recession on cats. Which is kind of funny, actually. Um, a deadly uses for cats. 10 ways Cats can suck the life out of you. Excuse me? I know people that have cats. They love them and they hate him at the same time because it sucks the life out of him. I I'm a pet person. Dogs, cats, goldfish. I'm all in no problem. 101 unusual uses for cats. So again, this leap a tidal generator again, giving you ideas that you could write your blood post about. It's not gonna write it for you. But it's giving you an idea that perhaps you could do this. Why? You should give up sex and devote your life to cats. Unfortunately, I know some people like that. That's okay. That's their life. No rub on them. They could do whatever they want, but we get the idea. Let's do another subject here. How about Ah, Plug, ideas? Blawg, Post ideas. All right, let's get some link bait. A deadly uses for block post ideas. Tell me markers are making you addicted. Applaud post ideas. 13 amazing facts about block post ideas. So you get the idea what this is doing for you, and you could scroll down a little bit and ah, find some more things. Ah, again, this is content row dot com and just type of, you know, Ah, link bait, title generator, content row and League Bay tidal generator. And it will take you here. Now I'm gonna take you to my favorite one. This is by this, my favorite title generator of all. And these. I use all three of these. But this this is the fun one for me. And it's called portent. Besides portent dot com and you'll see tools and then title maker. I love, love, love this side. This most fun for May enter your subject here, so I'm gonna top of Blawg opposed ideas. Those ideas. There we go. Click that, and it's kind of telling you list on popular. The weirder, the better. Don't leave me. People respond to warnings, so it's kind of giving you an idea here for this. They also talk about bests. For best results, don't capitalize keywords You singler version of a cured revised revolt result to create your own fantastic, grammatically correct headline. 50 Ways Block Post Ideas could leave you needing a lawyer and all you do just hit this little circle The refresh button. 12 things That won't happen in Block Post ideas. How low can block post ideas Go. I love that one. Here's another one. I was absolutely Darth Vader's got to block post ideas. I actually did a presentation and SDO presentation and doubts, and my headline was actually this Darth Vader's Guide to the Dark Side with S e. O. Sold out presentation. Loved it. I love doing that, and having that title was just great. You haven't seen this block post ideas listed on or list on buzzfeed. So you get the ideas with this portent content idea generator. It's my favorite one. It's the most fun house of fun with these. If you're stuck having an idea for a block post used any of these tools used. The hub spot used the inbound now block title idea generator used the content row Link bait title generator. And then, if you want to use portent dot com and their title maker, I love this. This is like I said, it's just fun. Nothing. It's lighthearted and and that's I tend to do my presentations anyway, what I do, they I want a little light hearted. I'm serious and you know, doom and gloom. I wanna have some fun. So I hope you have fun to use is tool and you will 5. Why You Should Not Eat And Screen Record In Bed: So did this title capture your attention? Why should night eat and scream record in bed? Yeah, I used one of those Clickbait titles to get your attention for this, that's for sure. So what screen capture? It's this. You see my yellow mark going around this page and I'm gonna tell you why this is so important for you. So maybe you got a sales class, maybe want to, ah, do it teaching like this. Or maybe want to make a video from what you see on screen and posted the YouTube. This tool that I'm easy right now is probably the easiest tool I've found online to do. The top of work that I need to do with a screen capture and scream record. There's a lot of amount there, but there's a lot of bells and whistles, and I'm not big into bells and whistles. Can you record it? Can you send it out and get a record? The audio. That's really what I need. So here's the tool. The tool is called Screen Castell Matic. You can actually use this as a free version. They give you 15 minutes of free time to do most of the same things that you see me doing. The only difference is that the Times limited 15 minutes and that on the bottom left hand side of the screen, you'll have a watermark that says screen cast thematic. But if you decide to go pro version like I did, it's only $15 that's for a year. And it's amazing this the set up that you'll see when it comes on your screen. It'll look like this. So Siri Court and you could record your screen. You could make it as a webcam, or you can do both. And I love having the both of the most part because you'll see my little picture on the bottom, right? I'm not showing it here because my hair's messed up and I'm vain like that. So I'm not going to show you my missed a pair. But I am going to show you this screen so but I could do both. I could show you the screen and have a picture of myself if I feel that I want to do something like that and when I'm doing presentations all usually for the most part, have my picture on the bottom but not today. But the probate quarter has simply used powerful screen recording editing. Insuring tells even the free version is kind of like this. Ah, there again, some things they won't have in here for you. But with the free version, uh, you'll be able to post on YouTube and Facebook once you're done with it. They've got great tutorials. We just click of the view all so you could record the intros. I mean, these are great recorder uploading in saving a video recorder, drawn zoom, scripted recordings, editing, editing tools, hosting site licensing. And then, ah, if you're involved with canvas and teaching to students, they haven't integration for that old. So ah, lot of educators also use this. Ah, the to do lessons. They'll record something, and they re playback for their students that maybe can't make class and they can go online and actually see what they missed. Ah, which is really cool. I mean, there's I think that's just fantastic. They can do things like that. So we see that tutorials. There we see the editing audio, how to blur moving text, and you'll want to do that sometimes because sometimes you'll have a password. That's kind of out there. And if you're doing a recording on this, he can blur the text with it. I think this is hands down with the easiest things to do. Easiest tools to use. Ah, for four. Again getting your stuff online so you could see I opened, Tried, opened up a window. Closest windows to get started. Recording. I'm gonna click. No, but this is the pro recording. This is what it looks like. It manage records. Ah, 14 recordings that I've got it. Records scripted import. Ah, I could create a time. I could cook a search to find any of these I've done. And ah, again, it's got I couldn't Aiken keep it in my hard drive screen. Castell Matic also has an area where you can download your things and make it stay in the down, load your videos and make it stay on the screen. Castell Matic download file Area. Ah, lot of these. When I do recordings, I'll also upload them to YouTube sits of the pro version I could upload to YouTube and Vimeo. I could say these into Google drive. I consider on Twitter. I could set him on Facebook. It's just so stinking easy. So once you get the screen cast thematic, forget everything else, you're gonna love this. And for 15 bucks a year, go ahead, spend the money and see they have a free version, which I'm big for. Old So But if you want to spend 15 bucks, go right ahead. Knock yourself out. It's not gonna hurt you. See? I mean, here's another thing you could record lectures, Webinars, demos, game, Skype calls and share for free on screen medical medic dot com YouTube Or it could save directly. Do a video phone. I can't say enough about this, I think used to be using it. If you're going to any of these things and just again Great Tool Ninja Tool, you'll love it. 6. How This Website Builder Is Bringing Sexy Back!: everybody hope you have a good one. I am so enjoying. Ah, relating these tips and tricks and and little skill sets for all of you because it's so much fun for me. And they're all so far there actionable. They're doable there, not complicated. I mean, anybody can do these and they're pretty short tips. Now, what about to give you guys? It's probably take the longest amount of time, But this is probably gonna be one of the coolest things you want to use. Ah, and basic was how websites are, you know, getting the sexy bag. You want the sexy back and you want to build a website, but you don't know how or you hire people to do it, and they charge like a zillion dollars. But you want a zillion dollars side. You want Faberge, but you could only afford just regular ole eggs, and there's nothing wrong with that. But you want to be able to give something. You want to show your products or services out there and really give it a good open punch without spending a lot of money, and you're probably but I can't do it. I don't know how I can't afford it. You can The sign about to share with you guys. I was in from the get go with these people and they just produce the most amazing looking sites and it costs you nothing. That caveat is, even though they charge you nothing, that they have a watermark on the bottom of this side. I'll be honestly, that's okay. And it's not bad at all. I've used it and got on page one rankings by using this. What's the site? Here we go. The site is called strikingly strikingly dot com is where you'll go to now. I'm in my account already, and ah, you have to log in the sign ups for free. Doesn't cost anything. So you sign up, get your account, you log in once you log in. Then it's gonna show you we can use the size for for business, for starts or personal, for portfolio, for a store or a blawg. Ah, and I'm gonna sue mostly guys. It's good for your business. And there are even showing you here some brand new sites that have just been built on this platform on this strikingly platform, and these are brand new I haven't even seen these yet, so Ah, well, let's check this one out. And I and you saw that low Senate start editing. I can actually use this template to build up my site. So here's the image. Here's the coast of its guiding light incorporated. Well, I can change that if I want to. I can change the the ah, the little logo there. If I want to hear the tabs, you know what we do. Services contact us. I can add another tab to this. Ah, here's the layout. Here's the background. I'm going to just go through these things that he could always preview this site publishing it, obviously what makes it live? It's the different types of styles. Air changed your template and you could do that seamlessly. And then this settings for the domain, the S yo the header footer and a lot more. And we could see the tabs here on the left. This is what they call a one page site because everything goes up and down. It's not building a bunch of pace is just one page. They're up and down. That's how complicated this is. So let's go and use this template to build the side out. And just again, I'm not gonna go quickly. But I am going to go through this and you may have to watch this video again. Pick up most of this stuff, but you can always go to strikingly dot com and kind of play around with this for yourself . But let's just go and build. It sounds so guiding Light incorporated, we're not gonna be them. So I click onto that Ah, box shows up. So I'm going to change the verb a John here and I'm gonna call it Monkey Ninja site because I can't think of anything else, and that's pretty poor. I know. So now I don't like that logo. They have her. So now I want to replace the logo. So I'm gonna click that and so strikingly has a library I could only use I could upload images of load a new image, But let's see the library. There's something I want to use. So they have an app store, badges, some flat and icons. You have to upgrade to pro, and that's where they kind of get you. I don't wanna upgrade approach us yet, and I have had the pro, but I used again. I got so many things going on, I had to downgrade and just get the free versions stuff. I got a lot of stuff going on, but I'm gonna use this credit card. That'd be my new logo. Monkey Nightside Ninja. That's my new ah graphic. It's going to the credit card there, the background. It's a nice background. It's a guiding light background. It's OK, so they got you. Here's the cool part. So here's where the big money comes in so you could have an image. You could change the image and you could see here I could click more. I put my mouse over there and you could see, look like they're changes, changes, changes and those air great visuals, by the way, we're this is actually would fit, and you want to keep your guiding light. I would probably keep that, and I could click on more, get more visuals, but I actually like videos for my background, so I'm gonna click on video, let me go and click on more, and when I do that, I can't put my mouse over one of the visuals. Let's just let me click on business first. So these I want this to be a business site. Notice that I got movement. I got movement, I got cars, movement, movement. There's an office movement. Ham of Ah, I like I like cities scenes. So I'm gonna click onto that. And just like that, just by clicking the video Bingo, It changes. I mean, dynamic background companies charge a turn of money for this for free for you guys. So I'm gonna change this Burbage, where your guiding light, I'm gonna say, Just keeping most of that. We are your monkey ninja's site. We help companies navigate through the waters of the global shipping industry. I'm gonna keep most of that. And we're we help companies navigate through the jungle of S E O. And they click on learn more. And when I click that I can change it and learn more Aiken, have them directed. Go somewhere where I want. Now, if I got my own videos, I could embed a video in here. By the way, if I would want the video and just click remove and is again let me just back it up. I click on more and get all those visuals, and I just put my mouse over it. I'm not clicking on anything, But look how my sons changed. Just my put my mouse over it, and you could see my mouse on the top, right? So obviously a bar where you're a monkey news there, that guiding they had that guiding thing, you know, with the ocean stuff. This would fit old. So I mean, just how dynamic are these things? So I'm finished with this part. I'm done with this. This this thing here must roll down a bit what we do. So I could click on layout that's in and you could see change, click to change the layouts. I'm going to keep it as it is. I don't really like over complicating things. If it's kind of already what I've got, I'm not really gonna change a whole lot here. So what we do, and I can add a subtitled what we do. And I'm just going to say ninja love able or no spilt ninja. Alright, So in Angela, that's what we do. Safety first rigorously tested. I could change all that. Burbage. I want to I can change the visual So let's just change the visual click on edit. Replace Ah, flat icon. I'm gonna put a person's mug right there. Okay, I could change the title. Text changed a tagline. Let me just change image again. Replace, and I'll put cell phone there and again. I could change this to what we needed to do. Services, title text, title, text. Um, I could replace the pictures. Obviously someone just going replace a picture hero. Do that and let's say I'm gonna finding uploaded image so I'll use something that I've done before. Like like my podcasts. I'll put my podcast here. Very popular podcast. By the way, Catch the launch of Tim Vasquez every Friday new 10 o'clock central time. It's very popular show there's a plug. So anyway, so I changed it to that. I can change this tax. They listen to my podcast. I could change. A small tagline could talk about what a podcast about I could put my picture there, but I'm a voice made for radio night TV and not to be visual, so I'm just gonna keep it as it is. And I get the whole picture, contact us, you know, and they these forms already filled in for you. And then you could put a map here to like what your business is located. All you gotta do is click at it and put your map. Now all well and good. Maybe I don't like this. This thing, this stop and it looks great, But I wouldn't change it up a bit. Somebody clicks, styles and I could click the color scheme and change it. You know, the navy to green and you could see right here it's green and changing the pain. You can change it to black. It could change the yellow, whatever you feel like. So I'm gonna keep it up blue. I can. Here's your ah, your fonts. You're heading fonts, work fonts now would change the template. That's that's something that you guys might want to do. It's like I kind of like this, But what? Wonder what else You know what else it looks like? Something to click on. Change the theme. I'm gonna click on the preview for the 1st 1 they had up here. And when you see the colors changed and we could see that it's a monkey ninjas, I'd be on the top left. It's hear, Hear the tabs and this is what it looks like. I can change to this one again. There's the logo. They're the tabs. I still got the activity going on. What we do. Here's what we do. The services munching. So the cool thing about this is the integrity of the site is not been compromised. Everything that I put in the way of content remains the same. The only thing that changes is just the theme itself, and it's not. It's not hurting it. It's just a previous not even there, because I have to click on switch to this template in order. Make it stick to that. Let me click this one this preview. You could say it's a full page of nothing but this. Ah, you know of that information and I'll do one more theme. I'll click on this guy one page. I don't like it, so I'm not going to use it. But I mean, I'm gonna click Go back, which is going to take me back to my original site. Let's say I like what I see here. Somebody clicks save Well, well, before I do that, the alma Korean click save I'm gonna click on Go back, which is a top left. I'm gonna preview the site so nothing's heard here. That's not published. Nothing's wrong. Monkey Ninjas site. There's my monkey logo were a Monkey Ninjas site. And look at all these people want to get to the monkey side. So I click on what we do takes me there services and then contact us. I'm gonna go back to home now, up with this little preview box, you'll see that little icon there That's the full screen. But if I want to look on a tablet, this is what it would look like on an iPad or a tablet or something. Do that. And I'm just all I'm doing scrolling up and down this little part right here now, but want to see it on a phone. Here's what it looks like on the phone now, so this is responsive, which means it's ready for four tablets and phones. Look at that. Their website is now so cool looking even on a phone value. So this just a side previewed. Nothing's been published. It I could click on view this site live. I don't want to do that I just x out of this point or let me back space just for make sure XP's again again not soldier Sex out and I'm back here. Let's go to settings. This is the ah, I guess one of more important parts of this whole thing is the setting. So what's your side titles? Some would call it, um Monkey Ninja. So that's the site title category. He should be irreverent, but they don't have that. But I'm gonna pick business. And by the way, to me, too quick that so quickly. Personal Start. A business group organization event campaign, Poor fellow presentation other. This is a business site I know kind of goofy, but it is Ah, few cents Describing a site used for search engine and social media sharing, let me give you guys a hint about two or three sentences is fine. Make sure that you're putting keywords inside the sentence about what your business is about. Do not keywords stuff. We just need two or three keywords, three tops describing what your science about don't overdo with keyword after keep would have to keep whatever to keep it, because Google will look at that and they won't like it. And your ninja love your ninja nous will now be on the open. You can't be hidden name or is a ninja, and you'll just get hammered. You don't want that side Languages English. Okay, So, domains, if you want a custom domain for this side, you can click on the upgrade and strikingly dot com mural is what it's gonna look like. You change this. So whatever you got in there, Monkey Ninja and it will be your son will be http Monkey ninja got strikingly dot com and then I click update and what's I need to put those together there? Sanoma. Click on update. All right, so now that's my site. Monkey and injured are striking dot com. I'll explain why it's not that bad. Even have a striking with about com here. I mean, by the way, look at the amazing sight you're getting for nothing. I don't mind if it has strikingly dot com, because what you really want to do is the S e o part. I've always showed you how the easiest keyword research ever defined keywords. You're gonna put that in here. So you're sharing info once you're done with it. Ah, you could put a social sharing button here. You put a favorite con. You could enable a Twitter card on here. So you click. Save Mara Mobile actions of great to pro. And that's, Ah, actions like calling, texting, fighting directions emailing again. If you need to have that, most people don't. Headers and footers display navigation menu. Yes, yes. Keep it default. Keep it up the default and then click. That would click him all Okay, Remove the striking logo. The bottom of the page you have to upgrade for That's not very much, but I'm just showing you you don't have to just click all the buttons. Multiple pages is only available for pro users. Don't mess with it. Keep it really easy. You know, you could have 2 20 pages that you don't need to add a bunch in a bunch of a bunch. Keep it really simple. I mean, you know, they allege, you know, keep it simple, silly. You know, the kiss method. Keep it like that. Analytics. This is a cool part. Open side analytics. You could put your Google analytics tagging here if you don't know how you might want to look into it. But it's beyond this. With what I'm teaching this course show advanced this where the S e O. Comes in. So you see a privacy. You have to upgrade for that. The legal show terms and conditions click onto that collaboration have to upgrade the pro custom code of greater Pro, but they let you do the S e O. This the cool part. Set a title for your side. They there's a check marks for you to do that, so make sure you set atop for your site. That again, that's got you know, your business is some keywords in there, I said. A meta description said a category. So let me just let me click onto that the side title. So I'm gonna probably say like this The bust Monkey Ninjas side out there, my category again going to business. And we've already talked about this aside description and stuff. All right, let me go back to the CEO. So meta description. We click onto that and we could see the meta description goes in there. Click on Baghdad's CEO said a category again, a trick category. Click Mbeki as CEO, Advanced tools Google side prevarication. You do kind of want this because you want to be your side to Google with Web master tools. It's a little complicated. Ah, I was just Google going to Google and find out how to use the Web Master told. So if it's a little bit more complicated, then then for you, then, uh, there, there, I'm sure people that air teaching classes on this site can you be able to find something about that or you Can you tube it so it's not too complicated. But again, it could get a little goofy keywords and heading text. I can't say enough about this part, so it takes you when you click under that it's going to take it to the knowledge base, and it will tell you how to do this. Ah, use relevant content. Only actually show your son of the websites complete page descriptions. It's going through the, um, to the process with you and image all tags, all tags or the is the short term for alternative tags. And that's the picture inside a website and all tagged the calm all tax again. If you've got a picture on your website, you need to go the back end of that and and put some Burbage inside the picture and you'll be able to do it using this tool. So anyway, that's kind of it. You got a free website. It's gonna do amazing things for you. You can change the stones you can preview. Once you're finishing everything you click publish, and then it's up their lives and then go to settings. But make sure you do these three things first before you have published and certainly going to settings. Make sure that style you wants correct. Make sure that your look is correct because once you have it to your satisfaction, then you'll hit. Publish, and then you've got a live site and you could make its many of these as you want to. There's no limit to these, but again, be judicious. Don't go overboard. Take your time, maybe one a week or one every two weeks or once a month. If you do once one side of month. That means you have 12 extra sites by the end of the year. That again driving traffic back to your business. It's really cool and really easy and really fancy looking actually, let's just again. Let's just preview this side again. Just so you could see what it looks like without all the junk on here. Here. Here we go. This is what your monkey nature site looks like. And, Ah, if you're gonna use munching monkey New decide. Go ahead. I don't own it. It's all yours. Thanks, Doc. Tell soon. 7. How To Fight Lex Luthor Using This Secret Google Trick!: Hey, get everybody Tim here. And ah, this is the super secret. How to fight Lex Luther using only the secret Google trick. What I mean by that is is that Lex Luther? Well, he does have a weakness. And ah, you know, Superman knows had exploit that weakness. You're Superman. Everybody else's likes, Luther. You're competing against them and you want to beat them, and you're going to use Google in order to do that. This is kind of a secret trick right here, and it's really cool. And it's really easy. And it's going to help you get, uh, found that much quicker by Google. So here's the trick. When you and make sure you have a good obviously, make sure you have a Google account for this. So you know there's my little place right there that so I am goto the little boxes up here . If you've got that girly little boxes, it says Google app. Some using Google chrome for my browser. I'll go to drive. Okay, you got to set up a drive account, make sure you're signing for that. Obviously, that's free, old. So what we're going to do is is that your website. Your blog's content that you're writing. We wanted to get found by Google almost immediately. We want to get index of what I mean by indexing is ah, when Google find your side, they've indexed it, which means it said their bully obey as it were. And we want to be in that bull you bay of fun. But how do you get? How do you get things? Index quickly through Google. Here's the Ninja trick. Instead of having to wait for months and months and maybe weeks and weeks and you've got a brand new website, let's say it's from strikingly and you could submit your strikingly site out there and publishes, and then it's not going to get found immediately. It just doesn't happen that way. You could do your S e o stuff. It helps, but you need the side to get index in order to do that in order to do that, rather, you need to let Google know that you're out there. So here's the super secret ninja trick to do that. Lex Luthor. He's already running away with this. This is his kryptonite. So you gotta go to Google drive. You get to a page like this, you click on new, you're gonna click on new phone note. I'm so you're gonna click on Google Docks. So this comes up and you're in tunnel document. Ah, let's just call it. I'm gonna put my website here, so I'm gonna say, Tim, digital media, that is a when my strikingly sites. So that's the title of this particular document I'm gonna go to Strikingly. There it is. So here's my strikingly side with a copy of the u. R L. I may go back to my Google dogs, paste it now kind of done with its sort of click on file. I'm gonna click on share. I want to share this with the others. I'm gonna click on, get share a bowl link. I'm gonna click onto that. Okay, so you can see Link copy to Clipboard Link. Schering's on. That's great. It's wonderful. But right now it's still not being out there. Anyone with a Lincoln view this site? Now you can show the link with everybody, but still, Google's not indexing it, and that's we want. Here's where the cool stuff comes in. Click on Advanced. Who has access? Anyone who has the Lincoln View. Well, I don't want just anyone. I want everyone. So I click on change. I click on the top button horses on public on the web. That means everybody. That means Google will now index this site just by pasting that you are l into this little simple document page Click on Save. I'm gonna click in this It I mean public on the web. Everyone. The Internet confined of you. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I don't have the body, but I click on done. And that's it. That's it. My site has now been indexed by Google, which means that now Google find, uh, well funded that much quicker. But let's say I want to speed up the process a little bit, and I kind of do and you know, it won't take weeks or months. It'll be found fairly quickly, but I want to, you know, kind of expedited. So gonna copy this. This is a part of the trick, old. So that's really cool. I'm gonna go to a site called Mass Ping mass ping dot com. You can see this little dasha mass ping dot com Fill in the box below with a list of your old You want a paying? What? Pinging does that kind of speeds of the process for indexing. And if you're if you gotta Ah, for video. This is absolutely perfect because you could take the YouTube. You are elves of the videos of the medic cafes and put these you are elves in here. I mean, you could do it for your websites. You can put it for your documents, your block post. But you wanted to ping. And what I say again mean by that is is that it just gets index that much quicker. And when you could do it that much quicker, it's really cool for you. So now I copy and pasted 10 digital media are striking the dot com. I'm gonna put my key word in here, and I'm going to just say Dallas doubt we'll learn how spell Dallas Dallas s C O ah company . In fact, let me just make it that much better. I'm going to say best Telesis seo company Okay, number start pinging. That means you're seeing success success success that the U R l for my Tim. Digital media is now being shared on block people .net block search dot google dot a e. We could see all the other sites that my sites being shared on right now. That's being peeing, too. And you can see these are a lot of Google properties from around the world. To be honest with you. But rose to see the success rate, we'd see the details. So I just click on this. I won't even click on it. We could see that it's been, uh, pink and it's been paying to this particular side and it looks like everything's OK. There's nothing doesn't say red flags on this and it says, Okay, http, you see, it's OK, So it's been paying. We could see the success and so I could click on, Put my mouse over every one of these, and it's telling me that's going out there. That means my site has now been found to a lot of different places. Right now, it says, 59 pings services found really cool. That's kind of like back linking on steroids and you really want to do this. So the coolest thing to do is to do what I said. Let Google index your site and then mass ping the site with a keyword in there. Which means that this site for Dallas ASIO company it's gonna rise that much quicker. It's going to help with the with the given it some authorization with, given it some authority. And you really want to do this. So that's my ninja trick, Lex Luther. He's far away by now. You're Superman, you're killing it. Your super ninja. You're doing great. And I really appreciate everybody that's been watching these tutorials and lessons and stuff, and I really hope it helps you out. I've got a couple more that's coming out. Ah, one how to make a video that is more refreshing that a new sock. Ah, everybody scared how to do videos. I'm gonna show you a way with an amazing tool. Ah, they'll probably about half an hour. So I'm gonna break it up into segments. But you'll love it. It's free. And I can't wait to share that with you on my next lesson course. All right. You guys have a great one. Thank you so much. And ah, many blessings.