Succeeding in Interviews | Jennifer Ritchie | Skillshare
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6 Videos (22m)
    • 01) Introduction

    • 02) Starting points

    • 03) Preparation Basics

    • 04) Understanding interview methodology

    • 05) More about Questions and how to prepare

    • 06) Top Interview Tips


About This Class

My class covers all you need to know to succeed in an interview. What makes this so useful is that it is a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of interview preparation. From the moment you get the phone call asking you to attend the interview, there are important techniques and elements that you need to be aware of. I take you through all aspects to succeed.

These include asking the right questions, getting yourself in the right frame of mind and space, doing important groundwork, knowing what to expect and what questions to prepare, understanding how interviews work and practising and preparing thoroughly. In a short time you are given all you need to get the job you want: a proven recipe for success.





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Jennifer Ritchie

Career Coach and Trainer

Hello, I'm Jennifer.

As a career coach and trainer, my expertise is in assisting clients with career transitions or challenges. I also specialize in assisting those who are unemployed or retrenched to find a rewarding job or income generator. My approach is an integral one often looking at life areas as well as career progression, for they are interlinked. I write career articles and give talks on radio and deal with a diverse range of clients with diverse needs but a common goal - tha...

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