Studio Secrets / Improve Your Painting and Creativity

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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3 Videos (24m)
    • Time To Boost your Creativity

    • Art Materials and Setup

    • Painting Secrets / Revealed


About This Class


Learn 3 Art Changing Studio Secrets that Fine Artists and Illustrators Use All the Time

I have used these three secret techniques to produce hundreds of paintings in watercolor, acrylic, and oil. Here they are!

1 - Glazing

2 - Veiling in White and Heightening in White

3 -  Shadow Secret

Why are they secret? 

They are not so much a secret as they are forgotten. Dash and blast painting techniques have taken over the art world and who has time for technique anymore.We do however have time (and sometimes it only takes a few minutes) to apply one or more of these Studio Secrets to a piece of art that does not measure up to our 'seal of quality'

We do however have time (and sometimes it only takes a few minutes) to apply one or more of these Studio Secrets to the following list of artwork:

1- To a piece of art that does not measure up to our 'seal of quality'

2- To enhance and bring brilliance and luminosity to a piece of art we are doing.

3- To bring harmony to a painting that needs color correction.

I am always saddened by the lack of 'punch' in most paintings I see publicly displayed. With just a few of these techniques and a few more minutes and sometimes hours, the work would really sing and say, "Look at me!"

Learn these painting techniques for watercolor, oil or acrylic, and see if you are not encouraged to paint a little longer and delve a little deeper into your artistic development.

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No words but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
This class is helping me understand more advanced techniques for watercolor painting. I am learning to move my art to a more satisfying and professional level. Ron's patience is exemplary and his instructions are kind and immediately useful. He is quick to reply to my questions and to encourage what's going well in my painting. When I finish this project I plan to start another and use these techniques to create more professional looking paintings. I feel that Ron will be here for guidance for more than one class project. We are lucky to have him as a Skillshare instructor.





Ron Mulvey✏️

Artist / Art Teacher

My name is Ron Mulvey. I've been working as a full-time artist since 1980. I have had the pleasure of teaching art since 1983 and have taught thousands of classes on drawing and painting. I would consider it a privilege to assist you in achieving  your artistic goals.  

I have taught the basic and advanced mechanics and principles which give us the skill and confidence to express creatively, for the past 30 years. Sharing them is my passion!

One of my very favorite projects was an art book for children called the Artabet. It teaches children how to draw using 6 universal lines (similar to how vowels are the building blocks of Languages). is now in 8 countries and is used by over 800  schools worldwide as their basic art curriculum.

I live and work at home with my first love Sara, who is the other half of our Art and Music School, on a pristine acreage by the Little Slocan River in British Columbia, Canada.

Sara and I love it when the kids come home and they bring their kids with them. The Skillshare Cooking Classes really helps us when there's 15 for dinner.

You can see my landscape art at  

You can buy my Artabet book here


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