Stunning Watercolor Tools and Techniques for Beginners | Chiara Mazzetti | Skillshare

Stunning Watercolor Tools and Techniques for Beginners

Chiara Mazzetti, Artist

Stunning Watercolor Tools and Techniques for Beginners

Chiara Mazzetti, Artist

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13 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Basics

    • 3. Tools: Water

    • 4. Tools: Salt

    • 5. Tools: Cling film

    • 6. Tools: Paper Towel

    • 7. Tools: White

    • 8. Tools: Ink

    • 9. Tools: Masking fluid

    • 10. Techniques: Splatter

    • 11. Techniques: Scratch

    • 12. Techniques: Lifting

    • 13. Painting examples | Class project

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About This Class

Today lesson is all about stunning and interesting tools and techniques to give a shake to your watercolor paintings. You don't need expensive and whimsical materials to create wonderful effects and in this class i’m going to demonstrate it to you!

We will start from the basics which are fundamental for the success of a good painting. Then i will show you how to make amazing textures with actionable exercises so that you will become confident with them and you will be able to step up your new artworks.

At the end i will show you where i personally use all of those tools and techniques in real paintings. I usually apply them on watercolor landscapes but what you will see can be used on any artwork, be it a floral or an abstract and so on…

Meet Your Teacher

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Chiara Mazzetti



  Here's the Artist behind the Art :)
  Hello! I'm Chiara Mazzetti and I live in Italy.

After completing classical studies, I graduated in 2016 at the University of Pisa in Digital Humanities and later I specialized in Graphic Design in an academy in Milan. After finishing the studies I worked as a Graphic Designer in a historic and famous art gallery and at the same time I designed websites together with my partner.

At the end of 2018 I became interested in calligraphy and lettering, whose arts taught me the patience and the importance of practicing every day. From this point on, the passion for watercolors began almost spontaneously, findin... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm job practice from Italy. Welcome to my class. Today's lesson is all about stumbling and interesting tools and the drinks to give a shake your weather color paintings. You don't need expensive and wind sickle materials to create wonderful effects. And in this class I'm going to demonstrate it to you. We will start from the basics which are fundamental for the success off a good painting. Then I will show you how to make amazing texters with actionable exercises so that you will become competent with them and you will be able to step up your new artworks. At the end, I will show you where personally used all of those tools and techniques. Riel paintings. I usually applied them on watercolor landscapes. But what you will see can be used on any artwork. Beat the flora or an abstract and so on for the class project. I want you to free your fantasy and paint on original artwork with packs. You will discover in this cross experiment with all the things around you and be creative. I can't wait to start these. See you in cross 2. The Basics: not start from some basics watercolor painting that you will need to know in order to better perform the facts with tools and experiment with the new techniques that are the topic off this lesson. Let's begin with weapon with is basic technique consists in weapon the paper with clear water before putting any type off color on the surface so wet paint on with paper. It has to be a shame off water and not bottles on the area. Otherwise, they called her. In addition to the looking will settle in unwanted ways on the paper. So if you have a nice meal off water like this one, you can paint can eq and for beautiful and loose brush strokes with sucked edge. Now take a caller and put it on the paper. Look. All the color flows on the wet surface and spreads around. This technique is very useful to create your first washes, for example, and if you are another color near the 1st 1 they will blend together without forming clean lines. Now I will show you how to not do a weapon wet. I loaded the brush with excessive water. As you can see the Bristol's are so saturated that they don't all the Lee with an eight drinks isn't good and should not happen. I perceived to spread the water but a bottle through a maze on the paper. Now I put the calorie, but look at how it remains suspended in the water broking around and effective the paper it wuz. This is a really bad thing. Hey, paper as difficulty drying and so it compromises all the work further on. You will see how that model can. I use some more and ghost problems, so practice to avoid IQ. It's time for the weapon dry. Also known as a simple dry brush, this technique includes different situations depending on the treatment and water. Rush you that you load on your brush. First case very few water and a lot of pigment. This situation is properly the dry brush. This stroke is a break and then dance. The brush and the paper create friction, and the taxes off the paper is revealed. This is usually used for details. Second case, similar amounts of water and color. This is the most classic and common combination is for the most off the painting. The color is less intense than before, but now it's just around, and the brush flow smoothly on the baker 30 case. A lot of water and a bit of color. It's used when you want. Okay, light and trusting colors, mainly for the first big washes. Be sure that your brush is not soaked with water. It must not dream, but retain the right amount awfully with between the strokes that they action you. There are other brown with and intensities this that they at least ID, are the most common. But there are other ones between the complete dry brush and the stroke with a makes off color on the water. If you are a completely dinner, I suggest you to practice this fundamentals several times, especially in the water pigment ratio before you die into more wing sickle techniques. 3. Tools: Water: when it comes to other colors. Water is the first parliament that comes to mind, and it is also indispensable for painting with this medium. Usually I have two cups of water nearby. Want to clean the brush and noah with clear water? What you may not know is that the water itself can be used in different ways to obtain fantastic cutbacks. The first texter that they want to show you is made with a spray bottle full of water like this one. It is easy to curry is it is no, and they can also refresh the color plants before starting brain. You may already have ah, singer bottle at home, or you can easily find it. They off bars, shapes and capacities in cosmetic stores or supermarkets. I use eat in two different ways, the first with the color already on the paper and the 2nd 1 Before putting the color in, I put the big man off the gator and wait about 20 to 30 seconds so that the color starts two weeks. Then I protect the arias. I don't want to get where with a sheet of paper. And so I spry in this way the water will move the pigment, and the latter halo will be created where water it's the Web service. My case. It's in the center. The result can be appreciated later when everything dries up. These is open to multiple variants. In addition to the water, you can also put a color in the bottle, or you can keep this private bottle further away to get smaller. Surprise, with a result similar to this platter that they will show you later in this class. The second way to use this bottle is described the water first and then other quarters after productive. The RS. I do not want to get where and proceed to spread the water on the surface so that small casters off drops will be created. As you can see better in the SaiPan up, I have to wait 20 to 30 seconds for the water to dry a little B. Unfortunately, they see that the puddle off water that they created before to show you the wrong way to the weapon. What is bothering me? Because the water is too much and finds the difficulties absorbing, so it remains on the surface for a long time. Now I put the color in the small drops of water that I formed with the spry by placing almost exclusively on Lee the tip of the brush. In order to not ruin the texter off the strike, the caller branches and spreads between the adjacent drops, forming a nice effect. This technique consists in taking a dump brush and with help off your finger or another brush, slaughter the Clearwater on the Web pain. Make the colored wash and wait after seconds by what a smaller brush to be. Just a number four, and they make sure to remove the excess of water that I hate them. Brush with my index finger in order to drink on the color that is still what you can do it in virus directions to get a neighbor more. Welcome back. These jobs moved in treatment, Creating a beautiful patch, sir, I often music in the sky over the ground. As always, Let's start with a wash of color, clean the brush very well and their deep eight dream water lording it. That led the deep of the brush on the Web color in order to form blooms by releasing a small amount of Lee with on the surface, try old. So we doesn't underbrush to get smaller spots. Great lighter blooms by repeatedly placing the brush tip on the same area so that it releases small water and reveals the white off the paper. The fact of Dana is senior to the slaughter, but instead of being something Randall, we create the blooms where we want them to be. Now that the first square is almost dry, you can see the lighter a low, quit by this pry on a wash of color by insisting, with the splashing of water, the halo becomes even more visible. 4. Tools: Salt: I'm amazing. Tool that can be found in any kitchen is sold. It can create fantastic attacks If you muster the timing and ways to use it, every south crystal you apply on a wet wash will push the color away from itself and thus the paper under need will appear. These happens in a pleasing and unique away. As soon as the washed starts drying on losing the shine you should drop the soul. Don't go happy on you. Just need a little bit No sultan alone. Please. You let it dry before removing the In this case, I had to wait about three minutes. I usually do it on winter sceneries to create this non flex or directly on the ground to simulate a nice apart. 5. Tools: Cling film: a plastic wrap can be a useful tool to create wonderful patterns. I'll show you two ways to use it. Lay down the cling feel on a wet wash of color and let wrinkles and folds do the magic for you in this first square. I'm going to remove the rap before the will surfaced as tried up do the same again, but this time let the plastic stay for a very long time. After six minutes or so, take away the plastic from the 1st 1 As you can see, the color is still what now? Let it dry as he's Once the wall thing is, try Ribble. They dropped from the 2nd 1 In the first square, you can see the soft borders, while the 2nd 1 as crisp edge. I used this nice expect to create Dexter's on frozen lakes or on some particle our skies. And it's amazing for obstruct paintings, too. 6. Tools: Paper Towel: I went. Have it you should work on is to have a paper towel or a rock you and handy while you pain . It's not just a lifesaver to fix a mistake quickly, you can actually use it to create realistic Klaus. I saw always unlearned lay down the color wash, and before his dries, I create a little ball off better towel and gently talk the color with it. The clouds will appear from the lifted car if you want sharp as you just need to adopt a bit stronger while going soft on it, which create fluffy clouds. Remember to turn around the paper and keep using a clean side. 7. Tools: White: I use white near the end of a painting to make the dates pop out and create fragment off life. To do these, I use a child pan for this product, a bulletproof. Why it was important thing is that they have to be a bake on. No, just are. And once again, I create a color wash and operate on Lee. Once it's completely dry. First I show, you know, bake a y with a small brush. I get some white and mix it up with a tiny bit off water just toe happy fluid on the palate . I'm going to use only the tip of the brush and drop some small lines. That's exactly how you were, finally dictates. So try to learn to make him lines and little dots. Oftentimes I combine what with this letter technique, making some random life points on our back for world to get a nice contrast. I'll explain this platter technical later in this class in the name six chapter. Now I show you the white jump man. Since this is a plan, the line will be a McDaniels or positive to the brush. It's very good for Happened It it's or Chris lines on the dark arias 8. Tools: Ink: Now let's see Big. I'll show you the difference between using it on a wet wash and on a dry Socrates. I'm going to use a funding plan for this, an assertion loaded with savior being and the black fine liner. Let's begin on the Web wash with the funding plan that mixes close into the Web color. If I want a very dark blue, I just need to live the pen dark locker touching the paper or these using the fine liner. It's more difficult to achieve the same effect. The lines are waiting and not expand since Think that's released. It's always just a legal compared to the funding ban, where you can apply more pressure and drop morning on the other and find liner works just as well as the funding plan. You know, Dry Wash. My wash wasn't dry. It'll in the center, as you can see by the blooms a bake so it should wait some more. Now the lines are quist and well defined. I, using toe have very dark details, like dark spots in the distance or elements on the greenery and to create contrasts, drove this sketch before applying watercolors. Funny. Just make sure Yuri is waterproof 9. Tools: Masking fluid: The masking fluid is a powerful tool to preserve the white of the paper or a layer of colors. It creates a protective, weatherproof feel that Coverciano area so you can paint freely without worrying too much about going on top of it. No fear and not second talks. Yes, the fluid with a bad on old brush, because it would be ruined and you won't be able to paint normally again with it. Since the bottle is full, I'm picking the product directly from me that you can use the stopper toe. Always be sure to close the bottle very well. To avoid the liquids drive, let the aria naturally dry up, and once it's ready, you can faint on it without problems. It really will percent, the colors, minutes or the white of the paper. Now let's drive the corner. To remove this film, gently scrub with a finger or on a reason oniy. If you don't have the masking through it, I suggest you try walks to preserve the white and obtain the same effect. But the like is fluid. Works can be removed and you will no longer be able to paint in this rs again. 10. Techniques: Splatter: days his arm off my favorite subjects. It's simply consists to spry on your work. Some other colors boating, wet paintings or three ones. You are not limited to order like we saw earlier. You can use colors to take a small brush and prepare some color on the policy. It must be liquid enough to release drops. Let's see this platter on Western wear. Cooper. The areas you want to keep clean and then spotted the color like this, stopping your finger on the brush. It creates beautiful colored blooms with soft edge. It's spreading on the Brutus coral dry. It works just like the other one, simply spry. The color on Iraq work. But this time the result will be very different, because now the colors once spread and the drops we were thinking sharp, well defined X. 11. Techniques: Scratch: you want to assisted when you need to make an idea like there. It's all about scratching off the bank from surface, and you can do it with many objects. I don't Chris card the deep off the copter. They handle off your brush, just like this one, or even your finger needs. I often do these to suggest the shape off the grass or some white spots. The fact changes based on the moment you scratch. If you act early on while the car is still fresh, the pigment which cover the line you greet and make it darker. It's not an error learned to use it and experiment with it. If you wait sometimes that the pharaoh will be clear. Here. I use my finger name, the handle of the brush and the credit card, one after the other, and the pharaohs are different. I'm not going to use the Qatar here because it's too aggressive for the West paper and couldn't up bring it on dry paintings. It's very hard to scratch away some color with the tools I showed you, except for one of them. The cutter with 60 I can remove the first layer off the paper revealing the white underneath. But be very careful. These ruins this our face taking away a layer. And if you're using a very thin paper, it could even create Ah, hole on it. The one I do it with is a 100% cotton paper, 300 Jason. 12. Techniques: Lifting: Now that's more. Believe things. I will show you two cases on what on gone dry. This technique consists in removing some previously applied color with a clean and just dark brush. It's useful twilight. Some parts on a painting, for example, I use it toe have lighter ripples in a C. But it is also a great away toe. Quickly correct mistakes were it's possible at sea connection. On what? After applying the color wash, I take a dump brush and pass it on the surface, removing part off the color every time I think the brush on Iraq before repeating the action. You can also insist on the same spot to live the maximum color possible and revealed the wife. Generally speaking, the action will be Arthur are dry painting, but the's Mayberry. Buzz it on the kind of paper you're using. Where there it's cotton or cellos and we take a rush and what the A little. Then scrub gently on the bigger until you see the white underneath. The fact what you is the same, but they have forced to obtain is very different between the weapon and the dry. One 13. Painting examples | Class project: Here's the part of the class where a show you, some of my paintings in which accused the tools and techniques it just learned in the permissive years. The first painting I want you to see is a winter scenery here. I used the clean feel to give the impression of a frozen lake, and they also used this platter work and indigo in the foreground for this guy. Instead, I use Western web toe paint that clouds with soft edge and with different colors and shapes . I did the same in the painting below, but this time the clubs are given by the negative space for by the blue spots painted weather. What you surely won't notice, but they also use the masking fluid to protect the area of the artist. While I was doing the rest, I painted those later along with the trees. In this artwork, I used salt to create a background that's a big magical and obstruct. Once again, since I wanted to use the Western Web between the background, it protected the house with the masking Pruitt, first for defense. I used the fronting pan where the rest was dry and much like I did with the prison late. I used thing feel in this painting to make the northern lights look even more dramatic. No, let's not one toe a sand on the beach here. I want to show you how I use their big wife to create points of light on the moon. I also used the hunting ban in a distant city to have a nice contrast with the wife. Points on defined the skyline. In this other winter scenery, I used a paper towel breast very likely in the sky to give the impression off verified clouds. I also used ink on what were the forest begins on this platter off a very dilute indigo to make it look like some snow that's being just trunkful in. This guy's done. They used this platter with clear water for me, whether rs for the crowds. Then I used a big white in both paintings to create contrast in the dark foreground, full of worlds. Here, I want you to focus on the years off. White and ink, too quick contrast on the artist like windows and the grass in the foreground. Also, I get splatter some clear water in sky to make it stormy and dramatic in the painting next to it, I wanted to emphasize the good rated field, so ask locker. Some say Pia, on the awkward ground, destroy it. You can see another example off using sold on a spotter off a big white for both snow and grass. Here is that I used the handle of a brush to scratch out some dark pain from the foreground . Same here. In this plot composition, I scratched the leave to create grain. I also used the white gel pan and the funding ban, both in flowers and leads to contrast down and make them put up. Get the same with pink and white in these other composition off flowers. You can use the masking fluid to protect a painted later as they lived here for the wants, or here, where I use the same toe to give life to a thunder in a storm sky painted welcome. What in the sea scenery I used the white and step toe have a seizure well defined by former ways. In this painting full of people, I first started talk line the contours with a full 10 time and that they put in the world of colors. Here in the building screen those you can see how the hang on a wet wash created these great hellos simulating the shadows. Later, when everything was tried, I really find the with those with dark ink. A very Avlynn splatter off Clearwater catches the eye in the sky full of black clouds. I wanted to suggest that idea off rain. You think once again, the water I spot there eat enough fresh ongoing ground to create a particular andan, even Dexter. Why, with a rigor, I painted defense wise using a big white in this longer seen the splattered. Clearwater wants to suggest the shape off the dalliance in a grassland, while the light lines made with scraps technique are some talked off grass by the sound light. In this scene, I used the paper that will presage archly toe, get the clouds with the fine edge, and then again, I scratched some color. In it are four from revealing the white below for some lighter brushwood. In this final piece, I want you to focus on the river on the bridge where I used the lifting technique to achieve cleaner but soft lines you can get inspired by one of this paintings for your across project. You'll have to pain with weather collars and use one or more of the tools to discover in this class. But it doesn't have to be a landscape. Use your imagination and show me something cool that came to your mind while you were learning to use this new techniques, I have tell you more. Why don't you try to weld up the box and use aluminium or bubble Brocks instead of a green field? Try new teams and have fun can forget, posted your discoveries and results in the perfect color below and on social medias using the hashtag station week. Jonah Thanks for watching see Jochen the next class. How.