Stripes and Line Patterns in Under 60 Seconds | Emma Hall | Skillshare

Stripes and Line Patterns in Under 60 Seconds

Emma Hall, Teaching, Creating and Making

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6 Videos (19m)
    • Intro: How to Create Line Patterns

    • Pattern 1 Stripes

    • Pattern 2 Gingham

    • Pattern 3 Grid Check

    • Pattern 4 Geometric

    • Colours and Scale


About This Class

Line patterns; the staples of pattern design.

In each video, I'll first be demonstrating myself making either: stripes, gingham, grids and geometric lines under the clock (it's tense!), followed by a detailed tutorial going over the process.

Additional to this I'll also be showing you how to make your patterns seamless, as well as how to edit size, colour and scale.

The purpose of these videos is not for you to rush but to demonstrate how much easier design can be with the basics. The only challenge is committing the tricks to memory. So grab a stopwatch, sit yourself down and by the end of the lesson I hope you'll also be making patterns in under 60 seconds.






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Emma Hall

Teaching, Creating and Making


I'm a designer and maker from the East of England.

Having completed my BA degree and pursued a career in Architecture; I have over 7 years of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD as well as general design. I decided this year to challenge myself by learning and making as much new stuff as possible through local classes and online ones to try and evolve my digital and handmade work outside of architecture. Which is how I found Skillshare.

Since starting my jour...

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