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Styling Interiors for Social Media and Beyond

teacher avatar Jessica T., Design

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating a Concept

    • 3. Sourcing

    • 4. Setting the Stage

    • 5. Editing

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Posting beautiful photos on social media is the perfect way to showcase your interior design and styling abilities. Whether you are promoting your business, illustrating your personal style or simply building your social media following, this class will teach you how to spice-up your interior styling game. Jessica will be covering the following:

  • Developing concepts to tell a visual story around an interior space
  • Where to source products and how to curate a collection of pieces that tell your story
  • How to style and position products for social media
  • Examining photos to see if any adjustments need to be made to the styling and why

By the end of this class, you’ll be styling interiors for social media and beyond like a pro!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica T.



Jessica's rich background in design began decades ago when she visited Europe and was inspired by the stunning architecture and historical antiques. Her passion for design has since grown into an impressive lifestyle that is redefining luxury.

Through her years as a designer, Jessica understands the importance of designing a beautiful home that doesn't forgo comfort and practicality. She is passionate about designing sophisticated, yet livable, spaces where client's treasured pieces are beautifully integrated with timeless furniture, pattern-on-pattern fabrics and bold textures. 

A media favorite for her humble yet confident demeanor and undeniable talent, Jessica continues to gain editorial coverage in all major press and lifestyle publications for her work with celebrities and her esteemed brand partnerships. Jessica's work has appeared in GlamourElle DecorCalifornia Home and DesignMyDomaine and The Nest to name a view. 

Jessica is honored to be associated with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She passionately supports this organization and encourages others to do so as well.

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Jessica. I'm an interior designer and interior stylist. I've designed and styled or magazine shoots, celebrity homes, social media and a number of other editorial pieces. Today I'm gonna talk about into your styling as it relates to social media. But first, let's talk about what is styling. Styling is ultimately walking into a space and moving pieces around to create this overall mood. Some people say that's adding the ice. Enjoy cake. The difference between an interior designer and an interior stylist is that an interior designer is operating in a three dimensional space. So interior designers are creating functional residences or commercial spaces that address accessibility issues and safety issues. They space plan the suspect materials, whereas an interior stylist is going in and styling the space specifically for a photo. They want to create beautiful imagery. So they're operating basically is visual storytellers, and it's really interesting because as a Silas, you want to maintain a certain level of authenticity, also make a space feel very aspirational focus of this costal beyond interior styling as it relates to social media, professional designers, anyone with a creative spirit or small businesses. Retailers confined the super helpful. I'm gonna teach you how to spice up your interior silent game so that you can increase your following and increase your sales. 2. Creating a Concept: before diving into the styling. You want to come up with a concept or idea of the space that you're gonna be styling. So what do you want the field to be? What do you want the back story to be? What about the colors? Are there going to be on the warmer side or the colder side? What are the different brands that we're gonna be promoting? And what's the style? Is it gonna be super modern and sleek and black and white? Or is it super traditional on golds and more that five? So think about all those things and remember to keep those in mind when you're sourcing products so that everything looks consistent for me. I decided Teoh style my kitchen. Today, what I love about my kitchen is that it's really bright and Aires photographs nicely, and it's somewhat neutral. So it works great when you want to add little pops of color here in their my process for deciding how I want to style of space is I first need to find inspiration. So I really prefer using Pinterest. I can pretty much find anything I want on there and then I can create a concept bored with all of the different images I pin. So that's my personal favorite. There's so many other options out there, though for point images, you can go on websites. The core Miranda blog's like my domain or remodel ista. The list really just goes on and on, even instagram and so So use those to find elements that you like as far as the styling goes, and then translate that and what you decide to style. I selected these images today because there was some element in them that I want to use in my styling. This kitchen, for example. I love how bright and area it is. It's white and beautiful, but it has a small pops of color, for example, of plants, which are great because they add kind of this organic natural element in a bit of texture to the space and acquire some color. The egg plans, I thought, were really beautiful. It typically don't use egg plans, but I liked them here, and they're neutral enough where they work well in the space, but they add a slight pop of color, so I think there's a really beautiful and this kitchen they layered the cutting boards, which is great because that adds death and scaled to a space. And if you got really close, you can actually even see the wood grain, which is which is awesome for showing texture. It just adds a touch of authenticity. And then they also showcased a canister with cooking utensils. So it looks like a space where someone's gonna be cooking just really beautiful. This is my absolute favorite image. I think mainly just the color and mood and feel of it is really beautiful. It has this, like, grayish kind of tint to it, and I love that with the marble kind of pulls out degree that's in it. They also leaned and layered cutting boards, and this is well that really. The color of them works nicely with the white and gray and then again, these plants in this space as well. Which is it? It's really stunning. This butter was great because again, this has a bright, airy vibe to it. It's very chic, slightly modern. I love the idea of having cut flowers in the sink so that it looks like you just put this arrangement together. I think that's really fun. And I think I'm gonna use that in my styling today and then this photo. Actually, it's rather simple, but it kind of inspired the space today, the feeling that I'm gonna dio because I love the idea of a pot on the stove. It just it feels like someone's about to start cooking. And that's really what I want to capture today. So this photo's kind of the inspiration for what? I'm gonna be joined the idea of someone who lives in this home and really loves cooking and is about to make a beautiful meal for her family. And this is such a gorgeous, huge, beautiful kitchen again. Also a lot of whites. Very beautiful. But then these pops of color, which looked really nice against the simple backdrop. So they incorporated greens and flowers and fruits and vegetables, and to add to the authenticity of this space, they set up this whole kind of coffee espresso area, and it looks like someone's been chopping over here, and so there's a lot going on, but it doesn't feel too cluttered. It's just it's really elegant and balanced 3. Sourcing: when sourcing product, it's important to be resourceful. To avoid going over budget, try using some existing pieces around the space. It also tells a little bit about the person, which is kind of cool. What I found around my kitchen, for example, is they have these awesome cutting boards that have a really beautiful color, and they show a lot of the wood grain so that I'll add some nice color and texture to the space to give it kind of some authenticity. I also have some super simple classic bowls, which will work nicely since we're kind of setting up this whole cooking by. I have a wonderful herb garden, which will stay because it just kind of fits the whole space in front of this thing perfectly. And lastly, I'm going to use one of my existing bases so that I don't have to buy another flower vase. Once you've chosen which pieces that you're going to use, you'll want to go out and buy the additional pieces, and I've found farmers, markets, flea market and s etc. To be wonderful. You can find a lot of really unique pieces, and for those basics you can go to mainstream stores such as like Pottery Barn and Crate Barrel. Remember to always keep your concept in mind when you're sourcing pieces, though, because you don't wanna go to off track. You want to make sure the colors, texture sizes, all align with your whole idea. 4. Setting the Stage: So now we've come to the fun part of actually styling the space and getting really creative . The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is your angles. So this is where it comes in handy to kind of have a photographer's. I think about what the camera is going to be seen as your styling, the space. The first step I'm going to do is I'm gonna clean up the counter, but we have a nice, clean polit to work with, and there are a few different ways you could style the island. You could just do flowers if you wanted. Teoh. If there's a sink, you could style it around the think. But because I wanted to capture this whole idea of, it's a very functional kitchen and someone who enjoys cooking. I want to demonstrate that. So I'm gonna do a cutting board, some vegetables and maybe even a cookbook. As of someone's following a recipe spacings important to keep in mind. You want things to be spaced out, but not too much. The most important thing is to keep balance in the space. I picked up this cutting board because it kind of works nicely with the existing wood pieces that I already had. It shows some of the grain, which is nice. He adds some texture. It bought a bunch of a planet. So make sure you remove any tags because you don't want those to show. And you know what? That fills the space. So we don't really need this extra egg plan. Next. I found this really beautiful artisan bread. That was absolutely perfect because it even has these great received on it which tie into the marble really nicely. Nice here to look as if make it look as if you're gonna be cutting the bread. What's even not a cup book Looks like as if someone's gonna be following a recipe and kind of presses out of it. It's on a fairly neutral page that's not distracting like like this page to me would be a bit distracting. It may work for the space, but for what I'm trying to create, I just wanted to be really simple. I'm gonna add in some garlic because that's a common. And then to really add some authenticity, I'm going Teoh, add some flour to the Brad. You could even cut into the bride if you wanted. It depends on how like editorial you want to get. But if you want to look super realistic, you could start cutting into it or even just rip it with your hands. Always looks really cool. So for now, the island husband styled. And then once we take a picture and see how it's looking, will make the small little tweets. So now that we've completed the island, we're gonna move on to the stove area a za faras. The teapot goes. I'm going to remove the teapot and replace it with a pasta pie. I think that will be really nice, because it will emphasize the idea of cooking. I'm going to replace the knives there with a canister of cooking utensils again to emphasize the idea of cooking. And also add some nice little height there and a little bit of color on the other side of the stove over here. To cover up that outlet, I'm going to lean and layer cutting boards. Add a pop of color, and next to the pasta pot, I'm going to put some pasta on a plate as well as possibly some onions. If there's empty space there. So we've completed the saddling for the stove area and it looks awesome. There's one missing element. I feel like there's this kind of empty space. So I had these onions and I'm going to use them in that empty gap. Now that we're done with the island in the stove area, we're gonna move to the section by the sink. I'm going to stack cookbooks over here, just a to hide the outlets, be to add some height, that area and see it kind of adds the idea of someone who likes cooking. I don't want to use all cookbooks because I think it's gonna be too much. I want to balance it out with perhaps some of these white dishes. They're just very classic and simple over here. I think that I love using flowers and plans. When I'm styling, I'm gonna leave the herb garden. It fits this space perfectly And add some nice pops of green. I bought these beautiful flowers. I'm definitely gonna put some of the vase on my mirror. Me not leave some in the sink like the inspiration image. I'm chose these because they're kind of just a classic white color believes have a slight great into them, and they're not overly like a modern vibe or traditional by their kind of just neutral and elegant. So I'm gonna use them in the face and then possibly also leave some in the sink, depending on how it's looking. 5. Editing: So I finished styling the space and I went around and took some photographs to see if there are any tweaks that I want to make to the photos. In this shop, for example, I love the angle. I love seeing the flower, but to me, the eggplant and garlic feel like they're a little bit too out of the image. So I would pull the bulls over just a tiny bit. So I noticed that there was still a little mark here on the island. So I'm gonna wipe that off and fix that, um, going through these images again, the bulls religious need to be moved over. And even over here, the onions could be moved over a bit with the pasta just to fill that gap a hair more. The faucet should be straightened. So go ahead and make those adjustments. Otherwise, everything else is looking really nice. I'm really happy with this. I can add it the lighting just a bit. But I think these photos will be really nice 6. Final Thoughts: So I need a couple of adjustments to the space and I took some new shots. Once a place where you're happy with your photo, go ahead and post it on social media. I've found that Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms as faras interiors go. The reason being that they're both very visual platforms benefit to using Pinterest is that you can drive traffic back to your website or block. Now I'm gonna go ahead and post on Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to share your class project on Instagram and tag the local stylist. Thank you, everyone. I hope you enjoy this class.