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String Tie Envelope- make your packaging special!

teacher avatar Meriliis (Meru) Rinne, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. 1. Shape the envelope

    • 4. 2.cut

    • 5. 3.Make your shape

    • 6. 4. Eylets

    • 7. 5.Clue

    • 8. 6.The tassel

    • 9. 7.Spray

    • 10. Finish

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About This Class

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to my class String tie envelope.

This class is all about making a simple envelope but in a really special way. 

I will show you 3 cool tricks how to add more on the simple string tie envelope what make it even more special. 

You can easily add seasonal touches for your products you sell or to make one  just as present package to someone special. 

I hope you enjoy the class and come up with your own cool design under the project gallery! 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meriliis (Meru) Rinne



Meriliis Rinne alias Meru is an Estonian born artist based in London.
She believes there is good freedom in making art.

Her way of teaching is showing the way and to inspires but its all about the students what they can make out of it. 

Her classes are based on her own practice and take place on her atelier but in simple easy way that you could test something interesting at home. 

Her often spoken motto is - nothing is more powerful than talented people doing what they love. She is a perfect living example of her motto.

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1. Intro : Hi, everyone. My name is Mary. I went to my full stadia in this class. I'm going to show you how we met Gifting special By making your owed strengthened envelope , you won't know how a simple, beautiful strength I envelope looks like I'm going to walk it. You how Come off. What's the Mali's special in minutes? So why no making gifting even most Pleso on you in the class? 2. Materials: you mean? 3. 1. Shape the envelope: So this is a nice a three size spacer on. I'm going to show you how I'm planning the envelope layout. So something happened to my ruler. Say, I hope you forgive me. Us using to stay wouldn't be from one of my kind of is's. I'm going to just basically make the lines for you to see that you can get the idea of the layered. What going? He has to overlap on each other so they cannot. Holder might come here. That would be the cover. Should not know who will come here. Andi, this is this is the the first layout going to go and see? Um, it's going to make it a bit. So bit more flair can really see there. The h is so that's a first step done. 4. 2.cut : Secondly, I'm going Dio got the pizza. You don't need going to go. That's a little bits here. I'm going to I'm going to do that angle on. Same here with anger. That and then Same up. A You basically need either way have this simbolo back a team coming. Andi, we are almost hardly halfway. Drew. You have to sort out the little elements over here. That would be our next thing to do. 5. 3.Make your shape: So I'm back to you. Actually, Makesem a little. I'm not elements over here Dio do at the string garden and another one where the stick for string curves around easily. The leftover pieces are a little bit too small, actually, from this one away actually thinking eyes possible. Do do you do a circle? Though we can really use all of the world of the materials you do the best way we can. But I'm going to see if this SISE if it so. It's a quite quick, easy, wonky search. Go. Maybe it needs a bit more. It's going to see that works over here. Think that will do on and then another element over here. So I'm going toe trying to stink. If if my somebody would've wanted Teoh really fit sin or going a paper pit, which is bit because I think I wanna make something I'm going to basically. So it's all about measuring mysteries a normal boat to go out the square. I'm thinking element what? I'm going to do these slightly nice and I said to fit in here than in here. Um, of course, what I'm going to do is I'm going Teoh, I'm going to make my a unicorn logo. I have something about unicorns on bond I turn tree Lee go into details to explain Long guy than just I have a brother with unicorns And it will go really nicely along grip that the oil echoes over here Has it has like I And now I will be all about two Spreading it out I'm nine I think whatever you you you wanna put down dairy Could be you could be a heart shape or and star Christmas trees You can be totally season The yeah, they can video totally first person Making the prison like unicorns Spotlight can be a It can be had for love I just show you a big I will do a heart So just for comparison to really try And I think so One game here or or the unicorn theme over here Up to you parties I'm kind of quite three and mighty rings I don't mind if there is any mistakes You are a little warm creators I'm going spray and so they are ready to go on envelope so that will be the next step. And what I'm doing these I'm I'm going to show you how I do that. I let 6. 4. Eylets : This is my oil. It makes that I punch I. I find it from the corner shop. But I think there's plenty of them on sale online and anti print one. But they every were going on the paper. But it's so today up. Teoh. I think it's better to have a thicker paper like I do have here. I'm usually like going to his basically and make first. But hold with this one you see and and to kind of market down se So the Buddha true. And I'm going to basically no question on And yes, so it's supposed to me. All right, let's find a punch. She just open that card. You are happy here. Nice thing it's not removed. Sickly you can The unicorn todo first home, second toe they were there. There's like that putting it true some things to hold. So I speak. So be careful. I'm going Teoh, you can also before you want shit, you can slightly no look on DSi how it comes about No committees three something. I know, I think Well, going on also it is one thing that you know don't make this one. Do y do to get the media how you won't enveloped better. They have to overlap but not do much with other ways. He just can't reach Andi. It can. When you nick anus, anus, Fort Lee going todo the next thing we go into glued and all together. 7. 5.Clue: So I have the glue here. Andi, basically What? You wanna do these? You wanna? You want to just go toward ages? I have this a wet blue bar you can easily used to glue for faith for a swell. But I phone I found this group to hold paper better. And the envelope is going to be stronger. Just, um, carefully hold it down until you catch nice and try and h over it, and you need to hold the dip it down until he kits try. We'll take a few moments on. After that, we're going to do the last bit. We're going to make the vessel. So I've been having it here for a while, but drying on bond that I'm thing Yeah, today and make them really nice and neat on that paper. I was using its basically old drawing on bond. It has a really cool new life. Now I bought It's no, it it already looks like stuffing something. But there's one thing missing on the one thing missing is the castle. So my next video I'm going to show you how this dancinto a beautiful vessel. What goes I s a string 8. 6.The tassel: so for doesn't making you want to have this yard. Oh, are you have to decide? You know how many leg it's been for your yard? He's a swell and mine is quite fat. I would only take peace. So, Andi, that's why I was doing that unique clips. So I'm going to show you is the easy way with clips. We need a extra bait before it. I I'm just using a help off a paper on thing. It's It's six centimeter Andi that will be almost the size of my vessel to I'm going to take those open. It is I'm going to Did you put them around? Going to close them with the cliff Ongoing Teoh throw the round as as many times keep basically comes, so it doesn't really call it. Come were up over here, So I leave. I live Respect. Um, I'm going to take a one separate string. So this string is something. What? Actually, it's going to hold the tasso over here in the so they in the strings. I'm putting it. Yeah, I'm going to die it up on going to dio double not over it to make it's more stable no one on Dio. So Andi, do you now ease can basically take this off. I leave it so you see, that will be the one, My Hank. And then we need assistance, you honor. But they soon open. So the first bar from the castle Easton Secondly, Great to still used to help pay back. Going Teoh at the one bit looked over here Fun. Thank you. Roll down then for Tooth's spit drinking this great of that the rich. Now I made it so all of this because we're going to take another swing. I'm not a string. We're going to steak it underneath here and to be going to just use it on greed. Buy it hand. Maybe it needs to help or not. Let me see. And then no, it's already easier to go through going to rolling through us. Well, it around as much as I can. Really? Do you really make it us? A nice you'd do that soon retains. And I think in some way you could just move it on then. Yeah, it's nice and staple. So I'm going and going and going, Andi, I'm going to feel it, then what? You do? Is this diet up? You started up on, Bond. You are. You have this nice part now. And Deacon let it hang on. The last thing is you want to do is you wanna You want to trim it down, Cem, I'm usually just leaving it quite while looking. There are the tricks. Too dreamy, thrown, really even leave here. You want to go into it? So this is that. This is the tussle. Bart Onder, the final thing Gays Teoh basically go through here on and make it really happen. I'm going to thank you the same seemingly trick. Dying it up on bond. Let me see which has to go. See that and it's all here. I'll be making quite low. Well, you can do this sorter as well. Making soldiers well and then you guys special, special way of making somebody. You sure? So the last bit Why? I'm going to spray a little pain tonight. Do you make it in the more cool 9. 7.Spray: come back with sprays this time Like when it leave. Pretty cool way. Basically leave a bit magic on vets, but you can always see and and best your own words. And if you want to do a cleaner when you don't have to do it this way um, my spray Yes, to try longer. Just getting at someone different and see. That's my you different. But I made a day. Andi, let's see. What you going to make? Yes. 10. Finish: Well, so I hope you enjoyed this class and do well into it, making your especially on your hanging castle. Or maybe you find some Another idea. So the least you both standing abroad, calorie on to make it more exciting. But you see, with the product you make the full so the old can see what you are. So that's about eight. For this time, I hope to see you in my next classes. And thank you again for taking this class by no.