Style "Tasting" : 1 Icon Design In 5 Popular Styles | Qingyi Li | Skillshare

Style "Tasting" : 1 Icon Design In 5 Popular Styles

Qingyi Li, UI/UX Design

Style "Tasting" : 1 Icon Design In 5 Popular Styles

Qingyi Li, UI/UX Design

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8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. BeforeStyling: Shapes&Composition

    • 3. Sketch Quick CleanUp

    • 4. Style001: Modern Flat

    • 5. Style002: Mono

    • 6. Style003: Line&Color

    • 7. Style004: Outline

    • 8. Style005: Retro

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About This Class

Master 5 common icon styles using illustrator and expand your own icon set!

We will start with modern flat style, transform it into the mono style, then move onto lines and colors, detour back to a pure outline style and finally do a retro style makeover.


Throughout this fun journey, you won’t be needing pencil or paper. we will start with sketching directly from illustrator. This will help you expedite your design process and better understand micro shapes and composition.

This class is a great opportunity to learn the connection and distinction between different icon styles and let you experiment with them in a really efficient way. It will also help you expand your existing icon set which can be later applied to different media platforms in different scales.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Qingyi Li

UI/UX Design


Hello, I'm Qing. I'm a UI/UX designer currently based in California.


MFA Media Design Practices, Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, California) See full profile

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1. Intro: hi. Everyone in this class always show you how to master five common icon styles. Using Adobe Illustrator, we will start with motive class style. Transform it into the model style. They move onto lines and colors, detour back to appear all I style finally, your natural style makeover. Throughout this fund journey, you won't be needing pencil a paper way most thought was sketching directly from Illustrator. This will help you expedite your design process and better understand Michael shapes and compositions. This class is a great opportunity to learn the connection and distinction between different Michael styles on Let you experiment with them in the really efficient way. It will also help you expand your existing Michael set, which can be later applied to different media platforms in different feels. My name is Keely. I'm gonna do Are you X is under based in California on this is like a style tasting 2. BeforeStyling: Shapes&Composition: welcome to the class before we dive into the stalling pot. Let's make the icon structure first. No matter what subject you want to create activity, hoppy or food, find the well composed reference photo first and simply drag it into the whole straighter and start tracing it out by dividing them into different individual shapes. What I usually do is I was a lot of photo and image. Trace it in two shades of gray that helps you simplify the reference photo. I will also make the photo of low opacity and lock it by clicking command into. Now you can see the silhouette and shapes better. Okay, let's continue. We're not making the shapes. I will ignore most of the curves and details. That doesn't help explain the subject. For example, here we want to let people know that this guy is skiing, so we just need to highlight some key body movements. For example, the floating arm. Here I will decide that the other angers and use the wrong corner only on this guy's left elbow. You can see that I'm tracing the lower body in the whole shape first and then do the right food again let's lock this layer before continuing by tracing the body pieces into layers. It will help later on, creating some of the styles, such as flat icons. All I comes with slight three D shadow effect. It could also help with those really simple model styles, which I will explain why in the following videos the ski board is a little bit tricky since it has some angles and they're not so obvious in the reference photo. I would just make a general shape, although it's not so perfect. We would just continue to copy, paste and drag. Just hit the ought and command want dragging. The object has blocked the Slayer before continuing. Okay, so let's continue with the foot last Panelist. Let's create a simple contacts for the skiing them. Track the circle around and make sure the whole Y space around the scheme and is over even and here in order to make the icon less boring. Let's break the circle shaped by letting the polls taking out a little bit. So now we have finished our first up. Although the student looks rough, you will see it's going to be very easy to refine by stalling in various ways. 3. Sketch Quick CleanUp: the steward quickly. No, for the icon we just created on the left. The right one is the result that we want to achieve. I change the color to differentiate them. You can see that we need to continue making the civilised simpler and smoother. For example, the hands and the arms air connected as a whole drying go shape, same as a body curve, the foot and the polls. Okay, so let's start with refining the polls. The current pool is constructed by two square shapes used to combine in the past. Find a tool to make thes two squares into ah ho shape. Make these 2/4 round so that people can tell it is support even without a scheme and on the site. Same with the other side. The reason why I make thes two parts connected is because I know later on I will make the poll a single color. So here I'm still separating them with the hands. Also, they are connected. If it's for an outline style, just simply connect the pool with a hand. Now I'm aligning the hand with the arm and try to avoid some unnecessary angles. - Same as the foot I decided to make the foot bigger because I want to make the skiing war popped out similar to the hands curve. Why making the scheme out looking balanced? - Not a man seems floating on the soap. We want to use the soap to pop out the skiing men so we should move the line more up, which seems more like a background. But when we are making a straight crossing line, we need to pay attention to the sharp angles that may be created. We want to avoid them because they will catch attention immediately. Okay. Great job. We are ready to play with styles here. 4. Style001: Modern Flat: let's start with the modern flat style. For this style, it's usually consider of a higher Contras palette with a hint of deaths based on the previous structure we made just in place. Ally each shape and color for the last floating arm. Let's use a lighter color than the body to differentiate a little bit Skiing off It is usually really bright, so it's easy to choose the colors. US laws. You don't include too many of them, and another tip is you always need at least 20% area in darker color to balance a bright palette. For example, here the helmet and food are in black. Okay, lets copy the same background to the left. Make a wiser go and use the pen tool to draw out the mass area that you want a wiser culture show. Great. Let's copy and paste another half circle on the back, make a more transparent and adjust the shape off the mask. - The icon still looks too stiff. So for the last stop, let's ask some scattered snow dots to make the scheme ocean more vivid. Although it seems that bearing random places, thes dolls are actually carefully arranged for example, I'm avoiding the upper right part to leave some white space for the whole icon. Okay, this style is easy, right? Let's continue to the next lesson and see how we can use this as a base in the chief of model style. 5. Style002: Mono: since the model stars really minimal. Let's clean up our current icon first and lock the background shape. Then let's try to come out some shapes using the Pathfinder tool and filled them with a single color for those overlap shaped like the floating arm, let's use an active shape to show the arm. Same as the phase and the back. Group them together and create a negative shape on the body. The leader. Unwanted parts you can see the pores are also connected with the body, so let's use the Pathfinder again to combine them. Great as continue onto the lower body. You can see that I'm trying to make the legs and the ski or white. It doesn't look it. So I decided to change the angle and proportion off the ski and make a negative shape on the legs. Let's draw a guy line first. This line should be vertical to the ski, or you can just make this key parallel to Dylex. Use the past, find out again and adjusted and thought the ski overall looks get. Okay, great job on your second icon. Style is going to be even easier for you to make a line and color icon in the next lesson. 6. Style003: Line&Color: you can see line and color stars. Meaning consists off two layers. One is the lighter color on the back, and the top is an outlined version with some decorated lines. It's very straightforward. Let's make the model style outline. First, take a look at the details. We use elective shade before, but we want to be more descriptive, so we need to complete the photo arm first. Draw a horizontal line to show the ground and another line for the slope on the back. - Copy paste and color the second layer the's your layers don't need to, along with each other. This will create some light and speed of fat for the icon. The goggle part is a little bit too complicated, so just a leader. Gago on the color layer makeup blue shadow for the line as well. Be careful with the order of the shapes to make the whole icon more vivid. Let's bring back the snow dots and draw some decorated of lines to reflect the speed or simply fill in more white space. 7. Style004: Outline: you may be wondering that the first layer of the lion, the color style, is already a line style, Yes, but not enough. You can see after I delete the color part. The whole icon looks too thin and has no visual center. So let's do some adjustment first along all the lines. We want to let people know that this man there skiing. So we want to emphasize the ski a little more. - The polls needs to be thicker as well as the goggles. Let's clean up the curves, - extend the left pool. - Avoid sharp angles. No, the skiers waste looks to playing that's at a waistline. Finally, since there are many details, let's use a circle to organize the whole layout. Avoid overlapping area. And finally, if you want, make some of the snow that's bigger to craze. More depth for the icon 8. Style005: Retro: for retro or vintage style. Let's use our more in style as a base. The biggest differences, obviously, the color palette. If you are not sure about how to create a virtual color palette, there is a lot of references online. Some Roger features include dark outlines and more descriptive shapes than more than icons . Usually there is no opacity in the icon, so let's remake the background. - Now take a look at the Holy Out. There is too much why space as make the skier bigger as well as thes thoughts, place thes dollars more carefully. For example, make some thoughts covering the skiing men and some of them hiding on the back last V to pop out the whole icon as make a wide frame for the background. - And don't forget the soap lying on the back. All right, congratulations on finishing the whole class. Have fun playing with the's styles on your own icons and poster works in the class project . Looking forward