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Summer Beach Painting in Gouache

teacher avatar Madonna Guinn, Artist and Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools and Materials

    • 3. Project

    • 4. Preparing your palette

    • 5. Painting the Ocean

    • 6. Painting the sand

    • 7. Final Details

    • 8. Last thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to the class of Summer Beach Painting in Gouache. In this 13-minute class, you will learn to paint beach in wood using layering technique in Gouache. I will walk you through simple tools and materials, How to prepare your palette directly to mix them easily. You will gain understanding How to paint beach from ocean waves to sand. By the end of this class, you will have a finished project that you can hang to your wall or give to your love ones. So, What are you waiting for? Join me in my class and let's get started!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Madonna Guinn

Artist and Illustrator


Hello, I'm Madonna! I am a Filipina Artist and Illustrator, a happy full-time Mom of one, and a walking wanderer based in Florida.  My big love for nature helps me to be creative in every way. I love to try to explore different kinds of media like watercolor, gouache, and pen. Most of my work is traditional so don't underestimate the power of your hands.

When I do not paint, you can find me in my garden digging sweet potatoes, or filming for my Youtube drawing channel. I really do believe that being passionate about art takes a lot of patience, effort, time, and allowing yourself to grow in your craft. If you are looking for support and a community that will help you inspired and bring the positive joy of learning, you are in the right place... See full profile

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1. Intro : Are you excited to paint your summer destination? Are just what they have? A beach? Get away! Vacation. Have you ever wondered if you could paint a lowly fresh beach? Yes, you can. Hi, everyone. I'm Madonna. I mean artist, illustrator use in Florida. Welcome to Dick. Allies of a summer beach in gosh in this glass. I'll show you how to be beach. Using quashed, I'll walk you through simple tools and materials. How to prepare your pull it right from your paper. How to paint beach Using layering techniques and bathing waves Sand, you will understand how to layer your beings and how to give a life your waves. By the end of this class you will make a project that you can hang to your wall or give to your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Enjoying many class unless get started. 2. Tools and Materials: hi and welcome again. Today. I'm going to show you the basic tool, the same materials that we're going to use 40 class so in this class and going to use wood and the shape of circle. I got this in WalMart for just a dollar, but if it's not available to you, you can always use paper. I recommend what another paper that at least learned. £40 Berg, Wash. Means I will be using booby a studio wash color. There's very affordable pains. Great for beginners to being brushes. I'll be using small A bushels. Sins must serve as a small so you can use filbert barrage from barrage angle brush. No, be great too well. Brushes are a great for detailed subjects, though you can use whatever brushes that you already have their for bullet doubled issues a piece of paper that I already cut. Yes, you don't have to get expensive ballot this lawless. It's wide amusing. This that out watercolor paper to mix my colors for Baiting Beach, Oregon Dinner For a racing and cleaning your brushes, you can use bossy container. If you have a mason jar, that's fine, too. A cloth or rag you if you preferred to use. They were tall. It's okay also. And that's all for the tool. See materials in the next video, I'm going to show you what kind of project we're going to me. 3. Project : So for the glass project, we're going to being a summer beach in you would a single wash below the reference photo that I use for this class. Or you can use your own reference or picture to paint your summer beach and the next video . I'm going to show you how to prepare your bullet for your painting. 4. Preparing your palette: What are your painting from your imagination? Or using a reference space to prepare your palate so that you will be aware about colors that you will be needing for painting, And you can always add more collars if you need later on. So let's let's keep it simple, since I'm going to use a reference photo for it is painting. Here are two collars that I will be using for it a glass start first with primary science Ivory, black permanent wide yellow poker, primary yellow Bring green and I'll see you in the next video and we're going through start to pain the page. 5. Painting the Ocean: So if we're to first that before you pain, anything as a divider paper or the surface says we're working on like the wood. I mean, did it cut it? I mean, just draw alone. Temporary lane Separate the ocean from the sand. Even Gua GES is a two layer, asbestos sketched area that her, um, working on furs or the boundary author that let's mix colors for the ocean. And I'm going to mix some saying and green for the color off or the water it always had a little black. You wanna make it a little darker and don't worry about the highlight right now in this painting and going to paint the beach from direct Don Toh Lai, the similar in a core like using paper as a well that that's really helpful because it helps me to see the caller after I makes it before I being it on would if you're used to painting in paper, the surface is really different, but it's interest singing ISS fun to paint also because you could display it and there's already ah, hook on this what? That after you're done, you can already hang it to your world north is that the water gets nearer to to send our the shore. It gets lighter. Yes, it means that it's more shallow, too, so you can add more primary white. Do your dick collar off the water or the waves to make it lighter. So before you put the waves, let's put some little yellow ocher word waves will be. I'm using a full bird brush. This is very handy in making waves two. And if you have spawned, you can use it to. So for two ways, low waves recall er is really no. They appear white to make it more a little realistic and going to make Salalah color. All the Zion Queen and white for the shadows are pallets, all the waves. I'm going to make a darker mix of science in Greer and little bit of black for two waves. After it does. Will give, um, you're painting a little dim, mentioned at the top that is deeper and last movement off the waves. This great painting, it's a grade way up eating this and waves now, a little some more. I'll see you in the next video, and then we're going to bring sand 6. Painting the sand: So we're going to pain the Sunday part. We're a small amount of water I'm going to makes you Loker and a little bit of green water to eat away to enhance the fear off the ways in the lived color of it. Ferg, Wash. That sometimes after debating, dries up the color changes alike. Oils course. Stay what it is when you put it to your barrage into your surface. But you could always layer the collar if you didn't like it. I will. Ago, when a prepared my palate, I forgot one caller in its red Oakar, and I don't have that collar that's already mixed up, and they said So I will mixed a carmine and yellow ocher to get her together. That consistency, and if you have magenta, are ready shade but net orange color. It's all right. This is just right. I want this beach to have at the moment and a lot and make it alive but not stagnant like a surreal a summer us . You in an expedient to add some final trust you to painting 7. Final Details: no, I'm going to add somewhere layering in finally dello studio waves and the entire painting may lowering it more with that primary white or putting more highlights to it to looking more bitch. Now you can use small or find Russia's for details and highlights. I'm going to put some final touches to it to the sound. Using the tip of Debra's. You can make a little more eggs I understand, for textures and made to send more darker. - That's afterward. Time to wait the summer bitch. 8. Last thoughts : Thank you so much. We're working the class. I hope you enjoy spending a summer beach with me. Don't freak at post your project in the gallery or you can talk me on Instagram and you can use hashtag skill a share. Summer Beach. We'll see you again in tow. Next class. Have a great day and have a painting.