Stylizing Eyes - Unlocking the Secret to Drawing Eyes in Any Style | Arleesha Yetzer | Skillshare

Stylizing Eyes - Unlocking the Secret to Drawing Eyes in Any Style

Arleesha Yetzer, Watercolor Illustrator & YouTube Artist

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8 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction

    • Overview - Parts of the Eye

    • Get Inspired!

    • The Eyes Within the Head

    • Semi-Realistic Eye Examples

    • Anime Eye Examples

    • Cartoon Eye Examples

    • Class Project - Let's Put it All Together!

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About This Class

You may have seen some of your favorite artists drawing eyes in seemingly magical ways. The truth is that all professional artists - whether they be cartoonists, manga artists, comic book illustrators, etc. -  started with the same fundamental concepts, and I’m going to show you how to unlock those secrets!

In this class, you will learn:

  • A brief overview of the parts of the eye
  • The secret of warping reality
  • How to place various styles of eyes into the head
  • Style examples, including: 
    • Semi-Realistic
    • Manga and Anime 
    • Cartooning





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Arleesha Yetzer

Watercolor Illustrator & YouTube Artist

Arleesha is a watercolor artist and YouTube creator based in the northeastern United States. Her work primarily features dynamic and whimsical representations of the human figure. Primary professional endeavors include her budding YouTube channel with a current subscriber community of over 49 thousand as well as this growing library of Skillshare classes!

Here, you'll find classes on anatomy, figure drawing, and watercolor techniques - all directed to help you improve your port...

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