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4 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Intro, Idea, Inventory, Handmade Items

    • 2. Cratejoy, Printing, Promo, Delivery

    • 3. Silk Screening T-Shirt, Box, & Clean-up

    • 4. Printing shirt and boxes 2 and Packing


Project Description

Create your own idea for a subscription service

It's good to share ideas and I understand if you don't want to leak your box subscription idea to the world before you launch. This project can be your outragous idea for a box, maybe it's a box that delivers stickers with your face on it or meme t-shirts with your face on it wearing Donald Trumps hair piece.  It's all up to you, be as strange or straight forward as you'd like. 

Student Projects