Successful Facebook Advertising From Start To Finish | Brandon Lewin | Skillshare

Successful Facebook Advertising From Start To Finish

Brandon Lewin, Creating a world where learning isn't boring

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13 Videos (2h)
    • An Intro to Successful Facebook Advertising from Start to Finish

    • Best Facebook Strategies

    • Setting Up A Facebook Advertising Strategy

    • Diving Deep

    • Golas on Goals on Goals

    • Your Audience Is Calling

    • Do The Research

    • What Are You Selling

    • Segmentation

    • The Follow Up

    • Tools of the Trade

    • How Much To Spend

    • The Final Project


About This Class


It’s important to get click throughs and conversions with Facebook, but more importantly, you need to know why and what you are going to do to be successful with Facebook Advertising and not waste a bunch of money.

You will learn what it takes to make a powerful strategy for your Facebook Advertising campaigns. You will learn how to reduce your time and increase your effectiveness by spending time doing research and developing a plan. You will make more money by doing more during the beginning.

You will discover the different strategies for different objectives within Facebook Advertising. You will discover how to find the best audiences in Facebook based on your best customers. You will discover how to setup an effective sales funnel to use along with your Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

The class project will be to create your own strategy for your own ads or for a client.

This class is perfect for a business owner interested in running their own ads, an entrepreneur looking to run their own ads, a marketing manager looking to get ready to run Facebook Ads, a hustler looking to boost their side gig into a full time thang, or just a person who wants to learn how to use Facebook Ads smart and effectively.





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Brandon Lewin

Creating a world where learning isn't boring

There are a few things you should know about me right away. First, I'm a giver and lover...not a hater. I show my love by sharing my experiences, stories, and knowledge in the wild and crazy world of marketing.

Second thing you should know about me, is that I despise negativity. Almost as much as I do when the person leaves the last little bit of toilet paper on the roll and doesn't replace it. What I am going to do with that. Half of it is stuck to the cardboard anyway.


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