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Strumming from scratch - The beginner's rhythm guitar course

Tamal Ghosh, Guitar Instructor

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12 Videos (1h 47m)
    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 1

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 2

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 3

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 4

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 5

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 6

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 7

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 8

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 9

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 10

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 11

    • Strumming from scratch - Lesson 12


About This Class

Learn the basic concepts and tools to play rhythm guitar from very basic to intermediate level.

Build a strong foundation in rhythm playing with this tutorial for beginners.

Its a step by step approach for beginners to learn rhythm guitar.The common problems faced by students are also discussed for efficient and faster learning.

Practicing with backing tracks help thus after some videos backing tracks are included.

After completing this course a student can play many songs alone and also with a band.

Course overview and Contents.

Starting with basic down strokes and plectrum holding as we proceed we learn many rhythm techniques along with proper practice technique using metronome.As we learn more interesting things, in order to make it more challenging and fun drum tracks are introduced as well.

Skipping down strokes or misses.
A very basic Chord progression.
Chord shifting ideas.
Strumming with a chord progression                                                                                   Using a backing track to practice chord shifting and strumming.                                             Up  strokes.

How to count eighth notes.
How many strings to strum.
Foot tapping.
New strumming patterns.
How to practice rhythm without a guitar.                                                                                       Forming your own strumming patterns.                                                                                             Walt beat                                                                                                                                       Mixing strumming patterns                                                                                                         Splitting strumming patterns

Complex 8 beat rhythm patterns
Swing Rhythm
Basic Blues 
Country rhythm





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Tamal Ghosh

Guitar Instructor

Hi, this is Tamal and I am a guitar instructor and over the years I tried to figure out how to make guitar learning an enjoyable experience. I love teaching thus to reach out to more students I created a youtube channel that has 30k + subscribers. And I am sure you will also be benefited from these courses. To know more about me please visit the links below.So see you soon.Cheers!!

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