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Sun Spirit Qi Gong Flow with Heng Ni

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1 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Spirit Sun Qi Gong Flow


About This Class

Flow Spirit Qi Gong is a slow, passive qi gong flow that is great for a lunar practice or early morning practice. Beginner friendly! This flow helps open the bladder meridian, heart and lung meditations! It is great for a chi boost when you have low energy!

Heng Ni has been practicing various Eastern wisdom traditions for nearly 20 years! He is trained in the vinyasa yoga lineage with a heavy influence from the Krishna Bhakti yoga movement, was a disciple of the kung-fu Shaolin temples of New York City and a devoted student of the Taoist Marital and spiritual practices of China! Heng Ni is a skilled healer and bodyworker. Heng Ni also teaches yoga teacher training in Sweden.

This class is part of a larger, comprehensive course on Taoist Yoga from Heng Ni availableĀ on our profile!!!


1. Spirit Sun Qi Gong Flow: hi today. I thought way would run through a what I would call more of a slower she gone lunar flow, which I personally used more night time. Or, if I'm teaching maybe new beginners. It's a very passed, a slow, nice form, and I think you may enjoy this one. So, like I said more for people, maybe new beginners, Maura at night time where you could use this very early morning as well. It's kind of like a way to get cheap into the body. We're just to kind of wake up so we'll run through this one. This is called Son Spirit. She go, and it's not so much stretching with this one. Obviously, it's more of just working with the CI and yeah, and there's also a bit of she massaging this. So I think you made like this one more of a lunar nighttime. Wanna calm down or maybe slowly awakening before your morning tea? No, let's Let's give this when I try. So I first start usually what hands in prayer position. When a crown it closed, the eyes eyes open. Maybe look at the floor for the ground. This could have been Haley and exhaling, maybe around the feet into the floor, into the earth connected, connected the earth. Now this isn't four segments. The first segment I start with my hands, which is a source, or the source of G, or even hold she here. So what do you do from here? Is what you got to stand this way. Take my hands down the back of the you get the point, that gold within the back of the legs and bring the hands right to the toes. Now it's a little tight. Bend the knees, shake your head out of it. Then from here, take the hands to the inside of the legs. Similar up the body. And from here, are you inhale? Take their hands out. So inhaling and exhaling pulling this CI down. You're washing the body of any kind of stress negativity and it pushes into the earth. Do this one again. I'll turn this way again and I'm taking the energy down the back of the leg. I think you get the picture on the back of the legs, hands to the feet. Then you need You have to from here bring the hands of the inside of the legs, The body Vera be inhaling and exhale less One A bit of a variation Hands of the kidneys that moving energy down massaging for But she massage hands of the toes then the needs you have to from here I'm gonna bring the hands up work, maybe take a look up now from here I come down here just to stretch the legs out. Little grounding earth monkey posture of a variation from here Roll up then from here, you inhale Bring the hands out and exhale Lane It is not the first. The first step of spirit of spirit A spirit she the next step. What I'm gonna do from here is 50 feet about hip to support Bend the knees inhaling I think the hands up called the middle don t n hands were kind of reflecting she into the heart and exhaling Christian energy down inhaling that I moved the hands up to the throat Throw chalker or upper don t n exhale pressing down entailing taking a birth She right up to my face relax in the elbow should even look up. Or maybe that I excel. I press the chief back in into the earth. Who's in the game So I'm inhaling has to the heart spread their fingers little wide exhaling pressing that she down back to the earth inhaling, bringing she up from the earth up to the upper don t n of the throat chakra Exhale pressing Here's inhaling Raising that she up hands up to the face Third I dumped If you look upward and exhaling Pressing the hands down this time hell exhale in early up to the throat exhaling Halle Earth Chief up to the face Look up! If you like exhaling, let's quit This second segment of the spirit some she gone So this will be the third segment or the third phase in the spirit Son, she go. So first I take my hands up hands Relax that lifting something. Lifting the right leg Circle the hands towards me or you kick and push and relax From here I take that right leg and I stepped back both legs straight left hand to the left kidney. Right hand flows to the hip. Now from this is here for support I want to do from here is it's called a drunken immortal in hell. Lift the teacup and I exhale. Go back into this little baby background and I flow the arm down. So it's like I'm drinking in. The arm comes down from here. I inhale lifting the cup if you watch the hand. If the teacup exhale, lean back into that. Hand the hands for support. Try to get this lift in the chest. The hand flows down. Show from the you're ready. 10 on the kidney bean fairly supporting the back drinking and they flow the arm down. Step up. Do the other side being fairly lifting. The big teacup baby kick has pushed the hands out. Lift the left leg, but I step it back both legs straight. Left hand to the left kidney, right hand to the hip. Ryan. How with a teacup Exhale. That's low. The arm down from this side. Palin Those. I lift the chest, released the neck one last night and exhale. Finish off. There she's gone. Spirit son float, able a Come up, the more of ah kind of loose horse stats. This is that the last phase. So I inhale from here and exhale. I push no! So I bend. The knees are push Bend Indy's Relax the hands in Jalan exhaling, Bend the knees and pushing. Relax the arms in Haley and Exhale. Push no inhale from here. Exhale. Take the hands like mirrors, reflecting she into the Don t M's of chakras. Different meridians of the body. Place the hands on the table, hand to the legs if you like. Sometimes I take the hands of the kidneys for a few breaths, finishing take hands prayer So that will conclude. Spirit, son. She gone like I said before, Beautiful for a nighttime practice. Beautiful for just getting up in the morning. Beautiful suggestion. Feeling very low on she or or product, so thank you.