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18 Videos (3h 8m)
    • Trailer

    • Crowdfunding: What is it? What are the best uses?

    • Risks, Schemes, Ideal Projects, Different Platforms

    • Project Homepage + Video

    • Additional Media

    • The Goods, Fulfillment Date, Shipping Costs, Goal

    • Stretch Goals

    • Timing + PR

    • Blogs + Advertising

    • Social

    • Website, CRM, Feedback

    • First Day + Backers

    • Partners + Project Updates

    • SEO Tips + Final Day

    • The Morning After, Fulfillment, Fulfillment Issues

    • Shipping Tips, Database

    • Underfunded, Overfunded

    • Thanks!

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About This Class

This course will serve as a guide for a successful crowdfunding campaign. This class is based upon past experience of myself and other projects creators plus data collected from over 50,000 projects.  


How to Succeed at Crowdfunding is a class that analyzes the driving factors of why some projects raise millions and others raise zilch. Insight from over 40 interviews with project creators (that have raised a combined total of over $8,000,000) has been included.

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction to Crowdfunding. We'll help you sift through your best ideas and determine which would be most ideal for launching a crowdfunding campaign
  • Project Plan. We will determine you campaign's pitch, which media will be required, what rewards/perks should be provided and at what prices, how to decide the campaign length and whether or not stretch goals should be utilized.
  • Marketing Plan. We'll discuss how, when, and to whom the project should be marketed.
  • Execution. We'll cover what to do each day once the clock starts ticking and the campaign is running.
  • Closeout Phase. Regardless of whether or not the funding goal was met, we cover exactly what should be done the following day and in the following months.

We will cover the following topics in 17 video lessons (over 3 hours total):


What You'll Make

You'll create a time sensitive plan for a crowdfunding campaign. Your investment in this course should result in an additional $5,000, $50,000 or even $500,000 when you launch your campaign.  If you implement the techniques and methods that are presented, you will raise more $.

Upon analysis of the data, we have made this Kickstarter infographic.


The infographic was designed by the amazing Anna Bryant.

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Great Run down on Kickstarter... lots of good tips!
Good overall instructions.
Great course. I'll be launching my campaign soon and I think it helped me in some aspects. I'll be making a game, and I don't plan to give physical rewards, and I felt that this subject was missing. What if my campaign will have only digital rewards?





Joel Malone

Serial Entrepreneur & Crowdfunder

Joel Malone has personally used crowdfunding platforms to raise nearly $300,000 and has consulted on projects that have raised a total of over $2,000,000.

He is often asked to speak on the topic of non-traditional funding and his successes have led to a strategic approach to crowdfunding that is almost formulaic.

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