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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Focusing on Your Actions, Not the Outcomes

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Controlling Your Thoughts and Emotions

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Cultivating Mindfulness

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Setting Big Goals

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Building Better Habits

    • 7. Lesson 6 - Tapping into the Power of Momentum

    • 8. Lesson 7 - Overcoming Failures and Rejections

    • 9. Lesson 8 - Feeding Your Mind

    • 10. Lesson 9 - Honoring Your Body

    • 11. Lesson 10 - Saying No to Debt

    • 12. Lesson 11 - Embracing Minimalism

    • 13. Lesson 12 - Contributing Wholeheartedly

    • 14. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn the success fundamentals and make 2021 your best year yet!

Revolutionize your personal and professional life with author and success advisor Parth Sawhney.

Join Parth as he shares tips and strategies to take charge of yourself, unlock your true potential and maximize your success in all aspects of your life.

In this short and straightforward course, Parth discusses the fundamental and time-tested success principles to live a meaningful and wholesome life, and attain profound happiness for the long-term, no matter where you are in your life right now. You’ll learn to:

  1. Take charge of your thoughts and emotions
  2. Set big goals and achieve them
  3. Eliminate bad habits and build better ones
  4. Invest in yourself
  5. Live a conscious life with less
  6. Make significant contributions

Whether you’re a homemaker, a grad student, a full-time employee, or an entrepreneur, this class will give you the essential tools to help you design a more intentional, impactful and abundant life. In less than an hour’s time, you’ll be on your way to becoming a better version of yourself and living a more successful life.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Parth Sawhney

Author and Success Mentor


My name is Parth Sawhney. I’m an author, storyteller and success mentor to high-achievers all around the world. I’m also the creator of Project Karma Yogi and The Daily Apple, where I share ideas, insights, and resources related to personal development, philosophy, success mindset and the human condition. 

My goal is to create a meaningful impact via my work and help people all across the globe live extraordinary lives and become better versions of themselves.

Every lionheart needs a mentor. If you are ready to embark on the success journey, I’m here to be your companion, your guide on the side, to help you get further every single day.

For more self-education and personal growth resources, please visit my main website: parthsaw... See full profile

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1. Introduction: uh, hello and welcome to Success Essentials. I'm immensely grateful to you for choosing the school's discourses and them for me to distant the life changing ideas and insights which got toe extraordinary success and achievement that I have looked over the years into simple and easy to learn lessons. I heard society and take giants attempted Shula's Day images gratification, able bodied with so many noises and voices in our everyday life that you start fantasizing overnight success. These days we can buy any item on Amazon with one click on watch any show or holy war on Netflix and other streaming platforms. By just pressing a few buttons, we get instant responses and likes reactions. Heart etcetera from people messaging tabs on social media. But these innocuous seeming instant pleasures and luxuries that give us quick reserves and rapid hives come with heavy price. We just It's on, says from patience, perseverance, grit and accidents. The replicated marketing messages as a last instance, solutions began everyday distort our sense on what it really needs to succeed. Way start hoping, for instance, fear level results. What aspect of our life being certain actions in order that the results that have been promised. But when we don't experience them getting frustrated and disappointed to the scores, I want to really wait you with the essential fundamental off what it takes to attract true success. Pastor, for trying to reach There's too much make physical and spiritual noise every constantly face every single day that pigs this woman in a negative light and takes us away from our true essence and attention. My intention is to clear the unnecessary plateau on demystified. There are thousands off post development itself books published every year that each life hacks secrets on tricks to make you more successful in an instant. People in Shandon on this breathes a hood off posted loveman junkies that are hypno dies by climbing a lofty mountains of success on reaching the coveted summit. But success is not something you achieve. It's something you attract and the key lies and becoming a better boost. As Jim Rohn instructs, Success is not to be both you. It is something you attract by bullets in you become. Success is not about doing 10,000 things. There are just a handful of things that need to be done Well done. 10,000 times over to become successful. Sex is is about mastery. A few more fundamental is I'm acting in accordance with them again and again as we repeat our actions, guided by his success fundamentals consistently over an extended period of time, the rewards that getting records are extraordinary. But that said, I would like to invite you lonely, successful Americans have been distant out in the morning lessons. These are timeless drugs, caustically insights. I apply to help you a lot post professional promise. I'm guide you to live in a remarking with an exception, Let's begin our journey. 2. Lesson 1 - Focusing on Your Actions, Not the Outcomes: most of us take that or apology extra orders accepts. We need to constantly boogers on the results that getting used them measure. Although this virgin mean work in a short in a long run, it's not optimal when we start focusing our energy and attention less on the results. But more on processes are the angels and bold, beefy or successful and happy, even if we know that I desired. That is that humans don't always satisfy without present circumstances, as our wards on desires increase soon as the pressure off achieving outcomes. We believe that when we attain our desired results, only then we'll have a truly successful on that. The key to a better future is getting better, is us. But if you operate in this week, before goes more on selfish games, rather than doing the right actions become anxious and over. When we got the results on the extremes success to which people measure, we become whole kind of what people think about us and start trusting our instincts, believing in ourselves and thinking about awesome is and our happiness when we focus on the process. Lucky angle to start living in the prison on satisfied. Were there any distractions and shiny objects off focus on problems. When we operate with results in our mind, we will bring in a selfish man. I look at success as a worry good price, the distance says from our humanness and goodness. In addition, to get stuck in a negative view, Paul comparison competition that video themselves on our well being. As a result, they constantly feel anxious and open as because you are desired outcomes. Unnecessary pressure on ourselves to before, Well, meeting exclusively about the outcomes we start playing see may become less willing to take risks, and experiment between provided us to reaching much better outcomes and the ones you were. Actually, when we focus on our actions, it becomes less about winning or losing. Instead, it becomes more getting master me on getting better day by D, become more experience focused instead of drilling, buy stuff and shiny rooms as we like all the distractions and disturbances and attention, Well, maybe I'm going to get our desire present. No way. Focus on conquering ourselves. I'm doing a best fit for the day. The truth is that results are never control. What we control our actions and our attitudes. A great reminder to keep us crowded daily Life is that school by destiny. For us there is only trying. The rest is not our business where we don't have the challenge of getting results. Banging of awas way bring the locus of control ourselves. We get a sense off empowerment and hands are safest e on anybody says for Career Success way Don't blinded by external results by the shiny tremendous in prices on by the whole empty treasures, you simply focus on doing right allying actions. I'm living on a pension meaning thanks May or may not baby wanted him to be, But we're happy that big on very best on dedicated ourselves to the process they already won, f e a r six says specific. Become frustrated and disappointed. Maybe achievement, external planning, a particular outcome decayed our happiness. Begin simply focus on take meaningful actions and the best way we can so that we made progress work that always axis the happiness with nothing I do nor congratulate. Keep talking keep as Christian cops desire. You must never renounce attachment booth Before that, what done with exactly off results as far way without such anxiety. Hey, work selfishly for us. Our mystery yours reminds urgent and thinking about. Since objects catches us cents off. James, as our catchment close become addicted. Our addiction leads. I'm losing touch. Use a sense of direction, maybe from our lives. Essentially, Christian points out that most single reports possessions are committing a big misty. When they come across Hood is or have the positions taken of you from them. They become bitter, resentful and step away from the natural goodness. As a result, they lose that equanimity tranquility off my, which is the foundation, which was two weeks. Also believe in our well being lies in our actions on that non attachment is essential to Booth guides us to the realization that for our actions, but not all the phone calls that begin people is on the right actions. I take pleasure from them. Let go achieving our desired outcomes. Be embraced the happiness act in the story, right quantity on hand to explain if your happiness is dependent, accomplishing certain who's what happens every into what is yours. No outside events interest. What have you achieved? Everything but find that booty is increased. That's the problem with letting your happiness It's insane. The intention behind our actions has not achieved when our social status but it is to only do what we think is right. I said it got right in his more to seize the wise man regards to reason for all these actions but nor the results. Beginning is in our own fortune decides to issue. But I do not allow to pass sentence upon. Reflect on this journey our actions contributing your success and your well being I know what you need to change. 3. Lesson 2 - Controlling Your Thoughts and Emotions: we try to live in the future on things that will get happy when we get a suit or when our desires will come true. A pre packed if you practice that we started believing that our happiness is conditioned confusion upon achieving that outcome. This is far from the truth. Regardless of the fact that we have achieved what we desire or not, we should seek happiness from within. A good starting point in becoming successful is to do things that make us be good. I seek posting of argument. Post will be focused on taking actually daily without any outcomes. In our mind, our journey and getting karma becomes more fulfilling. Their going in destination talks are vibrations and every court has a certain frequency and matter or began, achieve or no, it's already Tau taught. We have under vibration. If you truly desire something, we have two kinds of sorts. Either Billy. It will be manifesting in a life without any doubt, or we develop that mindset and think that life is empty on in company because we don't have the object want. Your heart is positive, uplifting while the other is negative and depressing. So the best vehicle approach The thing that desire, Mr Start, Was it a G? For instance, if you would like to manifest, your ideas are in your life. Take about that booth forties. You. She has visualize spending time on having one experiences to get. When you do this, your initial talks changes from me alone to being with your partner you bring That goes into your vibrational reality in your corpse. I called this as vibration cavity. Your life is mediocre and you want to go to the next level. This is what will build a foundation for taking your the quality of thoughts that you have a gauge, the quality off life that you get before you bring a desired object. Physical reality. You have to embrace an experience. It's vibration, since, like attracts, like as a vibrational capital increases, story or desires will come in your physical reality. Excellent. What kind of emotions? The experience that dictates the manifestation and they're going to achieve Our basic premise is to move towards positive emotions rather than towards negative emotions. Neediness and desperation were not dingus anyway, and it was more black in order for us to progress in our lives. We need to be in touch with our emotions. We have to control emotions, inoculate them, control us. You're actually for this lesson is to reflect on peace to questions. Number one. How can you conquer your cards and emotions before they come to you? I'm not going to How Getting the quality for talks on What can you do to increase cooperation? 4. Lesson 3 - Cultivating Mindfulness: In this world of distractions and noise everywhere around us, we need to develop a practice off my illness jury a happy and fulfilling way. Have to be my foot off. Our wants our actions on the wood that we speak. We are in the prime off our mental fitness. When we are come on, my meditation is alleging you having to go to me and we practiced building as it brings more of Venice often ar minus so used to distractions in the outside that are making our lives and our emotions are not. Eventually, I understood what he said quietly for a three time become cognisant off are in a wood on what splitting insider. A practice off meditation will help you develop self control. Be instrument in controlling your emotions coats. It will help you get in touch with your inner. Be on the impotent intelligence that is present in one of US. Meditation brings focus and clarity. Every aspect of our lives, like walking on you may not realize its benefits, but it may take you a few months or even years to truly when Humanity nine. In his book Tent Poles and happy Dan Harris mentions home medication that saved his life. He had a panic attack on national television on and opposed to better his life. I'm well being. He started practicing meditation. He mentions that meditation helps him react to situations. But it say responded, I feel deceived me. Having did you use? I feel like I have an invisible Children. If something unfortunate happens to me or if I get rejected, I let unlike previous tank, But it used to be us into my body and holding. Now you perfected if you do meditation, and I would suggest starting small, and I focused on a daily practice of only five minutes off your week. The best time committing is usually in the morning. After waking up in the initial stations, listen to guided meditations of 11 online. They're like training beings that practicing meditation on making a daily. There are some great, absolutely headspace and calm that they used to get started. A good and effective meditation practice requires consistency and feet. It is a great baby. Step inside Royal Horton Embrace your true self. Meditation is not doing anything. It's simply about being so just sit back, relax and be the observer. So reflect on this today what? I have lots of color in your world. On if you're a beginner, start meditation practice today. Britain being upper, waking up in the morning on May Day for at least five minutes for the next 90 days. 5. Lesson 4 - Setting Big Goals: when it comes down to attaining higher quality and 40 off successive going comes down to one skill set a sticking to committing two big goals whose hearing is key to live in rich tables. Viral life for our achievements, experiences and contributions. Darren Hardy, part of the best selling the component effect, has remarked that nearly 100% off super cheap booze have to common trait number one. A relentless commitment to constant number two clear holders expressed in a beautifully crafted document dealing their plans to achieve poolside improvise long tradition as last. Shorto Inspiration focuses our acquisition of knowledge, defines our strategy to stay relevant actions and helps us organizing our time, energy and other resources so that we make the most of our lives. As you said, Shop clearly defined whose for ourselves we're able to want toe progress as we go in June. Actually problems forward. We start enjoying the journey instead of looking, I think, as a never ending naughtiness are marching forward. Fuels are self confidence and boosts our services. We become promising off our own ability and competency and deep price. When we accomplish these goals, this takes us on the awful inspiring and in Spicer's to send off equals or a sense, crucitti will give you that. Other people are hoping their focus and actions. It doesn't matter when you're in visiting background education or Georgia's on where you are in a success spectrum, you can emerge as a winner if you master the process off who city your access, that hidden potential inside you and be able to achieve your natural few months or use that might take others that entire lifetime to accomplish your rapid progress were not only surprising but amazed others as well. Let's put you on this people on racing to target learning officer Effective food is a massive scale success, a measure. Reason why goal setting doesn't work for many people is that they make prohibitionist, put it in a drawer on wait around for, like to change. We simply can say I won't on expect things to happen. Magically go Sitting is a process that starts with the careful on Della great consideration . What we want to achieve on requires consistent actions. We need to have well defined steps that are in sync with the specifics off each goal during these steps and executing them. It's crucial to accomplishing gold. Have you said for ourselves under the important piece that a lot of close Miss, is that we need a reliable management control system toe keep us on track. Measured on border Are Julie on toe Any obstacles that benefits blue sitting in a sense, a lot of our drawing a map about how we are going to reach our destination, I can find the resource is that we need to see. So here's your action for business number one. Write down your three big goals for the next year. I create a belt defying, comprising off consistent actions that will help you accomplish that. I remember to come up with a lab tracking system, constantly assess your problems 12 your boots and enjoy 6. Lesson 5 - Building Better Habits: We're creatures of habit habits are phone by repeating the same choices and consequently performing same actions every you conclusively study reports that happened for 40 person off our behaviors. On any given day, our life and character are shaped by our habits. What we really think about each day. Ultimately, forms are behaviors, beliefs and personality. In essence, we're nothing but some of our habits. Our habit dictate whether we are or will be happy or unhappy and successful or unsuccessful . I heard a great story sometime back that beautifully emphasizes on why changing habits in a timely manner is crucial for us. Here's how it goes where the man works, asked an old a wise sage to help us son change the bad habits that he had a boy. The seats are system to take a walk along with you through the garden. After walking a few steps, the search asked a young man to pluck a flower off the ground. Minecraft a blow with this, Fagles on easily blocked it out. The sage nodded and then resume. A few moments later, they start again on the siege pointed technology. That last one I passed from the scene with a built effort. The young man grabbed it with time. I'm plucked it off of the sword, the soused, and asked him to Bush. The young man grabbed the bush with, pulled off his hands and used on his drink, very managing. I'm putting it up on the crop, the sage that pointed to a tree awesome booth, knowing it was an important task, the end minds with the stage that he can do it. The stage smiled and said, You see, my boy, this is what happens with our habits as well. If we let them establish and go their roots, it becomes harder and harder for us to get rid of it. When it will be realized in our lives that you're letting a bad habit take root and grow, we need to take charge and never in the. But I know seeming negative happened when repeated on a daily basis, becomes stronger and stronger every day and has a potential to wreak havoc in our lives. If we don't pay close attention to it. As a popular oil French foul goes a stitch in time saves nine in every aspect of our liars , whether it be would homers and productivity had a nutrition personal finances, our relationships. Our success is dictated by the happiest time vehicle to better habits. We get better results and get able to progress. Drives for my lives. Energy, extraordinary senses. So reflect on this today, what about have extra need to nip in the bud right now? 7. Lesson 6 - Tapping into the Power of Momentum: success is all about movement, a star Hardy has mentioned in his book The Component Effect later or as he likes to call it , The Big Move is one of the most powerful strategies for success. He advises us toe been effective routines and rhythms in tow. Ideally, disciplines. I've stayed consistent. We're a long in a beautiful time. If you want to get the most out of our lives, it's important that we incorporate positive being using habits on a daily bases, whether it be really meditating or eating an apple. Posted development is to be done on a daily. This is in this ever changing world. As you got the momentum, things become easy and effortless. It takes a quick effort to get America Room started, but once it gets going, made it. It's B to kick started initially, in building a discipline we have to put in work. The usually I suggest during a body feeling, Hey, activity for least 90 days. Once we have internalized the habit, all we have to do is maintain the habit by being consistent and doing it regularly. North Dean, for instance, if you would like to incorporate going to the gym. You initially out just doing a deal for a short time, like 10 to 20 minutes after 90 days, once you have a committed to the chip environment, can do 3 45 minute workout sessions during the big booth. The best way to develop a new habit is toe actor it toe piping time of the day, for instance, learning a new language for 10 minutes during your afternoon coffee or tea break and breeding. I might. Each of this is that we don't have to worry about renewing our commitment to drink that habit daily on how hard bulls uncertainty that people do and this will be eliminated. Decision making process. I read somewhere that we made 3 5000 decisions every single day on. By the end of the day, our brain is totally exhausted. The girls off decision for where we started and you haven't decision making on our attempts to exercise with possible consume a lot of our energy. So it's best to take it easy and let time be a trigger for us. And sticking Toe room was not built in a day, and neither are good habits. Be a marital on a sprinter and stocks more initially, pick up the pace as you go. The biggest nemesis to starting I'm building a good habit is being over hold with momentum , doing good things for ourselves. Our bodies, our finances and our relationships becomes the back off this resistance. Initially, building momentum is simple, but not easy. But once we have the momentum going by our side, amusing things come to our lives effortlessly by the law of attraction. What we have to do is drinking, Najjar says with natural feel off the source energy. So you're actually for this lesson is to number one. Figure out a menu to create momentum for your good habits. I number two using a talented or bury ST for one positive habit that can crudely impact your life on your or your success. I'm book not to read it 8. Lesson 7 - Overcoming Failures and Rejections: failures and rejections are important part of our lives that only prison and you will cover all come across them all the time in every area of your life. It's a response to that dictates your success in a big. Our response is the only day that we have no control. Three years and projections are already seen in a negative. But I would like you to believe I internalized that everything one of them is actually good for you and helps you grow. Oftentimes the only focus on failures and rejections by the law of attraction we keep attracting world in in our lives. What we focus on expands rather focus on the good experiences that we have had on what lessons learned from the bad ones. There's no need to belong to the bad ones because they would bring us more misery on discomfort. A phrase that I always remind myself when I get rejected is from the book that success principles by Jack can be. It goes like this where someone says no. You say next you have to keep going and taking action rhetoric, being a job application business to you or someone you like to date. If you face a rejection, that means there was no night that their interests are not a night that generally ask yourself, This is a good thing or bad. I'm sure your arm so good. In his book, The Compounding Effect, Darren Hardy in the Streets. The fact the magnitude off your success is directly proportional that your failure, metaphorically speaking, achieving successes like a paint booth Ford is your ability to feel the father's will end up going to the direction, since we have to understand that in order to achieve success, we have to consecrate used to get out of our comport to rejections, and failures will come in all shapes and sizes. Start loving them because they're your allies. The best part about being a truly successful person is that your eagle is not attached to the results that you get with you. Good or bad, noting from rejections are not waiting upon them as paramount to success after Ophelia or rejection right down the lessons, you know so that you don't repeat the same mistake. Course correction is very important, so reflect on these questions today, number one already are you for the videos and rejections that come your way. Number two. How can you graduate in a strict to deal with them? I'm number three. How can you see these failures and rejections as lessons on guests? 9. Lesson 8 - Feeding Your Mind: the Internet has changed everything and you're living in an era that humanity has never experienced before. In this information age, we can learn basically anything that we want anywhere in the world at any time. If you want to get bigger, I have a particular skill or area in our lives way have all the resources available to us on a silver platter. What we don't have any longer our excuses to be mediocre and not take charge of our lives. All the successful business people, influentials and innovators are a bad image. Waas. I had instant, whether it be finances, health, dating and relationships. Career choices are living a more meaningful life. We have a string off people at our fingertips literally that can provide us with the right information and guidance for us as intelligence. It is imperative that we have two qualities in opposing took Julie number one on unquestioning coast to learn and grow number two on ability to expect as we start consuming information in books, blocks or your books, forecasts and mutual abuse become across medical that we share our values with they become our guardians and friends. My habit were not being not being always surrounded by on a consistent basis and had become better every I don't want feeding our mind. The good quality and positive information under the important thing that we need to do is to protect. This is crucial in opposing as technology is a double edged sport gets around it by a new source of distractions and crappy information. To move forward, we have to develop a laser like focus on make a good use off our time and energy. Our human mind is a secret on your know how in books, but you're on the Internet. We go to look up something specific on happen are passing, but you find ourselves chicken with gadgets or watching meaningless. We use on huge the best way to protect our mind instigated off all the mental, physical and digital. Get off all those magazines and I would encourage you to either get of teeny or massively limited usage. We have to make sure that we focus more on education Road on Indeed, freeing up our time will be, and I open up on. You will have his incredible jobs off time. I've never had it our responsibility to put all this free time in self education. I'm doing activities and bring us joy and take us further in the direction of the success that you want in our lives. You're actually for this lesson is to reflect on the history questions. Number one. How can you consistently feed your mind with positive information on inspiration? Number two? How can you protect your mind? I keep it clear from pollution on club. 10. Lesson 9 - Honoring Your Body: our bodies are our vehicles while we are living on this planet, there are often times that you forget to respect and honor their having. Numerous times. Where I have push myself very later ended up regretting as my body is suffering and related pain, which would have been easily avoided yesterday. Times when we have to subject our bodies to being in order to grow, whether it be at the gym or walking on our business or work. But we have to be mindful, not go. Global air society being is given a new of a status, your goal, that illusion off. No being no game being is good for group, but we should not spend much time in its vicinity. Growth happens between discomfort and pain. Being can be saw, refrained from whenever you can and gently guy yourself towards better emotions with the eventual goal off. Feeling good, we have to make sure to develop exercise and fitness routines for optimum health. It is our responsibility to make sure our bodies are the best working conditions. Vitality plays an important role in achieving any kind of success that people in our lives Jews, what activity makes you feel good and helps you burn calories will be lifting weights, running our group exercise classes offered at the gym. I do it religiously. Consistently. I don't exercise teams just imperative that we eat a healthy, balanced diet. We have to stop taking off unhealthy as a source off pleasure and treating it as a reward off some kind. Once enough to begin, satisfy cravings as your boot and begin. But reparative consumption will do us more harm than good. Who is our fuel on? We have to make sure that we eat foods that empower off bodies and US energy that is long lasting in the book How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greg, as well as documentaries like False Overnights. Food. I'm Educated. There is plenty of evidence that supports the fact that a Whole Foods plant based diet is the best choice that you can make for boys. Along with the head he died having an adequate amount off water on a good night sleep day are vital for our health and well being. It's wise to always listen to our party. Often times we are so sore I've become so engaged in our daily activities on dying scale use that you stop paying attention to. Don't push yourself hard when your body is not willing to participate. Sometimes the best idea, Mr. Pamper ourselves. Pick a nice public bar or go for a massage. Your boy is a temple, so always respect and nourish it. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. So here's your actually for business. Number one, choose one activity you enjoy. Doing that can help you stay fit on book tours, incorporating it in your daily routine. Number two tractor fools that you need on a Jordan or an app for a least a week. Impossible for 30 days to become a bit off your eating habits. 11. Lesson 10 - Saying No to Debt: in today's bullet filled with attempting these gadgets would for nine off there. So planning by the shiny objects I just don't care about our money you're spending If you're someone was a group correct, got another debt and are desperate to pay off out highly recommend reading Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover on Fall of the Baby Steps he has mentioned a step by step approach is key, and it is very important that you patients in these days on instant gratification. It will take some white ball, but I will follow to cultivate the habit of being patient. I'm making delayed gratification a priority, missing people in the shorter but staying disciplined, immensely pale along. Here are some reasons why that is bad for us, our lives in general. Number one, when we a crew dead on our extra money goes into paying off balances, and this way it stops us from experiencing things we really like to do in the two. It is costly, although it may seem like a good, quick fix in the long run. We know being able, and we had expected no country that takes a long time to get a feel is not easy to be a little number four men are in control of our own money on this number five in Peter. Ability to travel around exploding. Please choose on. Gather new experiences. Number six. It can be a big contributor. Would stress and depression has negatively affecting our mental and emotional number, its trees, our relationships with our spouse, friends and family members? There is no knight in shining armor with cult. Your rescue way have to seek solutions ourselves, and it all starts with changing ourselves. Force some effective tools and strategies that can help us and being up that are number one reading books on educating losses on books and finance management number two. Tracking on expenses number three. Making a logic and sticking to it This is a game changer. Number four having an emergency fund, which will be our safety net for unexpected expenses. Number five. Cutting up on credit cards. Number six. Use using cash whenever we can. Number seven Switching to the mind set off a bundles so you're actually for this lesson is to number one list all your goes human dates from lowest to highest amounts and come up with a plan to be them all in the same order as fast as possible. I know what to implement all the tips and strategies laid out in this lesson to pay off debt, accomplish your financial goals. 12. Lesson 11 - Embracing Minimalism: the newest concept off Minimalism has deep booms in history. I think they really need minimalism staying grounded in these days, off information known and actors will invite way break soon things in our lives that we hardly need taking neighborhood brings the Kuwaiti same self stability and happiness in our lives. Happiness is all this inside us. So when we go sifting and sorting out the organs and get it off excess, beginning touch with our yourselves and get in general terms over conditioning. Our mind emptiness can be a big revelation for us. Will you stop minimizing your realize? I brings a subtle comporting joy in your life, the human mind, legs stagnation and suddenly, with the fast paced life, we often forget what brings us happiness in the first place. We start seeking an outside on heads, end up getting more stuff. Be mistake pleasure of Oprah, phone happiness and looking that it has a very short shelf life. You know, somebody's get started on your journey off. Minimum number one. Keep a set amount of time everyday for me chattering. Look, start with little insignificant pains like people's receives exactly. They moved too close and stuff and bathroom and kitchen. You actually really lightens your crossing. I start going to sentimental stuff I wanted Native is to for the cormorant introduced memory, which I highly recommend if you want a more street like a brooch was eat every I'm typing. Listen, bigger corner in your apartment. I put an empty holster unnecessary items in that box as a decline. Bayport. 30 days If you don't those items at the box and scary with extra nation number four to get rid off site middle items, dig pictures off them, and that may be disclosed them physically but should have them digitally number five people of the surfaces or come to tops in your kitchen. But living as empty minimalism brings are very important in our lives. Freedom very least off all the new reliving ankles that bring us down. Once you make de cluttering the habit, it has a ripple effect in all areas off life. Whether it be your carrier, finances, health or relationships, you become opposing off quality nor quantity. Very Richard off one warning stuff. You tell yourself on the world and you are in control of your life. You only value what truly act meaning, and you end up becoming the best version of yourself. So here's your action for this list. Number one reflect on this question. What in essential things can you eliminated from your life? I know what you begin your metabolism journey with the dipped and strategies mentioning this is 13. Lesson 12 - Contributing Wholeheartedly: an important would you of being a really successful post? I overall an accomplished human being as service contribution. They always do things for our loved ones, but we really think about making a significant contribution to other people's lives. One of the most calling questions people ask them, says the Who they die is what contribution they made to the wood. I don't like Matal. Contribution can be anything relation to charity, giving away stuff at me and value to other people's lives, or simply volunteering for an organization that is making a difference. Contribution can be as simple as using your natural talents to enhance people's lives. For a chef, it is using his culinary skills to make a delicious meal for people to enjoy. For a stand up comedian, it is using a challenge to make the audience laugh and forget the rules of life shooting. The mindset of becoming a better version of buses every day isn't contribution from myself were put into action. It will not only bring big, powerful changes to your life, but also position you to expire other people as well a creative edible in which you are able to for your heart and soul, like writing, painting or making music becomes immensely satisfying when you see it making a difference in other people's lives. If a creative offering can make someone feel good and happy, and that's very more than fulfilling for the Creator, even if your contribution is minuscule, it'll enrich both your life and others. A singular act can make a big change in people's. The best example is there off Tony Robbins, a stranger had once for him and his family urine Thanksgiving when he was a kid, and now he feeds millions of people all over the world every year. Isn't that fascinating? Giving away money for Child he isn't creating contribute different causes. As I started reading books on posting Finances Management, each book had a chapter on contribution and giving a certain Paulison Angel Day income away . This seemed contrary to them. To me, I took me a while to actually incorporate this happened in my life. Now, every time I contribute, I feel Richard make contributions to really realize our bring. We realize how a seemingly tiny amount of time, effort and money from us that bring about a huge positive changes in someone else's life. Parting away with our money in the short term ends up bringing riches to us in the long toe . As you focus on abundant right, I lack be sure that you knew Iwas that you are karma book. We're only using the money that we receive to live a good life but also to give a good life to others. Your action for this lesson is to reflect on these two questions. Number one What mission? What cause what bumpers Are you coming? I'm number two. What contribution can you make to the wood? How can you 14. Conclusion: this is where are joining comes to it. But this is just the beginning. Remember one thing. The knowledge you gain from the schools will only be useful when you implement it as their 100 points out. Learning without execution is useless. Motivation without action needs to send delusion. This course can be your manual from achieving exceptional success, but only when you engage in action. The knowledge and wisdom in the score's been losing support. This would put it into practice. Visit is timeless. The fundamentals to living an extraordinary life will never change on. Our success becomes inevitable when Giusto align our actions with them. I'm a big believer in doing the actions and behaviors and enhance our success and help us grow on a daily basis. As Jim, Ron said, Success is nothing more than a Jew. Disciplines practiced everything. I hope that the success fundamentals mentioned in this course will be a great reference for you as you live your life. I have arrived at your arms off success. I wish that in order, said you have a team from the scores on its implementation in your daily life inspires you to live your postal legend and fruit and helps your track one human to success. If there is one core message that you would take away from the scores that it with this one , success is a journey not a destination on. We need to keep working towards it every single day. Let the scores on the lessons with him become your constant guy. As you study and master the ideas and success strategies later in the course, you get inspired today meaningful actions and get a little bigger every day. But you feel that the inspiration with you this painting are remembering fallen off the wagon off consistency. Come back to the scores every time you go to the lessons in this course and increase you to bring consistency in your efforts and reignite the file with me. Thank you for the time and attention that you have invested into learning the lessons in this course. I truly appreciate your effort, and I look forward to reading about your success. June, Good luck