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4 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Intro, Idea, Inventory, Handmade Items

    • 2. Cratejoy, Printing, Promo, Delivery

    • 3. Silk Screening T-Shirt, Box, & Clean-up

    • 4. Printing shirt and boxes 2 and Packing


About This Class

I'll teach you how to start your own subscription box service online. From ideas to delivery to your subscribers. I own and run, a monthly subscription box service.  Moshboxx delivers rock n' roll music CDs, DVDs, wearables, and other related rock items to subscribers every month.  






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Will Constantine

Art is happiness

Life long fan of Anime, Film, and Music. Professional drummer currently off tour and writing with my band for our 3rd album. Shopping a daily show based on a documentary series I've produced/directed as well as animated series.

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