Styling Food for Instagram: Creating Collages to Photograph | Julie Lee | Skillshare

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Julie Lee, Founder, Julie's Kitchen

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8 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Free Lesson: Photographing Your Food

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Visiting the Farmer's Market

    • 4. Preparing the Produce

    • 5. Setting the Stage

    • 6. Shooting

    • 7. Editing in Afterlight

    • 8. Editing in VSCO

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About This Class

Play with your food! In this 40-minute class, artist and photographer Julie Lee (julieskitchen) visits the farmers market to find the freshest, most colorful ingredients for not only dinner, but also a beautiful food collage. Follow along as she prepares her ingredients and arranges them into a collaged work of art. Julie photographs her work, edits the photo, and shares the final image in a fun step-by-step, on-location class capturing a real experience of food, photography, and art. This class is perfect for any and all foodies, artists, and photo aficionados looking for a unique way to make an image.