Successful Social Media Campaign in 15 Minutes Per Day

Diana Bourgeois, Social Media Maven

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12 Videos (1h 19m)
    • Trailer

    • Understanding Social Media

    • Why Social Media?

    • Crucial Social Medias for Your Business Goals

    • Which Social Media - Demographics

    • Planning Social Media Success

    • Stategy - How to find the right materials and time to post?

    • The BIG What - What Time / What Day / What Material

    • Traffic Builders - How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

    • Case Studies - How to grow and maintain a user base on social sites?

    • Theory into Practice – Solve the Puzzle

    • Coffee Mug - Social Media in 15 minutes


About This Class

Are you unsure which social media to use?

Are you laboring away in social media without getting results?

Are you spending too much time or money (remember - time is money!) on a social media campaign? 

Let's fix your social media campaign so it only takes you 15 minutes a day to get results!


As every traveler knows, a road map is necessary to chart a course to any destination.  Of course, these days, we use a GPS or Siri to give us point-by-point instructions.  The same logic applies to a strong social media strategy.  

To build a social media campaign that draws traffic, it is necessary to have a fortified foundation combined with a clear path of goals, timelines, milestones, and measurement.

What You'll Learn

  • Understanding the goals. Why use social media
  • Crucial social media sites. Which social sites are crucial for your business
  • Strategy. How to find the right materials and time to post?
  • Case studies. How to grow and maintain a user base on social sites
  • Exectution. Social Media in 15 minutes per Day.

What You'll Do

Create a social media strategy that requires 15 minutes of upkeep a day. Use shortcuts such as tagging (and hash tagging) and keyword optimization, engage audience participation, and grow your brand's reputation.

This class is perfect for business owners & online marketing managers.

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Great Info!!!
The course explains the nitty-gritty of what kinds of social media to use for your target demographics, as well as what to post and when to post. It's all distilled in this course.
Has some nice basic structures, but could do some marketing theory crossover.
Sofie Kokelenberg

CIAgent, make me an offer I can't refuse!





Diana Bourgeois

Social Media Maven

For over ten years, Diana Bourgeois, President of the international social media marketing company, Magic Marketing USA (, has helped companies and governments gain market share and brand recognition online. Even before the words "social media" existed in early 2002, Ms. Bourgeois started working with corporate clients to help them take advantage of online opportunities to boost productivity and engage in the online marketplace. Magic Marketing USA has successfully l...

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