Sunset and Seascape Watercolor Painting | Bianca Rayala | Skillshare

Sunset and Seascape Watercolor Painting

Bianca Rayala, Watercolor Artist

Sunset and Seascape Watercolor Painting

Bianca Rayala, Watercolor Artist

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8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Compostion and Pencil Sketch

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Painting Light and River

    • 5. Painting Hill, Reflection and Details

    • 6. Recap of Important Painting Principles

    • 7. Class Project

    • 8. Encouragement

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About This Class

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining my class!

Today we’ll be drawing a very interesting subject where there is the sun in the picture.

We’ll learn how to depict the back light during sunset, practice painting smooth transition of tone and portray silhouettes and reflection on water.

This is perfect for beginners and those who want to know more about watercolor.

Let's get started!


Meet Your Teacher

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Bianca Rayala

Watercolor Artist


I love watercolors and I'm so passionate about sharing my love for arts! My goal has always been is to continually enrich my gift, expand myself and fulfill my ultimate purpose of blessing other people through painting- inspiring them to discover not just their passion but most importantly their purpose that would give them real joy and fulfillment in life.


Let's take this beautiful journey together! Join my Watercolor Rose Class and paint this rose in just 30 minutes! See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me landscape less. This is Maria, and today we'll be painting a very interesting software. Were there is this song in the picture. So what will be learning is how to depict backlight during sunset. How to paint smooth transition of stones to show conscious and light. And lastly, how to depict silhouettes and reflection that we wanted to paint a final Bain lead. So I'm excited and let's get started. 2. Compostion and Pencil Sketch: Let's start with defensive sketch. First, let us define the composition by locating the place for the main object, which is the Sun. Then replace other objects that supports our focal point like the heel and the vote. Although there is what recall rule of thirds on composition. Sometimes it is also necessary to break the rules in order to make the building more interesting. So far being thing, we will use our reference photo, which is this one. So MBSR deference and inspiration will practice not to limit ourselves from what we see on the image. And we will try to incorporate creativity and imagination. So that's sorry. We will draw this guy Lane somewhere here. Not exactly 1 third, fourth a officially, but at least close to the one. Next, we draw the here. But this time creating news outline based on their reference for adult. Followed by reflection is basically a mirror view of the object. Next we place the boat on this side and that DO fishermen. So remember, we will place the Sun somewhere here. On this side. This is our pencil sketch. 3. Materials: For the sunset painting, we don't need to use many beings. In our part of that. We'll be using Windsor yellow, Windsor, arange, Windsor red, ultramarine blue branch Anna. And the things great on from Windsor and Newton, make sure your pigments are fewer and V, and for the Russia's, we'll be using flat brushes for wet the paper and applying paint on the sheet. And fun large fragments like this guy, even though they're divert, they're BRAF that we'll be using is also an angled brush, a small angle brush for fainting death. And fear around brushes with pointedly poured out the dance and other elements. We also need a water resistant board like this one. Now we will use this cell board that would pulled our paper since we will be wetting both front and back part of the paper. In case you don't have one, you may use flat board meet those testing. Or yes. You can be resourceful and use a board with classic over or for the glass from old photo frame. Other needed materials are f bar is 100% cotton favorite, 200 gs m. Here, mixing founded. Dude, there's a flawed, they're soft issue. Aside from The Fisher paper that movie you UC fences. And once you have completed your with zeros, we are now ready to begin our pain. 4. Painting Light and River: And if we are applying the first wash pencil lines when needed, especially on areas, we'd like fragments. So in this case, since we will put them like here, the light source, which is this, and here we need to light them up. This is area. By erasing those sketches. After that, we will wet the paper, the entire sheet back in front of it between authors and evenly spread. I start with the back part of the sheep. That entire part, even make sure that there is no dry spots. So we wait for the author and things from the front to see it in for a few minutes, start being d. So while we think we can prepare pigments, moisten them up, nuisance sprayed bought them, and ensures that the Europeans are clean and fewer. We also put our paper on, on these slight, and so the paint will flow down once we applied the pigment. So a few things. Third member, when they thing light, especially sunlight, while we can make this on shiny and by making this fragment, the lightness. So in what their color, the lightest part is, I mean unpainted Bieber. So referring to all, feel like others study. This has been a son. So the knife is part, is actually an upbeat did a white paper. So here in the place of the sign, we did the whitespace. What all the other fragments are on, if it's darker, will start growing life with more water, less pigment mixture or via the wind, arange is fart. Then gently and gradually adding rent big men on the orange part to get red, orange mixture. Then on the first board, we add looping Min. Once your paper is ready. We'll get now started painting and get the other pigment with a hand. And then painted around the sun. I intentionally left as slightly bigger gap than me though for the sun. In order to give allowance for the movement of paint. As the beam drives up, what their end pigment tends to move in. And then leaving this whitespace smaller. So we have to make it a bit bigger to give much up to give a non ones for the water or into pigments movement. After adding some orange and red would be this day. With gentle stones. I began a late motion cooperating that he went there fragment bozo. Lastly, we paint the upper part of this guy with ultramarine blue and smooth looking at blending in the colors. The Florida. Then it gets to the sun, the darker it shouldn't be. We also bean. And then sure enough clouds, ultramarine blue. Let that link, let them being slow by tilting the paper makes naturally. Before we proceed on bathing the Waterloo check first. If that for this surface is still wet. If the sheath is starting to die off, we can gender wet the paper with clean water but the avoiding the Skype fragment, painting the lot there with the same color of this guy. So we'll be using RH. Let this buffer underneath the sunlight. White also as much as possible. We also add the red and the orange pigment. Being just copying the father of this guy. We get soft tissue and gently lift the vanes. Here. Again, the papers so banes would move and flow naturally. 5. Painting Hill, Reflection and Details: Well, the heel and then reverse fragments are still wet with paint the heel and you will be using arange branch Enda and being screened to enhance the holder of the theatre. So here being the area under the sun, we'd already in Shadow Color. And then add that with the orange and the bottom part of the head. This time our mixture is a bit thick. Then our first layer, the paint is still wet. We use again update moist, soft they should deliver on this site under the sun. And then on the downward direction. So let me transition the burnt Shanna to faint screen. A tire contrast. Under him. It's important to work toward fast avoid hard edges, and. They'll be able to scratch some parts of the basal part, highlight what did so when electron let the colors need downwards. When the other fragment this day don't pre-web being part of a painting with a darker yeah. Sure. So that was painful. Are you seeing any sharp corner like a car and you can use it to scratch paper, highlights and some neat things. Make sure that the faint on that paper is still wet for you to be able to do that. Okay. I'll do anything. They also had some subtle ripples on the surface is still wet. Okay. And that's it. So after this stage, let the paper and gray fragment is dry. We move on to painting in the boat and the fishermen missing banks agree. And branch and waste. Okay. Yeah. 6. Recap of Important Painting Principles: Mr. Ok. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Swamp grasses, right? Yeah. Ok. Lastly we finish by adding, finally, need dance like Brutus, right? Mm-hm. Now we're finished summing up inpainting sizes that what there is white light because of the reflected light from the sun. The shadows on the other hand in the reflections were actually the dark ones. We showed light by keeping the paper. And that's what we did for the Sun. And there is lecture on, on water. 7. Class Project: Congratulations for finishing my glass. Now we are ready to paint your own work referred to the downloadable files on the reference section to view our reference photo, pencil, sketch, color, palette, and final painting for your guide for the class project. Beat the same subject that I did. Individuals just follow the same process that I showed step-by-step? Feel free to go back and rewatch the portions of the videos. Do you want the review and don't forget to practice your color mix and rush exercises. I'm excited to see your painting. So don't forget to uploaded on the project gallery of the glass. And thank me also when you posted on Instagram, I also invite you to check out my other skill, share water colored glasses like this one's, it's my joy that each different interesting classes which are perfect for beginners, intermediate, and experience, what their galleries. 8. Encouragement: I hope you enjoyed the video and beating like northern father. Just remember with this paper being deemed an express ourselves to be created there. You'll forget the sugar where in my Facebook page or Instagram and see you on our next bless.