Stuffed toy Axolotl: sewing pattern, tips and tutorials, soft toy pattern DIY by TSminibears | Tetiana Skalozub | Skillshare

Stuffed toy Axolotl: sewing pattern, tips and tutorials, soft toy pattern DIY by TSminibears

Tetiana Skalozub, TSminibears

Stuffed toy Axolotl: sewing pattern, tips and tutorials, soft toy pattern DIY by TSminibears

Tetiana Skalozub, TSminibears

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23 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and materials

    • 3. Pattern: outline

    • 4. Pattern parts: cut out

    • 5. Sewing: a head

    • 6. Sewing: a body

    • 7. Sewing: ears, arms, legs and tails

    • 8. Check yourself with quantity

    • 9. Turning out

    • 10. Working with ears

    • 11. Neck joint, head stuffing

    • 12. Body stuffing

    • 13. Face sculpturing

    • 14. Nose stitching

    • 15. Arms and legs stuffing and stitching

    • 16. Attaching arms and legs to the body

    • 17. Attaching tails to the body

    • 18. Attaching ears to the head

    • 19. Fixing eyes to the head

    • 20. Making eyelids

    • 21. Finishing the head

    • 22. Shading the face

    • 23. Welcome your cute toy!

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About This Class

How to create the artist Axolotl stuffed toy by your hands using mixed media tips and techniques.

Hi. My name is Tetiana Skalozub. I am a professional toy and teddy bear designer.
I constructed this pattern specially for beginners and parents who want to make a gift for their kids.

I show the whole process of toy creating in video tutorial step-by-step not missing any detail. So to start the sewing you just have to know how to make "ladder stitch" and "back stitch". All the rest is shown in video and described in PDF pattern instructions.

As the result you will get the toy of 8 cm. You can enlarge the pattern if you need the toy to be bigger.

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Language: English

Visit my shop TSminibears here: 

Or check out TSminibears  on Instagram: @tsminibears 





Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tetiana Skalozub



Hello, I'm Tetiana.

I am a stuffed toy designer and teddy bear artist since 2007.

I take part in international conventions and exhibitions of artist dolls, teddy bears and stuffed toys.

I also lead workshops around the world and teach students by means of live courses or online.


I started creating miniature teddies and toys in 2007. I opened my shop on Etsy in 2009 and at the moment I continue successfully develop it  My shop is rated with 5-star reviews and more then 4000 sales I got a lot of awards including TOBY, URSA and JTBA in Tokyo. I took part in conventions in USA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Russia and Ukraine.


My main aim is to involve people in creative life and show ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi students. Let me introduce myself. My name is Tatiana Skoczow. I am a stuffed toy designer and did a bear artist instrumented 07 I take part in international conventions and exhibitions off at Dole's teddy bears and stuffed toys. I also lead workshops and teach students around the world by minutes off leave glasses. Anton Line and no, I am happy to invite you into the boat of time making. Let's start sealing a little stuffed toy. Axel Otto. This workshop is suitable for beginner and intimidated level. It's a big advantage if you have soon before and know how to make leather stage and backstage. You have to understand that couture ALS is not very easy, but they will teach a great amount of new skills, and you will be both to create your own toy design under the base off this Parton, the class is divided into shock lessons for your usability. First of all, I will tell you about the tools and materials you need. Some of them may be replaced, so you will not have to buy all of them At the same time. I also added the attachment to the class. The list of shops way it can purchase the necessary tools and materials. Then, during the class, you will learn to work with the part and cut out the pieces properly sealed all details of the toy. Turn out to the details and stop a full and glass Granules for pleasant. Wait, you will fix the eyes, make eyelids in six Rick technique, and should the toy with pompous tell to give in to their realistic book during the last me will have a lot of joy. You will be involved into the creative process, and I'm sure you will want to repeat this joy again. With your new type project and the end of the workshop, you will get a cute toy made by your own hands. You can take it with you everywhere are you can gift it to your clothes person. My men in Istanbul, people in creating life, and so what opportunities it can bring to them. Let's make the world better together. Let's make gorgeous artworks. I don't share them with our this 2. Tools and materials: Hi, friends. This is the review of time making Material Central's I used while creating my toes. It is not necessary to purchase all of them, but some tools are basic, such as needles and scissors. First is extra one pile national fabric. It is very soft by torch, doesn't fray and has a little stretch baking. For staffing, use woo or synthetic Holyfield. Okay, glass granular US a. Great to add realistic play to your toy. Choose one strong threat to a touching ice. Wondered browned threat for staging on face and one that measure fabric. Cower German glass eyes on loops off white who that can be twisted to a young de shaped gotta pins and Kabul disk off needed size. Middles close to Ewing. I prefer short, nothing off high quality middle with wide I sharp small scissors. My favorite ones are made by un agreed a round nose pliers, toe walk with the joints. Ordina replies for different tasks, turning forceps spent for turning the details and said out stuffing the toy and help you in different tasks. Middle for fell to thin beans, Glogova sleeps oh, to make holes to brush time this spoon for adding granule ist into your toy. Different sticks for stuffing and sculpturing purposes. Fray. Check to stop fraying on fabric. Clear blue moment gray or silver gilpin toe outline. The Parton details. Pasto in red, LeBron and other colors you like for shading different sized brushes for artists. Coconut oil to fix the pesto on toy air. Stick to shade the best toe black acrylic die to stick and soft met toe work In it. You will find the list of shops that provides doing making supplies. Under this video. See the link. I wish you inspiration and creativity. 3. Pattern: outline: Let's start making a stuff toe Xa la tal. Take the fabric off necessary colors. I use synthetic fabric in in that determined February direction on drawing narrow on the wrong side of the fabric. Arrange the details of the Parton sold at the direction of the arrows. Coincide with the direction off the pile, outlined the Parton details with great guilt, then live the space to be in the details. The pattern does not include a Lawrence's, so you need to make a distance off six or seven millimeters between the parts. Three millimeters per alone's remember that some parts are reversed. 4. Pattern parts: cut out: use Frey. Check to stop offering on fabric. Apply textile glue around the contours of the parts after the glue dries. Cut out the past so that there is a least three millimeters off a low once, - uh , one cotton tried not to cut the for from fabric. Opened the scissors. Not at full swing, but only the very it'd between the pile. Compare your details with this. Once you see the video check if you cut out the necessary quantity of them, yes. 5. Sewing: a head: take bass parts and ceiling together with the backs teach. You know the work is so dark by the face. Therefore, all attention is focused. A lead and manager works. Any errors is very noticeable And photos Therefore we do not hurry. We've got confidently and with pleasure. It's your old parts on the back head living opening for turning the detail out, you hear Did the front bottom head in the back one and sue them all along by the line Stop from the place where the neck will be moving in circles filled the top on down again to the net. 6. Sewing: a body: all right? No. You have to sue the talks from the body at the top and at the bottom helped audience right , creating an imaginary still the body parts together, living the opening on the back for them. Thank you. - Now , still in the bottom of the body. 7. Sewing: ears, arms, legs and tails: Yeah, back together, Living in the open, you will have to get six of them the same ways your arms and legs bars, living the opening on the back. - Okay , okay. 8. Check yourself with quantity : - I recommend to you to cut access off the fabric if needed. 9. Turning out: turns out all the details off the toy in miniature, the process of turning out slightly different from what is used in making medium sized toys . Here, you cannot use only your hands. You can use the truth to help make this process is there, therefore works slowly, sequentially in the process. Start in. The notebook opposed the fabric by force, but look for another way. 10. Working with ears: no start working with years. What's out there grew into the heirs, impressed them. Let the glue drive was 20 minutes. When it is ready, used the letter stage to close the openings on the ears. Look how I make it well performing Aleta stage. I first do it completely and only then I tighten it This way I can see the parallelism off lands and stitches. Do you, When the air is ready brought to the pile. 11. Neck joint, head stuffing: take a disk and a T shaped caught up in and make joint. Make the hole in the neck area, then insert to the joint construction into the head through the hole as a filler for miniature. I was a hollow fibre produced in Germany or wolf or felt ways of staffing a different and depend on the filler I recommend learning how to use a medical clamp and apply a wooden stick only is an exhilarating toe pushing us trading in. In any case, working with the miniature, you will find the most convenient method by yourself. We went stuffing a toy. You need to understand what dance it is needed. That association will help you in this process, think which but is the hardest in the animal. That's right. Head, arms and legs are also quite hard, but the belly is soft. Had stuffing takes time? It is an uninterrupted close that cannot. Papers boned and continue. Later, Phil tackled the muzzle, trying to feel the chick as much as possible. This will be the dances spot. Then I talked to the head to the body and fix it to the court. Opinions make a hole on the body where the neck is with a no noticed that you're just pushing the fabric. Nothing should be broken. Take the head and inserted into the body with the court opinion. Tighten the caught up in in different directions tight enough so that the head doesn't Hank but remains like the movable. 12. Body stuffing: no list off the body. Feel the tail with a wound after that filled the body with glass grandly. Ellis for pleasant, realistic weight. How do you know how much granulated to put in a toy? Just rely on your feelings where you're soon animal off a certain size. Remember which animal in the wild has the same dimensions and weight and manager. I'm guided by a hamster. Make sure that your toy is not toe light. It makes it cheap or too heavy, not naturally with the right weight. Everyone who takes your toy will feel it is a really oh after have felt to the lower part of the body with granule it slower. Fill it with woo. Big careful. If the wound is just pushed inside all the granule, it's welcome out. This should be avoided, but enemies? The body should be softer than the head and limbs, but it should also keep the shape well without falls with, well, spread seems then close the opening on the body with lettuce teach. Were you 13. Face sculpturing: Sometimes I make shaping on your face. You can do the same with stitches to sculpt the face with the help of tightening in certain places so we can make the face more textured. Give the right shape. Make the tree unusual, interesting and lively. Where is the tightening mate? There is knowledge that answer since it depends on the desired result specifically in this story, we will pull the area under the chin upwards, thereby flattening the muscle. It will become most raged in the size on the chicks will appear. - You gave me cast. Well, I don't know, I e should be So I close my eyes. Imagine here sometimes, Uh, time my what's no. Brush the face head on the body. Take Caesar's with things Shop ends them called the triangular zone in the place of the chin and likely on the tip of the nose 14. Nose stitching: so stitch the nose with black or dark brown threat. Yes, I can used to say with heart problems my name. I said so clearly. I just wanna stay. 15. Arms and legs stuffing and stitching: stop the arms and left as you're dealing with body and head. - You can make some stages on the arms imitating clothes Just for fun? No. Yeah. Used the letter stitch to close the opening Some the arms and legs. So, men, I just Okay, okay. No. Uh, yeah, just so. 16. Attaching arms and legs to the body: find the appropriate place where you're going. Toe touch the arms, Legs to the body. Them been them on stitch to the body if you okay his okay. 17. Attaching tails to the body: now sue tail parts to the body with Gladys teach. - Okay , wait. 18. Attaching ears to the head: the same way. So you here's to the head, uh, - three . 19. Fixing eyes to the head: Now we have been talking to the eyes. Take a blood glass eye on a and put the threat, Preston, and then used needles with white. I touch that high to the face you spins to find a place for the eyes. The eyes should be approximately at the level of the sport off slightly higher. It is important to expose them stripped. Listen, metrical e Look at the face that different angles upset down on its reflection in the mirror. Insert the needle into the place where you are supposed to have a nice pull it out behind that here. Then remove a needle and divide the threats. Phil. One off the threat in the needle and insert the needle into the sinkhole from which to threat emerged and withdraw at two millimeters tyto threads between themselves Great tightening them and present the eye so that it was is if in home, wrong the hands so that never almost invisible this place must be dented with hostile 20. Making eyelids: take a little off white wore for felt in and twist a young from it. Place beans in the intended corners of their eyes chilled the symmetry from all sides as well as the angle of the islands. Yeah, use a thick needle with a long I and shop deep. Insert the resulting threat in the needle in certain middle into the hole behind the head and pulled off the in a corner of the eye. Help yourself to pull the needle with Blair's starts. Didn't violets from in a corner of the eye to the outer one. Oh, using the needle for foul, too? Walk through the islet along the control slightly felt e Remember here the goal is only to fix the islet on the tissue and not for mitt you stiff a solution to harden the islands. Just apply a little and let the solution to be absorbed, then make sculpturing with wooden tool for curricula. And after their lead that I list drag completely 21. Finishing the head: had some local stuffing into the head if needed. - Then let us ditch the opening from the head. And after that, just brush a little that place. 22. Shading the face: you spend pastel for shading, take the necessary shades and apply them on the toy to make it look more realistic. Shading can have different tasks. For example, create shadows and depth at a blush. Make banking make look old, the form stating the toy. Decide what you need it for. Use all your imagination and creativity during this process, and your toil will be unique with additional coloring or adding some creative ideas and designing the digitalization. If you decided to give you what more individuality, remember the man rule. Do not ever do it. Do not stand it. Be very careful with eye shading with a thin line like pastel over the upper eyelid on under the long one without watching the island itself. - Living , being cover put blush under their out upon us off the eyes. - When shedding is done, take a little coconut oil and deployed on the toy with your hands. You can also fix it with a hand cream. Apply the cream on your hands and let it observed after that part of the toy and pressed it in all places off shading education. Now you love him even more right. The final him to make black dots in the calmness of the eyes. This will help the tithe with realistic guys. Promise of the eyes can change the look of the time, and if you take a 40 before and often you will clearly see the difference. Take acrylic repent extrude a little bent on a plate or on a piss off paper. Do you touch the paint with deep so the kids want to be? 23. Welcome your cute toy!: now it forever. Friends, thank you for purchasing this workshop. I'm sure you will succeed. Don't believe it. Take knowledge techniques to write and work with the best. Good luck in creative inspiration way I can't forget.