Stunning animated stills on iPhone / iPad | Jorge Luis Miraldo | Skillshare

Stunning animated stills on iPhone / iPad

Jorge Luis Miraldo, Visual Artist

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6 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Class introduction

    • 2. Finding nice images to work

    • 3. Create a composition | Procreate

    • 4. Color grading | VSCO

    • 5. Animate your image | Plotaverse / Plotagraph

    • 6. Wrap up


About This Class

Hi everybody, Shorsh here with a new exciting class. This one is going to be all about animating still images or even illustrations using any iOS device. A great way to bring your pictures to life with visual effects, and make them more engaging online.

we will cover everything from choosing and editing pictures to create a nice composition, all the way to animating the result in a few simple steps using three apps: Pocreate to edit the images and create a composition, VSCO for color grading and finally Plotaverse to animate details of the image and create a stunning motion still effect. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find these apps very interesting and useful and have tons of fun playing with them.