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    • 1. Relpace Sugar

    • 2. Prepare Dry Ingredients

    • 3. Prepare Wet Ingredients

    • 4. 4 Mix, Bake and Enjoy


About This Class

My favourite Muffin recipe called for 1.5 cups of Brown Sugar! I said, No way! Then my friend showed me a book called Sweets without Sugar, and I loved it. I adapted my oldest favourite recipe and added a few extras. Check it out and let me know if you don't love it. It's healthier for sure. mmm mmm good!


1. Relpace Sugar : hi there Today. I'm in the kitchen, and it's because I'm chopping dates, which is a big sticky mess, because I'm going to replace the 1.5 cups of brown sugar with pureed dates to my favorite muffin recipe on. That's why I thought you might like it, because it doesn't have sugar in it. And I need this muffin every day, so I prepare my dates and free some before hands. It's a banana bran muffin that's got blueberries, roasted walnuts and dates in them. And because I eat it every day, I have compartmentalized the system to make them, so I do the dates first. I also rose the walnuts beforehand so that they're ready, and I put blueberries throughout. The summer when they're fresh, was in my freezer, so they're ready as well. So let's get started with pure ing the dates, and that's what I'm doing right now. I'm using a large knife to chop up the dates before I covered them with a little bit of water and put them in a pot, boiling them for approximately 10 minutes and then putting them in a blender to puree, and then I'll put them in small containers and freeze, um, in the freezer so that when I make my muffins, I will be able to just grab them from the reason. So this time I realized that I'm doing quite a big batch of the dates and I don't actually have a blender. I just have a small blender, so I covered it with a little bit of water. I'm not putting it on very high. I put it on at just above medium low, and it seemed to, you know, dry up quite quickly. So I have a huge hand masher here, and I thought, I've been watching it very closely, actually turned down the heat, and I'm mashing it as I go with the hand masher and I had to add a little bit more water, and I think it's turning out well enough that I won't need to stick it in a blender. If you have a big blender that knots, great. But this time I thought, I've never done it like this before. Usually put it in a blender. But I had a really, really old blender. Finally got rid of it. This is good enough right now. It's consistency is good. It seemed to absorb a lot of water, and I didn't want to add too much water. So just watched it closely. And it's nice and soft. I think we're done. It took like 95 minutes, took me 10 minutes to chop the dates, and it took me five minutes to puree the dates. So that's it's not to move and ready to freeze it. So last time I used 1/2 a cup of dates and I think that they were as sweet. These were the Parnu states. Oh my goodness, they're so good. So that makes such a difference. Instead of the one cup or half a cup off, the pureed dates will go in the middle because there's so much sweeter. So I'm sure that if I use these, they're gonna be great. So I will give you an honest opinion. This is the book that I got the recipe for the pure A's out of, and my friend introduced it to me. It was very easy to find it. I just Googled it, and I just bought it off the Internet somewhere, and it's got some beautiful pictures inside. It's got pureed recipe in it. I learned how to make apple butter from this book as well. Then it's got beautiful pictures of some of the things you can make. I think it's kind of enticing, actually. That's the apple butter right in the middle. Remember, it's all sugar free white sugar, refined sugar, White death. If you buy it, enjoy it. Let me know. This completes the first part of my muffin process. Go ahead and start making the puree and freeze thumb. Get ready for the rest of the recipe. All right, I'll see you in the next video. 2. Prepare Dry Ingredients: so people always give you these great ideas, right? I also worked with somebody who told me to go by the walnuts and freeze them in your freezer. So I'm just gonna put these in a frying pan and roast them up. Takes about five minutes. We'll show you. Just gonna let these walnuts six c. I didn't do too many. I just feel the bottom of a small frying pan. I like toe have at least one kind of a large walnut per muffin. And the recipe makes about 12 muffins. So I already have some roasted walnuts that I've already had some pre done. So we'll just add these two it put the rest of them back and freezer. Hi. Welcome back. I've pre measured my dry ingredients, and I'm just going to give them a mix. 2.5 cups of whole wheat flour, 1.5 cups of brand, one tablespoon off baking powder, one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of salt. I make this recipe so often that when I measure the android ingredients, I make bins up off all of the dry goods and have them already, so that when I want to make the recipe. I don't have Teoh measure the dry goods because in a muffin recipe, you always mix up the wet ingredients in one bowl, and then you add them to the dry ingredients in another large bowl. So I always have a number off the dry ingredients. All portion don't already bins because each recipe makes about 12 muffins, which means that it's less than two weeks and I have to make up another batch. That's why I prepare the dry ingredients already. I prepare the pureed dates already, and I roast my walnuts beforehand, my blueberries air frozen and they're ready in the freezer. And I could also puree the bananas so that I would just have to grab a frozen container of the bananas that would make it easier as well. Maybe I'll do that in the future. All right, I'll see you in the next video, where I'm going to mix the wet ones up and put it in together 3. Prepare Wet Ingredients: Hi. Welcome back. Another thing that I found that I change in the recipe is that it calls for four large eggs . And I found that sometimes it seemed that the muffins were draw, possibly because I changed the recipe. And, of course, I added some walnuts and blueberries. And so maybe depending on the size of the eggs, they're not always ST. So what I've done is I buy a small half leader cart off whole eggs that are already mixed up, and it says that one egg equals 1/4 of a cup. So I put in one cup, and it seems to really be enough moisture. So if you can't do that, I might suggest adding five eggs. Or try it with just the four large eggs, and you find that the muffin is a little bit dry then possibly I had five eggs next time. So I'm just gonna measure my one couple Liquide into this bowl, and I'm going to add the mashed bananas. Fear's bull with the eggs. I'm adding the mash bananas. Just make some up well, with your folk. It's like that when you add the pureed dates, that's when you're supposed to add the sugar. It's now at the dates about 3/4 of a cup this time, sure, it's gonna make very beautiful. And then you add one cup off oil and 1/2 of cup of sour milk. So sour milk is you. Put a teaspoon off lemon gents in 1/2 cup measuring cup, and then you fill it up till it's milk up until it reaches 1/2 a cup. And that's how you get Salam it. If you don't have so milk, I don't know. Maybe it's the same as buttermilk. Anyway, I'm gonna mix this all up, and I'm gonna add my oil and my sour milk. Okay about in the oil board in. Just get in there because not supposed to take a long time, it'll mix up. Just keep mixing it with your court until its lending it gets blended pretty quickly. Take a long time, and then what? It splendid. You can add your mail T. That's not long. Another minute or so, and then a lot of my milk. So here's another little trick for you. You know you can buy milk. I don't drink milk very off, but if you buy the milk that's in the baking section. It's in one of the shelf stable boxes, and I have this in my fridge for about a month now, and it has not gone back. But if you go to use it for this recipe and it's gone bad, that's perfect, because that's what's our Milken's. So I smelled it. It's actually just beginning to go off a little bit, but it's gonna be perfect for the recipe. So I measure over half of a cup, not curdling anything like that. Yeah, it smells. OK, so there we are. Dump it in, mix it up. Okay. The liquid is ready to be out into the draw ingredients. 4. 4 Mix, Bake and Enjoy: welcome to the last part. The liquid is ready to be added to the draw ingredients, so I don't get all in to the dry ingredients and the one thing with muffins that I learned what I don't want to over mix them. You just want to mix it so that the there is no more drying flower left in it. So in other words, you don't don't mix like it's like with a blender or anything like that. You just want to make sure that the dry ingredients are not left dry. And it seems at first that there's a law off wet and not enough dry. But eventually you'll see that as you mix it, they're still dry stuff on the bottoms. Make sure it's old gets wet. Then I'm gonna add my roasted walnuts. You see, just pull it up from the bottom and make sure that you're getting all the drawing stuff up . I just kind of turn it over. Never taken lessons, side claiming checked? No, but maybe somebody would tell me I'm not doing right, but my muffins are great. I love them. I make them constantly. Didn't see there's more dry stuff. They're then allowed my blueberries and put them in the muffin tin and bake it 3 75 or 25 2 30 minutes. So that's pretty good. Looks pretty mixed up. I over roasted the walnuts a little bit. Some of them are a little bit black, but I'm not worried, because when you roast them, they just turn out so great. Anyway, they the flavors really enhanced you roast them. So now I'm just gonna have the blueberries and then with Mendham, often tunes and bake them up. And in half an hour I'll be eating. I'm often to show you double checking found a little bit of dry stuff at the bottom. So we'll make sure I get that when I put blueberries in there. And in go the blueberries mix it all up. Did you see the size of these blueberries? Thes were from the summer. This is the size of a bobbin. You know, when you're sewing and you have a bobbin case, I measured them and took pictures. They're about the size of a bobbin. Absolutely huge and very delicious. If I run out and I have to use the frozen once 13 e weeny things, and they just do not chasing. So freeze your blueberries in the summer, all right? We're already so just gonna put them in the oven, see how they turn out. It's been 25 minutes and you can see that there browning on the top. They look quite brown. They always get quite brown. You can't really see how great they look, but for me, it's like, Wow, you look amazing. Well, we'll see what they taste like sometime between 1 to 3 minutes and they'll be ready. I'll hope them with a toothpick. Make sure they're done in the middle. Then I'll know when you're ready. Don't they look great? Beautiful blueberries just using out right now. I'm going to wait a few minutes and then I'm gonna put them on a rack so that they can cool down. And then I will eat one in the morning. Well, it's no surprise that it's delicious. Let me know if you try it and you love it or you don't like it or what you'd like to change about it. Just let me know. Happy muffin making