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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: pencil drawing

    • 3. Step 2: wet on wet technique

    • 4. Step 3: grass

    • 5. Step 4: hat and basket

    • 6. Step 5: semi-dry technique

    • 7. Step 6: glare with white gouache

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About This Class

My name is Katya. And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 5 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can draw and I want you to believe in this too!

This lesson is perfect for watercolor lovers of all levels.

If you just start drawing, then you will learn the technique "wet on wet" and how to draw without any color.

If you already paint with watercolor, you will deepen your knowledge of color combinations and watercolor techniques.

In addition, I will tell you how to:
- work with very textured paper;
- control the viewer's attention in the place you need;
- use a wet technique to create a blurry background effect;
- use white gouache can make a picture voluminous;
- make a picture harmonious in color.

In the end of the lesson, you will get a new watercolor drawing and the skills that you will need in the further study of watercolor.

You can find reference photo and my drawings in the attached files.


Meet Your Teacher

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Ekaterina Azeeva

watercolor artist


Hello! My name is Katya.

And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 6 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can paint and I want you to believe in this too!



I live in Saint-Petersburg and this city always inspires me to painting!


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. My name is Kate and I have been painting with the collar for almost five years. If you want to know about my creativity more you can watch my instagram page here every day . I write small freaks in water collar and I will be really happy if you subscribe. And today I want to tell you about withdrawing gentle romantics on my picture. In this lesson, I will tell you how to draw geometrically complex objects, how to use wet on wet technique to create a blurry background effect. How to make a picture. Harmonia Sinkala, How to control us. Attention in the place you need, how to walk with very textured paper. How using white wash can make a picture of or numbness. And then there's the listen. You will draw such big trip. I will be glad to see you in my class. Let's that 2. Step 1: pencil drawing: I start with the pencil drawing first, I draw a horizon line. It doesn't have to bestride because at the reference this line is blurred. We will achieve this effect to using Water column. Now I draw fans. I don't draw each board individually, but I draw the direction off these boards. The fence is old. Therefore the direction off the boards is important to draw, not parallel to each as, um so the picture will look more interesting. Now I draw ahead. First I draw the line. Now I draw a rectangle perpendicular to this line. I draw an overall around the tooth line and I drove aboard on the reach. This head hands. Be sure to draw a smaller oval inside the head. I hedge this area. It will help me to draw shadow in the future. Now I drive a basket again. I start with the tilt line. Then I draw a perpendicular. Caroline, this is the access off symmetry. Next I draw a square, the papers a little toe, the bottom. I draw a belt on which the basket Hank's like to strike lines parallel to each as um, also, I drove the small details on this belt. This is a clasp. I drove them back belt again is just two parallel lines Now I A raise the excess lines and soften the seal it off the basket. I made the lines a little curved England. I drove a decorated free bone at the bottom off the basket. Our pencil growing is radium. I make it less situated so that they were to college, can paint overweight. 3. Step 2: wet on wet technique: I just feel I will make using wet on wet technique. To do this, I read the entire sheet off paper with clean water. While the paper absorbs water, I have time to prepare the pains. I drip a drop of clean water in the colors that I will use. This are orange, brown, red, Kinnock, redon and cobalt. I start to paint from the sky. First I mix orange, and Ken agreed on to get a delicate peach shade. I m f global toe this color to get a slightly dusty shade. I paint with this color in the middle off the space me the sky. I add a little orange to make the color Feeling more interesting Now I makes orange Can agree Don't and Kobylt to get a deist e purple color. To do these, I add more Coben with this color. I drove to the horizon with the remnants off Kahlo On the brush, I draw the lake. I had a little kobylt and draw this collar and the bottom off the sheet. Again. I take Coble to draw the top off this kind. I typically bought a little so the pain begins to flow and mix. Most mostly, I take Kobylt and mix with dusty purple shape with this cholera hydro clouds. I make strokes and often put away the brush from paper. In this way, we draw the clouds along the horizon. We see a duck Qala. This is a forest. I makes it back brown color with Kinnock Redon. So the shape becomes close. Toe the color off this Kyle. This way we make the picture hormone ozone column with the same brush. I draw a line along the horizon. I slightly deep the collar in the middle of this line to make this line more glory. I drink clear water directly on a dark brown column. I smooth age off this color sport to using wet, clean brush. 4. Step 3: grass: I start to draw dry grass in the foreground. First time mix orange and brown. I want to get a golden shade off grass with vertical strokes. I bent over the entire white part off the paper. We should be decorated with a seal it off a basket and head. They should remain white. She's in the space of the sky, and lake is still with the color of the grass. Blend smoothly with these areas. We still owes me to create the blower background effect, and in this way I focus of U. S. Attention on the basket with head. Since we grow this object with clear boundaries, this technique is often used to highlight the main subject in the picture. All that is important should be drawn with clear boundaries, everything that its secondary should be made slightly blurred. The wet on wet technique helps a lot here. Now I make skin agreed on and brown to paint a shadow off grass. With this collar I drove below, I drove a small spike alerts on the top with the tip off the brush. I don't grow every blade of grass. Choose only three or four pieces. The paper has already begun to dry, so it's time to draw with clean water. I watched the thin brush and hydro blades off grass with clean water. So what? A. Push the pigment out off the paper and create grass blades. I spray clean water. Tow the painting to make the picture more picture sec until the paper is completely dry. I begin toe dough offense. I make skin agreed on orange, brown and Kobylt notice. We have already used all this colors, a draw, vertical lines, and they carefully safe the borders off the basket and head. I make the two nearest boards the most situated, darkened boards near the basket and head. This is the shadow they cast on the friends. - I take a clean, wet brush and I little wash our the column. So I add volume through the boards. I dock in the lower right corner. I care. Article Redrow. Blades of grass With the Brown column, I add a little Coble toe the color off the fence so that it looks more picture sec 5. Step 4: hat and basket: I start to draw a head to toe These mix orange and brown, and I evenly paint over the whole space off the head. Now to give for whom I removed the color at the top of the head, using a clean white brush with a mixture of brown and kill. Agreed on a draw, a shadow inside the head. I had a little Kobylt and back in this space, inside more strongly, with the same dark brown color and the cemetery brush, I drove the fast Knicks off the fence. Little effect, the papers very textured. It is easy for us to do the same dry brush. Also, I don't draw lines toe the age off the sheet. I stopped earlier, so we show the perspective once again because we already see poorly the details off the fence in the distance, also with the same a dry brush. I draw the boards that closes to the center. Off the composition, I paid the top of the head with orange brown Dr topped with Brown column and through the same brown Qala doc in the bottom or the head near the fence. I bent over the entire space with the basket. Using light orange Carla, I used us to purple collar in the left side, off the bus kick to draw shadow. I mix orange and technically don't to draw belts. I paint over both belts with this color front and back with the remnants off paint on the brush paint over the decorative free bun. 6. Step 5: semi-dry technique: now again, with the semi dry brush and a dark brown Qala, I begin to draw the details. First I draw grass in the foreground. I make a Karachi practical brushstrokes, thanks to the relief off the paper, we can quickly create a feeling off the thick grass with the remnants off paint on the brush. Hydro vertical lines on the basket so adroll its structure. The basket area. Hasn't he had right to the end. Therefore, I can draw with clean water. I take it in brush, wetted with water and draw lines along the top off the basket. Also a draw. Vertical lines next to dark ones. This way, we make the longitudinal structure off the basket. Boredom nous with Amy Dry brush and Brown Qala, I had structure to the top of the head. I make just a few stalks with a mixture off purple and indigo. I get an almost black color. Using this collar, I draw a Dockery, but on ahead with their eminence. Off this color I drove. Things seem so collines the true beat the Parton or the head with the same duck Qala. I draw the class on the basket belt and we brought horizontal strokes. I draw the structure off the basket on the left. We should make more stalks. That or the right, because the basket isn't the shadow on the left. 7. Step 6: glare with white gouache: the last step is glare. I do this with wide watch. I don't make squash with water and drove with the thickly directly from the camp. So it turns out the effect off the same dry brush and glare look more natural. I will start drawing from the basket. We need to draw white lines with Wash in. Yeah, Doc Brown lines. - I also make small horizontal strokes right on the longitudinal lines. Off the basket. I draw the class on the basket bell. I asked a couple of strokes to the top of the head. I make small strokes on them. Nearest boards. This create the effect off antiquity. I dropped grass with Karajan. Brushstrokes, - That's all he is growing. I got thank you for watching my lesson. I really appreciate that you trust me as a teacher and don't forget to subscribe to my skill shape wage. Every month I make you want to tell a lesson. I will be really glad to see your paintings. And I hope I see you soon. Bye.