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6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Why Create A Gallery Wall

    • 2. Finding Inspiration

    • 3. Scale And Sizes

    • 4. Lay It Out

    • 5. Hang It All Up

    • 6. Final Step


Project Description

Styling your Own Curated Gallery Wall

Choose a personal item as your focal point. Take a picture of your image on the wall {Be in the picture as well if you would like! We'd love to see you!}. Tell us why you chose that piece and why it is important to you. After choosing a focal point, place one personal piece at a time to add on to your gallery wall following the tips and tricks from the class & show us your progress!

Post it on your instagram account and put the hashtags #SKGalleryWall. Tag @Skillshare and me, @maustevens.




Hashtags:  #SKGalleryWall

Skillshare handle: @Skillshare

My handle: @maustevens

Additional Resources:

For the floor planning software, just google "floor planning software." I used Icovia where you can get a 14-day trial. Use furniture pieces as your gallery items putting the dimensions on the wall & putting them to scale.

Other images are from:

Maureen Stevens

Saatchi Art, Shopify, Lee Lighting Florida, One Kings Lane, Nannie Inez, Beads & Pieces, Creative Market

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