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Strong Core Strong Body - Your 6day Challenge

teacher avatar Eva Schroeder, Yoga teacher & Student of Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

A sweet, little Challenge to start the year like you mean it and make it a strong one in all aspects of our life! I created it for my Runners students, yet it is most definitely beneficial for everyone. Be strong and enjoy the journey!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eva Schroeder

Yoga teacher & Student of Life


What strange times we find ourselves in. Times that call us all to stop, more than ever, to breathe, to become still. To notice the mind "stuff", notice the feelings and emotions, the way we react to what we're facing. To find balance. In all areas of your life.

Take this surreal, incredible opportunity to tune inwards, to journey inside of yourself, to elevate consciousness. And in the meantime, let our world recover and take a breath as well...

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the happenings of the past months, here's my invitation to you: 

Breathe deeply.

Take a deep belly breath IN.
And a deep long breath OUT.
Repeat that 3 times. Do it now.

Then let your breath fall to a more natural rhythm again. A... See full profile

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1. CORE CHALLENGE WELCOME VIDEO: Hi, My name is Eva. I am a yoga teacher and the king being runner and will also host your challenge over the next six days. A couple of housekeeping things that I want Teoh black up today and then quite important. So I send you the Link Teoh their challenge home, which you'll see somewhere in the email. The showed a bookmark it obviously, if you already in inside the platform. Welcome. Have a look around. There's not a ton of content of the moment, but that's about to change tomorrow, when we get started with our first clip content that you'll find right now within the platform is a running meditation, which already shared with you in your first email. If you've not yet check that out. It's a 30 minute clip as an audio clip that guide you through your run. It should be general pace. Easy one. We focused on running form and technique as well as a couple of breathing exercise that I really helpful to kind of cultivated, deeper sense of awareness and also more control within our breathing as well. I really hope that helpful to you. It's something that I've been doing for a few years now, and I find it really useful. So also when it comes to races, especially towards the end, when it gets tough and also avoid my mind going into some sort of monkey mind freak out mode when it gets really tough. So, uh, right tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, you get one email every day. It's exam with some info on what today's clippers about. I'll also add the challenge home link again. So, yeah, I'm just going to make it easier for you to find again. Just be in for the length of the clips very between an easy five minutes in a slightly longer 15 minutes and also at this somewhere below the video so you can plan a little bit better. So all clips will, of course, be there for you to keep and to repeat beyond the challenge. And I really hope you take it just as obviously we know how important are incredibly important core strength, right? So what's next? Um right. So to get the most out of the challenge, here is what you want to do next. So for the nick six days, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier, however, early. That is to get your core strength work done before starting your day. That's so important every day. Remind yourself why you want to get stronger, said your intention before you started sessions. This could be You want to become a stronger runner. You want to become healthier. You want to reduce pain. You want to leave a stronger and more confident life, a swell and or, you know, whatever it is that you're hoping to chief from this week, our mind is such a powerful tool, so never, ever lose focus and always keep your goal in your mind's eye number three. Avoid three. Avoid making excuses are entertained. Negative thinking by counting backwards. Wanna do five or 3 to 1 and then physically move and then just get onion that hit play and do today's clip. So that's backward. Counting what that does. It's basically tricks you into shifting the gears in your mind. The counting distractive from your excuses and excuses and really focuses your mind on moving into a new direction. So if you have a hard time getting up in the morning anyway, if you are in love with you snooze button, just do this count. 54321 Then get up straightaway. Hop on your math and just do it. So if you want to learn more about that, Mel Robbins has got some great researchers on YouTube that you can check out our host the links below a swell, uh, number four. Once you done take a moment to reflect, Come on over into the Facebook group. Let me know how you found it. Whether it was super easy, whether it was challenging, maybe posted intention as well. If you want to show or anything that you'd like to share with us. And, of course, if you've got any questions at all, just let me know. I really hope this helps you get started tomorrow, right? So the next one is super important. I want to invite you. I want to encourage you to always, always, always be aware of the following when you're going through the challenge and working through the exercises before you start every time, take a moment and check in with yourself. What I said earlier, how do you feel? Is there anything going on in your body that may impact or maybe restrict the ability to do the session. We want to take back the responsibility for our own body. And always, Yeah, big conscious off where we are at old frames again. How do you feel today? Doesn't serve you to really go for it and challenge yourself. Maybe it would be better to just take it easy and do a little less today. Um, really give yourself permission to listen and honor what you need to make it a habit to really tune in words for a moment off reflection to start noticing the difference and get to know yourself a little better on a little bit deeper level. Where are your growth? Etches your challenges and you know where you can really become aware of what's happening within you also within your mind and see how you react when you're coming to a stress limit . Or maybe not. Who knows? You may be finding it all super easy, Which good on you, let's move on. If any of the exercise cause you pain, whatever that is beyond bad, weirdly pleasurable sensation off. You know, the burn that we feel when working out. Please modify or stop if you've got any doubt whatsoever only you know. Please take that responsibility back for yourself. I could be performing with Wilder, so even the easiest movements here, if they're not beneficial if then unhelpful for your body right now, there's no point doing them. We want to cultivate a habit of moving and running from more control from our deep core. That's, you know, that's the whole point of what we doing here. And a big part of that is our breath Fancy that always really focus on taking deep, smooth breath throughout as much as possible. Now, if you're pregnant, especially first trimester, please don't join the challenge this time around unless your body is already familiar with core work. And unless you know yourself so well and you know that you're safe to do them again, coming back to taking responsibility for your own body and also the little one inside. In this case, if you are, it was. But any other worries are concerned. Be sure to watch the clips first and then judge yourself what they're able to do them again . Only you can know. Take it easy if you need to. The sessions will be here for you. Beyond the challenges. I said earlier. If you have to skip a day or two for whatever reason, please through equally. If you found a session quite easy and all you loved it, that all means do another couple of reps of those exercise that you believe you could benefit from the most even even the whole clip if you've got the time. All right, We're almost there. Almost that. I hope youll enjoy working with me throughout the challenge. There'll be an option for you to deepen your factors with me at the end if you so choose. But I'll tell you a little bit more about that at a later stage buffer. Now get ready to jump in with the first clip coming up tomorrow. Remember tonight Just get your yoga mat ready for tomorrow or your living room floor 30 alarm 50 minutes earlier and I look forward to Day one of our core challenge. You brighten early tomorrow morning. Many things 2. CORE CHALLENGE DAY 1: welcome to Day one of six, as we all know the cause incredibly important. So I designed this challenge to help us find a little strength and stability that the course meant to bring our forties. And that in turn, it's so powerful for running in today's with having straight into our deep abdominal muscles. We'll start easy with some good work for the front or the side, as well as the back off our bodies. How again towards the midline, that innermost lining within our body. I think of it like something like a skewer. Maybe hug your muscle in towards the bones. I also use your breath to control your movements. And above all, just really enjoy your first clip today, right? We're going to start a little back, so just roll onto your back and bring your knees into your chest. Just hugged them in nice and close to take a moment here, maybe from Little Rock from side to side and then take a couple of deep full breath in. I just noticed how the belly maybe a little compressed you, so you want to be breathing into the site body, really breathe out into the rib cage. Take a deep, full brother, and with exhale, slowly hug the knees in a little bit more. Maybe final compression on the hip flexes in the front, and then I invite you to continue with this breath. Nice and smooth into the side body. Missy Exile. Hug your pelvic floor in. Draw the naval down towards the spine and in the lift your head up. We can either keep holding onto Yushin bones or maybe regions forward. We'll see where you are. Him to palace that, but find that same breath into the rib cage. Breathing out nice and smooth may be drawn the knees a little further in. Maybe give him a little kiss. Well, they were last full breath with you, which I'm school, lifting the shoulder blades appetizing high, and then slowly relax your arms and you had down to the floor again. So extend your left leg down to the floor, the whole what you're writing in here for a moment. So we want to in this next exercise, isolate the right hip flexor in the core, so continue breathing into the site. 40 and killed. Hello, stock. Everton's lively Stay super strong. Your left leg and then relax The owned by your side. No, this is this any pinching in happening in the lower back? You so this too much. Simply lift the left leg up a little higher. Maybe if you need to hold on to your right knee as well. So choose much what option feels good for you and then draw the right way from their left foot. Take that, people breath. Keep that strength and again, breathing into the psychotic standing out while keeping maintaining that step that strengthen Huggel in off your core. You're having cadres in and up your navel drops in and up that relax, I gotta take to money. Breath. AEA isn't smooth. Nice. Control it just as much as you need Teoh. And there's only bring left knee back in an extent. You I'd like same years of how the left knee in final stretch here for the right hip. Like if you noticed that gets super strong in your right knee, your whole right leg, and then relax your arms by your side. Notice that whenever liko off that left knee, maybe there's a little roll back here so kind of flings that see how you can maintain that . Strength left me in a way from the right foot and again relax the shoulders. Smaller. Thank you. Breathing him smooth, long control, inhalations and exhalations. You can find that expansion smooth and control like the evidence. Love of the ocean again just wrote Relax the shoulders. Here, people go palms up, we'll make it a little easier. And we just want to isolate the core and the strength of his left hip flexor. Notice how, if you don't focus on it, left knee cell to slide away. We want to move away from that effort. But don't take a deep full breath and then slowly bring it right back into your chest. Maybe get a little rock from side to side. Little muscle here for the legs, hips, flexes whatever you feel and then extend the legs up towards the ceiling so you want to press likes into each other. It doesn't matter how straight they are. You can only bring him up to you. So be it. But see how you can extend them as much as you can, right so oppressively into each other and take a deep breath getting saying here. Do you want to till the pelvis back a little. So you low about Stefano's along. Listen safe on the floor that's not stepping in your son's underneath the hips wage makes a little easy, and I'm gonna choose to do that today. So take a deep breath again. You know, into the rib cage hug. Insert the core with your ex out nice and control maybe halfway. Maybe a little lower. But as he eat, how nice and smooth coming back up. Excel again to lower. Keep pressing your legs into each other in how controlled coming back. So continue with your own brassier for a few more moments. Lives alone. You can make the in hell the same life as he excel. Notice if you're rushing the inhale. Sometimes we want toe. Just bring better believe backup. Souness Possibles. Quickly as possible. You can just make it nice and maybe troubled yourself. Go down a little deeper, but again notice the lower back. You really want Teoh saying safe on a lonely in the low about, um, there's any pinching against. Just stay right above that point. So don't go any love. Understand? You build up from here. So from your bring your knees back in, hug it out. Now on your knees into a 90 degree angle, right on top off your hips. Bring arms. Fire sites. I'm gonna move from side to side two. Final strength here within the obliques side off the body. So take a big breath in So here, rib cage, hog rebellion with excel twisted legs over to the right halfway and then inhale Bring it back. Excel over to the left and how Bring it back up again and continue with your own right here for a few moments. But what do you want to be doing is keep both shoulders on the floor nice and strong. So that's your foundation. Nice and slave again. Don't rush the squeeze out the excel Feeling those obliques, firing up. Let's do one more each site. Yeah, How come in We'll know. Like my sister really liked up just as we did before taking the full brunt. Excel to Lola and how to come up XL Saloon E. And how to come up Excel to lower and how to come up. Let's go for another five for three 20 and last one here slowly bring it back your knees into test. So from here, lift your legs up. Read your arms up and now we're going to do is hold your hands up towards the feet. So lift and start If I in tiny little pulses going to go for another 10 98 76 five, four, 32 one. Younis in rock food Gonna jump up onto our front forward Strong three legs Lift your arms like Felix. Take a big full breath. The accepting and elbows out official played down the back in hell to reach it forward again X in her legs together on sport except in how squeeze, lengthen squeeze and how really finding that strength the whole back side of the body. Let's go for another five in hell for breathe strands to us one. I want you back again And the song similar one. Lift your legs up. Reach your arms up. Oh, actually, in your hands behind your head So Lydia had relaxing here into your homes or we're going to do is lift the hips now, So tiny little pulses up towards the ceiling. 10. No, I eight seven six five, four, three, one and really, how Guineas. In bringing these all the way over to the left, reach your right arm out to the right, maybe look over to the right side, but then take a deep full breath into the rib cage into the belly into the lower back. It's gonna stretching things out again. Here. Maybe you feel it in your shoulder and your test. Really finding that length and see how you can use your breath. Teoh when that expansion again from the inside out, leaving your needs sack left when you reach that left hip forward. I was delicious. Full inhalations the Excel. Give yourself a little pat on the back, congratulating you for getting up early. If you've done that, um, it slowly bring both knees back it lift your head, really wrote back and forward, and that completes Day one of our coal challenge. He enjoyed it, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow for day 3. CORE CHALLENGE DAY 2: way to roll onto your back. Bring both knees into your chest. Just food, just as we did yesterday. We wanted to just find a little bit of that settling in here. Take a couple off breath into the site body Excel, hug the belly. Enjoy a pelvic floor in and up. Maybe final movements or the hips of that feels good. Also, to find a little bit of a base further for the spine here, and there's a long through the spine. Take a deep breath in. It wasn't delicious. Full breath. Excel completely. That's at night. So from here, bring your arms above your head and we're gonna find some hip lifts. This time we're gonna keep the knees, Ben, take a big full breath and then setting up finding that deep strength within the core. Missy Excel lifting your hips, excel and how to come back Excel and how to come back again. Continue with your own with your own breath. If you want to challenge yourself, tip your feet down, you toes down to the floor and how claim back excel to squeeze he and how bring it back. Let's go for another five four three one. And Lily, bring both knees. Now. Bring your feet about hip width, distance away from each other. Let the niece points straight off. We're gonna come into a bridge, both snuggle the shoulder blades towards each other and then lift your hips up. So roll your hips up, press your heels down into the mat. So a couple of things we can do here, obviously, to find a little bit of an extension of that expansion for the belly again, take a big breath into into the belly here, but also notice what happens if you press your heels down into the mat. You find the more you pressed down into the heels, the more than upward energy get through the hips and also noticed how you can always have a little feel. Um, you find that engagement in your hamstrings as well as for the lower portion of the glutes . So fine number. But that stability here pressing arms, produce shoulders down into the mat. I think more, more deep, full breath, anti your rib cage in your belly. Then how get in again to find that strength, Transfer the weight on top of that left foot. Maybe a riddle The foot in a little Bring your right knee into your chest and lifted up little wake up here for the glutes and then it's the Excel. Slowly lawyer, Write it down and jalape except in hell up. Excel in hell. Keep pressing that left heel down. Keep drawing the belly in to find ah, that energy up and then changing size left knee and bring it up. Lower death and hell up X l e and help XO. It isn't easy. Just keep small balling. Find a little bit of that pleasure and the joy and getting stronger last one and then slowly bringing left foot down. Take war last the full breath. Not exactly. Rule the spine back down again. Bring both knees back into your chest and then slowly extend both legs up. So what quantity from here isn't they? Bring your legs together, reach up, bringing hands up and again Stop holding your hands up towards their 20 feet. So maybe talk. Eugenia. Start to pulse on 10 987 six, five, 4321 And then why in your legs? Regional miss Forward. Same here. 10 987654321 Now bring up palms together. Bring it over towards your right. Right foot. Leave your right shoulder blade up off the floor and hold it here. But G breathing isn't strong. Hug it all out. Bring it over to the left saying here left, Children. Lee, lift up as high as you can hear. We're getting find a little bit of the obliques kicking in here. Bring your hands forward. Will live or shoulder blades. Emphasize he can on his lovely Bring the knees back in. Relax ahead. Take beautiful breath into the rib cage on exile community it's not. Extend both legs for a moment. Stretch it out. Take a big breath into the ancient Kelly your rib cage. I'm gonna jump onto our front. We're gonna come into a blank for you. So nice and easy. Find a nice, stable days for the spine, maybe find a little bit of that cat cow movement. Find little bit of mobility for Were you spying for the hips? Melo back. We're gonna have a couple of opportunities here and see how that feels. So you you were going to come into a plank. And if you've got any problems with your risks? Feel free to do that on your forms, which may not be a little more challenging to see how it goes. And again it just as much as you, If you need to hear. So what we're gonna focuses on Focus on is again to fire up the obliques here. So let's find our set up. So presi hands down into the mat, pushed the floor way huggy elbows in rock forward to bring the shoulders back and they find him like so, take a full breath, walk it, feed together and then pivot over to the outside edge of your right foot and then slowly as he inhaled, bring it back, Excel over to the left in helping it up. Back up. So what do you want to be doing? Or what do you not want to do if see your upper body moves so your arms, your hair and want to be completely still here? If you just look down, you can't even see your legs. So that's gonna be what's moving. So see if they can make that it's controlled. It's still as possible legal. So a couple of options, obviously can come onto your knees as well to make it a little longer, see himself more extended. Bring Buzz needs together, press your feet into each other and then just pivot over to the outside edge of your right shin bone and then slowly coming back over to the left like more challenging the knees If they're moving away or if we said earlier Obviously keep going. If one of the options work for you, bring your elbows. You forms down to the floor. Same here. Bring your feet together. Pave it over to this, right? Come on back. Oh, left in how back? Excel in Excel in hell. Slowly your knees down. Ah, positive for moment. Take a big breath Going to do one more round So choose whichever option works for you I'm gonna do 10 5 more each side So JC option Come on back feet together knees together and excel to pivot in how coming back Excel in hell too three Squeeze it out again is in control Three breath on last one Each side And then slowly yeah, knee's down, Sitting back Give your hands a little shake Roll your shoulders out into lazy hand school. Ease the shoulders. Take a deep full breath, maybe move your head about a little friend. A little stretch for the shoulders. Here. Find our Anahad task now. Puppy pose. Walk your hands forward, keeping hips on top off the knees and gently lead your heart. Melt down towards the maps. Keep your elbows off the floor. Maybe bring out your fingertips up if you got a really strong Backman going there. But keep your belly hugging in so you don't wanna can dip into the lower back. And he was literally Come on back on, sit on down. Gonna find one more twist. Um, all we wanted to take your left time to your right knee. Right hand behind you in how, in the length of this fine first. And then if the excel gently twisted out my letter openers in your chest breathing into obliques, stretching everything out again, changing science roll left shoulder back, maybe gaze over to your shoulder when it's not coming back. A little bit of a how on a twist, a little movement through the spine and there you have it day to well done. 4. CORE CHALLENGE DAY 3: strength, failing to toil to find more ease and peace of mind. In our plank posts said Old time straight to maintain the form as much as possible rather than just trying to force yourself. I'm just trying to survive. Strength isn't so much about forcing yourself. It's about alignment and balancing the effort as well in the whole body as well as that, come focus while still slowly starting to build up your strength. It's so important that you don't get frustrated with yourselves off. I find yourself or even beat yourself up. When you think you're not strong enough, just simply tune into your body and let your practice be a mirror of who you are and how you act in your practice at the outermost level off your stress. So when you meet a tough posture when you move into a tough posture or sequence in your practice and you meet that difficulty there rather than letting your mind go off and kind of freak yourself out, see whether you can yeah, again rather than running away from it. Notice how you can rise to that challenge and tap into the strength into the growth by facing it. That's how we cultivate a calm and steady mind, which is the real strength in the practice of yoga. So let's go ahead and get started in child's pose. So nice and easy. Come onto your knees and reach back towards your heels and the sweet your arms for Just get this off a little stretch here. Start to spread your fingers nice and wine no to light and it's sunny. Come up a little and families strength in your arms and hands his oppressive hands down from a little bit off that hugging in of your elbows towards each other and then protract the shoulders. They're gonna reach them forward a little and started. Extend your spine. So maybe even curl your spine a little here, and then slowly full attention on your pelvic floor here, Can you hard get up on in towards the pubic bone? New pubic bone hugs in towards the naval, then see where they can find a little hug in enough your rib cage towards the spines. Really find that strength from the very bottom of your core coming up and then slowly from history, keep pressing a hands down into them out slowly bring yourself up. Notice if your shoulders or somewhere close to the ear. So find that that lightning off your color bones and widening off your scapula on your back . So keep that hugging in over your belly. All very page up towards the spy and take one more big breath. The Excel again keeping that and reach back towards your heels. And again, it's the Ian How slowly bring yourself back up hunger. L was in towards each other on the Excel. Gently reach back on. Do this one more time. So the Ian How reads yourself up on with the Excel, gently reaching back So it's lonely starting Teoh. Warm up our shoulders, Um, and if you need to at any point, obviously give yourself a little rest a little shake three hands. But then find Panteleimon against a hug. L was in protractor shoulders. Find that widening in upper back, but keep hugging your arm bones into the socket and then slowly start a Engage your core droid belly Andrea rib cage up towards the spine. Slowly bring yourself up. So from here on, we're gonna dio as shift forward a little bit more, so keep that openness. Keep your belly hugging and could be a public flogging. And is this? Slowly lift your knees up here Didn't just find a little Yeah, just hovering above the floor and keep hugging. And so can you press the floor way with your hands nice and strong as through your core, And it's absolutely placing these back down and said back towards the heels. And again, keep that strength in your body. A little bit of an broening off the back hug. L was in and again dry of helping floor muscles in naval and rib cage up towards the spine issue. Rise up. Reach forward, left up E guys who is slowly starting to build up that strength. Pull our plank post when it slowly place the needs down, reaching back one last time before we go into our first blank and then slowly bring itself all the way back up, keeping, reaching the shoulders away from years. Hug your belly and lift, and he's up. So without movie and needs back down onto the floor. Keep that ability that stability in the upper body and simply Carl want one foot up and the other back into blank. Nine strong again. Keep drawing a probably for muscles and keep drawing in Bali in your rib cage in maybe push the floor up a little higher. Let's hold off another five, plus the feet down for me, the thigh bones up, back up three. And to, let's say, one last full breath Back down on Reached back towards a hell. Mary becomes back here into Charles photos and just drop his shoulder and give your hands a little wiggle in your you risked a little wiggle unity. A couple more rounds. Hug your elbows in prostate finger stunk. Notice if your fingers winging out or maybe even winning in, See what they can. Just keep them straight forward here, so I find that protract pro traction your shoulders. Will Randall hug coupon in Taliban in naval draws in rip cage and on. It's literally bring itself up. And from here, what we're gonna do is lift the knees up, take your left toes, dig your right foot toes, dig wonderful breath. May's along so you neck as well. Innocently place in these back down and send it back on again. And how to come up exactly if the knees, hug everything in and then from here, press back into plank. I'm gonna stay nice and strong here. I'm going to come into a posture called high plank, so going to really accelerate a plank and finding more strength to lift up. So get ready to take a deep full breath and it's the exhale again. Gioia Belly in. Leave the hips up around your shoulder. Protect Ishola. Press the floor with the hands. Maybe kind of wanted tiptoes. AEA droid Valley in reach Forward ever so slightly. Keep drawing a palley your belly, your pelvic floor in Take more, more deep full breath and it's the excel. Come back into plank, Place your knees down and said back towards it again. And then Sonny, bring yourself up, Give you hands a little shaking Little release. Take a deep full breath in I am an excel completely. We're going to come into a couple of push ups, you half push ups. So this is a nice step up. Teoh, prepare for Chatumongol Dundas. Know when I'm going to do the full variation today eso come back until India will force. So yeah, done, Dustin eyes facing the yoga push up. So we want to keep that same engagement that we have in our plank post. So finding Albert's hugging in shoulders are you up about upper back widens protractor, shoulders driving a kitchen and then find that engagements through the course. Um, in fact, let's start on on easier. So all we want to do a spring on elbows towards the wasting. For that, we're gonna move forward. So, see, Ian, how awful your chest forward. Keep drawing a belly in and exhale. Bring your elbows down towards the right and noticed my forearm so somewhat horizontal here a vertical and m price yourself back up and then reached back a little again. If Ian Howe offer your heart forward, I see Egg cell bringing Al Wasim press it back and come back. That's it, says he in how rock forward Excel to lower and you don't even have to come down that foul. Maybe it's up here. Maybe it's just a little Maybe it's halfway and then press yourself back up and reach back for a little remiss. Young. Let's do three more so in how xlk widening your collarbones in how to press it up and exile to release more and how excel. I mean, how I'm excel and last one and how Excel Price Sit back on the back *** and one school. You get a little shake, a little wriggle. That's it. So we're going to come back into applying posts, find that foundation, draw your belly in, hug your elbows in tort, each other broadening upper back lift. The niece took the left toes, the right toes and let's hang out here for a little while, so seeing it again can scan your body. Keep reaching aside ones up to start a state here for 30 seconds when we get to find that energy. If you press down through the feet, noticed how your belly starts a fire a little bit more halfway them. Keep breathing. Notice. If your mind is starting to freak out. Zero these it convey. No, I'm fine. I can hang out here forever. Let's take one last full breath. Ernest. Excel like Cindy's phone. Relax. Park in Charles. First your arms by your side. Relax your head. Relax your shoulders and then slow and you bring yourself all the way back up. So we're gonna just simply stretch it out a little here. So is he Inhale? Come back into nor force and take your left hand region back and circle it around some. A little bit of that arranged for the shoulder coming back. We can exaggerate the movement. Open up. Go take a right hand region around. Maybe followed with your gaze. Who's he? Come down reaching back a couple more times on from here. Keep the hips on top of the knees if you market hands. Food here. So again, for a little of your albums hugging in towards each other, you can either. This food may be looked down if your neck is happy like that, but keep your elbows up off the floor here. If you're really strong back bend, draw your belly and away from your thighs. You can support your lower back here a little the lady of rib cage melt in down towards the mat in the end. For I went back then, people, you can always come onto your fingertips. You have a little bit more ranging over the shoulders. If you're quite mobile in the shoulders, I'm gonna sink your rib cage down towards them out. Take a warm or deep full breath. Exhale slowly. Bring hands underneath the shoulders. Find a couple of cat cow movements. Women jump onto your back, We're gonna find one more spinal twist. So bring a left knee into your chest, huh? Get in a little and gated over across to the right, and then unravel your left on out to the side in the stretch of your pack muscles here and take a full big breath in Excel completely. And you can stay here for a little longer, feels good for you, and then slowly bring it back. Change sides, wriggle your left hip underneath the right and then unraveling right out to the site. Maybe look over to your right shoulder and then slowly bring yourself back in Little Rock from side to side on. There you go. No strong buildup, Teoh Plank pose. Well done. Thank you so much for watching. See in the next clip 5. CORE CHALLENGE DAY 4: welcome, Teoh. Next little core pocket where I wanted. Once again we're going to find a little bit off that your inner strength cultivating that inner strength to we need tap into the potential. Every half women I noticed when it finding that fatigue kicking in when it getting tired, Don't give up. It's not gonna be a very long one. So keep going and know that you're cultivating the strength and the inner fortitude within you to be stronger on your mat as well as in your life. So let's start by sitting up. So bring your feet together. Be your niece together I am had lengthen and lift in your spine. Open up through your chest. You find that openers on the exhale slowly curl it out. So the 1st 1 mason easy is curly back little sway from side to side. And then, as he in how slowly final Bit off that pelvic told lifting up, rising up through the spine. And as he excels, slowly roll it down again. Lengthen the arms here, hold on to your knees and then hold on to your breath and ago, Viennese and simply tailed your pelvis back. Now I gotta keep reaching her arms forward. Stay strong in your legs and as he inhale slowly bring yourself back up. Excel again. Curl it out until everything's gone and out. Let go of the knees, Hold onto your breath and slowly till give held us back. So again, your legs are pressing each into each other the feet of pressing down into the mat and then in how slowly bring yourself back Excel Keep going again Nice and holly in your belly Let go of your breath who loaned it and slowly lower yourself down a bit and you just want to go as far down until you find that calypso Just just before that point, you're gonna collapse and then inhale slowly bring yourself back up I can feel it already X home again. Curlett out Mazen song Bring, uh, yeah, You low about them towards the floor on getting don't collapse. They right up off the point Press your feet down into the floor in how rises up excel again Curl it out. They get nice and strong. Hold on to your breath and hold it and hold it on holders you know, with the strength of your call lived yourself back up. Gonna do three more excel again Curlett out. Let go of any slowly roll your spine down again your feet, your knees, the legs and your hips Wannabe that one strong unit here and then in how slowly bring itself back up to more excel Curlett out. We're almost there. Keep reaching arms forward. Help! That gravity reaching forward you know, collapsing so is strong in the core and then inhale slowly bring yourself back up and last one. Here, take one more full breath. Andi, excel slowly curl it out and we're almost there. May get nice and strong is your arms, legs and strong three feet You're like their hips and then slowly, long yourself all the way down to the floor Just so your shoulder blades are lifting up off the floor. Lift your right knee up on. Bring a left knee up a swell, pressing like into each other. Notice your lower back for a moment. If you're starting to actually about, find a little bit of that pelvic till a buck again to find that support for your lower back notice again. Yeah, how you your belly, my fire, little of the core of my fire. Little here, take a full inhale here with the excess lily lawyer, right? Like down to the floor and then inhale. Bring it back up again. Exane Egan. Low you left on and in How? Bring it back up again. Find that strains press elect into each other. Take one more full breath in on with the exiles leading. Extend both legs, own to the floor and lower and place them down. Bring your arms above your head. Take a deep full breath into your webpage. Maybe final old here on the excel only bring in east back into your chest. Final rock from side to side. Bring both knees over to the left. Let's stretch it out here. Look over to your right side. Take a deep full breath. Reach a right hip forward on an exhale slowly bring it back. I am bringing these over to the right. I'm here just stretching it out again. On slowly we've been expressed. Bring those needs back into your chest, squeeze it in and extend your legs down for a moment. Give them a little shake, little wriggle, little release and once more, if and when you've got the times a year for a few moments and just let things settle down 6. CORE CHALLENGE DAY 5: E s. So this is a strong upper body core and plank flow. So if you have any shoulder issues, please pay particular attention to your alignment. If you need to adjust its, always honor your body and slowly build up to the strength to go a little deeper over time . Notice when you are getting tired, I noticed one that Fatih kicks in and strength of the journey. Um, but equally you're getting stronger every time you step onto your math and practice. So never give up trying and keep rising to the challenge. You'll build up more off that fortitude and strength within you. A bubble. Enjoy moving and enjoy getting stronger and being stronger again every time you step on team that we're going to start in downward facing dog. So come onto your hands and knees set up knees, feet, hip width, distance away, hands shoulder width, Distance away, Huguette overs in towards each other. Find that upward rotation in your shoulders a little bit of that opening in your chest. New collarbones on this always started pressed into the MTA. Lift your knees on. Find your downward facing dog. Just walk it out a little bit is always find a few more movements to yeah, find a little of that sensation. Whether you feel it, it's, you know, in health and lift through your heels. Read your hips up, stay long in your spine and then excel. Draw them both back down again. Maybe bending the knees and little here to inhale. Reach your heels up on the X sound own again. Well, that's one here, big and how Reach your heels up. No, the exile Look forward into a nice, strong plank post. So against them here, huggy elbows in towards each other. A little bit of that opening off your chest brawnier back here, let me just say I bones back in, up present, feet down into the floor. I was gonna hold it for a few more rounds, really Find that energy pressing down into the mat and then find that buoyancy to lift up to live up on isn't even here. Yeah, let's take to you more deep full breath in your all your valley in the round, through your shoulders, ever so slightly. And then slowly take your ride me down to the floor. Spin your right foot out when your left heel down and then right up through your left arm. So fine a little of that stretch here were left arm left chest. But then what's more important? Hell, as important is checking. Feel right, Shoulders, Your Rachel wants to roll out again. Find that openness in your chest, Yah! And then as you lift up, keep reaching your hips up, hugging on back into the socket and then reach your left arm above your heads. Find that stretch for the whole left side of your body. I'm gonna check in where you feel list the most. Where do you feel the strength or the stretch? Maybe If you want to go into the stretch a little deeper, you can always slide. The left would back off the mountain and bring a left shoulder out even more. You just find a little bit of a different little bit of a deeper stretch in this lowly look down. Take your left hand down, step back into your plank, maybe a right knee little squeeze, and then step it back into a plank and then left me down to the floor and same human from the other way. Spin your left foot out. Bring a right heel down to the floor and reach your right arm up again. Open up Syria chest. Find out Uncle, rotation through your shoulder. Find that openness in your chest and then spin your palm towards the front and reach it. Worry from your body. Here. Final if three obliques your hips and someone give your left hip on top of the left knee here, so notice you want toe happiness along here in your left site and again maybe slide your right foot back a little. Open up through your chest. Find a little stretch. Take a deep breath under the exhale. Slowly look down. Take your right hand back into your plank, your left knee little schools and slowly step it back. Intel plank. Slowly take your knees down to the floor, being an elbow in towards the list, and then we're gonna move forward. So keep lengthening. Forward elbows in towards device and impress yourself back up. So it's a nice and long annual spine elbows in and price it back. So notice you want to bring in Alba's in towards the Waste rather than letting it Alba swing out. So a couple more times l was it. And how to come up. Exhale and how Keep that sensation around your rib cage, hugging in towards the spine and help you go. And then with the last one, we're gonna go old way down to the floor. Is he in? How? Roll the shoulder blades back, flying a little of that, hugging in in tow towards the Midland and then inhale, find your baby cobra and then exile release. So, just a few gentle waves through your spying here, Who's the Vatican will unraveling? Maybe a little wriggle your spelling exile release. And it will start another one. Your in how? Draw your belly in and then see if you can hold your hands up off the floor. Here, chicken hug your arms, your shoulders back into the suffered joy Bel in the sea where they can find that sensation of your palace tilting back. I was slighty doing one last deep full breath on an exhale release told you toes itself back into on all fours position. So from on force, we're gonna move back into our downward facing dog so shaved back alone, three year spy and find that extension of your arms above your head maybe slightly ever so slightly. He's been your fingertips out. If you're really strong broad, any upper back and you having trouble finding that extension here, impressive fingertips down is the e And how reach the hills are prone to spy on a rock forward into your plank again. So from here, take your feet together you heels together Find out strength once more in your plan and check audio hams Checking the arms in your shoulders You kind of don't Don't see your legs here. So what? I want you to do its paper to your heels over to the right And you don't want to see upper body moving here ce inhale coming back Excel over to the left state house Still as you can in your shoulders your arms and then slowly pivot from side to side If the e in hell you come back Excel twisted autumn big And how excel over to the right and how come up excels Trist and L eggs all right, and help exit left last one Here, squeeze it out and help excel over to the site, Bring it back and then reached back into downward facing dog again. Maybe bend your knees also slightly here, straight away from here. Rock forward into your plank on Get core strong. Here, place your right elbow where your right hand waas Place your left elbow your left hand rolls to your right hand up again and then push it back into plank. Let's go the other side left elbow down, right elbow down left. End up and process it back up again. Right down left elbow down, right end up Impressive Back Last one, right? Fluffed and press it back. Take a full big breath Here Excel shift back into downward facing dog on an inhale rock food for gentlemen Yasa plays your knees down elbows in No reserve only way down Making how anti Cora on Excel process back into downward facing dog No, the entire rock forward into your plank. One small Say we're gonna pivot onto the outside edge of the right foot Become interest side plank. So a couple of modifications here you can, as we did earlier. Take your right. Take your right knee down to the floor and reach a left arm up or you now stack it feet right on top of each other. You can bring them one in front of each other. All you can find in a variation years. Well, you talk foot kind of half way forward to give you a little balance here. So choosy options, and then start to reach your right arm up. And you want to find that same strength in your right shoulder and inhale. Lift your hips up. And if the example take your left hand down, pivot over to the other side is the in house reach. Right. Maybe gaze up towards the scene ing, but stay nice and strong in your feet. You. So you want to kind of find your told us, not feed here. So you're mountain pose to be a standing straight up. Take warmer, full breath. And if you Excellent, take your right hand down to the floor. Take your niece. Ellen was fined 1/2. Push up. Let us in. Press it back and then shift back into downward facing dog. Stretch your arms up here. One full breath. Oh, Exxon Ones more rock forward into a plank. Pivot over to inside. Find your gypsy. Find your variation here. And if the exile Guide your left hand underneath in how Bring it back. Excel guy 10 underneath in her again Lift up last one. Squeezing through here E started back and then take your left hand down to the floor and pivot over to the other side. Regional right up. Really find that lift up through your hips here, big in how and then exile again guided through and you in hell up. Keep moving with your breath. Here, really find out Stability in your shoulders gets too much cheese, a variation on it. Slowly take your right hand down to the floor. Place your needs. Don't bring elbows in a way forward. Inhale. Prize it back and stretching back out into your downward facing dog mistake. Three rounds of breath here lies and smooth and your breath it's learning for last round. Move it forward to the outside edge of a right foot on your left arm up. Not spin your palm towards different and reaching a ber VI ahead. Here, find that left through your hips nice and strong through your shoulders and your arm. Take a woman deep in how on examine. Take your left hand down pivot over to the other side region. Right on up on again. Spin your palm told saffron region above and again, keep a lifting. Absolutely helps you find that life in your whole right side body taken warm or deep. Full breath on that. If excel take every time down to the floor. Lacey needs. Don't bring it always in lower yourself. A waiter, me in health and little lift here. Stretch other front, all of your body and impressive back. Just a moment. Hang out in chance posi and so you can bring your needs a little away from each other. Second belly. Cygan Thinking again. Relaxed valley in between your legs and you can keep your own stretch out. Maybe bring them value sides. Your soldiers can kind of relax down on again. Just take a couple of bucks here. Completely relaxes shoulders completely relaxing. Nick in your face, Miss. Nearly bring yourself back up Internal force position. They would stretch our arms out, no shoulders out following, so keep the hips on top of the knees and simply walk your hands forward. Say a little off that link. Three. A rib cage, but again here. So you want to keep a little bit of that external rotation of your upper arms. Hokey owns back into the circuit de rib cage. Mount down towards the mat. Anything happening in the lower past? Make sure you're doing a belly away from your thirties. I keep a little support here, gazing forward, maybe look down. If you're next happier like that, you can always take your fingertips known to the floor and Lydia rib cage kind of meltdown . If you are a range of movement. ISS little broader. Take a deep, full breath Angie rib cage into the shoulders, Really sort of working hands back again. Find a couple of cat cow windier on that. Openness that fluid a tea as well. Find a few side by movements on it. Slowly from your light on to back. Bring your knees into your chest, unifying one last little spinal twists or extend your left like down to the floor. Gaiety right knee over across. Shuffle the hips underneath and that starts your right arm out here. You wanna find a little lengthy and your right shoulder in my rib cage. Maybe gaze over to your right side. I was kind of lengthen Pakis out again. Shoulders well insulated. Come back to center. Change science. Look over to you know, I'm out. Stretch across his chest muscles here, breathing into your shoulder blades. They wouldn't steep full breath. Slowly bring anything back in, Just even know what? The hips again? Honestly, this Stretch your legs out. Give them a little wriggle little Shake your arms by your side and stay here as long as feels good as long as you've got time on rest. 7. CORE CHALLENGE DAY 6: Hello and welcome back. It's day six. Can you believe it? Here. Still one last little sprint over the finish line. We're moving through three rounds off plank to downward facing dog and back, back, back half Yogi push ups for some upper body integrations. And l swim to strengthen our back again. We'll finish it off with a juicy blast for the front of our bodies, including the muscles around and in between the rib cage. Remember to keep breathing, know that you are getting strong every single time. It may often seem like slow program, but one day you're gonna wake up and just realize how much stronger you've become. So, yeah, come on, let's dive in. Right. So we're gonna start kneeling down. What we're gonna do is bring your hands next genies Maybe a little further back a concept as we did. So you wanna push the floor way, huggy elbows in towards the waste we need. Hug everything in towards the middle and you can find that integration with Europe off your upper body and a shifty your sternum forward a little. So you find your shoulders moving down away from eight years again. You've got that broadening of your back, that integration and the strength of your court. So push it down, hug Elvis in chest forward. And then let's lift the knees up here so we leave the knees up eyes. He can't keep pro pushing the hands down, elbows moving. Keep breathing. Here, keep hugging the Valley Inn and then slowly bring it back. Maybe give your hands a little shake. Yet, if that's too much for the wrist, you can always make a couple of fists here and find that same. Well, find that stability for your risk. So choose whatever works for you here. So a couple more times bring hands next to the needs. Maybe next to the shin bones, push the flow away. Notice how the shoulders move their shoulder plates, move away from each other too broad in the back. Hug elbows in. Shift your chest forward ever so slightly and push. Lift your knees up here again. Okay, how they flow in. Hug your navel towards the spine. Keep breathing, and then slowly bring the knees back down. Now realizes come your lot on your wrists again. Do whatever you need to maybe circle it around a little Teoh to find a little release. Obviously. Stop if it gets too much. Nice. Slowly work up to being able to hold a little bit longer. Right? Last one present. Hands down, off us in shoulders. Back as we did knees up when you got so find your base. Maybe Now lift your right foot up. Lift your left foot up, maybe lift both feet up. And this lady by about, Yeah, I can't kind of both feet up at the moment, But that's one thing to work for, right, So gonna move fast on toe back. Bring your knees into test, Mr. I'm gonna extend that left leg and bring the right leg up again. If you're right, like doesn't straighten as much. Simply keep it penned, but straighten out as much as he can. Hold on to your leg. Now we're gonna lift the head tar kitchen, honey, and hold your leg wherever, wherever you can get nice along, but finally lift up through your shoulder blades. Super strong. Your left like superstrong. You're right. Like so You're right. Like once a draw taught you. Your upper body wants to move towards your right leg when you can either stay here. That's a lot already. Or come with me. Reach your arms forward. Keep bringing that right leg taught you and your arm's reach forward again. Keep breathing. Let's go up on 54321 Re junks. For which five? 4321 It's lonely change. Maybe final break in between. Maybe set up here a little bit of that search for the hamstrings. You can always give a little rub superstrong on your right leg. Lift your upper body up. Reach arms forward. We have done that heavy, actually. Yeah, good. So keep holding on to lick or reach your arms forward on five, 4321 No Regence forward. 54321 last 154321 son. Bring both knees in, perhaps ahead. Taken deep, full breath. Excel, ha Completely. So let's tuck the chin and rock back and forward who muscles for the spine and then come on forward into an all force position again. Samos. We did before they find a couple of cat cow movement of the belly dropped down Excel curl and out to your big brother into the belly. Excel to curl and then slowly from here, gonna move into post trickled downward facing dog. And I'm sure that most of you are aware are familiar with her post. We want to find your hands shoulder width, distance your feet about hip width distance. No more than what we're gonna Teoh back. Have us down again. A little bit of you always hugging in. Draw the shoulders back and he's lonely. Lift your knees up so it just walk it out a little. There's a lot going on in the cafs or the hamstrings here. Slowly settle in, so take a deep full breath on Excel. Maybe keeping you need spend here. Now is he in on reach both heels up and slowly rock forward into your plank. Take one full breath and then exile. Shift back into your dome. Would facing dogs to take a moment here again, drawing the heels down. Fix my shirt on again. Ian, How you know rock forward Excel Gonna rock back and help direct food Exile, rocket and see again Heiken drew on the strength of your core how the floor draws it. Push the flow away with your hands, reach up through your thigh bones. Stay one last one and how to look forward. Take the knees down to the floor. Notice how my knees in my upper body a somewhat on my thighs and upper body or somewhat in lying here. So we're gonna keep that engagement, you know, huggy elbows in. Which means the elbows are now pointing back. So we're gonna find some half pushups. They're gonna bring elbows back and then push it away, draw the 1,000,003 perfect floor and find that connection that integration and then, as one unit find you have I push three Moving forward. Impressive Back Excel and how to come back. Excel, he and house due to more Who is she? Back Excel And how last one Hold it here and it's soft landing all the way down to the floor Now reach your arms, sport. It's the excel squeezy, Alberton like from wide in hell. I'm sport and excel a in hell on squeeze Strengthen the whole back off the body Find that in a smile. What were you doing so well? I'll stay two more Last one and then And then Sluti process itself all the way back up and come back on top. We've done so much work in this, you're going to do so well, what we're going to do, lift the legs this time. We're gonna lower that left leg when it sizzle billing. So bring a right leg over to left. Left one over to the right, So sizzle them. And then we bring in that left elbow to the right knee. So twisted over to the right side. Is he in? How? I'm gonna come back with your excel, right? Like Lois Scissor twisted out over to the left and then in how I want to come back up. So let's do this. Well, just one breath. Um oh, yeah. Continuously with Alberta left leg says own twist. And how excels is a twist in help excel and how excel Breathe in out and out in out Squeeze and twist and sizzler. Thank. Continue for a few more rounds when you can squeeze it out, lifting your shoulder blades as high as you can nation controlled. Do another to each site on this. Let me bring you news. Birkin. Squeeze it in. Take your feet down the stretch it out. Snuggle, your shoulder blades will live to chest up, lift hips up, find your breath. Take a deep breath into the rib cage Langston made out again and the time my last one. So bring both knees in variation of what we've done before. Now lower your hips. Impose your left heel down into the mount to lift the hips up again, lower and come on up, Excel and help push it up. Except, you know, I had five, four, three, uh, to that's what Hand up change sites was your right heel down. Lift your left, like up, lower the hips. Come on up on Bring it up. Squeeze it up. You notice Hamstrings MCG loose. Getting some good work firing up In my case, let's go for three to when? Let's let it roll back down. Bring both knees into your chest. Rock from side to side. Bring both knees in. Extend your left leg down to the floor. Spinal twist. Bring your right knee over across the body, right arm reaches out. Take a deep, full breath. Slowly bring it back. Even our laps. Extend your right leg. On that guide, we'll shuffle of the hips guided lefty over crust You the right. Maybe gaze over to left shoulder. Let me bring it back. Extend both like sound. Bring your arms up like a deep full breath on. If you got a moment. Completely relax. In Charlotte. So they have a six days off. Cool. Work for your strength, for your soul, for your running for your life. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you continue to tune into the sessions. Repeat them as much as you can. 3 to 45 times a week would be perfect. And also watch out for some more goodness that I've got him still for you. If he enjoyed weapon with me. And if you want to do a little bit more if you continue to deepen your practice thank you so much. Now must day.