Stronger Patterns Made Easy | Shannon McNab | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Replacing Overwhelming Motifs (Shannon)

    • 3. Small Details Can Make a Big Impact (Amber)

    • 4. Color Contrast & Making Small Adjustments (Kim)

    • 5. Color & Spacing: Your Two Best Friends (Norma)

    • 6. Final Thoughts + Your Assignment

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About This Class

Ever finish a pattern, only to feel like it still "needs something", yet you're not sure what??

I felt like this constantly when I first learned pattern design over a decade ago, but over the years I developed easy ways to fix my patterns and not only make them stronger, but more dynamic too. And I'm sharing a few of those tricks in this class!

Each video is a self-contained tutorial, so you can learn each technique in 3-9 minutes flat. They also feature four different artists work and three were generously submitted by my actual pattern students.

Every featured artist was compensated in exchange for permission for me to use their patterns in class. Let's get to know them all a little bit more:

Video 3: Amber Benton
Website | Instagram

Amber is an illustrator, freelance graphic designer and homeschool mom to six boys. Amber's works in both paint and pixels. Her style is strongly influenced by her childhood in rural Appalachia and the vitality, color and chaos that comes with large family living.

Video 4: Kim Bliss
Website | Instagram

Kim is an unemployed graphic designer who decided to take the reigns of her career and follow her dream. She applies her artistic and design skills in the styles she is interested in, which is quite eclectic, and includes retro, hand-drawn and whimsical. Florals, food and abstract patterns are her favorite.

VIdeo 5: Norma Jeane

A few decades ago, Norma Jeane got a degree in Theatrical Set Design. But a move to Los Angeles caused her to become a television writer instead. Retired after 30 years in TV, she is picking up her artwork again. As most days are spent caring for her two grandchildren, her personal style can best be described as “not enough time to finish this.” 





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Shannon McNab

Surface Designer & Illustrator

Hi there!

I'm Shannon, a surface designer & illustrator with a possibly unhealthy obsession with patterns.

My heart has always called me to create and teach. That's why my two main passions are growing my own surface design business AND helping other designers improve their skills and avoid the mistakes I've made – and believe me,  there's been a TON!!! 

The best place to find me is The Creativity C...

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