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Successful Business Planning: Launch Your Idea Effectively

teacher avatar Teresa Ornellas, Caution... Willpowered Beauties At Work.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Establish Your Intentions And Get A Positive Start

    • 3. Preview Your Additional Resources For Unit 2

    • 4. The Importance Of Your Mission Statement

    • 5. Find And Setup Your Unique Business Position

    • 6. Find Your Finances And A Successful Marketing Plan

    • 7. How To Be Organized In Your Business

    • 8. Schedule The Daily Details

    • 9. 5 Ways To Ensure Your Ongoing Success

    • 10. Let's Keep You Focused On Your Potential

    • 11. Let's See How The End Is Your New Beginning

    • 12. Get Ready For Some Mental Exercises

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About This Class


Do you look in the mirror in the morning and say, "Today I am going to kick-ass! Yesterday might have sucked, but this is a new day and I am ready to go at it again!" If this sounds like you or maybe this is where you want your mindset to be... then I know you will love this class, Stop Losing Your Money & Mind: Create A Wildly Successful Business Now!

What You'll Learn

  • Planning. You will create¬†your own¬†real world plan of action. A plan that means business!
  • Accountablility. You will strengthen your¬†individual abilty¬†to support your new found game plan.
  • Growth. You will develop the ability to stay¬†focused, fierce and unafraid to¬†pursue¬†new goals and challenges forever!¬†

The information that you will learn in this course can be applied to just about anything:

  • What do you¬†want to achieve in life?
  • How can you improve things¬†in your¬†home, at church, or social activity¬†groups you belong to?
  • Are there areas in¬†high school, your college or night class that could use a positive shift?

There is excellent information in this class that should not be limited to just a traditional business environment.


Isn't right now the best time for you to get the specific steps that will help you create lasting, positive changes in your life and business?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Teresa Ornellas

Caution... Willpowered Beauties At Work.


My entire life has changed since this was filmed.

The concepts are classic, and will work for a person who goes at the effort with enough persistence. I am proof of this.

Since filming these videos, I've lost 30 lbs of fat from just hard work. My relationships, and my own self confidence have improved.

You can even schedule your own coaching session with me in person at my business, or set up your video coaching session with me just by visiting my website.

Let's talk about your goals, and get you there!

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2. Establish Your Intentions And Get A Positive Start : welcome to your class on how to create a business plan that's gonna work the best for your specific needs. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a small start up with just a few people on board, you will find the information in this class very useful, and I hope that you also find it an entertaining class. Creating a business plan for some people might seem tedious or not worth the effort, but I'm gonna promise you if you create the business plan in the steps that I am recommending to you today, you will find that your business runs more smoothly and you get a lot more satisfaction out of the daily operations of running your business. So let's get started. Unit one is all about showing the world your great idea and step one of this unit. It's all about thinking about what are your intentions. Your goal in this unit is to create and keep a daily writing journal that you are going to write in for a minimum of five minutes every day at the same time of day or night. Your goal is to get everything that's in your head onto paper. Start making sense of what your intentions are, professionally and personally, and be able to start figuring out specifics of what you want to achieve within your business and how you can best serve yourself and your market to get the most out of your journal. Make sure that you are writing about how things have gone for you in the past. Relating Teoh previous goals also right about right now, how things are going for you and how it makes you feel and write about what you want to do in the near future. The next few days, months, weeks, years. Even the goal is to start getting used to writing down how you feel your thoughts, your emotions, your actions. You want to be able to start looking back eventually on your journal and using your journal to hell. You forward into your next a series of actions, so be detail and write regularly. Step two of Unit one is program yourself for a successful start. Successful people have a way of going about their life that is different then. Most people go through life. Successful people have routines. They have almost a predictability about themselves in relation to the things that they are able to continue to repetitive Lee do that create awesome results. And they also have a way of avoiding negative behavioral thoughts, actions, patterns basically that are going to keep them from achieving the results that they want. In Step two, you're going to review the journal that you wrote in Step one, and you're going to look for behavioral patterns, thought patterns, action pattern. You want to start and identify to positive patterns and to negative patterns. I want you to figure out what was a trigger. Is that a thought and action that came about based on something that you did that yielded a good result that you would love to repeat? Or did it reeled? A result that was very negative. And it's something you want to avoid in the future. Later in this class, Unit four is where we're going to address trigger behavior, thought action patterns. Right now, I just want you to start getting used to the idea of writing in your journal. Just go back through, read review and start highlighting patterns that you find a good and that are not so good 3. Preview Your Additional Resources For Unit 2: some additional resource is that I have included for you are really entertaining. Most of them are videos, and they're located on your pdf. Here in Unit two. There's five of them. Two of them at the bottom are more informative than entertaining, but very important to the success and completion of your business plan. The two that are speaking of our score dot org's and it's a non profit association that's dedicated to helping small business owners launch their businesses and continue to get the advice counsel that they need in regards to important questions they have about the formation of their business, the financial issues and other legal issues within the business set up. The other one is the S p a doctor, and that's set up by the Small Business Administration from the United States government. And they, too, have a lot of really interesting information to help you start your business and continue it going in a manner that is structured legally correct and will help remove other headaches that could happen to you later. Down the line. The fun part of this pdf is the 1st 3 links. There's three. No, I'm sorry. Two videos and then a Pdf article. So the first video is basically about encouraging you to dream and the benefits of dreaming , but also the downfalls of what you can have happened if you dream and you don't have any action behind the dream, the woman's name is re left. Alexander and I got her video from 99 you dot com, and I felt really entertaining. And, um, it was really awesome to connect with the stories that she gave on her video. The next one was Theresa May Beale, and she is talking about tracking your small winds. Teoh accomplish big motivational accomplishments, and she has a really awesome story about people that she has worked with, who kept daily journals and how the keeping of their journal increased their motivation and their level of success within their own industries. So again, her video, it was also taken from 99 you dot com, and I think I think that you'll find it very entertaining and by lastly have included a link on how you can perform an A B market test. Um, this comes from the get response, uh, automated emailing website, and I am not paid by them, but I do use them, and there's a lot of other companies out there that you can use for this particular service . But I found that they had a really informative pdf article on how to conduct your own A B market test using an automated email system. So I hope you found these links very informative, and I I wish you the best. 4. The Importance Of Your Mission Statement: Step one. Your mission statement. It's always at the beginning of a missions. Uh, sorry. His eyes at the beginning of your business plan. However, I find it totally best if you create your mission statement at the very end. After you've done everything that we're gonna do in the higher plan Creation, save the mission statement for the left, which is a little weird. The mission statement is Step one of this unit. I know, Um, but I just put it here at step one, because whenever you look up how to create a business plan on the Internet, mission statements are always listed first. When you open up a business plan, they're always first. So when you are making your plan polishing it off, you are gonna have your mission statement first. But in the process of creation, you're gonna have your mission statement done last. Totally think about it throughout the whole, you know, process of creating your plan, but don't stress over creating at first. So with your good mission statement, you might be wondering, what exactly is a mission statement? What am I supposed to talk about? What? The white cover? Well, let's go over You're good. Awesome. Great. Superb. Ultimate mission statement should be in two forms. You should have a short quote, something that you could easily run off your website. You know, 13 to 4 sentences maximum. When you meet somebody and they say what? You know what your business about this is like, this is what's gonna spew out, you know, And it should be easy to say and it should sound like you, and it should really have quality and just totally describe your business in a super quick summary. Also, you should have a mission statement that is more of a one page document that goes into rail detail about what your company philosophy is. You know who is your target market? What is your industry? What are your products and services? What's your costumer service plan? What are the business operations that actually run the company behind the scenes? What are your organisational routines? What? What's your schedule of manufacturing and production and following up on customers and customer service and things of that caliber? Next, What are your management plans for your staff? If you don't have staff in your solo? What are your plans for yourself to keep you on track, because if you're running a solo business, you were all the hats. You do everything and you need to make sure that you have a system to keep yourself organized so that you're not feeling overwhelmed. You're not forgetting to do certain things. You're not spending too much time on other areas. What ideas do you have for growth with your business? Where do you see yourself in three months? Six months a year, a year and 1/2 3 years? Whatever it ISS, you need to have goals that are continuously pushing you forward. If you don't continue to make goals, your business is just going to go stale and your business is gonna lose sales and you're gonna get bored. And then it's like, Well, why did I do this in the first place? Right. I also think about how are you different from your competitors? Whether you're small scale or large scale, you need to think about what your competition is doing, and how can you out do them. So if you're a small business and you're competing with larger companies, don't be discouraged. Just think about how can you perhaps outdo that company that you're competing against in relation to maybe your service with your customers, one on one quality of product. Really? Try and feel through the market and figure out what makes you unique and what would make a customer choose you and your product versus the competition. So all these areas are going to go into your mission statement. It's a lot of information, and this is why I again will recommend you do this last after you've actually created your business plan. And you've worked through all the other steps of this unit and the other units coming forward that that patients toe weight and create your mission statement. After you finish, this class will make creating your mission statement more enjoyable and more detailed, and you will find that it really nails you, pinpoints who you are as a company and how you're better than the next company out there. Also, just make sure that when you are working with creating your mission statement, as with every step in every unit of this class, at the bottom of your pdf is a self assessment rubrics that you should be looking at. That gives you an idea of where you're standing with the quality of work that you're creating on your step assignment. You know, two stars, three stars, four stars. Where do you want to be? Basically? Are you not trying? Are you doing just average ho homework or you really kicking but putting forward like an awesome plan that would blow the next person's plan out of the water. Where do you want to be? Gotta figure it out. OK, so I'll see you in the next unit. 5. Find And Setup Your Unique Business Position: Welcome to step two of unit two of writing your business plan. Now is the time that you need to analyze your competition and your obstacles. PDF for step two of unit two It specifically wants you to say what your competitors are doing. You know, what's their customer service like, What's the quality of their products and services? What are other areas that they're doing that you find important on how they relate to your business? And how are these all combined obstacles for you? How are they affecting? We're going to affect your business. And what can you do to get past them? Tell me specifically what about your competition sucks that you could do better and right? What about your competition? That they actually are doing really well that you would actually like to adopt into your own business? Just make it work for your specifics. What is it that you could put down on paper that is going to help you overcome certain obstacles that you have and be able to outdo competition that directly is in the way of you getting the results you want with your business? Here we are stuffed three unit to customizing your products and services to suit your market in this part of the business plan. How are you going to suit your market's needs for what they want and give them what you feel they need, how you want to give it to them. But in a package that says to the market, you I want this specifically. How can you customize your products or services to better suit? What? Your client, customer market industry, whatever you call it, what they want, not what you want to give them, but what do they want? What are they asking for? How can you take a product or service that you currently have, and adjust it to really better suit what the market wants? Okay, you might want to give them something that they need that you know will help them. But if you don't package and create and market this product or service in a way that the market can see as what they want rather than what you feel they need, you're going to struggle to sell whatever it is that your business is producing. But yet you're still maintaining a behind the scenes process in your business that insurers , you could do a smooth manufacturing process that, if not making more headaches for you. Is there something that you can do to ensure that your customer service goes through the roof with superior quality? But yet you're not making more of a headache for yourself, but you're able to give the market what they want. This one, this stuff here, is gonna make your head like you're just gonna You're gonna feel some burn. It's gonna take you a while. You know, if you are making a product, you're gonna have to figure out, Do I? Do I need to actually change the product itself? Does the packaging needs to change? Or is the product fine, But the marketing, the words that the way it's being sold, Does that need to change? Are using the wrong key words? Is it the wrong color the wrong size? If it's a service, how are you marketing the service? How do you describe your service? If there a way that you can package your product or your service into multiples into one Unit one service, a collection of services that would better fit with the market wants, How can you simplify the purchasing process and a return or exchange process for your market so that it's like a no brainer. They would want to buy from you again and recommend you to people. You have to think about more than just the actual product or service itself. But the whole process that surrounds buying it and feeling secure with the purchase really make it easy for the customer to feel that they're getting the best quality of experience with your product or service. So you've got to write all this down. That's not just making a product or making a service. It's making the experience that surrounds it superior to your competition. I bet you didn't think it was gonna go that deep, did you? Yeah. You had hurt? No, it's all right. Stick with me. We're gonna get through this. Step four. Unit two is caring for the official documents. So much fun. I know, but it has to be done. You really need to know the specifics for how you're going to run a proper business. So you don't get in trouble throughout the year at the end of the year with your city state county federal taxes, payroll all that fun stuff. If you're a solo business running it all on your own, you still have to do this. If you have staff, you totally have to do this. So here we go. On your pdf, it says a huge amount of information about a variety of documents that you may or may not need. In order to file your business where you are planning to do business, you gonna have to do some research. Start looking at your city. Your state your step up inside your state. Look in the federal, you know, how are you gonna struck your structure, your business or your sole proprietor and L L C and S Corp. They all have different ways of structuring the business on paper with different fees that you have to pay yearly. Um, are you gonna have a fictitious business name that you have to file? What about sellers permits? So you need to contact your Board of Equalization. You need federal tax I D numbers for reporting Teoh State and sends for taxes, and especially if you're gonna have staff on payroll. Are you going to do payroll on your own or you have an outside company that's going to handle that for you. It makes a world of difference. If you have an outside company taking care of your payroll and a financial planner who is helping you with your taxes so that they can help you estimate what you're going to have to pay quarterly or at the end of the year, you don't want to have surprises in regards to taxes that you may or may not. Oh, what permits do you need? Do you have special permits that your city requires? Um, are you working out of your home? Some cities require permits for home based businesses. Some industries. You have to have a license based on your profession. Uh, insurance is hugely important. When you're running a business, what is the kind of insurance that you need? So you're gonna need to research your industry, figure out what's the proper coverage that you're going to meet. Additionally, business banking accounts, you're gonna have to go into a bank of your choice and open up a business banking account, preferably. I also have a business credit card, something that you can keep your finances separate from your personal. This is gonna again make tax time much easier. So by the end of step four of this unit, you should have knowledge up the business documents that you need to have on file. Ideally, you should have them actually in your hand getting ready to file them or have filed them. And you also have created a system that keeps your documents organized and at, um, moments notice you can actually pull on them and use them for whatever issues you might need to review the information for. So that's your assignment. Figure out what documents you need. When do you have to do renewables? How much are you re Newell's and where you're storing these documents get to work. 6. Find Your Finances And A Successful Marketing Plan: All right, we're at Step five of unit to figuring out your financial plan. This is a step that I'm covering lightly because I'm not a financial planner. But I do want you to have some documents put together that you could bring to a financial planner who could give you a really good understanding of what you need to dio throughout the entire process of creating your business, launching it, running it effectively and growing it. Okay, on your pdf for step five, you're going to want to collect all of your financial paperwork for bills that you currently have personal and professional bills. You need to have them put together, but in separate columns if you're gonna write them on paper, If you're just gonna bring two boxes to your calendar, bring two shoe boxes full of stuff and have them help you sort it out. But you also are going to need to figure out in addition to bills you currently have. What bills do you foresee you need to have in order to launch the business. You know, if you're having your business at a specific location, what are the What's the rent? One of the utilities. What if the startup costs for buying your initial equipment, your inventory, everything you need toe launch your business and get started. You need to have that list in addition to what you currently are paying. Then you're gonna have 1/3 list, and this is gonna be your growth list. This is gonna be a list of bills that you I don't have yet. And you don't need the bills to launch the business. But these air bills that are going to support the growth of your business so you need to start identifying, Okay, In three months, I need to buy this piece of equipment. So it's going to cost me this much in a year. I want to move into a bigger location. The rent is going to cost this much. Um, in a year, we're gonna have staff, so we're gonna have to figure out the cost a higher staff and do payroll and insurance. Um, blah, blah, blah. Do you understand? You need to have three list current bills launching bills and bills that are going to be growth bills. Bring this list to a financial planner and they can help you understand more about the specifics of what you need to do to keep everything organized and keep you from going deeper and deeper into debt. They will help you identify red flags that you can see right away in the beginning where you're already having financial issues. Or they can help guide you into the future and avoid issues that could hurt your business. Step six. We're gonna right the marketing plan on the only way to really have an effective marketing plan that's been a suit You're needs the best and really help you identify specifically what is working and what's not working within your planning and you're marketing your products and services is to test with a B testing on the additional business. Resource is there's a link to a document produced by Get Response, which is online email marketing company, and they have a really great document that explains how you can use, um, baby testing to really find whom what your market wants and what your marketing is doing and how well it's serving your market. So that particular report is geared towards using automated email systems. I highly recommend that you pick an email company to manage your email database because it's going to make your job a lot easier when it comes to communicating with your your customers. Because that way they're gonna feel a greater connection to you and you'll be able to literally asked them, You know, what is it I can do for you? What? Can I help you serve you better? What do you like? What you not liking? Really? Build a connection to your market so that they feel like when they need something again, they're gonna come to you versus the competition because they're already connected to you. I personally use get response. I'm not paid by them to recommend them. I'm just I'm recommending them that you go with whoever you like. Uh, with get response. The report that I I've got listed on the additional resource is pdf is totally free. And it goes into you know how to create a marketing plan where you're selling one product, but you have five or two or three year. You picked a few different ways to market that one product differently, using different keywords, different pictures. Um, you're just changing minor things within each marketing plan to see what your market is going to respond to and and really basically click through and give you the most action in the most sales of the most communication. And then you get rid of the other plants that aren't working. You make notes about the ones that did work so you could repeat it, right? That's the whole plan. We want to figure out what works, what doesn't work and, like, get ready stuffed with socks and do more of the stuff that works. So on your assignment for step six, you're gonna choose to products or services that you want to promote, and you're gonna create one A B marketing plan for each of those services. So basically, you're gonna have four marketing plants. But two plans are for one service, and two plans are for the other service. But make them each slightly different. You know, use one different keywords, different pictures, different colors. You know, different ways of trying to appeal to the market and see which plant cells mawr or connects more. Gets more response from your market. No, that you've got your baby plan created. This is again where I was saying, you need to use an automated email company to manage your email list. Well, they can also manage the reports and tracked the results that you're getting from your marketing. Okay, so if you're doing email marketing, um, you need to be able to track how many people are clicking through on each of your A B marketing plans, because you need to know which one has the higher click through rate. Also, you can use things like Google AdWords. You could use Google tracking. There's a lot of different acts that you can use if you have a WordPress site that you can actually get results and see, like how many people went to this page and that page, and how long did they stay? You really need to be able to either have a person that helps you with your website, or you need to be a little bit savvy and do a lot of researching on your own and figure out how are you going to track your market as they go through your website and all your marketing. You know what codes or you're using. If you're doing magazines or you're handing out flyers to people, you have to have a way of being able to track what the results are and where they're coming from. So really, sit down and think about this. You know, if your if you're not automated and you're not using, perhaps you're gonna have a heck over time tracking the results on your A B marketing. I feel I feel for you. If you're not gonna do it with tracking, if you're gonna track, you're gonna have an awesome time, and you will be able to adjust your marketing instantly. I mean, sometimes you're gonna launch a plan. And if you already have a list of people on your email out of responder within an hour or two, you could see what's happening. What's working, what's not. You could instantly like, cancel marketing campaigns and bump up other ones, and, you know, it really makes a huge difference. So I really advise you to discover a B marketing, test your plants and track the results consistently review them, make notes and make adjustments 7. How To Be Organized In Your Business: here we are in one of unit three. Okay, We're going to create an organization within your business that treats you so well. You're gonna love your business, because who wants to start a business that they hate? I hope you put your hand down. Didn't raise your handle. That one organization it can feel like when you're trying to create it and establish it that you're being drug through the mud. Because in the beginning, it's like what is organized. I don't know. I've never done this before. So you need to start looking at everything that you've done in the previous steps. Previous units off this class figure out, you know. Okay, We're looking at RPGs that we've been working on our step assignments We're going to create in this this class, this step, a written list of all the activities that it takes to run your business. I know another headache, right, But it needs to be done. The idea is that you want to create your your operational handbook, if you will, That if you were to have hit your head on the sidewalk and you forgot how to run your business that this document you're creating in this exact step. You could run your business based on what you're going to document right now. If you're a solo person and maybe in a year or two years, you eventually hire help. This handbook you're going to create that documents your tools, your products, your services, your vendors, how they all are intertwined and work with each other who performs each task and how and why and when, what hours and days and months of the tasks done by. What's your manufacturing process? How do you handle customer service? What scripts do you use when you're talking on the phone or using email with clients? What are your company policies? Your hours of operation disclaimers. Everything is going to go into this handbook now. It doesn't have to be thousands of pages long, hundreds of pages long. But you've got to have an idea that says, you know what your business does. How does it run? You know, I mean, if you don't know and you can't document, how can you repeat it? And they continue to improve on the quality of how efficiently your business runs if it's all in your head. Like I said, if you hit your head, you're gonna forget how to run your business. If you have a stressful day, you might forget to do certain important tasks that need to be done to have your business continue to run smoothly. If you hire somebody, they need to be trained and brought up to speed quickly. Okay, if you have a business, you owe it to yourself, into your customers, to your markets. To be able to know exactly how your business should run effectively smoothly on time, with a few bumps as possible. If you can't nail it down right now, don't freak out the joy of a business plan. And I do mean the joy of a business plan is that it grows with you. It changes. So just because you wrote something today doesn't mean that you can't adjust it, improve on it completely changed or eliminated a week, two weeks a day, an hour from now. The idea is, though, that you're writing down what you do want and what you don't want. Okay, so step one. You're cultivating your management and organisation by defining the activities that run your business, get to work 8. Schedule The Daily Details : Now we're in step two of unit three. Your job in Step two is to initiate an operational plan. Your assignment in Step two is to create a timeline using the notes that you created from Step One that you just finished. What you're going to be doing is taking the operational handbook that you have created that shows all the tasks and things that need to be done and by who and by when, and you're going to actually put it on a riel calendar. That should be one calendar that shows everything that needs to be accomplished within your business. For some businesses, this is going to be a very small, thin calendar for other people. It's gonna be impactful off things, and you might need to have a little gigantic wall calendars, other people, a small notebook. But the important thing is that every task that you created in Step one is now being put on the calendar here in Step two. Some task need to be done every day, multiple times throughout the day, so your calendar might me broken down by hours. You might have test every hour on the hour. Other people might just have task that are done maybe once a week, it once every couple weeks. It really depends on what is your specific business on what are all the duties that you need to dio next to each task. You should also identify who is in charge of this task. And if it's you and you're a solo entrepreneur, it's always gonna be you. So you might want to think about color coding your calendar. You know certain tasks are related. Teoh your care of your documents and your bills, so that would be one color. Other task might be related to customer service. You could identify those as a different color, and other tests might be related to actually the production that manufacturing of your product another color. Other task might be actually the process of doing the service for your customer. So that would be another color. Think about what's the easiest way that you couldn't put all of your operational handbook into a calendar where when you look at it at a glance, you know where you should be throughout the day throughout the week. What you need to plan on working forward towards achieving and being able to likewise look backwards at your calendar and go, Wow, I've done a lot. I feel really good. I've got a lot of small accomplishments and inside you're gonna feel so good that you are making movements forward and you are slowly getting closer towards the goals that you have created. That is one of the benefits of having a calendar that is well thought out, well planned and used daily, so get to work. 9. 5 Ways To Ensure Your Ongoing Success: here you are in step three of unit three, and what you're going to be doing is quickly and fairly easily restore more. All in confidence into yourself and your business and staff that work with you when you're able to have faith in the five peas processing, practicing patient, persistence, passion. We're not quitters. We are people who want to have a wonderful business and the only way that we can ensure that is by making sure that we are ready toe who handle the stresses, the obstacles, everything that comes with planning a business and running it well. No one else is going to make sure that your business is taking care up. The business is now your baby, and you need to step up to the plate and figure out how are you going to care for this thing? Your assignment on this particular step is to think about how can these five peas help you change negative situations that you're encountering within your personal life or your business? I want you to write a single short statement for each of the five Piece on how you feel that that particular P is going to help you focus on the long term success of your business and moving forward Working with your business plan. So again, remember what the five peas are. We have processing, Practicing patient Chris. The stands crashing. Make sure you make this step completed with a lot of personal attention to how the peas will appeal to your situation, whether it's personal or professional, really make sure that each statement is talking about you. It's like you are talking to yourself. If you need to look in a mirror while you're doing this extra sites, you might find it a little bit easier to be honest with yourself about how you can use each of the five piece to help you focus on the long term success and your motivation with achieving your goals in this business plan. 10. Let's Keep You Focused On Your Potential: here you are at unit for, so keep on with being awesome. Step one of unit for is all about being able to review your progress. I want you to think about this assignment because this is an assignment that you need to dio on a somewhat regular basis even after you've completed this class. This probably is one of the most important steps that you can continue to dio in regards to the successful use and um, growth of your plan related to your business. And it's reviewing your plan. You need to be able to think about what specifically in your plan is very important as faras how it's going to grow considerably or change or need to be adapted or completely eliminated and restructured. As your business changes and grows in the following months and years, some areas of your business plan are going to need to be reviewed more frequently than others. You need to start thinking about that right now, and you need to put the information of what subjects of your plan are going to be needed to be reviewed and put it into your calendar. Put it into your operational plan because you don't want to forget. What happens with businesses that tend to get stale, stagnant, old and start falling apart is that the people that are at the top of the business that are in charge completely forget this step. They forget to review what their original goals were. What have they completed and what are they trying to work forward towards? If you don't maintain this step, your business will suffer in the long run. So right now, I want you to do this. I want you to write specifically areas of your plan that needs to be reviewed. And when do they need to be reviewed, Then schedule it on your calendar. For example, you might say you have staff and the staff need to be reviewed every let's, say, three months so that you can make sure that the staff is performing at the level of quality and customer service that you want your customers to have. And then you need to be ableto figure out. What date does that fall on? You know, Are you doing staff reviews every three months? Um, as a whole group, or is it as they were hired in individually and the three months vary at different times throughout the year, which could be a little hectic. Um, then when you do review them, what is the rubric? The assessment that you are going to be reviewing them by and what are the consequent actions that may or may not happen based on the performance of their review? Also, you can use this when you're reviewing other things like manufacturing procedures. How often are you going to check up on how things are being made? Or you found that your business execs selling in customer service in one department? And you know, based on the review, you want to be able to reward that department. So think about this and write all this information down. It's going to become very important, and you're going to need to use it on a regular basis, whether or not you have staff or you're running a business on your own. Don't overlook this, especially if you run a business on your own. This is going to be an area that's gonna help be a cheerleading section for yourself. Reviewing yourself, making sure that you're staying on target with your original goals and continuing to push forward, you know, for step to push past your comfort zone. This is where you get to learn more about yourself and push past your comfort zone and start working towards bigger, better Curries here. Goals that are common. Like making you go. Oh, my God. I feel like we're in crazy pants. I just don't know if this idea is gonna work or if I could even achieve it. Who? That's a good goal. All right, A goal that makes you feel all jittery and like Like I don't know. I know, I know. How would I even begin? That's a good goal. What do you do with it, though? Here's what you dio you're going to go back to Unit one, Step one and step two. Are you seeing where I'm going? It's like a cycle. It just keeps repeating itself. You're going to start journaling again, learning more about yourself and this new goal. Remember how you had to do your journal and then go and look for positive situations and negative situations and start identifying the trigger event that you feel helped to create the outcome that you liked or that you didn't like with the triggers that you found that gave you results that you really enjoy. And you want to repeat again what is specific to that happy trigger that you could channel and be able to call on at any given time When you feel like you're stressed out or you're stuck in right, you need that extra group of energy to continue on your project. If you consider art identifying the areas that you are excel ing in, that you can actually start to channel and you could you couldn't really literally get back into that that blow that energy. It's gonna be so easy for you to start creating and being productive, like super productive and not wasting time. And you will find that your goals become easier and easier to achieve, and you're able to push farther and get bigger goals that would scare other people in regards to the trigger that yielded the events that were negative for you. I want you to know, Think about what? Specifically about that trigger do you feel cause you to become upset, discouraged, let down? What about the trigger that you highlighted from your negative events? Do you feel with something that if you could see it coming again in the future, is there a way that you could avoid it? Or is there a way that you could redirect your energy, your actions and your thoughts to caused the event to be more desirable at the end? And this is an area that's gonna help you excel past your competition? Because your competition might not have the amount of self control that you're working on, you're going to be able to work with how to recreate a trigger or redirect a trigger so that you get better benefits in the long run with the results that you actually want to achieve. 11. Let's See How The End Is Your New Beginning: that three of unit for create new, challenging goals in the previous two steps, you took time to think about reviewing your progress of how far you've managed to come. And then you started to think about what you would want to do to push past your comfort zone. You were able to identify triggers that lead you into positive situations that you want to continue to repeat. And also you're starting to identify negative situations that you don't want to repeat. Step three. We're actually gonna nail down specific goals, Big Harry, goals that you really want to achieve and a timeline that you want to create them in. So with this step, here's what you're going to do You're going toe, right? Specifically a couple of goals that are not current in your business plan. What you gonna do, though, is gonna write it down. You're gonna visualize what you want, and you are going to create. They do it by deadline date. When you've got that set up, then you can start working backwards and figuring out okay, If I need this gold down by this date, what needs to happen backwards from it for me to get there and slowly over time, you just keep breaking down big goals and big due dates into smaller dates on smaller goals until finally you feel like you have something that you can achieve. This is the stuff that you're going to do often throughout the successful lifetime of your business. Forecasting goals, taking direction, taking control and guiding your business to go where you want it to go. If you don't do this, it's not gonna go anywhere. Yes, you made it to the last step of the last unit, you know, four step for congratulations. That four is all about repeating great stuff in changing things that suck. You're gonna make a promise to yourself to continue furthering your education and continuing to practice the new skills that you have learned throughout this class. I want you to write a short statement that clearly says what you feel you have gained by taking this class. What were the favorite things that you learned and how do you feel? You can apply them to help your business, and what do you think the outcome is going to be when you apply that technique to your business? Last I want a quick statement that again is very personal to you. And I want you to tell how are you going to stay dedicated with continuing to work on your business plan and further your education Specifically, How are you going to make sure that you stay in the moment of practicing what you've learned? How are you going to make sure that you don't take everything that you've learned and just shelve it away and forget it? Because it will do you no good. And it will have been a complete waste of your time. You could do this. I believe in you. And I know that if you do these, you will feel a deeper connection to the skills that you have learned. And you will have a greater appreciation for the amount of time that you took to invest in yourself and in your business by creating this wonderful business plan. Congratulations. You made it to the end of your class. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed all the information that was presented to you in all of the four units and through every step of stuff. Losing your money and your mind create a wildly successful business now, please feel free to share what you have created with your business plan. With the other students here at skill share, use their feedback to help improve on the business plan that you have created. Remember to review your plan often and update it as you feel your business is growing and changing. So with that, thank you so much. 12. Get Ready For Some Mental Exercises: in unit for I have also included some additional pdf Resource is that I think you will find useful in regards to helping you maintain a mindset that is going to cultivate the best business for you personally and professionally. There are four PdF links, and the 1st 1 starts about what are the differences between classical and operate conditioning written by Peggy and over, and it's taken from BD dot ted dot com. She has a really nice short video that talks about the difference is and how you can apply them to your own life in your business. When you know the difference between classical and operate conditioning, you are going to be able to use the two methods of, um, anticipating your own behaviors to help you take control over your desired and undesired behavioral thoughts and actions, and apply it to being able to effectively create the business, run it well and really reduce negative behaviors within yourself and possibly even used the techniques to encourage more positive behavior within yourself and the people that surround you. Uh, the other video is by Seth Godin, and it's about quieting your lizard brain taken from the website 99 you dot com, and I have listened to his particular video. I don't know how many times I just find it, so it's interesting, and I find it extremely supportive and encouraging. The whole principle is about just shipping it. Basically, you are creative, but you have a bad habit of thrashing your idea and stomping it into the ground and never actually releasing it to the world. So Seth does a really wonderful job of encouraging people to stop thrashing their ideas and let them go into the world. You can't be successful if you never try and and actually complete a task. So it was a wonderful drop in this video of encouraging people to do their best and just let it free in the world. Next is a really cool article that is actually from the sport journal dot org's, and it's actually written for athletes. But I found the content to be so interesting and applicable to business that I had to share it with you, and it's all about getting in the right mindset, getting the flow, getting becoming able to channel your own ability to get in the zone and be your most productive. So whether you're an athlete who is physically training for an event that you actually have to perform at your peak level or you're in business, our your creative and you've got to be able to produce a product, a service delivers the on time stay motivated and not give up. You have to be able to get into a particular mindset, a zone where you are functioning above average. And this article has a wonderful amount of information with a variety of techniques to help encourage you to get into that higher mindset to get you performing above average. The last one is another mindset, and it's about, you know, can an old dog learned new tricks? Yes, this one was taken from the author Carol Dweck, and she has identified two types of mindset, and one is fixed on what is growth. And to me, her article seemed very in line with the motivational values of intrinsic and extrinsic values, being able to figure out what motivates you externally or internally. So she has a wonderful short little article, a short little video at the end of the article that I think you're gonna find very informative, and you know you could use it when you're looking at your journal and you're reviewing your unit one steps one and two and trying to find the triggers that are causing you to go into positive results or negative results. When you are able to really understand how your mind works and how your behaviors just come about, you'll find it's not just coincidence that things don't just happen, that there's actual little subtle patterns and nuances that you are doing so consciously that if you could start to pick up on them consciously, you'll be able to change your behavior and your thoughts and become a lot more effective at achieving the goals in the level of success that you've directly deserve. Desire. Want me gotta have so have a recommend. You go to these lengths and take your time reading the articles. See how that you can apply the information to your life in your business. The pdf that I have included titled 10,000 Hours to Expertise what it takes you on a journey to figure out how long does it take to become an expert at any one particular activity, and this, um, a bit of information comes from a man named Malcolm Gladwell, and he has written a book called Outliers. The Story of Success. And in it he talks about how it takes approximately 10,000 hours of a person investing their time and energy into one particular subject before they can be considered an expert. It's about 10 to 15 years that it takes someone to be considered a true expert at their particular craft. Now the pdf was included in your class not to intimidate you or to make you feel like God. That's going to such a drag to wait that long If to help encourage you to find the time and the desire to schedule in time to practice time to educate yourself. Time to dedicate yourself specifically to honing your craft So you could say, Well, what if I were to do three hours a day, five days a week? Then you're looking at a total of 780 hours a year, and it's only gonna take you about 12.82 years before you could be considered an expert. Now everybody's different. We all learn at different rates and speeds, and we absorb our information and different manners, so don't take the table literally. It's merely meant to be a source of encouragement for you to try and force yourself to schedule the time on your calendar on a regular, consistent basis daily every other day, but schedule it so that you can continue to get better and better in your industry.